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Want art of your guardian?

I’ve recently got some new art supplies, and would love to draw your guardians!

If you submit an image of one of your guardians with a brief description of their personality, I’ll draw them!

All drawings will be traditional, colored busts of your character.

You can submit your image to this blog or to my main blog, @flintpunx !

I’ll make posts with art dumps on them here for you guys!

Thanks everyone! 💜

I think it’s crazy, the things that we have to go through and the things that we do, just to meet a certain person. Like go to a certain store on a certain date or talk to a certain person at a certain concert to meet this person, and I feel like that’s destiny. Cause you’re supposed to meet that person and that’s why you choose to do certain things that day. No matter who you are or where you are, there will always be one person for you.
—  State Champs “If I’m Lucky” music video
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We’ve got much more control than money. You can’t get everything. We live in a society where money is what people want, so they can’t get the control. We chose. Control is freedom. People say we’re control freaks, but control is controlling your destiny without controlling other people.
—  Thomas Bangalter
If you like Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, you might like the people on this list

I posted this on Reddit but I figured other people would be interested here.

I’ve seen a few requests about Kyary before, and I always end up typing out a long list, so here it is for future reference!

Technically this type of music is called technopop, though i it has bled over into mainstream jpop now. Sometimes the term Jtek (Japanese Techno) is used, though that’s usually in reference to the first couple of artists on this list. Most of these songs are heavily influenced by electrohouse styles (i.e., Birdy Nam Nam, Daft Punk, Justice, etc).

There is also Picopop, which has more of an 8-bit feel, kind of like a cousin of chiptune. Examples: Sonic Coaster Pop , YMCK

And the genre that the current trend of Japanese technopop was influenced by, Shibuya-Kei. Examples: Copter 4016882 (yup, another Nakata project), old Capsule

Here’s a close cousin, Vocaloid music, which is music composed around samples from Vocaloid voice bank software. This type of music tends to have a lot more “noise”. Examples: AVTechNO! , anything TeddyLoid produces

Other Asian Artists:

Hope this post was useful! Please feel free to add anything I may have overlooked.

Undertale Character Theme Songs

Frisk: Fireflies || Owl City (x)
“It’s hard to say that I’d rather stay awake when I’m asleep ‘cause everything is never as it seems.”
Chara: I See Fire || Ed Sheeran (x)
“If this is to end in fire, then we shall all burn together.”
Flowey: Playing with the Big Boys Now || Steve Martin & Martin Short (x)
“Pick up your silly twig, boy.”
Toriel: In My Arms || Plumb (x)
“Storms will race in, but you will be safe in my arms.”
Sans: Mad World || Gary Jules (x)
“When people run in circles it’s a very, very mad world.”
Papyrus: You’ve got a Friend in me || Randy Newman (x)
“Our friendship will never die. You’re gonna see it’s our destiny.”
Undyne: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger || Daft Punk (x)
“Our work is never over.”
Alphys: The Geeks Will Inherit the World || I FIGHT DRAGONS (x)
“We need some sun, but I’m telling you honey that the geeks will inherit the world.”
Mettaton: I Want Fabulous || Ashley Tisdale (x)
“Give me fabulous hair, fabulous style, fabulous eyes, and that fabulous smile.”
Asgore: King || Lauren Aquilina (x)
“You’re too wrapped up in your own self-doubt.”
Asriel: I’m Still Here || John Rzeznik (x)
“They can’t break me, as long as I know who I am.”


So it’s finally finished! 8tracks for the five main (playable) races of Tyria! I won’t include the descriptions for each one, but here are the tracklists!!

Hope for Humanity // After the Fall - Two Steps from Hell * Solace - Audiomachine * Hawke Family Theme - Inon Zur * Conviction - Groove Addicts * Autumn in Ascalon - Jeremy Soule * Logan’s Journey - Jeremy Soule * Millenium - Audiomachine * Everlasting - Two Steps from Hell (LISTEN)

Carnage of the Charr // The Charr Triumphant - Jeremy Soule * Go Big or Go Extinct - Ramin Djawadi * Kickdown - Two Steps from Hell * Rittai Kidou - Sawano Hiroyuki * Valar Morghulis - Ramin Djawadi * The Charr - Jeremy Soule * Iron Soul - Two Steps from Hell * And the Heavens Shall Tremble - Audiomachine (LISTEN)

Song of the Sylvari // Out of the Dream - Jeremy Soule * Days of Old - Brand X Music * Guardians of the Woods - BrunuhVille * Tree of Life - Audiomachine * To Glory - Groove Addicts * Knights and Lords - Audiomachine * Hero’s Journey - BrunuhVille * Fear Not This Night - Asja Kadric (LISTEN)

Norn Neverending // The Saga of the Norn - Jeremy Soule * Norwegian Pirate - Two Steps from Hell * One They Fear - Jeremy Soule * Celtic Flame - West One Music * I Am The One (High Fantasy Version) - Inon Zur (ft. Aubrey Ashburn) * Wolf Blood - Adrian von Ziegler * Sverker - Corvus Corax * Legend of Hawk (Champion Trailer Music) - Inon Zur (LISTEN)

Asuran Ascension // Genesis - Pendulum * Asura at Work - Jeremy Soule * The Uppity Strut - Tut Tut Child * The Great Toymaker - Leif Chappelle * Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger - Daft Punk * Destiny Fierce Battle - Daisuke Asakura * Derezzed - Daft Punk * El Dorado - Two Steps from Hell (LISTEN)