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Stress Relief (M)

video credits: sweaterpawsjimin

gif created by: Admin Smuttyfairy

Summary: When it’s been awhile since you’ve paid a visit to Mr. CEO Kim Taehyung’s office for help in his relief of stress. c;

Genre: saaa-mutttttt

Keywords: rough sex, dirty talk, begging, teasing, orgasm denial(ish)??, spanking c:

Word Count: 4028

Written by: Admin Smuttyfairy

A/N: I tried :D…anyway, I started on this last summer and completely forgot about it until I was scrolling through my google doc files. I started working on it again so here’s the finished product (again, i tried :D)!

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imkatiecat  asked:

Hi~ me again haha! Thanks for last time :) I had fun reading that AU! This time can I request different occupation AUs? Like the Florist and Wedding planner one. Thank you very very much! <33

Thanks for this request! I absolutely adore this AU! It’s so cute!

Originally posted by thewaifuwhisperer

Florist AU

Florist and Wedding Planner AU series by ingthing, Gen, 26k (WIP)
An Alternate Universe in which Victor Nikiforov is a renown wedding planner, and Yuuri Katsuki is a florist running his family’s little flower shop. THIS IS SO CUTE OMG

Botanical Gardens and Deathbeds by heinoukola, Not Rated, 4.9k
The short story where Yuuri’s family alternatively owns a flower shop with a small botanical garden instead of an onsen, set in a world of soulmates; and oh God, how romantic is it to meet your destined partner by sneezing into the bouquet he ordered and choking over every word that isn’t a prayer begging for help from above?

For I’m Seeking Romance and You by KUROKOSEXUAL, Explicit, 8k
“Do you have a flower that means ‘You’re sexy and beautiful, but you also look pure and cute? You’re absolutely adorable and I love the big gap, so I want to ask you out on a date tonight’?” LOVE!

Can You Hear My Heartbeat? by W84U, Mature, 6.8k (WIP)
Yuuri Katsuki is a florist in Japan, he’s never heard a voice before. Viktor Nikiforov is a famous skater with a prodigy little brother. Yuri is Viktors adoptive little brother he’s never been in love. Minami Kenjiro is Yuuri’s best friend with a heart of gold. What happens when they all meet?

Tie-Dyed Peonies by c000kiesandcream, Teen, 5.8k
A party in the city, a difficult order to fulfil, and a first time for everything. Lovely fic inspired by @ingthing’s florist/wedding planner AU!

Hard to Say, but Clearly Felt by Elise_the_Writing_Desk, Gen, 30k
A slow-paced growing romance between a lonely florist and a young farmer who are trying to find fulfillment in life. It’s a sweet story that will make you feel good, and despite the slowly growing romance, I hope it will bring a smile to your face! Such a sweet fic with farmer!Yuuri and florist!Victor! Must read!

Inosculation by lazrbrain, Teen, 4.2k (WIP)
Viktor is motionless, life consisting of his shop and his dog. Yuuri is running, trapped by mistakes he cannot change. Both of them are desperate for more. They find it in each other. I NEED MORE THIS IS SO GOOD

pretty in pink by wbtrashking (fan_nerd), Explicit, 901 words
Yuuri enters the bedroom with a dry cough. “What is this, exactly?” Victor props himself on one elbow with a dazzling smile. “I had it custom made. Do you like it?” There is a magenta flower resting on Victor’s backside and honestly, Yuuri is getting a little concerned about the wedding planner’s sanity. OMG HAHAHA I LOVE THIS FIC! Inspired by @ingthing’s florist/wedding planner AU!

I Think I’m Yours

Request: “Eye colour Soulmate AU (where people are born with heterochromatic eyes, and they only revert to their genetically inherited colour when they interact with their soulmate.)”

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader

Word Count: 1028

Warnings: None

Originally posted by crazy-vibes-under-the-moon

Newt sifted through his writing, letting out a long, tired sigh as he looked for a certain paragraph that he had forgotten to edit. His eyes, one blue and one green, flitted across the pages lazily, only half-heartedly putting effort into the search.  

“Newt!” A voice called. “Order for Newt!”

