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Whatever you do don't think about Vex and Cassandra together trying to reign Percy back to reality when his ideas grow a little too large, "He is just not installing a skyport right next to the castle." "I know right, it'd be much too close to the mountains, a skyship could never land there." "That wasn't exactly my point Vex." "Oh right, the impracticality and the cost. Wait how many zeros does that number have?"

Whatever you do don’t think about Percy and Vex doing recon and rolling insight on Cassandra’s romantic interest. “Dear, you do realize that your dragon slaying long-sword was just casually on mantle during that entire conversation?” “Yes.” “That’s not where you normally keep it.” “Yes… But now I know that they can be intimidated.”…

…Whatever you do don’t think about Cassandra and Percy joining Vex while she goes hunting in the mountains/forest with Trinket. “So Yennen thinks lowering the taxes on wheat will actually cause an increase in overall spending?” “Yes, and I personally agree.” “Where are the figures for this? I would love to see them as soon as we get back.” “Trinket these two are so utterly useless right now, could you move beside them and roar for me. It’s not like every animal doesn’t already know we’re here.”

Oh my g o d

Cassandra and Vex complaining about their overbearing big brothers over tea and things

Cassandra teaching Vex all the customs of a Whitestone Baroness, all the dances and the manners and the history


Percy and Vex planning the entire layout of Vex’s new manor, and Percy passing the plans along to Cassandra so she can build it while they’re away - and then checking up on the house every forty seconds until Cassandra reminds him that building an entire manor will take time Percival you need to chill I swear I’m not going to build it backwards or something do you even know anything about architecture the biggest thing you’ve ever built is a broom.

I love u anon. I love u very much and now I am crying, because Vex and Percy know that you can build yourself a new family even after losing one, and so they’ll build one for Cassandra. T^T9