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Went on a 5-day, 1400-mile road trip all over parts of Oregon and Northern California for the first time with my buddy Shaun. We slept in the car, woke up at sunrise to photograph, and stayed up until 3 in the morning to see the Milky Way. In the end, were exhausted and badly in need of a shower, but I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

Various state/national parks in Oregon and California. July 2016. (Instagram)


June 7th marks the anniversary of the launch of the EDMUND FITZGERALD, which happened in one of the Great Lakes Engineering Company’s slips in River Rouge in 1958.  

We have two rare films of this moment in our collection.  In addition to the official film featured above, we also have a color 16mm amateur film of the launch.  Both clips were recently digitized as part of our Detroit Video History Archive project.

Detroit Boat Club clubhouse, a Shingle style structure built over the water of the Detroit River. Club members can be seen on the veranda and the footbridge which connects the building to the shore. Emulsion lifting from plate. Also have print from negative. Handwritten on albumen print mat front: “Detroit Boat Club house-Belle Isle Park.” Handwritten on print mat back: “Opened June 21, 1891 (see F. 6-22-1891). On Belle Isle.”

  • Courtesy of the Burton Historical Collection, Detroit Public Library
The Long Way Home: On Love, Departures, and What Detroit Means to Me

(What originally started off as a little thought-seed about the Very Specific way I imagine my precanon Phichuuris turned into a grossly long-winded ramble about the nature of love???? I don’t know how to explain, omg. I’m so sorry.)

The fourth episode of Yuri!!! on Ice was a pivotal episode for me for many reasons. Prior to that my investment in the series’ early episodes was always tempered by a kind of caution—I’d been enjoying the push-and-pull between Yuuri and Victor as Yuuri struggled to come to terms with the fact that his idol had taken any degree of interest in him and Victor attempted to draw him out of his shell, and seeing the seed of what would eventually develop into a complex dynamic between him and Yuri Plisetsky, partly admiration, partly rivalry, partly a care and concern that neither of them quite knew how to express. But likewise I’d made it a point to be a little guarded—to hang back and wait until fuller character arcs for the protagonists and for the people in their world began to emerge before I gave the series my heart and soul. (I was a little scared, do you see? I didn’t want things to just turn out like another carrot-and-stick game between the shy anxious boy and the hot foreign guy he’d idolized forever who had taken a sudden and inexplicable interest in him. It didn’t help matters that at the time all the conspiracy theories floating around were that Victor was evil, or that he was dying. But anyway.)

All of that reserve flew out the window by the fourth episode, which essentially took the little hints the earlier episodes had been making at the characters’ hidden depths and cranked them up to eleven. There’s so much wonderful insight that comes out of this episode—from the by-now iconic “When I open up, he meets me where I am,” to the way Victor challenges Yuri to put together his own free skate as a way to build his confidence. The conversation they both have with Yuuri’s former coach, Celestino, is especially telling of Yuuri’s personal challenges and what he needs in order to grow: Victor asks, “Why didn’t you let Yuuri choose his own music?” to which Celestino replies that he chooses the music for his skaters unless they tell him that they’d like to pick their own. He proceeds to add that Yuuri only brought him a piece once, but that he’d gone back on it when asked if he believed he could win skating to it: “Please choose the music for me after all, Coach.”

In a sense, this conversation with his former coach reveals to Victor how past!Yuuri failed a kind of test—one that had to do with his capacity to trust his own choices—and that present!Yuuri now needs to face and surmount a similar test before he can move on. The difference is, of course, that Victor’s not going to let him give up on himself. Where Celestino withdraws and lets Yuuri fold, Victor insists on pushing. I also like how this short conversation is illustrative of the fact that, for all that it didn’t work out between them, and for all that his methods differ from Victor’s, Celestino knows Yuuri and has his best interests at heart, and understands what he needs in order to succeed, even if it’s not something he can help Yuuri with at this point.