He jumped to his feet, running a hand over his face in an attempt to push away the creeping tiredness. Editing his manuscript was such a monotonous job that even now, in the early hours of the afternoon, he longed for his bed. He came before the little lady who held out the paper bag containing his lunch and a cup of coffee. She looked up to him, doing a double take as she spotted his eyes. Then she cast a sorry gaze upon him, a sad smile tugging at her lips. Newt took the meal, ashamedly hanging his head lower as he walked back to his table. Not many people noticed, but once up close many could tell the slight significance in the hue of his eyes.

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Push and Pull

Stiles aggressively refutes the idea of a supreme soulmate. There’s no possible way that there’s only one person destined to be your partner in life, to fill in the gaps completely. He toys with the idea that there may be multiple people of varying aptitudes that sew up bits and pieces of you, but to believe there’s “THE ONE” out there to make your soul tap dance to the song of your heart and make you feel like the world is finally conquerable? Nope.

Then he meets Derek Hale. Gruff, scruff, and a whole lot of huff and puff. 

It just solidifies Stiles’ thoughts against it because there’s no way that man, beautiful, insufferable asshole that he is, is alone because he is just so broken. If there’s anyone in need of soulmate superglue in any form, it’s him.

He mentally battles the universe, existential crises sneak up on him on idle days, sleepless nights fly by as he struggles with his thoughts. 

Stiles finds himself challenging Derek every step of the way, be it battle plans or what to watch on pack movie nights; Stiles is the push to Derek’s pull.

Stiles is observant, but dense in the same breath; he notes the patterns of their tentative friendship, but chalks it up to friendly bantering and a release of pent up tension from those who trespass through Beacon Hills. They’re masters of button pushing by now.

He could say with confidence that Derek might be a transient soulmate, at best, though his nights are now filled with the ‘what ifs’ of permanence, which are sidelined as quick as they come.


Six years down the line, Stiles reflects upon his experiences: loves attained and lost, friends come and gone; Derek the only constant. 

Lounging on the couch, feet propped up on Derek’s lap as he finishes typing up police reports he took home.

“Do you believe in soulmates?”

Derek places his bookmark, lays it on the coffee table, mindlessly rubbing circles on Stiles’ ankles as he mulls the thought over.

“No,” he firmly states as he turns his gaze to Stiles.

“But I believe in a soulmate,” He smirks as he leans over and softly kisses Stiles’ forehead, cheekbones, nose and finally sealing the affirmation on his lips.

Stiles chuckles, feet kicking Derek’s thigh, “You’re such a sap.”

“Mmm,” Derek murmurs, “You wouldn’t have me any other way.”

“Lies. I’d have you in every way.” 

Stiles waggles his eyebrows, smirking as he grabs the back of Derek’s neck and pulls him in for a fevered kiss. Saying all he can’t say, could never put into thoughts or words, with the press of their lips. A kiss that says, ‘You are my one and only.’

Hey hey Sterek Fans! Today is the day that we announce our 2017 Sterek Week Schedule!! Without further ado, here’s the theme schedule for this year’s Sterek Week!

Wednesday October 25th- Alpha & Emissary: It’s a common theme, and the best part about it is that it works well for both canon AND AU! The only rule to this theme is that it has to heavily feature an Alpha and an Emissary, you could use the age old Alpha!Derek/Emissary!Stiles… or you could reverse it with Alpha!Stiles and Emissary!Derek! Or, if you want to get crazy, you could even make the Alpha/Emissary pair someone else and make them … an enemy for Stiles and Derek? A new pack to join? Maybe even it’s their kids that take on the coveted leadership roles, it doesn’t matter who they are, how they work in the story, or what universe it’s in, as long as they’re present and you keep it Sterek, it fits!

Thursday October 26th- Scene Stealer: Take a scene, any scene, from any show/book/movie, and Sterek it! Does Stiles get swept up in a tornado and land in Oz? Maybe he and a band of misfits have to save the Galaxy (again)? Does Derek meet his figure skating idol and end up getting coached by him to win the Grand Prix? Or maybe he releases a bunch of fantastic beasts in New York? Maybe someone can fix that Bleach finale’, if you’ve ever thought “Hey this scene would have been SO much better with Sterek..” then this is the theme for you!

