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Finally drew a new blog header for myself! ^ ^ Everyone is happy and no one is dead, yes? ;D

I had Return Of The Jedi on while I was working. While I can’t find much bad to say about the original trilogy, the design of the Ewoks left me a bit cold. I like the idea of primitives that could help topple the technological might of the Empire, but the teddy-bear cuteness never struck me as much of a threat. I know there were restrictions with the effects of the early 80’s but I still wanted to these guys to look like they could kick a little ass.
Anyway, it may be a little Stitch influenced but if I had a chance to do an Endor Makeover, this is what I might come up with.
Interesting fact: The word “ewok” is never mentioned once in the movie. So how do we know that’s what they’re called?


you’re objectively right, anon. iirc kazuya nuri was in charge of most of the design for AA4, rather than the same people who designed the original trilogy. this is almost entirely opinion here but I think it was an improvement. compare the HD screencaps and again the color composition is much less harsh ont he eyes, and the visual style is smoother.

TO BE FAIR however i think a lot of this is bc the original trilogy is translated from gameboy advance graphics while AJ had a DS engine from the get-go.


My finished Neuromancer concept book, will be uploading some of my favorite pages soon!

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i watched Turbo after reading @penmaries‘ post and somehow this happened

Lady Katsa of the Middluns from the Graceling Trilogy.

Design based off of @may12324 and how she draws Katsa!

Graceling is one of my all time favorite books, and if anyone wants to read a story about a bad ass lady killer who goes on a journey to unravel the doings of a mad man king, then I would definitely recommend this book to you.