the devil's dam

cranburythebody  asked:

I'm kinda in need of some help. I cursed my ex in a very mean way. It was all verbal but I felt guilty immediately and tried to take it back. Is that even possible?

What were the conditions of the curse?

Find a picture of your ex, and on the back of it write in black:


Put it on a dish, and onto it place pinches of rue, agrimony, salt and uncrossing powder or just black salt, and black hen feathers. On top of this place a white candle, dressed with olive oil and saltpeter or uncrossing oil, and light.

(Say the Lord’s prayer backwards, then) “You horseman and footman, whom I here conjured at this time, you may pass on in the name of our Lord, through the word of God and the will of Christ; ride ye on now and pass.”
If you uncomfortable using Christian deities, you can replace them with more suitable benevolent/strong names. 

With a white-headed pin prick your ring finger and squeeze three drops onto the candle flame. In some folklore “The surest method of escaping the influence of the evil eye, is to draw blood from the person of the witch. Shakespeare, in Henry III, says : Devil or devil’s dam, I’ll conjure thee : Blood will I draw. Thou art a witch.” (Nummits and Crummits, Sarah Hewitt)

Then say “I revoke my curse on [_ex’s full name_], not to befall on me or anyone else, but to be sent back to the infernal depths from which it came. Let my bewitchment break, this thread be unraveled, and my deed go unseen and unnamed.” Here, if you need to speak further retractions from your curse’s conditions you can add them. Finish by crossing yourself three times, or performing some other form of benediction. Let the candle burn all the way down, and then bury it just before dawn in a cemetery or beneath a stone off your property.

This should do just fine, sweetie.

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Bones crackled and your lungs screamed for air, your sight slightly fuzzy as the lights around you shone brighter than the sun. The hiss of pain that made you wish for death rolled throughout your body. The cold damp air welcomed your senses back as you looked around your surroundings and found yourself in a cell of sorts. Yet instead of dark hues of grey and black that reminisced you of a dungeon all you saw was whites, copper and golds that screamed of wealth. Out of the silence a voice spoke as you lifted yourself from the ground,

“Hello again Y/n”

As your head turned you looked to see the raven haired devil that turned your life upside down, on earth you lived peacefully with your books and tea. Your job that kept your life at a normal pace, no big distractions and you were quiet happy…

Until the day you found a man outside your home in the same state you were in now, on the floor looking pitiful and wheezing for air. This was the man you took in and showed only kindness but were repaid in a broken heart and the world cursing your name. The people of new York needed someone to blame for bringing Loki into this world and they chose you. Your quiet life became turmoil as you lost your job and you couldn’t even walk down the street with people coming after you blaming you for the attack on new York. You had turned bitter and cold, now realizing the bubble you lived in all these years. All because of this man, this man that spoke to you so causally as if you were friends, it made your blood boil and your skin crawl.

“You Bas****”
“You seem upset to see me..? truly i thought you’d enjoy my presence”
“I helped you! i made better! i fought to make the public accept you! I TRUSTED YOU, and you left me in the dust to pick up the pieces you left behind you dammed devil you”
“…y/n…i’m truly sorry for the pain i’ve caused you”
“Then why the hell am i here?”
“Would you believe me if i said i have no idea”
“I can’t get rid of you can i Loki?”

He looked up and stood from his seated postion inside his cell, and walked as close to you as he could. 

“Perhaps i’m the unfortunate stain you cannot rid yourself of”
“Your a stain alright but i wouldn’t say unfortunate. Just unlucky”
“Truly Y/n, i never meant you the pain i caused”
“I wish i could trust you, right know though i would like to know where i am”
“The hell were the devil resides, Asgard”

The smirk on his face made you roll your eyes, you were stuck here you supposed not really fully understanding why you were here in the first place that it.