the destiny of punk

I think it’s crazy, the things that we have to go through and the things that we do, just to meet a certain person. Like go to a certain store on a certain date or talk to a certain person at a certain concert to meet this person, and I feel like that’s destiny. Cause you’re supposed to meet that person and that’s why you choose to do certain things that day. No matter who you are or where you are, there will always be one person for you.
—  State Champs “If I’m Lucky” music video
We’ve got much more control than money. You can’t get everything. We live in a society where money is what people want, so they can’t get the control. We chose. Control is freedom. People say we’re control freaks, but control is controlling your destiny without controlling other people.
—  Thomas Bangalter
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Mystery Inc. Character Profiles: The Hex Girls

The Hex Girls are a wild and crazy feminist punk-rock band- Coolsville’s answer to Destiny’s Child. Sally McKnight, Daria Martinez, and Katrina Spencer (better known as Thorn, Dusk, Luna) are loud, opinionated, and completely unapologetic for beign who they are. Among the wholesome, white-picket fence town of Coolsvile, they add a much needed spirit and recklessness. Their name and alter-egos come from their mutual practising of witchcraft, although its up for debate whether its genuine or just for show. Velma Dinkley is utterly obessesed with The Hex Girls and consideres them her Wicca icons and, as the gang begins to learn more about the dark-underbelly of Coolsville, she begins to understand quite how important the three girls are… 

Undertale Character Theme Songs

Frisk: Fireflies || Owl City (x)
“It’s hard to say that I’d rather stay awake when I’m asleep ‘cause everything is never as it seems.”
Chara: I See Fire || Ed Sheeran (x)
“If this is to end in fire, then we shall all burn together.”
Flowey: Playing with the Big Boys Now || Steve Martin & Martin Short (x)
“Pick up your silly twig, boy.”
Toriel: In My Arms || Plumb (x)
“Storms will race in, but you will be safe in my arms.”
Sans: Mad World || Gary Jules (x)
“When people run in circles it’s a very, very mad world.”
Papyrus: You’ve got a Friend in me || Randy Newman (x)
“Our friendship will never die. You’re gonna see it’s our destiny.”
Undyne: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger || Daft Punk (x)
“Our work is never over.”
Alphys: The Geeks Will Inherit the World || I FIGHT DRAGONS (x)
“We need some sun, but I’m telling you honey that the geeks will inherit the world.”
Mettaton: I Want Fabulous || Ashley Tisdale (x)
“Give me fabulous hair, fabulous style, fabulous eyes, and that fabulous smile.”
Asgore: King || Lauren Aquilina (x)
“You’re too wrapped up in your own self-doubt.”
Asriel: I’m Still Here || John Rzeznik (x)
“They can’t break me, as long as I know who I am.”

If you like Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, you might like the people on this list

I posted this on Reddit but I figured other people would be interested here.

I’ve seen a few requests about Kyary before, and I always end up typing out a long list, so here it is for future reference!

Technically this type of music is called technopop, though i it has bled over into mainstream jpop now. Sometimes the term Jtek (Japanese Techno) is used, though that’s usually in reference to the first couple of artists on this list. Most of these songs are heavily influenced by electrohouse styles (i.e., Birdy Nam Nam, Daft Punk, Justice, etc).

There is also Picopop, which has more of an 8-bit feel, kind of like a cousin of chiptune. Examples: Sonic Coaster Pop , YMCK

And the genre that the current trend of Japanese technopop was influenced by, Shibuya-Kei. Examples: Copter 4016882 (yup, another Nakata project), old Capsule

Here’s a close cousin, Vocaloid music, which is music composed around samples from Vocaloid voice bank software. This type of music tends to have a lot more “noise”. Examples: AVTechNO! , anything TeddyLoid produces

Other Asian Artists:

Hope this post was useful! Please feel free to add anything I may have overlooked.

