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Yo, do you have any expensive outfits I can borrow? I got an ask for that, and the only person I could think of was you. - @askboristhewolf

1) “the most expensive outfit i have is this swimsuit and you for damn sure ain’t borrowing any time soon. I’m sure sears got something for you” 


2) “well i can change my hair, this is ink after all. I mostly style my ink into short haircuts you humans do but to time to time i’ll rock that white girl long hair”

i wasn’t again gonna post this in a ask response but it actually fits well with just answering both questions and saves me time drawing separate answers. sun’s out thots out outfit is not available at any of your local stores )

@scowtee-ely @eliana55226838 My teacher was picking on my foot. “Are U studying animation? Stop playing games and go Study!” So, well, I started to animate Bendy for training, and! this was the result, Ah! one more thing, I don’t know the name of the artist that made the little comics, this was animated using the comics as a base like a, Storyboard. <3

This animation was made in Adobe Animate CC 2015.


Has this been done before or……

I’m hoping their reunion goes something like this XD

The desings of Joey and Henry belongs to @doodledrawsthings  (amazing desings btw)


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