the devil with the three golden hairs

The Devil with the Three Golden Hairs

Once upon a time, there was a poor kind woman who gave birth to a beautiful baby daughter. Her child had a caul, which had been prophesied long ago to mean that she would marry the King’s daughter the moment she turned fourteen. But, the King was selfish, greedy and wicked, and did not wish the prophecy to come true if the child came from a poor background. When he heard of the girl born with a caul, he visited the poor woman and persuaded her to allow him to take her daughter to his castle so that she could be raised there.

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To burn the devil out

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Day 3: Middle Age

Summary: Alec hunts for witches as the member of the Conclave. When he meets Magnus, he decides to save him from burning in the local square. 

Alexander Lightwood, was considered intellectual among his comrades. Some of them saw him as rebellious, some as disrespectful. But many of them saw him as breaker the rules of the Conclave. His father, Robert Lightwood, was from the most noble family of knights dedicated to the New York Conclave. Alec was determined to follow his lead, same as his brother Jonathan Christopher, who was secretly called Jace by his siblings.

Alec’s rebellious side often showed itself, when the Conclave chose to set some new, wrong decision. Just like the latest one, to burn all of witches in the town. Alec somehow agreed with Conclave. Women should not worship the devil and use his language when casting curses at the people. But on the other hand, no one deserved to be publicly burnt or drown, to purity their blood from the devil’s power.

That, and Alec heard the story about male’s witch, a warlock, who possibly was living in the Brooklyn, a village on the border of New York. Alec was dying to meet him. When the Conclave started to hunt for witches, he secretly hoped that they will capture the great Magnus Bane. They did, his father led the invasion on his home.

When they brought him to the dungeons of the Conclave’s Institute, Alec asked to be tasked with watching over him and other witches. Conclave’s members agreed easily, letting Alec to get familiar with the famous Magnus Bane. When he was told, that the man is over hundred years old, he expected a white-haired man with a long beard, a long hat and some white clothes like druids used to wear in Gallia. Alec went there once, when he was younger. He met some of the druids there. For their people, they were sacred beings, some of them were even worshiped. This changed Alec’s vision about magical beings a bit. Maybe they weren’t evil, sons and daughters of the devil, like the Conclave painted them to be.

Alec met Magnus Bane precisely three weeks ago and he had fallen under his enchantment ever since. The man was beautiful. His skin was sun kissed, his golden green cat eyes were a sight to behold. His skin was warm, when you touched it. His long, black silk hair was inviting to stroke them. He wore green and black clothes, long tunic and leather pants. Some golden chains were decorating his chest.

“Alexander,” he greeted him, as the knight stepped into the dungeons this night. “How wonderful that you decided to come visit me this night. As far as I know, this is my last night. The Conclave decided to burn me out in public for being a heretic. Idiots.”

“I know.” The young man admitted sadly, as he sat down on the ground before the cell. He opened his sack and took out a half of bread and the bottle made of goatskin. Today he had stolen the fine wine, the Conclave kept for the big occasions, mainly when the Pope was visiting cities. “They put red drapes all over the city’s square. I heard that the great Inquisitor will kill you.”

“Oh, I’m honored.” Magnus joked with a fake smile. Alec didn’t want to laugh at all. In the past three weeks, he and Magnus got to know each other. The older man spoke about his magical powers, showing Alec a few simple spells. Alec asked him one night, if he can’t escape, but the warlock told that the Institute was built with the material that blocks the great magic. So every night, he came to his new friend, to talk, to laugh. And last night…to kiss him.

Alec always knew that he isn’t into women. None of the fine ladies his father tried to set him up with were good for him. Alec wasn’t interested in female’s beauty, but he was very interested in male’s. With Magnus, he could test his theory about liking men. When they kissed, the sparks flew out. Literally. Magnus’s magic burst from his fingers, when they were slowly kissing through the bars of the dungeons.

Since last night, Alec couldn’t calm his hammering heart. He didn’t know what was happening to him, but it was wonderful.

“Don’t be sad, my angel. Even we, warlocks, have to die one day.” Magnus bumped his shoulder through the bars. “Will you be there? I rather die with something pleasant before my eyes.”

“I will.”

Alec did as promised. The next day, when Magnus was tied to the wooden pile, he watched him from afar. His heart was yearning for the man, but he his body seemed to be frozen in place. The Great Inquisitor Herondale lit up the torch and smiled to the audience before he spoke.

“My locals, today is the day, when the great Magnus Bane, a witch will be burn along with his comadres, Catarina Loss and Ragnor Fell. They have committed a crime against our people, by practicing the dark, evil magic.” He explained, gesturing at the three warlocks behind him. “They will be burn, so the flames of this fire could clear their blood. Let us pray to God and Angels above to burn out the devil from their soul. Let’s begin.”

