the devil's cabaret

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A cabaret. Not exactly the place where you would expect to find a demon... But that guy decisely WASN'T a human. Jager!Buffy approached him, and gently touched his shoulder "Excuse me" she smirked, handing them him an ink flower, which formed under his sight "For you" she said "... Is rare to find a similar in a human place like here.."

          —  My my, how sweet. I usually get flowers after my show. Thank you.

The demon allowed a measured smile, his gaze was soft on her face, filled with a sudden tenderness, taking flower in between his long fingers.

          —  I believe so? However when you have, mmn, special talents, the humans end up taking you into their lair. ❞

            ❝  Anyways, welcome to the Dancing Devil Cabaret, madam~ ❞


Wir Schalten Um Auf Hollywood (1931) // The March of Time (1930)

Recently I found out that one of my favorite short films, The Devil’s Cabaret (1930), was actually the result of spare footage from the abandoned film, The March of Time (1930). I did some minor research on March of Time and found a number of people saying that Wir Schalten Um Auf Hollywood, an American film made for German audiences, was essentially the same film since it had re-used the footage. Wir Schalten Um Auf Hollywood (1931) is in the public domain and available on however it is a very bad, dark, blue tinted copy with almost all the musical numbers missing and every one of the technicolor scenes gone. Luckily the color scenes had been re-used in a number of films so I was able to track them down and with the wonderful observation prowess of someone over at the nitrateville forums, I was able to cut and paste the film back together (although I’m pretty positive two or three of the musical numbers are not in their original place). Some scenes are still missing, such as the musical number Ramon Navarro sings in technicolor. So I used a substitute from The Cat and the Fiddle (1934) just so you can at least get the feel. The finale, a number called “The March of Time Goes on” with Buster Keaton, is partially missing. The biggest problem now is that it is mostly in the German language and no subtitles seem to exist. But the musical numbers are in English, as well as the dialogue spoken to and by the celebrities.

I’ve posted it up on YouTube but remember, it is a very rough copy.


The Café (or Cabaret) de L’Enfer was a Hell themed, 19th century Café in Paris.

Supposedly upon approaching the doors, which were double and wooden with a gaping devils mouth baring its fangs looming from above, a doorsman clad in a Satan costume would bellow: “Enter and be damned!”

Once inside patrons would sit at small black tables, under a low, arched ceiling with plaster cast demons reaching down at them, their faces screaming and snarling.

The wait staff and bar tenders would be dressed in apt attire and would serve drinks with dangerous and devilish names.


Blue Devils 2012 Cabaret Voltaire


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