Friday October 27th- Meet-Cute: Ahh meet-cutes, a staple of any fandom, and especially if Sterek! Meet-Cutes are a guaranteed AU and come in a variety of genres! Fluff, humor, angst, fantasy, pretty much anything you can imagine! (Although fluff is understandably the most common) Rewrite how Derek and Stiles met! It can be in the Teen Wolf universe if you want, or you could try any number of AUs, from coffee shop, to soulmate, to neighbors, get as cheesy as you want, or get creative and make us scream with glee over the cuteness of the meet-cute!

Saturday October 28th- Mates: Ever since werewolves became a thing, mates (and consequentially, mating fanfics) have ALSO been a thing (let’s be honest, they were probably a thing before that too) of course, though werewolves are encouraged, they aren’t mandatory for a mating fic! Surely there are other were-beasts and supernatural creatures with mates, and if not, there’s always SOULmates- also acceptable! Get as creative as you want and give us a reason to believe in true love again! (Or uh… make us WISH for true love again if angst is more your game) All that matters is that pre-destined life partners are a theme here!

Sunday October 29th- Lyrics and Quotes: This is one theme that can truly, easily bridge across any fanwork medium with ease, be it a video set to music, a songfic, graphics covered in quotes, or art inspired by lyrics, let your imagination run free with any words that inspire you! They can be dark, light, romantic, angsty, from fiction or real life, there are no limits, and CERTAINLY feel free to include more than one if you’re so inspired!

Monday October 30th- Partners In Crime: One of the thing the fandom seems to love most about Sterek is how well they work together, they may not always get along or agree, but when they’re in on something together it never fails to turn into something incredible, and that’s where this theme comes in! Now ofcourse they don’t have to be involved with actual CRIME for this theme to fit- they could even FIGHT crime!- it could work in an enormous variety of ways! Single Dads trying to put on an event for their kids, business partners, a singing duo, a designer and a model, Co-Alphas of a pack, pilot and co-pilot, or… you know… actual partners in crime, any kind of partnership is acceptable!

Tuesday October 31st- Halloween: Our last day this year is my personal favorite day of every year: Halloween!! From ghoulies and ghosties and long-legged beasties, let your love for Sterek rule the night! The best part of Halloween themes is that you can use the actual holiday as Halloween for your theme- picking out costumes, trick or treating, and carving pumpkins, or you can just use what Halloween REPRESENTS- the celebration of all things magic, haunted, and living in the shadows, or hey, you can always combine it! You could also mix Halloween mythologies and modern day Halloween, maybe something special happens to werewolves on Halloween, maybe the Hales have always had a history of Halloween parties and some wicked pixies take over, maybe Stiles goes to the woods as Little Red Riding Hood and his Big Bad Wolf is waiting there for him… this may be the end of Sterek Week this year, but mark my words, as long as there is Halloween, there will be Sterek Week!

We’re so excited to announce these themes, and even more excited to see your work in October! Now that the themes are here, it’s time to start your engines, and gear up for Sterek Week 2017!!

Edit: One more announcement!

On August 1st we’ll be making our official tag announcement! All of the tags and any additional posting information will be posted on August 1st!

Wait For Me (Grayson Dolan x Reader)

Summary: Soulmate AU in which everyone is born with heterochromia iridum until they meet their soulmate.

Warnings: There’s like one swear word.

Word Count: 1,735.

A/N: I haven’t seen any soulmate AUs in this fandom yet, so I thought it’d be cool to write one (I could be wrong, though, so please tell me if you’ve written one). Enjoy!

(not my gif)

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“Partner Digimons are exceptional. We’re always connected no matter what happens!” [Sora words to Mei]

And on my end, I really love that in this scene:

Koromon approached Taichi to ask this question; considering he was obviously sitting, eating with his friends with the other humans. There he could have asked this question to maybe just any one of them, but Koromon chose to approach Taichi to ask this question instead. Like he’s so excited and just want to share this with Taichi (being the first person in his mind). I don’t know about anyone, but for me, I find this moment to be a sweet/subtle to show their bond is still strong/still there (even without Koromon remembering) because this scene shows that no matter if Koromon have his past memories or not, Taichi will always be the first person he’ll turn to because they are connected through their bond as Partners, and this won’t ever change. Which links back to what Sora said “Partner Digimons are exceptional. We’re always connected no matter what happens!”