Suffice to say that there’s a lot to like about this episode, a lot to love, but the real kicker for me came a little under ten minutes in, when Yuuri’s slumped at his desk at a loss as to what to do with his program, and he’s scrolling through his Instagram feed. He sees a friend of his is practicing in Thailand—and right then and there, he calls this friend. Yuuri, who’s anxious and overthinky and shy and has such a hard time opening up to people, just calls up this random boy from Instagram in the middle of the night, like it’s the most natural thing in the world. He greets him with “Sawasdee krab.” Cue me bringing my hand to my mouth in dismay—He has a Thai friend and he’s greeting him in Thai, oh my god. I felt the axe hovering above my head about to drop.

Suffice to say that it was love at first sight for me, as far as Phichit Chulanont was concerned. From his very first appearance as a smiley image on Yuuri’s phone screen, he exudes a natural warmth and an effervescence that it’s difficult to look away from, and that have proceeded to endear him to the fandom surprisingly thoroughly for a supporting character without too much screentime/internal monologue time/poignant backstory reveal time. But more than that, it was the ease with which I saw him and Yuuri talk to each other that intrigued me, and the idea of their shared past—“Detroit’s boring now that you’re gone!” he said, and I felt the axe smash me right down into extrapolation hell, because cute former rinkmate? Cute former rinkmate whose wiki entry later told me was also a former roommate? Look at all the fanfic waiting to happen.

(Spoiler: Happen it did, and then some.)

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anonymous asked:

hey this was a reeeeeeally long time ago (maybe 2 years??) but i remember you posted these really cool pics of this abandoned theme park thing and gave tips on what to bring for exploring as well as some cool places in michigan to check out. i know it was a really long time ago (sorry!) but do you remember what some of those places were? i think the franklin cemetery was one of them but i'm not certain

oh heck! someone asking ME about paranormal stuff? OH BOY!  LET ME GEEK OUT A BIT!
yeah i can help you out!!!!  here’s some cool creepy/haunted places in michigan to visit (some of these are links so check em out) 

  • 1. ELMWOOD CEMETERY- Real pretty, old, old place. Has a gate though, you’ll need to email the caretakers for special permission. History- Battle of Bloody Run took place here, real long time ago (1793! wow!). A creek connecting to the Detroit river runs through here, it was said that the river run red during the battle. Detroits most important people through history have been buried here. Definitely one of the most haunted cemeteries in all of michigan!
    2. ELOISE ASYLUM- Terrible, terrible place! really though, when were asylums ever good? mean, terrible terrible “doctors” and “nurses”. This place is so haunted, there’s actually going to be a horror movie/mockumentary called “Eloise” to come out? is it out? GOOGLE IT!! Place is in shambles, easy access. I haven’t been here yet, but you bet some time soon The whole property is haunted (from the pipes, to the buildings, the sewage canal, and the cemetery and the fields).
    3. THE MAJESTIC-  Now a performance club. The very place where Harry Houdini himself was attacked before his untimely death. Workers there have seen some pretty interesting things going on there!
    4. IRISH HILLS GENERAL/ABANDONED AMUSEMENT PARKS- On US highway 12 you will find a slew of creepy old abandoned tourist traps! Including a full prehistoric dinosaur park that would freak even the most burly dues around out!  it’s irish hills in michigan! the spookiest tourist trap-back in time place that ever existed (well, in MI)! i’ve got lots of stories, but now isn’t the time. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS ONE! 
    5- THE WHITNEY- An old inn! It’s REALLY famous and REALLY creepy looking. A terrifying old-style mini-mansion in the middle of a big bustling modern city. The famous TV Ghost Hunters show came here a few years back even! I walk past it sometimes, it’s really close to where i live. The original family, the Whitneys, are said to haunt this place- but they don’t seem malicious, only there to spook people and play pranks.

    and let me tell you, additionally, WATCH OUT FOR THE WOODS! there could be anyONE and anyTHING in the woods here in MI….

    there are SO many more but i don’t want to make this big long post any longer, so here are a few more things you’ll have to research on your own….
    Belle Isle Zoo

    Northville Psychiatric Hostpital

    Masonic Temple

    Fort Wayne