Before he had a chance to put the fire by Magnus’s feet, an arrow stuck in his heart. The Great Inquisitor gasped and dropped down to his knees. A great chaos began, as people started to scream and look around for the shooter.

Alec quickly dropped his bow and ran towards the square. He pulled out his sword and cut through the first three soldiers of the Conclave. He didn’t want to kill any of them, but he needed to buy himself some time. So he slit their thighs and arms, making them cry out in pain. Once everyone was distracted, Alec quickly released Magnus and his friends.

The three warlocks were stunned by the actions of the young knight. Magnus the most.

“Magnus, run! Go now.” Alec ordered him, fighting with Jonathan Morgenstern, the son of Valentine Morgenstern, one of the best of hunters. “Go!”

Magnus’s friends dragged him away from the square. Before Alec realized, the three of them disappeared in a flash of a dark smoke. Alec dropped the sword to the ground and yelled.

“I surrender to the power of the Conclave!” Alec didn’t hope for this to work, but he hoped to buy himself some time. Maybe enough to say goodbye to his family, before the Conclave will execute him for a betrayal of the country.

“Alexander Lightwood,” Valentine Morgenstern, the great Consul of the Conclave, directed his sword at Alec. “For the kill of the Great Inquisitor and the members of the Conclave, for releasing witches, by the power given me by the Conclave, I sentence you with an immediate death. Hold him down!” He ordered to his companions. “You stupid, stupid boy. The warlock enchanted you and now you will pay for your idiocy.”

Alec felt the coldness of the blade on his neck. He closed his eyes and his mind popped up the memory of the cat eyes of Magnus. The young man smiled involuntarily at the vision, feeling warmth in his heart and stomach.

Suddenly there was heard the sound of the snap, followed by the loud cry of Valentine. Alec opened his eyes and saw that Valentine is burning alive in front of him. For the first time in his life, Alec was frightened to death, as he didn’t know what was happening. Some of the local people were helping save Valentine, but it was pointless. The moment they was able to stop the fire, it started all over again, stronger.

Dark smoke surrounded Alec’s body, before Magnus materialized himself in front of him. He had his hands up in the air with flames dancing on them.

“Leave him, or you’ll die.” He threatened the members of the Conclave, sending flames in their direction. Magnus turned his head to Alec and winked at him.


“You saved me,” he whispered, burning Jonathan down, same as his father. “Now let me be your knight in shining armor.”

People of New York were scared of Magnus’s dark powers, same as the remaining members of the Conclave. The warlock released Alec and drew him into his arms.

“Hold on, darling.” Alec closed his eyes and squeezed Magnus’s body in his. “We’re going to disappear.”

“All right.”

When Alec opened his eyes again, he was in some mysterious chamber. Intense red curtains were blocking the sunlight from coming inside. Candles were put on the chests standing around the room. A big bed stood in the middle, covered in king’s red covers.

“Hope you like the decor.” Magnus said, pulling away from Alec’s hard grip. “Welcome to my night chamber, Alexander. Feel yourself at home.”

“I have no home anymore.” He said dryly. “I don’t believe I could ever go back to New York, or the Conclave.”

“Thank you, for saving us, you didn’t have to do it.” Magnus admitted, kissing Alec softly. “I know that I cannot promise you anything worthy of a noble knight, but I can promise you a peaceful life, far away from the Conclave, that will haunt us.”

“Where are we?”

“This is Edom, the home of the warlocks and witches.” Alec nodded to this. “And if you want, it can be also a home for you. Alexander Lightwood the saviour of the warlocks and witches.”

“I would like that.”

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for the fairy tale meme: the devil's three golden hairs!

ok, 1. holy shit I have read this before but for a long time and there are so many things happening in it

2. The Devil’s Three Golden Hairs, a Paraphrase

Let me tell this story through other stories.

First, Moses, floating down the river in a basket, his real parentage hidden. Then Bellerophon, who was given a letter with instructions to kill the bearer, who found that the letter’s contents had been changed. Next every fairy tale you know in which a poor man’s son marries a king’s daughter.

The second act is more obscure. By paraphrase, Go I Know Not Where, Bring Back I Know Not What – our hero is sent to get the impossible. The Devil and his Grandmother. And let’s end with the eternal: with the Boatman, with Charon.

Kurt X Reader - Winter at Graymalkin Lane

Ch.01 – The first time I saw you.

Kurt P.O V.

It was getting very cold at the school. The fireplaces were always lit now, the kids with fire abilities never letting the flames die down so nobody would catch cold. It was to be my first winter in America. First winter with friends, where I was safe.