Riley, Lucas, and two inorganic meet-cutes

There’s a lot in the pilot which, in retrospect, SCREAMS “what you think is happening is not what’s really happening and/or is not the ONLY thing happening” in terms of the bigger picture, but I’ll get to all of it in other posts. Right now, I wanna talk about “destiny” in TV romance, GM 1961, and the three “meet-cutes” in the cold open of the pilot.

In the pilot for ‘Friends’ we see Ross talking about the dissolution of his marriage. Just then? Enter Rachel in a wedding dress, having just pulled a runaway bride on Barry. The scene shows us that Ross and Rachel are gonna be a Thing without telling us. They set them up as being “destined” for each other with almost nothing but a visual. It’s mentioned in the pilot, but later on in the series, they show us how bad Ross’s thing for Rachel was back in the day, doubling up on the destiny. (He’s her lobster!) The initial scene in the pilot isn’t a “meet cute” per se, because they already know each other, but they’re kind of meeting again for the first time and it’s the moment that shows us Ross and Rachel are gonna be a romance without explicitly saying so. It’s organic.

Now, the Girl Meets World pilot.

Maya spots a cute boy on the subway. She points him out to Riley, who also looks over. They both smile at him, he smiles back. Maya decides to use him as a “lesson” for Riley. She marches over, and from the second she swings around the grab bar, Lucas is riveted. His eyes are fixed on her from the moment she says “hi.” He tracks her with his head, follows her movements and gives her his undivided attention during their ten second “relationship.” And he keeps looking back at her once she’s gone. He never glances back at the other girl while Maya is talking to him. Maya doesn’t really notice this, because he’s just a boy on the subway and she was on a mission for Riley, not herself. But Lucas? He’s dumbstruck, smiling tremulously, staring, in awe, and then terribly confused (and disappointed?) when she “breaks up” with him and walks away. From “Hi! I’m Maya!” forward, it’s an organic meet-cute which plays out in full, involving just the two of them with no interruptions or looks at other people. It’s the beginning of their story. I wouldn’t be shocked if one or both of them could still quote the whole thing back, tbh.

And then Maya pushes Riley onto Lucas’s lap. Lucas catches her and smiles, but he looks back at Maya as they speak. He doesn’t keep Riley in his lap, he moves her onto the other seat. And then Evelyn Rand (who is not what she seems, but we don’t know that yet) shows up. Lucas offers to get up. Maybe he was gonna go use the grab bar over by the blonde, but maybe he was too scared for that and he’d have just stood up where he was. The point is that he was willing to get up and leave the moment—albeit that’s partly because he’s a Nice Boy™. Either way, this attempt at an orchestrated meet-cute by Maya fails. Riley doesn’t have Lucas’s full attention, and Rand cuts the moment off, sending Riley away.

So Maya tries again. This time, Lucas doesn’t even catch Riley. He doesn’t even try. His body language suggests he may even be actively avoiding it, which is interesting, but maybe he just wasn’t paying attention. She lands on Rand’s lap, and has to be deposited onto Lucas with the line “it’s for you.” (And again, it’s notable that Rand isn’t what she seems, because really, neither is this moment). He grabs Riley’s knee for a second (to steady them?) and then pulls his arm away, curling it into his body. Riley and Lucas just can’t seem to get started here. Maya attempts TWICE to orchestrate a meet-cute for them, but it just doesn’t flow. It’s not organic. It’s not natural. Lucas isn’t riveted by her (although he’s definitely intrigued by both girls, albeit in different ways in terms of reaction). Riley isn’t even being herself even though she’s taken with Lucas’s looks for sure. The second attempt at a Rilucas meet-cute is *literally* forced, on two levels: by Maya’s push and by Evelyn depositing Riley on Lucas’s lap after he makes no move to catch her. She tells us “it’s for you!” but is that really what we were SHOWN? Is that really the bigger picture here?

