the devil carnival


“Doll, would you be so kind as to prepare a special greeting for our roving friend, The Agent? Excellent. Then I appoint you to lead the negotiations with Heaven’s number one. There’s a lapdog in the stables tonight. So go, go & talk his head off.”


get to know me meme: musicians [2/3] - EMILIE AUTUMN

“Studies show: Intelligent girls are more depressed because they know what the world is really like. Don’t think for a beat it makes it better when you sit her down and tell her everything gonna be all right. She knows in society she either is a devil or an angel with no in between. She speaks in the third person so she can forget that she’s me.”

Repo the Genetic Opera & The Devil's Carnival sentences

• “I am only living out a lie.”
• “It’s a thankless job, but somebody gotta do it.”
• “It could change your life rest assured.”
• “Who’s there? Stay back.”
• “Let your life be a dream.”
• “I can’t have guests.”
• “(insert name) steals all the hearts.”
• “Technically you belong to (insert name)”
• “Didn’t you say that you’d protect me didn’t you?”
• “Let the monster rise.”
• “But he always has a way of finding you.”
• “An entire city built on top of the dead.”
• “I could smell the dead.”
• “I’d be lost if I were to lose you.”
• “Now I am sequestered, part of the collection.”
• “I’m lost without you here.”
• “I am the monster.”
• “I am the villain.”
• “I will find a hole and fuck it
• “Someone’s going to hang if I don’t get my coffee!”
• “Why relive that moment?”
• “Remember who you are.”
• “But you could learn from all my failures.”
• “Don’t look back, till you’re free to chase the morning.”
• “I’ve always longed for true affection.”
• “I must be brave, come, come what may.”
• “Bloodbath, it’s gonna be a bloodbath
• “All you’ve ever told me every word is a lie.”
• “But I didn’t know I love you so much.”
• “And the castle is left for the taking.”
• “And it’s my job to steal and rob.”
• “I’ve deceived the only one that matters.”
• “Liar! You said you trusted me.”
• “I…I trust you.”
• “A few pennies more.”
• “You’re map is utterly useless.”
• “Trust me, trust me darling dear.”
• “There’s no need to fear.”
• “Trust me, like I trust you.”
• “Missed me, missed me.”
• “Na na na-na na.”
• “My friend the rules are changing.”
• “Let me take all of you in.”
• “What is this place?”
• “Take only what you need?”
• “Open the fucking door!”
• “Need I remind you of the rules?”
• “Help me, help me, they’re coming for me.”
• “ Wanna help me out here? I’m locked in this stupid cage.”
• “C'mon, I’m not gonna bite.”
• “Let me lighten your load… “
• “Now let’s play a game.”
• “Shadow takes all, my pet”
• “The knife in my back, it reminds me of you.”
• “And in their name, let’s drink to true love.”
• “Remember that you were warned.”
• “ I am the excuse you give when you can not follow the rules.”
• “Come here for redemption.”
• “And tied me up with sheets.”
• “The curtains ran between my legs.”
• “As you’ll note, The Rules are clearly stated.”

13 Days of Halloween: Film Musicals Edition

1. The Phantom of the Opera (2004)
2. Phantom of the Paradise (1974)
3. Corpse Bride (2005)
4. Into the Woods (2014)
5. Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog (2008)
6. The Devil’s Carnival (2012)
7. Repo! The Genetic Opera (2008)
8. Teen Witch (1989)
9. Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical (2005)
10. Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007)
11. Little Shop of Horrors (1986)
12. The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)
13. The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)

Gender Neutral Names to Call Your SO Made With Random Word Generator:

-Sunrise Force

-Delicate Room

-Inner Grape

-Heartsick Color

-Peppermint Offender

-Goodbye Eyes

-Heaven Link

-Astounding Almond

-Lovesick Festival

-Destiny Goldfish

-Bittersweet Devil

-Honeymoon Mortal

-Heart Carnival

-Fellow Planet

-Constant Bronze

-Soft Witch

-Pearl Vixen

-Drowsy Candymaker

-Hug Farm

punkbarbie  asked:

every time u post art of scorpion!jack i gain 5 years of life !!!! like ayo i know i shouldnt trust him but like ...... he cute

At the rate I’m going with drawing scorpion!Jack you’re gonna end up living a super long time >: D

Blue Devil. Carnival. Trinidad and Tobago.

The Blue Devils are among the most vibrant and energetic traditional characters in the Carnival of Trinidad, one of the largest in the Americas. Akin to “jab molassi” (or “molasses devils”) and sometimes identified simply as “jabs,” blue devils paint their clothes and skin blue, often by using ‘azulillo’, an ordinary bluing laundry tablet. It is difficult to date the origin of the blue devils accurately, but they can be traced back at least to the period before World War I, and some claim much earlier. Blue devil “bands,” as the groups are known, appear throughout Trinidad, in places like Point Fortin and Arima. But they are often associated with the mountain district of Paramin, about a half hour from Port of Spain, the capital of Trinidad.