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Closure || 21/?

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Remember how I kept mentioning that the prototype background comic was tentatively entitled Full Circle?  And maybe page 5?  Hi friends.  This is the technical end of Full Circle, wew.  Just a few more pages catching up with Ive post-HoT before it gets to the original purpose of the comic (remember how this was all spawned from the reforging of Caladbolg lul).

Coming so far, really with only Trahearne in mind, only to have it end the way it did, positively destroyed Ive.  In his eyes, he utterly failed his best friend by not being with him in the first place, and then coming too late to save him.

And yes, despite personal gripes with the logic behind HoT’s entire plotline and resolution, Ive’s canon still more or less follows in-game canon, although the finer details, and future details, remain pliable.

A commission I got from @voiceofthetunnels featuring my Guild Wars 2 Sylvari elementalist, Athleas Chai!

Thanks again!

xiv. temperance.

find balance and inner peace. the bow and arrow are useless apart, but together make a formidable weapon. have resilience. it is only a lack of will and a disbelief in the possibility that keeps opposites, opposite.

for @wildlng​ / @tarotwars2 tarot card challenge. ft. kelpiy.

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