Like for me personally, I love the fact that considering they only just met again, Koromon is this open with Taichi, it’s like bringing out that sense that their bond was never broken to begin with. It’s always there, they just have to find each other again, because this is something that can never be taken away from them. The bond between ‘Digi Destined and their partners’ is strong. Koromon is even ok for Taichi to pet him:

And honestly, I felt like Taichi is somewhat sad here because Koromon doesn’t remember any of those times they shared in the past, only Taichi does, but he still tells Koromon these things anyway like he really cherish the time/moments they shared together in the past (T.T) :

And Koromon doesn’t understand what some of them are:

And when he tells him this:

Taichi was immediately reminded that Koromon doesn’t have his memories of the past:

You can tell that he’s sad that Koromon doesn’t remember but he tries to put on a smile for Koromon and proceed to telling him:

Taichi does know Koromon better than Koromon would know himself:

because he’s the only one who have the memories that they’ve shared in the past, but to Koromon it’s all new to him because he doesn’t remember, which is sad. Yeah, I’m saying it’s sad and I don’t like that they don’t remember because the feels man… However I do love that Koromon bond for Taichi was immediately reconnected, and to have these scenes, and to have Koromon being this open to Taichi, it makes me really happy, and it’s actually well worth noting, because why? Like I said, Agumon & Taichi (and this actually includes all of Agumon’s evolution, including this lil cute Koromon) is my absolute favourite in the original series. And now Tri? Yes, I do love them on my end still. 


Day 7 - AU –> Soulmate
  In which Lucio is looking for his destined partner while traveling the world and one day Junkrat just so happens to be around

(Late as hell I know, but I wanted to finish the week!
 I … I am just bad at aus so I had to go with the idea of the soulmate au my sis suggested; also, deep down I didn’t want to finish it because I enjoyed posting these spastic comics… I might post more in the future, who knows.)

We Intertwined: Ch. 8

An Ignis Scientia Story

Chapter 7 | AO3 | Chapter 9
Word Count: 1,719

It was well into the evening when Raine finally called Ignis. It was late enough that Gladio insisted that they all go out for drinks. And so that was how Ignis found himself in the middle of a crowded bar, nursing a rapidly warming beer, watching as Raine and Gladio knocked back one shot after another.

What they were drinking, he did not know, but the smell of it alone reminded him of the cleaning products that he used to keep under the sink in Noctis’ apartment.

Noctis was laughing at a story that Gladio was telling, and Prompto was taking tons of photos to document their first real night out in a long time. The five of them sat in a booth, with Raine squished between Prompto and Gladio, and Ignis on the opposite side seated next to Noctis.

He watched the scene unfold before him as Raine and Gladio clinked the small glasses again before wincing as the alcohol burned their throats on the way down.

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Chapter 3: Tied Together

cr to jungkook-gifs

College AU!Jungkook, Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 1.1k+ 

Summary: The name tattooed to your wrist was always your destined to be partner, whether you liked it or not. It was nothing new to anyone and though the results may be shocking, everyone still lived with it. What you didn’t expect was that you ended up with your ex-best friend, Jeon Jungkook.

A/N: I am so sorry for never updating this series. I am not very creative and I am horrible at writing a lot.

   Previously in Chapter 2: You heard the light jingle of the doorknob and your eyes turned into saucer plates. Quickly, you ran towards the bathroom as quiet as possible and waited for the person to disappear. Thinking that the person was gone, you slowly unlocked the door, but then a voice called out.

   “Is anyone in there?” Someone asked. You looked at the door in shock and immediately re-locked it.

   “Uh-uhm, yeah!” You yelled. “I am just fixing something, sorry.”

   “Okay. Well, I need the restroom, so please hurry,” The person said. You let out a sigh and fixed your appearance. You opened the door and looked down, making sure to hide your face as much as possible. “[Y/N]?”

   You stopped dead in your tracks, still keeping your head down.

