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In honor of the first Man Crush Monday of 2016, here’s a video of the Blue Devils boys doing their wolf dance at Grand Terrace High School 😍 (featuring TJ Doucette’s voice)

A boxed Devil Dog:
Off the shores of Guam, Coast Guardsmen and Marines handle a “Devil Dog” with care as they transfer the war dog from a Coast Guard landing barge to an LVT. He is boxed because he is trained for battle and apt to go after any and all but his own handler. 1944
(USCG Photo)

A handy guide to Devil May Cry 3 styles


  • Average players: Become extremely mobile and dodge attacks with ease.
  • Master players: The floor is lava.


  • Average players: Gain extra attacks for your melee arsenal for more variety in combat.
  • Master players: Combo madness.


  • Average players: Gain extra attacks for your ranged arsenal for more variety in combat.
  • Master players: Combo madness, but with guns, too!

Royal Guard

  • Average players: Time your guards right and pay back what the enemy gave you.
  • Master players: Suicide watch needed.


  • Average players: Slow down time to gain control over the flow of battle.
  • Master players: Dio Brando is shitting himself.


  • Average players: Create a copy of yourself that mimics you and doubles your damage.
  • Master players: Is essentially another player.
I have Mortys to spare!

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Cryptid ABCs: Hellhound

A Hellhound is a beast of legend. These creatures are supposedly dogs sent from Hell itself for a variety of purposes, but they mostly seem to just terrorize the living.

Hellhounds are usually described as giant black dogs with blazing hellfire red eyes. Sharp fangs and massive paws also seem to be consistently reported. These demonic pups also are reported to have a foul, sulfuric stench and super speed and strength. In some cases, they are aggressive and will attack, but in other tales they were benign, but still were considered an omen.

Legend has it that if a person sees a Hellhound three times they will die. Legend does not specify whether it has to be the same Hellhound each time or not. A Hellhound can also simply be a sign of misfortune, or even the death of a loved one. In some mythology, a Hellhound will collect the soul of anyone who sold their soul to the Devil. Hellhounds may also guard cemetery gates and entrances to the underworld.

Some legendary Hellhounds include the Black Shuck (notable for killing people and scorching a church door), the Cú Sith (an Irish black dog), and El Cadejo (A Latin black dog, which may not be a Hellhound at all). Perhaps the most famous Hellhound is Cerberus, a Greek three headed black dog who guarded the underworld.

Hellhounds are also a staple in modern pip culture and music. “Hellhound on my Trail” is a Robert Johnson song, although he may be a bad example because rumor has it he sold his soul, so of course he’d write about it. The television series “Supernatural” also features Hellhounds.

“I am not so much in love with myself as people think.”

“It doesn’t really matter whether your film is about Mao, migrant workers, Japanese ‘devils,’ or the Red Guards and teenagers during the Cultural Revolution. As a filmmaker or scriptwriter, you are only ‘borrowing’ their voices to express things that are hidden inside you…. I personally think it’s impossible for a director to avoid expressing his/her inner self….

“As for the so-called ‘narcissism,’ I don’t quite understand this word. I think this notion could easily lead to misunderstanding. Based on my humble opinion, I know human beings can’t even sustain themselves without some kind of narcissism. Oftentimes I feel I can’t go out every morning without some sort of self-encouragement. Or, every evening I would customarily examine myself as to whether I’ve done something inappropriate. This kind of self-reflection often bothers me. No one is forcing me to behave that way. My friends often remind me that I should treat myself better. Sometimes I am even filled with self-remorse. I am not so much in love with myself as people think. But I don’t know if this is contradictory to the notion of ‘narcissism.’ To me, narcissism probably doesn’t necessarily mean that you are in love with yourself. On the other hand, I completely disagree with the notion that narcissism and autobiography are the two sides of the same coin. To me, every work of art carries some autobiographic traces, my In the Heat of the Sun included. But the characters featured in this film do not necessarily deserve your compassion and love. I don’t think Ma Xiaojun is a role model.”  

- Jiang Wen

interviewed in Lights! Camera! Kai Shi! In Depth Interviews with China’s New Generation of Movie Directors by Shaoyi Sun & Li Xun

(I’m really enjoying and gaining a lot of insight from this book.)

Legendary Creatures [C]

See the rest of the alphabet here.

Listen up, you ARE good enough. For all-state, for solos, for drum corps, for indoor, for guard, for whatever it is, you completely,100% are good enough. The only thing that is stopping you from getting where you want to be, is yourself. If you truly want something, you will make it happen. Alright? Never look down on yourself. (inside and outside of music)


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