the destroyer of ovaries

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I'm doing this ask specifically to request some more gifs of Karla Estrabao the ovaries destroyer, making straight people questioning their sexuality since 1997

istg y’all need to get laid 😂😂 alright so I don’t have many gifs of Karla so I hope this satisfied your perv needs. LMFAO

Here is Karla almost half naked hoo mah gahd

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And here she is with the perkiest.. uhm.. kneecaps.

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And of course my favorite Karla gifs of all time:

Karla with Laurenzo (bec ze booty 🍑)

I mean..

Karla reminding you exactly how she likes #it

Karla eye fucking Ms. Jauregui

How about her pictures?

that space b/w her legs must be cold w/o our faces

How are your ovaries babe?

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Do you prefer Colin with the scruff or clean shaven?

Oh my heavens, WITH THE SCRUFF. Clean shaven, he is quiet, mild-mannered Colin O'Donoghue, husband and father of one from Drogheda, Ireland. But by night, with scruff and eyeliner, he becomes Captain Sex Incarnate, Destroyer of Ovaries, straight from Ruinyourlifeland, and there is nothing you can do to stop him. Resistance is futile. You will be impregnated.

things i call minseok, a grown ass 25 year old man


•little squishy




•fluffy cupcake

•ovaries destroyer packed with testosterones plus a side dish of abs and sweet guns pew pew o look ur pregnan t