   “[Y/N], don’t play dumb with me,” they said. “I know it’s you.” Suddenly, the person took their fingers and lifted your chin up and you were met with a pair of stern eyes that were owned by none other than Jeon Jungkook.

   “Oh, Jungkook,” you choked out. “Sorry about that. I was just fixing up in there.” All of the confidence which you had the other day had drained from your system. You felt like a mouse which had an eagle ready to capture it and take it whole. You hadn’t noticed how Jungkook was inching closer and closer to you until your back had hit the wall.

   “What are you doing here, [Y/N]?” Jungkook asked. “I thought you wanted to leave me?” You saw a smirk stretch across his face and you felt blood begin to boil in your veins. You were still incredibly scared of him and you wanted to leave as soon as possible.

   “I-I did,” you stuttered. “I did, and I still do. Now move.” Your hands began to tremble again. You looked up at Jungkook and analyzed his features. He was dressed in a simple white shirt matched with a black bomber jacket and ripped skinny jeans. His eyes stared directly into yours as you looked at him.

   “No,” Jungkook replied. “I don’t have to move if I don’t want to.” He pulled his arm up to the side of your head and rested his palm on the wall. “Answer my question and I’ll let you go. What are you doing here?”

   “I am here because of Sunghae, happy? Can I go now?” You lied. Jungkook’s eyes wondered over your face, searching if you were telling the truth.

   Laughing he said, “Don’t bullshit with me, [Y/N]. I know that’s not why you’re here.” His other hand grabbed your wrist. You watched as his hand wrapped around your wrist, gulping down hard. “Maybe you are hiding something… Perhaps it has to do with your wrist?” Your eyes widened as you snapped your wrist out of his hold and stared at him, eyes shaking.

   “Why must you be like this, Jeon Jungkook? You’re always trying to play games and it annoys me so much. Why can’t you just leave me alone like you did last time?” You exclaimed with your heart beating rapidly. Jungkook looked at you in shock, but quickly changed his expression.

   “I can’t leave you alone because I miss you,” he stated. Your eyes widened as you let his words process through your brain.

   “Excuse me?” You said. “What did you just say, I don’t think I heard you correctly.” You tried to calm down your ragged breathing while analyzing Jungkook’s features, searching for any signs of him lying. Jungkook stared at you as well, not knowing what to do.

   “You know what? Nevermind,” he muttered out, dropping his arm down to his side. “Go back downstairs, [Y/N].” Leaving you speechless, Jungkook walked into the bathroom and shut the door behind him. Your heart was shattered. It felt like someone was squeezing on your heart, wringing out every ounce of love and hope you had.

   “Why am I so fucking stupid?” You asked yourself, walking down the stairs and into the living room. Looking around, you found Sunghae on the floor with a couple of other people playing spin the bottle. Sensing that you were near her, she looked up smiling at you, but slowly noticing that you looked upset.

    “Hey, [Y/N]!” She said while getting up and walking towards you. “What happened to you?” You pressed your lips together and looked at her with glossy eyes. Sunghae frowned and pulled you into a hug, slightly understanding what was wrong. “Let’s get out of here.” She said, waving goodbye to her boyfriend and exiting the door with you.

   After arriving at the dorms, Sunghae walked you to your dorm and told you to rest because you both didn’t have any energy to talk. As you finished up your nightly routine, you turned on your phone to see if anyone had texted you. Sadly, there were only notifications from people you followed on social media, so you turned it off. You laid back on your bed, letting out a sigh. Why are things so complicated? You thought. You stared at the ceiling, slowly dozing off and into a deep sleep.

   The sound of your alarm woke you up and you opened your eyes slowly, then stretching your arms to grab your phone. Once you got up, you groaned at the obvious puffiness of your eyes. You ruffled your hair irritatedly and hopped in the shower to relieve your stress. Quickly, you left the dorm room and speed walked towards your class. The day went by smoothly and you were careful not to run into Jungkook or anyone close to him.

   In the afternoon, you decided to stop by the tea cafe to write your essay for class. Opening up your laptop on the table, you waited for your order to be called. As you were typing away, in the corner of your eye, you noticed someone staring at you. You lowered your head a little and continued to type away.

