the design center

So I was watching Bee Movie on netflix (because I’m garbage) and I noticed something…

See that lady bee behind Barry? 

Yeah, all the lady bees look like that. 

every female bee essentially has the same design- all centering around the hair do. Which got me thinking…

Why would all the female bees have the same hairdo??

It’s just…bad character design. Until I realized. 

That bump they all have in their hair??? The weird sort of 50′s-esque style?


i hate this fucking movie so much


This assignment was for us to design houses with a secondary shape influencing the interior details. The Crit on Monday specifically said that I was on the right track, but I should spread them out more in terms of the shape language. I had fun though!! 

Anyways - more work to come!! 

I’ll be working with Foam core this week and you should see some fancies AND CHARACTER DESIGNS !!
Design a Digital Youth Center
Are you an LGBTQAI+ teen? Help build a Digital Youth Center from the ground up and connect with youth from around the U.S. Apply to be on the Advisory Panel.

Awesome project alert!

Are you an LGBTQAI+ teen? Connect with other young people from around the US and help us design and build a digital youth center from the ground up!

Learn more at here>>

I’m seriously killing myself by writing another fic on such short deadline, but anyway, here’s the front cover for my new Yuri on Ice Fanbook for a YOI-only Event in my town next month. no it’s not omegaverse LMAO

It will be held at Jakarta Design Center on 5 March’17, so if you’re around that area, do stop by. ^^

Also, I may include the front cover as a postcard bonus (without the title, etc) depending on the printing cost though :’)

Illustration by my dearest friend again @junjoupurelove (dude i ily so much)

The friends of my circle also made some new YOI merch for this event, so we will open a Pre-Order by the end of this week. Please stay tune. :)

And last but not least, I would like to thank @prettyboyviktor and @dracocrudelis for helping me chose the name for their child. I named her Katya. ^^


Agent Kallus in Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebellion

World of Motion” Herb Ryman, 1979

When EPCOT Center opened in 1982, the park’s Transportation Pavilion featured a magnificent dark ride adventure through the history of transportation. Guests boarded Omnimover vehicles and set off on a journey through time, accompanied by the attraction’s theme song, “It’s Fun to Be Free.” Vehicles rode past everything from footpower, to the wheel, to DaVinci’s flying machine to the world’s first traffic jam. The attraction emptied out into the TransCenter, which was full of exhibits and shows about the past, present and future of transportation. Sadly, this iconic attraction was closed in 1996, and Test Track opened in its place in 1999.

Art ©️ Disney