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There's no such thing as a pro-life feminist. Sorry.

I knew i would get this ask ever since i put it in my blog description so i’m going to stick to my beliefs and im not sorry if I offend you. 

long story short: yes there is. because i am one of them. there are plenty of pro-life feminists in the world and on tumblr. 

feminism is the advocacy of equal rights for the sexes. i believe in a woman’s right to have equal pay, equal treatment before the law, equal treatment from other human beings, equal representation in media, etc.. we’re good on that, right?

i also believe a woman has a right to do what she wants with her body. HOWEVER: a child developing inside a woman is not the woman’s body. the child has its own unique DNA from the moment of conception. it develops its own heartbeat, its own fingerprints; it is its own person. 

and absolutely no one has the right to take the life of another person. 
there is something terribly wrong with a society that kills the weakest of its people because it’s the easiest way out. guess what: what is easy is almost never right. guess what else: the aborted girls who never get a chance to see the world have rights too. who’s standing up for them? i am. 

read this.  
and this.

you’re not sorry, anon, so screw off. 

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how do you think the sakamaki and mukami brothers would react to their sacrificial bride having a hair cut where it's shaved on all sides except the top, and the top hangs down and covers one eye? (sorry if my description isn't that good, it's my haircut so I was just wondering :P its a punk looking style) luv ur page already 😊

//Awe, thank you so much! And actually, most of the guys don’t care about a girl’s appearance. Blood is their main thing when it comes to Yui, they don’t really care about anything else except the taste of their food. But even with that, I’ll do my best! ☺


Shu: “Its weird… But I really don’t care about it. As long as your blood doesn’t change and you keep quiet.”

Reiji: “That is an absurd look! How unladylike… To think a woman would try something so daring and unprofessional…”

Laito: “With that haircut I won’t be able to cause as much ‘pleasure’ as before. At least I can still make you scream for me.”

Kanato: “I don’t like it. Teddy doesn’t either. It’s not cute and won’t work for tea time or when I dress you up as a doll!”

Ayato: “It’s different but in a cool way. But don’t think you’re better than Yours Truly because of your haircut!”

Subaru: “I don’t get why I should have an opinion on your hair… It’s not mine, is it?”


Ruki: “I don’t like it. If you’re going to cut your hair, then do it in a fashion where it won’t look strange.”

Kou: “It’s an interesting style, but it’s not my type. Although, it would look good if you were a rock or punk idol!”

Yuma: “Isn’t that a bit edgy for a girl? And no, it does not make you look tougher. You’re still going to be seen as a tiny girl from my perspective.”

Azusa: “It’s… different. But I… like it.”

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my friend ships pruaus and long story short, i need reasons why prucan is the best. help?

  • Well to start off I made this post awhile back so maybe this can help!
  • Personality differences! (Who doesn’t love those)
  • Is Prussia taller?? Is Canada taller???.
  • the world may never kno


  • I personally like them because I think they can be best friends and boyfriends
  • I like the idea that Prussia can help get Canada out of his shell
  • Trust me, I know Canada isn’t lame, but imagining Prussia bringing Canada into all of these crazy situations is hilarious
  • I JUST THOUGHT OF THIS RIGHT NOW but like okay Prussia of course cares for those close to him, so imagine him caring for Mattie and wanting to make him smile!
  • They are both dorks tbh
  • They can have fun with each other
  • Even though they aren’t the same, I think they could compliment each other very well
  • They are both weebs
  • Exhibit A - Canada

  • People like to ship Prussia and Canada because they are both typically lonely characters
  • Prussia is a dissolved nation. He still is well Prussia, in the fact that he is awesome! But he is lonely and possibly depressed
  • Canada is of course still a nation, but we all know that he is not noticed very often. And when he is noticed, he is thought to be America.
  • If both of them are lonely, maybe they should have each other?
  • They both know that feeling of being alone and if they were together, it could help rid them of their loneliness.

I just remembered that p0ck3tf0x once gave me a beautiful description about why they like Prucan!


I’ll tell you right now that Regretfully Yours is my fave tbh 

I’m p sure maplevogel draws the most fanart for Prucan and it’s wonderful! So you should definitely go check it out!

-I’m just one person, and I’m sure you can find tons of different reasons why they are amazing, but I can’t really put it into words. So I hope I gave you a few good reasons! Sorry this took so long! OHHHH and here’s a pic of them standing next to each. it’s totes canon tbh