   “Chamomile tea, order 78!” Someone at the register called. You looked up from your laptop and got up from your seat, receiving your drink. Sipping from the tea, you stood still, your eyes wandering around the cafe. You looked at your seat near the window, then towards the area which you felt someone staring at you. Once you looked in their direction, a person’s head went down. You tilted your head to try and see the person’s face, but they had their hood on and their face was hidden. Sipping your tea, you approached the ominous person.

   “Excuse me,” you said. The person had no reply and so you tapped their shoulder. “Isn’t it rude to not answer to someone who is talking to you?” You raised an eyebrow at the person as they slowly looked up at you. You sighed, immediately identifying who the person was.

   “Sorry, [Y/N],” he replied. “Didn’t mean to be rude you.”

Info for HNKNA / Alice in the Country of Hearts / Clover / Diamond Rpers, fans, and anyone else who feels like it.

Just a little something I felt like putting together since there’s so much information out there that not a lot of people have access to and people like me, Harroe and Vocaotome, know far too much for our own good. So why not put it to good use? 

Warning this is RIDICULOUSLY LONG but has info on just about every aspect of Wonderland and Roleholder possible. Feel free to ask for clarification or send me asks with more info.

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BREXIT: what the heck does it all mean?

A lot of people have no clue why Europe is currently in a state of uproar and the only word people seem to be saying is “Brexit” so here’s a not-so-quick and easy-breezy explanation on the past 24 hours of CHAOS that has ensued:

The European Union (EU): an organisation of European countries that follows similar laws, allows for freedom of movement/labour, easy travelling (@people who planned on doing Eurotrips, not sure if you can count the UK in that anymore!) and trade with each other. The EU is important because before it was formed, the European continent was ravaged by 2 world wars, and a division because of the Cold War. This organisation has provided all the stability we’ve seen in the past 20-odd years.

So what the heck is a “Brexit”? Basically, the UK has just voted to leave the EU. 52/48 majority. Now this doesn’t seem like a TERRIBLE thing, but there are some serious immediate political and economic consequences.

Economic implications:

- The British pound crashed from 1.5 to 1.3 in 6 hours, the lowest value in 30 years, which in turn affected the US dollar which affects all other global currencies. I wish I was joking but I’m not: South Africa, Poland, Norway, Mexico. Hungary, Australia, Switzerland all saw their currencies plummet. Countries that don’t rely on exports as their means of production cannot have a devalued currency. IT’s not good. The Japanese Yen which has been strengthening reached an all-time high which is terrible because Japan is trying to reverse its deflationary state. The Bank of Japan is now out of options and Japan literally STOPPED TRADING IN BRITISH STOCKS/INVESTMENTS.

- A devalued GBP could cause the BoE to implement quantitative easing by lowering interest rates, leading to other countries around the world doing the same. this could potentially loop back into a recession though.

- The UK leaving the EU means its market has gone down a LOT in size making them a less attractive destination for trade partners/investors. They’re going to have to draw up new trade agreements with basically the whole world since all their trade was previously tied to the EU. This will be tricky because countries liked having a market with a population of ~500 million compared to the UK’s size of ~50 million.

- GDP will go down. Retirement income will go down. The British economy is currently in a state of panic. The global economy is basically, fucked. For now at least.

The thing is, given the precarious nature of the economy right now with markets out of control and stagnant growth practically everywhere, it was a really really bad time to have this referendum - a lot of countries have been banking on a “Bremain” before making their next move when it comes to monetary/fiscal policy. The IMF has predicted that 2016/2017 will see the worst years for growth, but we might see upward growth trends from 2018 onwards.

- Scotland showed an overwhelming majority of votes to remain in the EU. It’s likely that they’re going to call for a referendum (again) to leave the UK.

- Northern Ireland also wanted to stay in the EU.

- Wales voted Leave but with a slim majority. 

UPDATE: Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said her parliament should have the right to hold another vote “if Scotland faces the prospect of being taken out of Europe, effectively against our will.” Sinn Fein called for a referendum to reunify Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

So how does it get worse?

- David Cameron has just announced that he will be resigning in 3 months which means that extreme conservatives who managed to sway the vote in favour of Leave could come to power. That’s right. We’ll be stuck to suffer with the likes of Johnson. 

