the devil puppet

Grimoire card: Ghost Fragment- House of Kings

Variks: You ask of House Kings, yes? They of the secret Kell. They who rule over ancient ruins in hope of one day returning to the shadow of the Great Machine. Kings are very mysterious, yes.

Petra: I want to know what they are truly capable of.

Variks: *laughing* Kings are very good at veiling their hand. They have embraced the Dark, so that none can steal from them anything, yes? Knowledge cannot be stolen so simply. Were it so easy…

Petra: You joke now, but you said earlier that they could’ve proven a match for even Skolas. It was long my belief that the Wolves were the single most powerful House in the system…

Variks: Kings only rarely fight in the open. They fight through their puppets: the Devils and Exiles.

Petra: Kind of like Skolas….

Variks: What little I have heard of Kings’ Kell brings me to same conclusion.

Petra: So why would Skolas try to treat with them?

Variks: Skolas wants to take control of all Houses, yes? Kings are House, yes?

Petra: No, no, that’s not what I meant. I mean, why would he trust them enough to try diplomacy? He didn’t with the Devils and he just completely ignored Exile. Winter didn’t have a Kell anyway, so that one was easy.

Variks: Skolas may be cunning in his madness, but Kell of Kings is mad in his cunning. Kell of Kings lets one thing be known of him. He wishes to keep Great Machine for himself, to rule over not only Eliksni, but all creatures.

Petra: So we may have two Kells with a God complex? Great…


Our supposed to be secret cosplays are pretty much done so I figured I’d just share them~

They are the Devil and Kitty Eyeball puppets from @drawkill ‘s super cute drawing here:

If you haven’t seen their artwork before check it out its all super cute and creepy <3

 I just have to touch up the horns and ears and make the tails. Also I’m debating changing the bow color for the devil to black because I don’t really like how the darker red came out .

These will be worn for Otakon this summer! I just got a new sewing machine so I got little excited and made them super early <3

Last week on the site, Daniel O'Brien told us why Pinocchio was a secretly terrifying tale about a monster-boy thrust into existence by a bumbling old man who probably shouldn’t be anyone’s legal guardian. To become a real boy, he’s expected to prove himself brave, truthful and unselfish. But he’s like, 30 seconds old, how would he know anything about that? None of us have these virtues and we’re not wooden little puppet-devils.

THIS WEEK: Inspired by last week’s video, Jack O'Brien, Daniel O'Brien and Soren Bowie sit down for a conversation about the ways children’s entertainment was either secretly horrifying, or simply giving us awful life-lessons. They talk about how the Nickelodeon shows of the 90s led to a generation of depressed loners, JK Rowling’s subtle misanthropy, how the early Disney princesses were awful representations of women, and how Winnie the Pooh set back how we deal with mental health.

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