the desert life

Hi! I have a (truly) rad collaboration + photo contest for y'all. The folks Ford sent me down to Moab in an F150 to travel through the desert and capture living life out of their rig with Maddie….But this is an Instagram only contest (not for the Tumblr sorry!) but if you have an IG account read below:

To inspire y'all to get out in the world and create, Ford is going to fly me to your neck of the woods to hang with you and photograph your pup (USA only)! And I’ll feature those photos right here on my feed! To enter the contest simply post your best *new* photo of your adventures with your pup + #FORDdogs and #FORDcontest (gotta hashtag since this is a real/official contest 💫)


Some succulent love today 🙏🏻🌵💕🙏🏻🌵💕

If you ever feel sad …

Look at this ..

… or this ..

… at this one …

… or even this …

… or at this. ♥


And If you feel really, really sad, look at this and smile♥

A smiling Chibi or gardener Gaara can save a really bad day ..♥