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Do you have any Toon Ocs inspired by Batim? If so, could you show us what they look like & tell us all about them please?

Actually I do, right now I have three main ones that I’ve been toying with in the Mobster AU that @thelostmoongazer​ has goin. 

The first is this little prick: 

His name is Avelle, and to give you a very short summary he is a lawyer. This arrogant wiseass of a boy specializes in getting folks with unsavory lines of employment out of uncomfortable legal positions. He will do just about anything to make sure that his clients get off the hook, even if that means breaking a few laws along the way to get there. Doesn’t matter if its legal as long as it gets done.

Don’t let his youthful size and face fool you, this kid is no angel. If anything he’s an asshole that is blatantly ruthless with his words. It doesn’t matter to him who you are this sassy pants will call you out on your shit. Now can he match those with his fists? Not in the least, he is a brains over brawn kind of boy. He’d rather disable you with black mail and verbal warfare than he would going to blows. Not without  good reason the boy is a silver tongued devil despite the halo lookin’ thing on his head.

However because of his childish face he often has to deal with being underestimated or disregarded due to it. He despises being treated like a kid and despite his collected exterior will quickly be gritting his teeth when treated as such. 

Due to his choice of employment he plays his cards close to his chest and does his best to maintain a wall of professionalism between him and his rather hostile clients. Kid moves quite often to put it lightly, and as he puts it, ‘he’ll find you not the other way around.’ 

The second character is this girlie:

Angelica Mariani, the she-devil with a conscience.

 This lovely lady is a proud officer of the Toon Town PD and hoping to someday move up the chain of command and slip into the detective position. She has a very black and white way of seeing the world, no cartoon pun intended. In her mind there being a very clear moral division between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ without leaving much space for a gray area. 

Angelica has trouble letting go over things that get under her skin, or people for that matter, and tends to dwell on matters far longer than she should. This quality would make her have a great future as a detective should she prove herself, however it also means she can’t put down a theoretical bone once she begins to chew on it. Officer Mariani has a terrible habit of charging forward with cases she has little jurisdiction over on her off duty hours, between volunteering for community service events, and frequently ends up winding herself in several dangerous predicaments. 

Despite her best efforts to be a ‘good cop’ she is often put in the uncomfortable position of breaking the law. Mainly due to the fact that the before mentioned lawyer has some rather big dirt of this good willed officer and uses it to get not so legal ‘favors’ from her while twisting her arm a little for it. She hates the lawyer child for this fact and is trying to find her way out of his blackmail. 

 And the final lady is this Angel: 

Ilissa Onria, or Duchess as she sometime goes by. 

Despite her fluffy wings and halo, this darling is more a demon than any other characters mentioned before. A cunning woman that uses her words and appearance to lull those around her into a sense of comfort before snapping her trap shut upon them. 

She comes from a proud family name that sought to spread influence through the bonding of her marriage with another. Despite her arguments against this she was still wed to this individual. Tragically, and perhaps predictably, it was a very short marriage. Her husband being killed by a servant that had ‘fancied’ her, as the story goes at least, not a year after their wedding. This left her a widow with a small fortune and her wanna-be-lover taking a bath in some acetone after a few weeks in jail. A very convenient set of events for the unhappy house wife that seem to have cleaned themselves up for her without her needing to raise a finger. 

Shortly after her husbands painfully unexpected death she took it upon herself to absorb his business assets and take on the work that he had left behind. Primarily the mob related ventures he had invested himself into before his passing.

Ilissa is an ambitious woman with her eyes on the big prizes in life, not willing to trifle with insignificant points that would turn out to be meaningless in the long run.  When she sees something she wants, she takes it. Doesn’t if it is a item, a area, or a person. If she wants it, she gets it. Suppose you could say behind all the flamboyant manipulation she is a greedy child at heart, although this child does carry a gun beneath her feathers.

So there’s a small recap on three of my characters, guess now that they’re out there I can stop sitting on this pile of art I’ve been hoarding. 

