the devil is in the details and in the upstairs bedroom

Ripples - Part 6

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Warnings: Language, Angst… a little 18+ love so if you’re younger turn away…

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A/N: Finally a chapter! Sorry for my absence, it was also my baby Ben Barnes birthday today so I did a week of fiction and honestly didn’t have it in me to write for both because adulting. Hope you like this and this helps for those of you who are Team Bucky! More to come very soon.

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Bucky POV

You couldn’t have known that Bucky had gone up to the 7th floor balcony to finish dinner, to allow the cool autumn air to distract him from the way you had looked when you walked into the compound in your jeans and t-shirt. Couldn’t have known that he had heard every last painful detail of what had really happened that night with you and Steve.

He wanted to be mad at you and in a way he was. You had agreed to all of those things, under the influence or not. But he also knew that you were right when you fought a week ago - he had no right to demand that you choose. At the time, you were a free woman.

Besides, you knew about all the women he had brought into his bedroom the moment you had started working for Tony. Thought he had been very clever in hiding it but had known. Didn’t know that he did it every night to erase the image of you from his mind, not wanting to get attached and ruin your life. Using someone else to help him remember he didn’t deserve you.

So he couldn’t be mad at you because essentially you were doing what he had been doing to you for months.

Steve; however, was another thing.

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Age Is Just A Number

Here’s the Imagine as requested (hopefully :) )

I tried my best to write it as it was suggested, so I hope you all enjoy it.

“So, Y/N, how are things with Jared?”, your BFF asked you hoping for some details about your and Jared’s relationship. You were not as open to share much information about the two of you, since Jared was so popular and it was best if everybody knew as little as possible. 

“Great, we’re having the best time when we’re together. He’s so charming, funny, handsome and great to be around.I swear the last date flew by so fast I felt we were out for 15 minutes, when we spent almost 6 hours together.”

“Are you gonna see him today as well?”, your BFF was so curious.

“I think so. He said he’ll text me when he’s done with the recording for today. Which should probably be any minute. It’s really late. They’re wrapping up with the new album so he’s pretty busy these days.”

Buzz, buzz

Wow, speak of the Devil”, you said and smiled as you glanced at your phone.

We have to talk. Can you come over to my place?”, it was Jared and you immediately felt a pit in your stomach.

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Forever with the Devil (Chapter 2)

(Chapter 1 link here)

It’s been days.

But, to Lucifer, they felt like years.

He was by her side the entire time, sitting on the egde of her bed, holding her hand, playing with the strands of her long, silver hair. Sleep was out of the question. Only once did he practically pass out from exhaustion and Maze didn’t have the heart to wake him up when she came upstairs to the bedroom and saw him. He never looked so exhausted, miserable and downright depressed. He was experiencing the loss of her all over again and Mazikeen understood how hard this was for him, so she left him alone. But, she still stayed pretty close, spending more time here in his vicinity than at her shared apartment with Chloe. She even managed Lux and kept it open every night because she wanted to make herself busy somehow. Truly, she wasn’t the one to dwell on things, but this situation concerned her deeply.

Both her and Lucifer were just waiting. Counting down the seconds, minutes, hours, before she wakes up. Or dies.

Chloe came almost every day, but Lucifer was still mad at her. He had no strenght or will to fight with her, so he simply sent her off. He was disappointed that she refused to trust him. Chloe felt guilty, but for now, there was nothing she could do. So, she was also waiting.

And at this particular moment, she was waiting at Lucifer’s door, already prepared for him to shut the doors in her face right after he opens them.

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4 in the morning part 4/5


Summary: you fall in love with your best friends boyfriend.

Part one. part two. part three.


Ellie’s father’s beach house is enormous. It is so extravagant that you, Ellie, Calum, Michael, Ashton and Luke all get to have a bedroom with a combined bathroom each. Everything is painted in white and all the details are in gold.  Portraits of various people are lining the walls and in the middle of the absolutely enormous foyer a staircase made out of shining white marble leads up to the second floor.

Everything is simply gold and white and gold.

It is beyond a doubt the most overdone ”beach house” you have ever been to. All of you stare at Ellie, almost in disbelief, but she only smiles and says “It was my step-mother who picked and decorated the place” and everyone gives up a sound of understanding, for you had all heard stories of the infamous step-mother (or Cruella DeVille, as Ellie had renamed her) about how her and her annoying habits had driven Ellie to move out of her father’s mansion and in to your tiny little apartment.

“Well” Ellie says and throws her suitcase on the floor with a loud bang, “There are 3 bedrooms in the west wing” she says and points to the corridor on the left side of the staircase “I thought that Ash and Luke and Mikey can sleep there” no one seems to have any objections to this so she continues “And on the east win there are two ones so well you could sleep there” she looks directly at you and you nod “And me and Cal share the master bedroom.” The boys’ wolf whistles until Ellie gives Michael a hard blow in his stomach with her blood red Hermés bag that matches her nails perfectly.

Ashton raises his hand as if he was a child and Ellie the teacher and this was all some strange school trip. “Yes” she says shortly and Ashton gives up a cheeky grin “Will we need a map and compass to find our way?”

Ellie doesn’t dignify that with an answer but instead takes Calum hands and begins to climb the stairs. Then she shouts over her shoulder “You boys can carry the suitcases to our rooms, we’ll meet on the back yard in half an hour for drinks” and you can practically hear the smile in her voice as the boys groan. You take your own suitcase and carry it upstairs.

Ashton wasn’t far off with his question of a map and compass, for the mansion is truly huge. You follow Ellie and Calum (Calum who has been strangely distant the entire trip, Calum who refuses to look or talk to you – as if the sight of you would burn him – Calum who you can’t stop thinking about and who now has his arms around your best friend) as the go to their room, for Ellie had said yours would be somewhere near. You keep your distance though; keep your eyes fixed on the scarlet colored carpet that lines the entire corridor and tries to drag your heavy suitcase as quietly as possible.

Then Ellie turns to you “Oh, right” she says, happy (yellow gold and yellow) as ever “Your room is there!” And she points to your left. “Thanks” you call out halfheartedly. Calum hasn’t even turned around but seemingly stare into the door that leads to and his and Ellie’s master bedroom.

 You walk in to yours and gently close the door behind you. The room is like the rest of the room, light and gold and completely extravagant.  The poster bed has lots of gold details and expensive looking white sheets and you drop your heavy baggage and lay down on it. It’s soft and wonderful and for a moment this whole trip actually felt like a good idea.
That was until you heard moaning from the room next door.

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