the devils own fun


Obikin Regency AU: Some whisper the Skywalker family is the devil’s own, and no tutors in the area will take on the orphaned Lord, a young man famous for his excessive drinking, riding, and dueling. The townspeople shake their heads at the arrival of the latest tutor, a London scholar out of money and other options, wondering how long it will be before this Kenobi is run out like all the rest. 

(This is for @jamesflvnt, who wanted to see a Regency AU. <3)

I just did a term paper over Second First Lady Abigail Adams and thought i might share some interesting facts that i found out with you all.

  • Abigail and her hubby have over 1,000 surviving letters of correspondence between the two of them
    • unlike the washingtons who burned most of their letters
  • Abigail didn’t have a formal education, but she basically ate fine literature for breakfast and taught herself French
  • She and Thomas Jefferson were totally bosom buddies until he called her husband a hermaphrodite during the election of 1800
  • Martha Jefferson and Sally Hemings were HALF-SISTERS????
  • Unlike all their founding friends, the Adams both opposed slavery and didn’t own slaves, a winning combo.
  • Abigail and john were like, disgustingly in love. they almost never called each other by their given name and had a million pet names for each other, I.E.: Diana, Portia, Lysander, Miss Adorable, Dearest of Friends, etc.
  • Later in her life, Abigail thought that she was dying and wrote herself a will, which ladies of the time didn’t get to do. It wasn’t honored, but she wanted to make sure some of her lady relatives would get a fair share, since otherwise it was just going to be split between the male relatives.
  • Since she was such an avid letter writer we are able to get a better look at what life was like at the time.
  • Abigail posthumously proved that Bill O’Rielly was full of shit in one such letter to her cousin. This was when Michelle Obama brought up that slaves built the white house, and Bill O’Rielly said that the slaves were “treated well and given proper lodging” or some bs. Historians pulled the recipients and Abigail’s letter states that :  It is true Republicanism that drive the Slaves half fed, and destitute of cloathing, or fit for re, to labour, whilst the owner waches about Idle.
  • Also was supes critical about the paradoxical notion that Americans fought for freedom yet still owned slaves:   It allways appeard a most iniquitious Scheme to me-fight ourselfs for what we are daily robbing and plundering from those who have as good a right to freedom as we have.
  • She and John also exchanged some very saucy letters before they were married and had their first kid only eight and half months after they were married. Reeeaally stretching the limits of propriety there.
  • Abigail was basically her husband’s trusted adviser and his critics called her Mrs. President. She was cool with that and wore it like a badge of honor, cause she stood by her man.
  • One of her least favorite things about her hubby being the pres was the spotlight though. Not cause she had nothing to say or anything like that, but because she knew that she could not shut herself up. Girl had too many opinions and brains for the dudes of her time.
  • Looked at Hamilton when she spoke to him and wrote that she felt she was looking into the eyes of the devil himself

Feel free to add your own fun historical knowledge, especially if it’s about cool ladies of history.