the desire for an aquatic life

katherine56964  asked:

hi again, could you do an au where eren wants to go to the zoo, and he keeps annoying levi to come with him,levi eventually gives in,takes him, and eren acts like a little kid(ballons,gettin ice cream)and levi loves how cute he acts with the animals?





“Why not?”

“Animals are filthy, we`re not going.”

“Yes we are!”

This had been the subject Eren and Levi`s conversations for the past week, and as loving and kind Levi was he refused to take Eren to the zoo, which was ridiculous. Who didn`t like the zoo? Levi didn`t. In fact even as he was pulling out of the drive way and headed to the blasted establishment with a happy, bouncy Eren in the passenger`s seat, he knew the only reason he`d given in is because Eren had threatened to go with Jean instead. Levi hated Jean, who happened to be Eren`s ex-boyfriend/now casual friend. He just didn`t buy Jean being over Eren and not trying to get back together with him behind his back, who could get over Eren? No one. Which is why he had to go in place of the horse faced prick, he could visit his family some other time.

As they pulled up to the local zoo Eren immediately bounded through the gates, without paying, in turn Levi had to run up to the security guard who was ready to go after him and pay. 

And… Eren was gone.

Levi sprinted off in his general direction, eyes scanning the bustling place. One did not simply leave Eren unattended, you were basically begging for an angry mob to fight off because Eren was just that much of a handful.

Levi was expecting him to have fallen into the gator pit, to have him with his head in a lion`s mouth, monkeys having kidnapped him, all reason he never wanted to come to this damn zoo. Instead he spotted him, just barely under all the thing he was carrying. How the boy had found his way to the balloons, at least 10 of them, found a cotton candy stand and was sporting two in one hand and one in his mouth, had found the merch store and was wearing a tiger t-shirt and a shark hat in the 15 minutes Levi had lost him was beyond all reason.

“Eren! Don`t run off like that.” Levi scolded as Eren finally stumbled over to him, barely able to see past his insane amount of items.

“Sorry Levi, I was just so excited!” Eren cheered, his bright smile had Levi melting faster than the ice cream he hadn`t noticed Eren was holding as well.

He was about to say it was all fine, but then Eren cried out,

“Levi look!”

And with that he dumped all of his things into Levi`s arms and he had to scramble to make sure they didn`t fall all over the ground. He was about to yell at the boy, vow never to take to this awful place again, but his mouth snapped shut at the adorable scene,


The zoo had an open ruff otter exhibit and Eren had gone on to lean dangerously close to the water inside it. And currently he was nose to nose with one of the adorable aquatic creatures.

Levi would bring him to this very zoo for the rest of his life if he desired it, who in their right mind would want to see something so damn cute everyday?