the detonators

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how about junkrat's s/o accidentally getting caught up in an explosion he caused, and getting hurt pretty badly? nothing fatal, but s/o's arm... doc anon here thinks it might have to go. >:3c how would the junker react?

He hadn’t expected you to get caught up in the fray, didn’t even realize you weren’t beside him when he finally detonated the explosives.

The building blew not but half a second later. Even from the distance he was at, he could feel the heat of fire burn his skin pleasantly. Several bodies soared through the air, shouts of pain and death and total destruction echoing all around, the noises sending a familiar thrill through the Junker.

That thrill was short-lived, however, when he heard the startled, pained cry of a familiar voice not too far away from the blast zone. Despite the heat radiating from the destroyed building, it felt as if ice had flooded his veins.

He made his way to you, just barely making out your body under a small pile of rubble. He lifted away the debris, startling at your sudden shout of misery as he lifted a beam from your upper half. When he cleared away most of the bigger stuff, he began to panic.

You were hurt. Bad. Several cuts littered your skin, and bruises were already blooming out in dark patches. Something weird was going on with one of your legs, and your arm…Fuck, where was your arm?!

“You’re alright, sheila! You’re good, you’re good!”

His panic continued as he hovered over you and repeated shushing phrases like a mantra until Roadhog showed up beside him, having followed the explosion to find Junkrat. He was more immediate in his actions than Junkrat would have ever been, carefully scooping up your shaking body in his arms. You gave another cry at the jostling motion, and Junkrat was panicking all over again.

“I fucked it up, Roadie. Straight fucked it! It’s a mess, it’s all a mess, now!”

Roadhog gave a sharp growl, the sound enough to shake Junkrat from his mild hysteria.

“Follow me,” he said, and Junkrat gave a nod as the bigger man led them to the team’s medic. There was only so much healing the medic could do, and your arm…that wasn’t coming back.

It was all a mess, now.

I got a bit angsty with that one. Love me some angst!

Zach saying “If I was gay” is the equivalent to “No homo”

“I would marry you and suck your penis, if I was gay.”

“I would marry you and suck your penis, no homo.”


“If I was gay I would totally have sex with you and live together and have kids with you”

“No homo, but I would totally have sex with you and live together and have kids with you”

You see how much crazier it sounds with “No Homo”? zach is literally saying the same exact thing just in a different phrase.

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ISIS suicide bombers kill 80 and injure more than 230 at Afghan protest
WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT Thousands of men and women were protesting in the Afghan capital of Kabul when the deadly blasts went off

A brief statement on the group’s Amaq agency read: “Two fighters from Islamic State detonated explosive belts at a gathering of Shi'ites in the city of Kabul inAfghanistan.”

The attack was the worst in months and if confirmed as the work of Islamic State, would represent a major escalation for a group which has hitherto been largely confined to the eastern province of Nangarhar.

The explicit reference to the Hazara’s Shia religious affiliation also represents a menacing departure for Afghanistan, where the bloody rivalry between Sunni and Shia typical of Iraq has been relatively rare, despite decades of war.

The Persian-speaking Hazara, estimated to make up about 9 percent of the population, are Afghanistan’s third-largest minority but they have long suffered discrimination and thousands were killed under Taliban rule.

The Taliban, a fierce enemy of Islamic State, had earlier issued a statement denying any involvement in the bombings. 

“We would never take part in any incident that divides the Afghan people,” Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said.