the detonators

The Grudge

Kurel had taken the portal out of Sunspire to Gadgetzan without the forethought of how he intended to return. Maybe because he wasn’t entirely sure he would, this storming the gates of the Mirage could very well be his end. That thought alone had been the defining moment for why he mouthed those three damning words against Kelliann’s forehead. She begged him to stay, but she should have known. Understood, he hoped.

Earlier that night she’d been targeted for an assassination attempt. The Vengeance crew hadn’t escaped from the detonation as lucky as she had, Kurel included who’d practically been holding the device in his bare hand when it went off. The wounded were taken back to Sunspire for attention, followed by a train of bystanders and newly-made trade alliances. Among them, Ghost who happened to still have been lurking around when the incident occurred. He set to work on collecting the scraps and the comms of every Sunspire Port and Siren’s Bounty affiliate.  Inside each one?  A small scarab-like gemstone, forged from a particular source of mana and crystallized. A rune was embossed on the underside of each.

Its purpose? A tiny mana bomb, capable of obliterating a radius of approximately fifteen-hundred square feet. They were the symbol of the Mirage, Kurel’s own desert home, but far more advanced than anything the shadow sect had produced in the last one thousand years. The instant Cero had set one into Kurel’s hand, he knew where it had come from. At least he thought.

Mags was right. If he wanted to know why and what Zelphryin was doing, he had to go to his brother directly. The only way to do that was to walk through the front gates and straight to the heart of the city.

This time Kurel wore no cloak or cover. He didn’t hide in the back of any caravan. He simply entered, exposed.

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America is like that one drunk guy at the bar who keeps yelling at the wait staff and hitting on all the women and really obnoxiously trying to fight everyone

except he also has ten pounds of C-4 strapped to his chest and the detonator in his hand

Scorch Cannons are shoulder-mounted heavy impact weapons used by the Fallen for hull-puncturing in ship-to-ship raiding parties.

The Scorch Cannon uses a compressed Solar “furnace” to focus and direct superheated rods of solar energy. Each burst is mapped to the Cannon’s firing matrix, allowing the wielder to hold a fired rod’s charge. Release of the firing actuator triggers detonation. The longer the actuator is held the greater the rod’s explosive impact. 

A continuation

So the other day, I posted a few thoughts from my WtNV re-listen. As of today, I have a full-blown theory. If anyone else has proposed this already, my apologies. I don’t go into the tags much.

In any case, I propose that the Desert Otherworld is actually what is left of Nulogorsk. That is why it and Night Vale have such a peculiar connection - after the nuclear bomb detonated and obliterated the sister city, diverging the time lines of the two, Nulogorsk turned into a desert wasteland existing in a very slightly separate segment of space and time. 

Incidentally, this also explains why Simone Rigadeau said back in year one that the world had ended - she was conscious of the split in time-space (see [Best Of?]), and somehow got stuck thinking in Nulogorskian time.

Furthermore, I would go as far as to suggest that it could have been Strexcorp itself that dropped the bomb, and it was Strex employees who vandalized the Nulogorskian ruins on the mountain near the light house, which Dana almost got trapped in (in WALK, I think).

After Old Oak Doors, Night Vale and the ruins of Nulogorsk are existing in closer temporal relation than ever since the divergence, and the gap closes all the time. That would explain why it was such a struggle for Dana to get back to Night Vale originally, but Cecil expressed no such difficulty in returning from his vacation. 

I think many of us probably suspect that this lost city could be a significant component of the year three arc, ever since its reemergence in [Best Of?]. If it is indeed the Desert Otherworld, then are Carlos and the Masked Army actually rebuilding Nulogorsk as we speak? And if so, I have a few more predictions.

First, that the year three arc will culminate in the collision of the two time lines. Perhaps this is the rumbling - perhaps the rumbling is the two almost colliding, as they did with the opening of the old oak doors.

Second, that if indeed Strex was somehow complicit in Nulogorsk’s destruction, that Kevin’s presence in the Desert Otherworld is no small degree of ominous. I predict character development, which could end either in Kevin renouncing Strex and siding with Night Vale, or plunging him deeper into Strex’s control.

Third, that we have not seen the last of The Man With the Tan Jacket and the Erika’s respective influences. 

Tl;dr, this is squaring off to be a story arc that could surpass the year two story, and I canNOT HANDLE IT. 

senkanmutsu said: They do share a few similarities, with the whole “human coming to Gensokyo with reckless abandon and do whatever once we’re there” and red color scheme though. They’re both dorks I love, even if their motives are different.