Day Seven: Freebie

Inspired by an ask from the wonderful @ask-the-holiday-nightguards
“Lance, this is a bad idea. We’re gonna get caught and then we’re gonna go to space jail. They’ll probably probe us and make us pee in bottles and you know they won’t care about hygiene and-”
“Hunk! My man! My buddy! My dude! My smol sunshine child! We won’t get caught, okay? My and my siblings would do this all the time, and we only got caught once! Now be quiet! If we keep taking then we’ll get caught for sure!” Hunk pales at his words, but kept his mouth closed. Keith, however, hurried up to Lance, grabbing his wrist.
“What do you mean ‘only caught once’?!”
Lance rolled his eyes and gave Keith a small pat on the top of his head.
“Chill, Mullet! And yeah, but it was only because my sister ratted us out because we wouldn’t let her come with us.” Lance eyes glazed over as he rubbed his butt. “I swear there’s still an imprint of mama’s chanclas.”
Pidge pushed them forward. “That’s a really great story Lance, but can we please get a move on before we actually get caught? How you convinced me to do this, I’ll never figure out.”

Lance gave her a Cheshire Cat grin. “They don’t call me the sliver-tongued devil for nothing.”
“I thought they called you the tailor.”
“That too.”
The team continued to sneak through the empty space mall, stopping ever so often to check for security guards. It was Lance’s idea in the first place. The team stopped at this mall to restock on supplies and while Lance was wondering around, he came across this strange shop that sold swimming pools that was filled with an lilac water-like substance. He had convinced Keith, Hunk, and Pidge to sneak (break) into the pool after hours so they could all have a little pool party. He told Allura and Shiro that they were just going to explore a nearby planet, and they were none the wiser. So here they were, sneaking around a space mall, praying that they wouldn’t get caught.

“Aha! Found it! Lemme just pick the lock.” Lance reached into his hair and pulled out a bobby-pin. Keith deadpanned.
“Did you just pull a fucking bobby-pin out of your hair? Why do you even have that?!”
“I saw Kim Possible do it once and I was inspired, alright!”
“Who the heck is Kim Possible?”
Lance whirled around, clutching his heart, aspirated.
“Blasphemy!! What the quiznak Keith, how do you not know who Kim Possible is?! As soon as we get back, we’re gonna find a way to watch-”
“Lance!! Just pick the lock!” Pidge interrupted. Hunk leaned into Pidge, whispering into her ear. “How does Lance even know how to pick a lock?”
Pidge just shrugged. “Probably the mafia.”
With a satisfying click, the door swung open. With a soft whoop, Lance through he shirt over his head, eyes bright.
“Let’s do this!”
They were all having fun, splashing one another (Lance and Keith were having a full war). That was until, a familiar voice cut through the air. “PALADINS! WHAT THE QUIZNAK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING?!”
The team froze and slowly turned to the voice, only to see a fuming Allura and Shiro, who had his arms crossed while sporting a disappointed dad look. Pidge whispered a small “fuck.” while Hunk paled and squeaked out a “I think I’d rather be probed.”
Keith slowly began to sink to the bottom of the pool while Lance was frozen in place, giving them a shaky grin and finger guns.
“Haha, hey you guys! Fancy seeing you here!” Allura tapped her foot in response, face growing red with anger. Allura then slowly reached down toward her shoes. All hell broke loose.
The team scurried out the pool, running madly toward the exit, Allura and Shiro hot on their tails.
“I hate you Lance. I hate you so much right now.” Pidge yelled.
“I agree with Pidge!” Keith yelled along.
“Okay, you can all tell me how much you hate me when we get back to the castle. But for now, RUN!!!”
And run they did, as fast as their legs could go. What none of them didn’t know: a whole team of security guards watched the whole scene, laughing madly and chocking on their drinks, tears streaming down their faces. Some cheered for Allura and Shiro while the other cheered for Lance and the other, placing bets on who would win.