It was Sunday, so it was fairly quiet inside the mansion. Everyone else was either sleeping in, or at the mall. Kurt was reading. Jean gave him a most interesting novel to read, about a mad scientist who tried to create life from death.
Jean was in the room, playing chess with Scott. He was losing, and growing ever frustrated no matter how many times Jean tells him that she is not cheating. Peter is asleep on the sofa opposite the one claimed by Kurt, the speedster stayed up all night watching old movies as usual.

After several minutes of quiet, interrupted only with the occasional curse from Scott, they all heard a car coming up the driveway. Kurt and marked his page before standing. Peter woke and joined him at the window in moments, curious about who was arriving.
“This was today? The professor is gonna telepathically kick my ass…” and with that he vanished, Jean hurrying after him. Kurt and Scott shared a puzzled look before heading downstairs to see what was happening.

Mystique was helping Beast wheel in what looked like a hospital bed, a young woman was strapped onto it, and out cold. She looked like a prisoner, which made Kurt bristle immediately.

“Vat is going on here?” he asked, stopping at the top of the main stairs. The professor looked up at him from the front door.
“She’s a new student here Kurt, she’s just a little unstable at the moment, we had to have her brought here sedated.”
Kurt frowned, not quite liking the sound of that. He teleported himself down the stairs to have a look at the newcomer. She was young, his age perhaps? The curves of her body hugged by the sheet that was strapped over her body. Her dark glossy hair had streaks of green in the fringe and bangs that framed her face, not unlike the bright blue that highlighted Kurt’s own hair.
“Vat is her ability? Is she a danger?” he asked, looking from Mystique back to the Professor. It was however Beast who answered.
“She has a very interesting gift, she can copy the abilities of other mutants simply by touching their skin.” He shows his gloved hands to Kurt, and so does Mystique. “We don’t know if she does it consciously or not yet, but she’s currently in possession of a rather toxic ability and we don’t want to take any risks. Once we have her in her room we’re going to try and get her to take a new, less dangerous ability.”
Kurt blinked, this was a lot of information to process. She certainly didn’t look dangerous. She looked calm, peaceful… maybe even….

He looked away and hoped he wasn’t blushing, helping the other two blue mutants to get the bed upstairs and to one of the empty rooms. Coincidently it was right next door to Kurt’s room.
“Who will be giving her a new power?” he asked, getting out of the way and flexing his tail slowly whilst the others unstrapped her and moved her into bed.
“Yours truly bro.” Kurt turned to frown as the silver speedster stood in the doorway with his trademark smirk.
“Surely not…. why not give her Jean…. Oh… maybe not Jean….” Kurt scratched his head a little, thinking.
Peter moved over to the bedside, watching as Mystique tucked the young woman in gently. Kurt supposed that Peter’s ability wasn’t really the worst, he just hoped the girl wouldn’t absorb his smartass attitude along with it.
“So what do I do…?”Peter asked, looking to Beast.
“Just hold her hand, we should be able to tell when her ability changes, if the reports are right.” Beast replied, packing up the hospital gear.

Kurt moved to the other side of the bed, looking down at the girl with growing curiosity. She was the first newcomer since everything happened with Apocalypse and the rebuilding of the school. He wasn’t going to be the new kid anymore.
Peter carefully took her hand in his, looking a fraction nervous. For a few minutes there was no change, then slowly the green in her hair began to lighten, turning silver just like Peter’s hair. There was a collective sigh of relief as Peter let her hand go.
“We should leave her to rest, sleep off the sedative.” Beast said, nudging Peter out of the room after Mystique. Kurt hovered a moment longer, watching the young girl’s face.

Her eyes slowly fluttered open, falling on him and his heart stopped cold.


Reader P.O V.

It was only for a few moments but you could have sworn you saw a young man with bright eyes and blue skin standing over you, but when your tired eyes blinked he was gone. Was it a dream….? Was it the sedative they had to use so I could be moved safely from the hospital….? A million questions swim around before everything slowly fades to black again.


It was hard to tell how many hours had passed when you woke, but it seemed to be late in the afternoon. You slowly push yourself to sit up, pulling the blankets around you to protect yourself from the chilly air blowing in through the slightly open window.

You had made it. You were really here. Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. You’d dreamt of this place for years, but until now, it hadn’t been possible to come. Not until the accident anyway….
After another minute or so of quiet thought you get up, finding your suitcase of close and opening it. You pull on a simple oversized shirt and jeans, dig out a pair of socks and stuff your feet into your favourite pair old blue sneakers. It was time for something to eat.
Opening the door to what would now be your own bedroom, you guess the way to the main hall by the direction other kids are going.
You find your way downstairs, but stop when you reach the bottom. There’s a telepath, you can feel him in your head calling your name.