And before all this goes down, Riley makes a big deal of not being herself and of applying kiwi lip gloss, which we later find out is a call back to Angela, kiwi mango lip gloss, the purse, and “falling for a concept.” In the BMW episode where the whole thing went down, Cory actually tells Shawn that the “purse girl” (“subway boy!”) he’s built up in his head isn’t real. What’s real is him and Topanga, really LOOKING at each other. And we later find out that as much as they loved and cared about each other, Angela and Shawn didn’t make it. But that’s okay! (According to the show, anyway.) They still care about and are there for each other. Just like Riley and Lucas are gonna be. (And of course, Shawn and Angela are NOT sibling-like.)

So that’s the meet-cutes.

Later, we get 1961, which, kind of like the ‘Friends’ prom video, doubles up on the destiny. Lucas and Maya’s great-grandparents clearly had something between them, but they missed out on it. Ditto for Riley & Farkle’s great-grandparents.

So for Lucas and Maya, we have the organic meet-cute, plus the “destiny” element added in 1961. (Even though they punk us a bit in the classroom by having Lucas and Riley react to their great-grandparents meeting with that “whoa” moment, while pretty much glossing over the fact that Farkle and Maya were “there” too. At the time, it kinda made your brain dismiss the chemistry between May/Merlin and Rosie/Ginsberg because the whoa moment makes you go, “oh yeah, it’s SUPPOSED to be Riley and Lucas.” But then they cut to Lucas and Maya instead of CORY after Riley says “she [Rosie] gave my dad his wife.” I see you, show. 👀)

Farkle and Riley have the destiny thing from 1961, not to mention the fact that they are biological legacy characters—all four of their parents are people we knew before (although we don’t find this out until later). But how did Riley and Farkle meet? Well, we’re about to find out in Bay Window. And I just BET YOU ANYTHING it’ll be an organic meet-cute for Riley and Farkle, and a less organic one for Farkle and Maya, a reversal of the pilot if you will. Something like that.

Because it’s becoming VERY clear as of late that Riley’s romance arc actually began long before she met Lucas. He’s ultimately a romantic false lead in the story of Riarkle, even if Riley and Lucas’s mutual crush was genuine (and just as a side note, speaking French/Paris was tied to romantic false leads TWICE in BMW which is probably not a coincidence…but I digress).

The library wasn’t the beginning of the WHOLE story. It was just the beginning of Riley & Lucas’s friendship/slight romance (there’s a reason the librarian said “not that one!” to the romance novel…). Lucas was a detour from Riley’s true romantic destiny: Farkle. I mean, in production/timeline order, after two HEAVY Riarkle episodes (Popular & FC) that didn’t even include Lucas…she literally mounts and rides AWAY from Farkle Nation on her princess fantasy horsey ride with Lucas. So yeah, she took a risk that changed her destiny…but only for a while. The world (life) knows what it’s doing.

In fiction like this: destiny is destiny. You can put it off, you can take a detour, but you can’t escape it. And in the world of “people change people” and “let what we had make you ready for something,” the Rilucas relationship was just a step on the way, a detour to change both Lucas and Riley so they’d be “ready for what’s next.”

And Lucas’s story? Well, so far, his story actually began with Maya and their organic meet-cute. It didn’t begin in the library. It didn’t begin with Riley. And 1961 gives Lucas and Maya a “destiny” sheen as well. And I wouldn’t be surprised if we later on discover that there’s another element of “destiny” to Lucaya that hasn’t been revealed yet, probably tying into the BMW universe somehow…

(And I wouldn’t be shocked if they later ret-conned Farkle and Riley as having really first met as babies, somehow. That’s totally the kind of thing these writers would pull.)

But my point is this: Jacobs often ruminates on what’s “real.” The Lucaya meet-cute was organic and real. The Rilucas meet-cute was inorganic and quite literally forced—and it basically failed. Twice. Because Riley never struck Lucas dumb in either meet-cute. He wasn’t in awe. Nah. He looked back at the first girl, the “blonde beauty” who riveted him and terrified him from the second he met her. And really, he never stopped looking back at her, even after he tried to “get her out of the country” (aka his head) in GM Friendship. Riley and Lucas wasn’t the only thing happening in the pilot. Like Farkle, Lucas liked both girls. As Farkle said, “How could you not?”