Oh, definitely, they do have similarities, such as their stubbornness, especially when they are outgunned, and their innate fighting spirit to go through what they want, but I still love how different they are when they split, such as their different base purposes and how they react in front of defeat (Yumemi was about to just detonate the whole of Gensokyo and needed a chair to the head to be stopped, while Sumireko needed a general beatdown, but eventually comprehended that, yeah, she was getting ahead of herself).

I am infinitely curious about what Yumemi and Chiyuri ended up doing afterwards, though.

not going to lie I spent most of today listening to Irresistible by FOB on repeat and imagining myself in a music video of it

it starts with me sitting in a blindfolded dude’s lap and pouring red wine or maybe blood into his mouth from a fancy crystal glass 

right before the first chorus I hit the dude with a pillow and he falls down and then I drop the pillowcase and a bunch of bricks fall out of it 

during the second chorus I detonate a bomb 

there are actually lots of explosions in the video 

during the bridge I’m tied to a tombstone in a graveyard and another dude lights my cigarette 

right on “I still love the way you hurt me” the first dude pushes me down a flight of stairs and I’m on my back on the ground with my limbs splayed at funny angles for “it’s irresistible” 

it’s very ‘gender-bent maireverse’ now that I really think about it 

i was in starbucks taking a picture of my chicken machiatto for my boho summer blog when some girl wearing a tardis shirt saw me and hissed “hipster blog” so i hissed “superwholocker” and she grabbed me by the collar and whispered “death is not the end” and almost detonated her bomb vest before security tackled her

  • Aries:Sultriness, Spring Burst Ether, Ferocity, Baby's Breath, Bounce, The Cosmic Dawn, Firelight, Conception, Detonation, Blast, Toddler giggles, Exploding Nebulas
  • Taurus:Cinnamon, Composure, Music notes, Entrenchment, Resolve, Saccharine, Rich, Fawn, Petals in the Dawn, Natural remedies, Aroma, Bouquet, Silk, Caressing, All four Seasons
  • Gemini:Splitting Bubbles, Freshly printed pages, The Sound of the Typewriter, Vocal chords, Childhood Giggles, Citrus Sorbet, The Winds of Change, Acidic Wit, Musical dialogue
  • Cancer:Caramel Photographs, Calligraphy, Nostalgia, Black and White Film, Ocean breath, The rabbit in the Moon, Lunar Love Notes, Psychic Moondrops, Heart swelling Newborn Cuddles
  • Leo:Mango Skyline, Delight, Rapture, Broadway Lights, Royal Glow, Cosmic Throne, Childhood Euphoria, Intuitive Jewels, Solar Kisses, Beating Heart, Spirit and Smiles, Sun Drench Haze
  • Virgo:Stitches, Herbal Aroma, Green Tea and Chai, Musical Tapping, Healing Honey, Cleansing, Crystal Lenses, Eco Villages, Intellectual Ingenuity, Fresh Paint
  • Libra:Whipped cream Piano Keys, Blossom Fragrance, Glass Bubbles, Held Hands, Lyrical Thinking, Rainbow Marbles, Flower Pastels, Dream weaved Intellect, Midday Sunshine
  • Scorpio:Morning Sex, Incense, Underworld Crystals, Crackling Charms, Musky Spellbooks, Crop Circles, Undying Devotion, Imbibed Immortality, Passion Pain and Pleasure, Stars at Dusk
  • Sagittarius:Passport Photos, Longitude and Latitude, Graduation Hats, Jet Fuel, Inflamed Intuition, Bursts of Consciousness, Running through the Woods, Scriptures, Rapture
  • Capricorn:Ice Sculptures, Saturn Rings, Cosmic Crowns, Success Sound waves, Starry Stepladders, Almond Hour Glasses, Snowglobe Cities, Appetite for Ambition, Wrinkled Hands of Wisdom, Grandparent's Love
  • Aquarius:Cloud breath, Low Riders, Lime Snow Cones, Psychedelic Ingenuity, Wifi Connection, Splashing Mermaids, Electric Air Bubbles, One World Government, Radical Protests
  • Pisces:Cerebral Symphonies, Uncorked Wine Bottles, Moisture Beads, Sea salt Window Panes, Poetry in the Sand, Winter Blankets, Meditation, The Moment between Awake and Asleep

You know what bothers me? The Detonators have NEVER asked Zach if he actually did something. They just believed each and every rumor that came back to them about him (most of them started with Christine and her big ass lying mouth). I’m sure if they just asked Zach what the fuck is going on, they could work things out, but obviously that’s not going to happen.