the devil takes human form

asoue as mean girls (crack!) part 1
  • Beatrice: and then that Lemony guy was like, ''why didn't you call me back?'' and then i was like ''why are you so obbsesed with me?''
  • ***
  • Isadora: and the devil takes the human form in Carmelita Spats.
  • ***
  • Lemony: Theodora S. Markson. She knows everything about everyone. And that's why her hair is so big. It's full of secrets.
  • ***
  • Georgina: This is Charles. He's almost too gay to function.

I’m down on my knees (I’m begging you please)

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She isn’t nearly drunk enough for this. Hell, she isn’t drunk at all, because she remembers a little too clearly what happened the last time she downed a bottle of vodka before heading to Lux with nothing but a flannel shirt and her self-pity. Chloe wants a clear head this time, because her anger is already blinding her enough as it is and she doesn’t need alcohol to cloud her mind even more so – she doesn’t want alcohol to make her do something she could regret.

Though, as she punches the elevator’s button for the top floor, she wonders what could make the situation possibly worse than it already is. Coming to complain to Lucifer fucking Morningstar, part-time consultant and full-time pain in her ass, about her douche of an ex-husband, well. It’s up there on the list of bad situations.

She doesn’t stop and asks herself why Lucifer of all people – shrugging it off as ‘he dislikes Dan just as much as you do’ is easier and doesn’t lead to more questions. Because questions mean answers, and Chloe doesn’t want to think about those – she doesn’t want to ponder on her relationship with Lucifer, not when tomorrow she’ll have to explain Trixie why daddy is in prison, why daddy isn’t the hero she thought him to be.

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