the descent ii

Molly Xifeng Weasley & Lucretia “Lucy” Eun-Kyung Weasley

“Molly is a Curse-Breaker and freelance Metal Charmer, in Egypt. My youngest Lucy is studying dragons in Peru!”

by the extraordinary!! @saliechelon255

My homage to scary games. The best of the best + a Bloodborne one i couldn’t fit in this post. (you can fine it on my blog)

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The Fall

This is a rewrite of the TNG episodes ‘Descent Part I & II’ because @lilstinky and I found the episodes wanting. 

This is a joint effort between Scott and I. Scott has drawn some gorgeous art for the rewrite as well, linked here: (x) (X)  

Data must fight his own desire to be human and his morality in order to stop his brother Lore from doing the unthinkable.

Enjoy everyone.

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From Wikipedia:

The 442nd Regimental Combat Team of the United States Army was a regimental size fighting unit composed almost entirely of American soldiers of Japanese descent who fought in World War II, despite the fact many of their families were subject to internment. The 442nd, beginning in 1944, fought primarily in Europe during World War II. The 442nd was a self-sufficient force, and fought with uncommon distinction in Italy, southern France, and Germany. The 442nd is considered to be the most decorated infantry regiment in the history of the United States Army. 

Here’s the list of decorations received:

  • 21 Medals of Honor
  • 52 Distinguished Service Crosses
  • 1 Distinguished Service Medal
  • 560 Silver Stars
  • 22 Legion of Merit Medals
  • 15 Soldier’s Medals
  • 4,000 Bronze Stars
  • 9,486 Purple Hearts

Here’s how they were received upon returning home:

However, the unit’s exemplary service and many decorations did not change the attitudes of the general U.S. population to people of Japanese descent after World War II. Veterans were welcomed home by signs that read “No Japs Allowed” and “No Japs Wanted”, denied service in shops and restaurants, and had their homes and property vandalized.

So. Thousands of Japanese Americans volunteered for service, some of them while in prison camps in their own country, to fight against Nazi genocide, and in doing so are awarded more honors than any other unit, ever.

And when they returned home, their reward? Hate crimes. 


Robert Rauschenberg. Thirty-Four Illustrations for Dante’s Inferno. Canto XIV: Circle Seven, The Violent Against God, Nature, and Art, Canto I: The Dark Wood of Error, Canto II: The Descent, Canto IX: Circle Six, The Heretics, Canto XVI: Circle Seven, The Violent Against Nature and Art, Canto XXIII: Circle Eight, The Hypocrites, Canto XXXI: The Central Pit of Malebolge, The Giants (top to bottom). 1958-60.