- Brexit triggered a lot of nationalist/extreme right-wing movements in the rest of Europe. Some leaders already calling for referendums for “Frexit” (France), “Itexit” (Italy) and ”Nexit” (Netherlands). We may see more in the next few days. A disintegration of Europe is risky business because Europe has not been able to remain stable until the EU was formed. This could give way for an assertive Russia too, who is, as most countries would be, looking to gain more power over weak/vulnerable European states. This will trigger US skepticism and we all know how that goes. 


Basically David Cameron only backed the idea of the referendum because he was desperate to gain support from anti-EU parties like UKIP during the general elections last year. Except now he’s resigning. So. 

During the campaign, Michael Gove, Boris Johnson (conservatives) and Nigel Farage (UKIP) stressed on tightening immigration laws if the UK leaves the EU because “immigration/refugees have been a big problem for the UK as its reducing jobs being given to UK locals/residents” and they think the UK is becoming “overcrowded” so the Leave campaign was like WE WILL TIGHTEN OUR BORDERS! YEAH! Except now they’ve likely displaced millions of UK citizens living/working in the rest of the EU. Also there is a possibility that lots of jobs have been moved too. Let’s see how they figure that one out.

Additionally, they talked about the economic benefits because if the UK were to leave, they would be able to allot the money that goes to the EU to other things like the NHS (national healthcare) etc. The Leave campaign went on about how the UK spends 350 million pounds a week on the EU but actually it spends less than half of that, so really, their campaign was built on scaremongering and lies. EDIT: Farage has announced the 350mil will NOT be spent on the NHS.

EDIT: more Brexit arguments included EU regulations/fees/etc that they believed were restricting Britain and weren’t allowing Britain to flourish independently

EDIT: People have mentioned the fact that unstable EU economies were relying on capital inflow the “Big 3″ (UK, France, Germany). This is true and this was being used as an argument - however, leaving is a Pyrrhic Victory! the UK will most likely have to spend MORE rebuilding its independent economy. However, once markets stabilise, we will see.

Article 50, aka the means of exiting will be triggered in 3 months when the new Prime Minister is announced (most likely one of the extreme conservatives who are riding high on their “Independence Day” fuckery which is even more proof of xenophobic, colonialist bullshit) after which the UK will have 2 years to complete its official withdrawal so hopefully that will provide short-term stability.

updateeee here’s a quick summary of brexit consequences published by TIME magazine – again don’t take it at face value

UPDATE:: this is a really good bloomberg article that’s concise and very quickly sums up what the immediate consequences were:

Destiny Can Be Cruel But Also Kind | Choa Fluff

Anon: Could you do a soulmate tattoo au with ChoA? ( because she’s queen 👸🏻) can you make it girlxgirl too?

Character: Park Choa (fem!reader)
Word count: 1526

Originally posted by 24k

You could always feel the other person’s emotions, their pain, their anxiety, their joy. You could see it too, on your skin. The tattoos were a mark from birth, a sign that your destined lover was out there in the world, somewhere.

Unfortunately “somewhere” was a broad term.

Even when improving technology, with Internet that kept people in touch, and planes and boats that made neighbouring countries seem closer; even those did not make the world any smaller, not when you were searching for a needle in a haystack.

Which is what your soulmate was.

A cruel act from Destiny, you thought. She created a person for you to love wholly but hid them somewhere, anywhere, in the world. Which is possibly even crueler than having no soulmate at all.

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wow god bless oikawa rare pair week, heres oihina day 1 - soulmates
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Of all the tomfoolery Oikawa had experienced in his life, having the words “who feeds the Loch Ness Monster?” tattooed on the inside of his elbow definitely reaches his top five, right next to the time Iwaizumi swallowed a crayon and the time his sister shaved his eyebrows off. He figures it was destined to be up there in the ranks, proving to Oikawa just how much of a joke his life has become. But he’s not mad or anything, just unreasonably chill. Shit like this happened to him all the time, what’s new?

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*Note: Soulmate AU where you share the same symbol as your destined partner on the inside of your wrist. Legends say your symbol will somehow be involved when the two of you finally meet.

Warnings: Cursing and a sweaty Newt ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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