Danny, Sam and Tucker developing their own language, it mostly being a blend of Ghost and Esperanto and gibberish. They use it to communicate to each other without anyone else knowing what they’re saying, when they need to speak about private things, communicate battle tactics without the enemy knowing what they mean, or just to annoy people. 

and then they take it a step further and start speaking in codes in the trio tongue. brief shorthand to get info across quick, like “d7 to mark2-0-K down 9 at count.” the trio are gamers so it’d be similar to how they plan plays, only quicker.

and everyone thinks they’re crazy for having this made up language. Dash teases them because “Didn’t you know you were supposed to grow out of kiddy playing, you dweebs are regressing. Wonder how long till the diapers come into play again.” and they just. talk about how dumb Dash is. right in front of him. because Dash can’t understand. and they laugh about it. and it pisses Dash off. It gets to the point where the trio speak nothing but their own tongue when they’re not in class. they develop a written form of it using ghost letters but they change which letters are assigned to which sounds and combine some letters to form new ones so if even a ghost tried to read what they write it would just be absolute nonsense on top of a language that it wouldn’t know.

Jazz tries to get Danny to teach her, but he refuses because he doesn’t want to confuse her. Teach Sam and Tucker how to speak the handful of ghost sounds that humans couldn’t really replicate had been hard enough. Valerie is confused by the new behavior, but quickly becomes suspicious when she overhears and recognizes a few words being spoken by Phantom.

Jack and Maddie steadily get more and more worried about this kind of behavior because they even speak it to each other when they’re all together in their house. Sam’s parents Blame the Fenton’s for corrupting their daughter by teaching her devil tongues and they don’t believe Jack when he tells them that the language wasn’t Ghostspeak. Tucker’s parents try to not mind but it starts to worry them too. all three sets of parents try to ban the Angela by way of grounding or the threat of not allowing them to see each other anymore, but that just causes the three to shut up. and not say anything, secret language or otherwise. so they eventually just agree to let the kids continue to speak the language though they’re not happy about it, but for their part the trio do cut it down a considerable amount.

Danny accidentally writes part of his papers in the language. Mr. Lancer is beyond done. 

And Vlad just doesn’t even try to understand. Danny tries to annoy him with it but Vlad just ignores him. When Danny doesn’t stop, Vlad begins speaking back to him in an equally nonsensical, fake language, one that he, Jack and Maddie made back in college. it becomes a virtual nonsense conversation because they keep talking to each other but they have i no idea what the other actually means. sometimes it evolves into arguments other times its surprisingly calm and they seem to communicate well. Danny uses every chance he gets to insult Vlad. Vlad uses the opportunity to reveal, in detail, his exact future plans right to Danny’s face.

Everything tastes better off the Devil's tongue

Ivar x Reader

Warning: Violence, Fraternal Abuse, General Ivar, 

A/N: Sorry for being inactive, Ivar the muse and his brothers have been neglecting me these days :(

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You smiled happily, twirling in your flowing white dress. 

The Nordic music flowed through your veins and bounced off the trees surrounding you. The Vikings had just come back from a successful raid and they were currently celebrating their well-doing. They were so happy that they also had invited their prisoners, hence your brother’s and your presence. 

You were the sons of a Saxon lord, whose land was now under Viking influence. Gathering courage your father had initiated an (unsuccessful) revolt against the Vikings. In order to make sure that the earl would not strike again, they took you as political prisoners. Actually, Ivar took you as a wife. 

 "Y/N ?“ 

 You turned around as your name was spoken hesitantly on foreign lips. The accent with which it was pronounced made your lips involuntarily twitch upwards. Ivar was laying by your feet, a soft smile gracing his lips. He was not accustomed to such a beautiful sight. Your eyes twinkled with happiness as you sat down next to him, curling your legs into your side. 

 ” Yes Ivar ?“ 

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PT, you're like fine wines, cheese, and peeps cause you get better with age *winkwinkwinkwink*

* iiiiiii don’t knowwwwwww… I was something to be reckoned with, back in the day.

* ………………..

* OH.

* That was a flirt.

* That silver-tongued devil of seduction I once was is a looong-since dead man, it seems.