It’s alright, I am Professor Charles Xavier. You’re safe here. I’ll show you the way.

He sends you his memorized view of the mansion, so you won’t get lost. Following your new mental map, you make it to the kitchen where a few other kids are having an afternoon snack. You dig out some ingredients from the fridge and fix yourself a couple of sandwiches before heading outside.

You’re instantly glad you put your jacket on, because the winter breeze makes you shiver the moment you step outside. You wander the paths, looking over the pond and a large tree that looks like it was ripped in half by lasers or something.
You look around and see a group of kids your age in one of the open grassy areas, they are tossing a football between each other.
There’s two young girls, one with fiery ginger hair and one with black hair, this one is wearing a bright yellow jacket with hot pink sunglasses. Three boys are with them, one wearing strange red sunglasses, one dressed in silver with goggles on his head. The last boy…. It was him.

Blue skin and dark hair, and a long thin tail with a spaded tip? He looked like some kind of blue devil, wearing a bright red leather jacket and plain brown pants. He had only two fingers and a thumb on each hand, and as you wandered closer you could see his bright eyes, sometimes they appeared red while at other times they seemed golden.
He laughed at something one of the girls said, and you can see he has sharp fangs in his mouth.
Such a creature would certainly alarm humans. Hell he probably scared a few mutants in his lifetime. But with the others, his friends…. he looked happy. Friendly. He didn’t seem dangerous to her.

The boy with the red sunglasses said something to the others, and threw the football as fast as he could across the field.
Right at you.
You were certain it was going to hit you and you close your eyes tight in preparation for impact, but seconds later there was a strange *BAMF* and you felt arms around you.

Another *BAMF* later and you slowly open your eyes.
“Are you alright…?” a soft voice asks with an obvious German accent. You look up, your eyes meeting his. Both of you stop cold. The blue demon-boy was a teleporter!
“I… y-yes…. thank you” you stutter as he stumbles backwards to give you some space. He has a rosary dangling from one of his pockets which catches your eye, and he grabs it with a nervous swallow*
“I h-hope I did not hurt you…” he stammered, looking down as his tail lashes with uncertainty. He looks so nervous and innocent, you can’t help but smile.
“I’m fine…. thank you for saving me from that football.” You say softly, trying to reassure him that it’s alright. You tell him your name, which gets his attention again and brings his eyes to yours.
“I am Kurt… Kurt Wagner… but they also call me Nightcrawler…” he says, trying to smile as well. He seems so shy, but not so much as to run. You pull your jacket around yourself more as the breeze picks up again.
“It’s really nice to meet you Kurt…. I guess we’re going to be in class together here….. right?” you ask, secretly hoping so.
“Ah… yes… I have never been in school so I have much to learn here…. I am lucky to have friends and good teachers to help….” his tone warms, he seems to be happy being here. Whatever life he came from before must not have treated him well.
“I’m glad….. I hope I can learn to control my power…. so that it stops controlling me….” you say as you look out over the field, Kurt’s friends are huddled together watching the two of you, no doubt gossiping. You shiver and smile back up at the tall blue boy.
“Well…. I’ll stop bugging you now… see you later?” you turn back to the house. Kurt blinks and looks from his friends, then to you.
“Ah y-yes…. maybe you would like to join us for dinner….? Peter is getting pizzas and Scott has a new movie for us to watch in the living room.”

You can’t help but blush, he’s too sweet to be true. You nod shyly.
“I would like that…. thank you Kurt.”

Before your own shyness gets the better of you and you say something stupid, you find your feet have carried you back to your room on autopilot, in two seconds. You frown and look at yourself in the mirror, the green that was in your hair is now silver, the Professor must have given you super speed to replace your previous ability.

I sure hope Kurt doesn’t think I was being rude… running off like that….


CH2 >>


“When he had crossed the water, he found the entrance to hell. It was black and sooty within, and the devil was not at home, but his grandmother was sitting in a large armchair. ‘What do you want?’ said asked of him, but she did not look so very wicked.

‘I should like to have three golden hairs from the devil’s head,’ he, 'or else I cannot keep my wife.’

'That is a good deal to ask for;’ said she. 'if the devil comes home and finds you, it will cost you your life. But as I pity you, I will see if I cannot help you.’

She changed him into an ant and said, ‘Creep into the folds of my dress, you will be safe there.’”

— excerpt from “The Devil with the Three Golden Hairs” by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm

dress: Juliette et Justine
underskirt: Victorian Maiden
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corset, shawl: vintage
spider bow: Moss Märchen
rosette: Moss Badger