But unlike Farkle, Lucas never promised to love them both the same. Also unlike Farkle at the time, he had a real shot. And when he had a chance with one of the girls, he took it (albeit with prodding from Maya).

The thing about crushes is that no matter how real they are, they ain’t nothing if you can’t move past them. Riley and Lucas moved past their crush, but they didn’t move into a relationship. They didn’t even move into a proper holding pattern. Their crush was real, their mutual admiration is real, but instead of growing into a romance, it grew into a strong friendship. They just haven’t fully realized or dealt with this yet because they’ve never properly talked about it in a constructive, conclusive way.

In terms of romance in the Jacobs universe, Riarkle and Lucaya have been “realer” than the Riley/Lucas romance. Which isn’t to say the Rilucas crushes/feelings were FAKE. It’s just to say that that’s where it stops for them romantically, no matter how much Riley and Lucas like each other. They’re friends. That’s what they’ve always been. It’s why they don’t work as a couple, because it’s not who they are and it never really was. Their meet-cutes were forced, inorganic, and not internally motivated…as is also the case with many of their other “couple” milestones.

The “real” meet-cute, with the unbroken eye contact, the oblivious tornado of a girl, and the dumbstruck boy? That happened between Maya and Lucas. They’ve never been (just) friends, “not really.” That was (part of) the bigger picture. Riley and Lucas are a story within a story, not the WHOLE story. And if you only focus on Riley and Lucas in terms of romance because that’s what we were “told” to do, you miss the bigger picture.

Next up: Farkle, the pilot, character tropes…and taking things for granted.


So it’s finally finished! 8tracks for the five main (playable) races of Tyria! I won’t include the descriptions for each one, but here are the tracklists!!

Hope for Humanity // After the Fall - Two Steps from Hell * Solace - Audiomachine * Hawke Family Theme - Inon Zur * Conviction - Groove Addicts * Autumn in Ascalon - Jeremy Soule * Logan’s Journey - Jeremy Soule * Millenium - Audiomachine * Everlasting - Two Steps from Hell (LISTEN)

Carnage of the Charr // The Charr Triumphant - Jeremy Soule * Go Big or Go Extinct - Ramin Djawadi * Kickdown - Two Steps from Hell * Rittai Kidou - Sawano Hiroyuki * Valar Morghulis - Ramin Djawadi * The Charr - Jeremy Soule * Iron Soul - Two Steps from Hell * And the Heavens Shall Tremble - Audiomachine (LISTEN)

Song of the Sylvari // Out of the Dream - Jeremy Soule * Days of Old - Brand X Music * Guardians of the Woods - BrunuhVille * Tree of Life - Audiomachine * To Glory - Groove Addicts * Knights and Lords - Audiomachine * Hero’s Journey - BrunuhVille * Fear Not This Night - Asja Kadric (LISTEN)

Norn Neverending // The Saga of the Norn - Jeremy Soule * Norwegian Pirate - Two Steps from Hell * One They Fear - Jeremy Soule * Celtic Flame - West One Music * I Am The One (High Fantasy Version) - Inon Zur (ft. Aubrey Ashburn) * Wolf Blood - Adrian von Ziegler * Sverker - Corvus Corax * Legend of Hawk (Champion Trailer Music) - Inon Zur (LISTEN)

Asuran Ascension // Genesis - Pendulum * Asura at Work - Jeremy Soule * The Uppity Strut - Tut Tut Child * The Great Toymaker - Leif Chappelle * Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger - Daft Punk * Destiny Fierce Battle - Daisuke Asakura * Derezzed - Daft Punk * El Dorado - Two Steps from Hell (LISTEN)

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