the derp is out there


Ted the Animator: “…welp.”

Carl the Animator: “It’s a deep, complex, and fleshed-out love story, conveyed entirely in 5 derps.”

Ted the Animator: “A classic tale. Boy discovers Mr. Hyde tied him up, boy is worried, boy finds that three-inch green chin is growing on him, boy searches his feelings, boy realizes he wants to be Mr. Mr. Hyde.”

Carl the Animator: “…was that all a setup for that one joke at the end?”

Ted the Animator: “Yes, and I’m darn proud of it.”

So @shesellsseagulls and @realitybanana were talking about spiders having cute crushes at our own little Spidey and naturally after seeing Derps mini comic i had to also make a doodle.

PROMPT: Smol spider having crush at Peter leaving him gifts and trying to woo him even tho they logically cant be together. Leaving him cute web messages and flowers. (Also imagine Wade getting jealous of a cute smol spider)

My Boys <3

Nathan Chen (America)  - 

Yuzuru Hanyu (Japan)-

Mikhail Kolyada (Russia) -

Shoma Uno (Japan) -

Javier Fernandez (Spain) -

Boyang Jin (China) -

Nam Nguyen (Canada) -

Patrick Chan (Canada) - 

Jason Brown (America) -

    I’m so proud of my boys and all their talents. The off season isn’t treating me well, and the hype for the Olympics is real. (I totally did not go out of my way to find the weirdest poses)

Random Gift for my friend @ghost-oakes of their Genny (who is like…the hottest clown in town I SWEAR TO GOD)
My little guy Blinky is just photobombing the gift because HE HAS TO BE IN EVERYTHING, hasn’t he?!

I’m rewatching Riverdale S1 and it’s genuinely painful to see what Betty goes through re: Archie and infuriating to see how he responds to her getting over him. 

This is a girl who has pined for the boy next door since she was a child. She tells him something deeply sweet, and intimate, that she has this fantasy of them as a couple. It’s not something that’s easy to say – especially for a girl like Betty who is consistently drowning in good girl expectations. 

She doubts that he feels the same for her, she clearly struggles with self-esteem, but she goes for it. She tells him. And the night she takes the plunge, just in that one night alone, he’s too busy trying to get his hands on two other women to even see it coming.

Betty doesn’t even register to Archie when she’s telling him he can have her, she wants him to have her, she wants to have him. Then, he just takes her claim that she’s fine, already over his rebuff of her romantic feelings, which, dude, Archie, how stupid can you be? He dismisses her concerns and ignores her advice and instinct re: Grundy even though she’s known him basically his whole life. He’s so involved in his own stuff that he has no idea what she’s going through with Polly, and her parents, and her crumbling mental health.

He takes her for granted, in every single way a person can take someone for granted, throughout the entire season. It’s not until he can’t have her, until he sees how head over heels she is for Jughead, that he sees her. 

I know some people love the “don’t know what you got ‘til it’s gone” trope but I hate it, I always have and I especially hate this potential incarnation of it. 

Because on top of Archie being an idiot, there’s Jughead. Who knows Betty well enough even before we’ve seen them interact to tell Archie to get his head out of his ass and go talk to her if he wants to fix things. Who values her opinion so much that he goes with her pick for the drive-in’s last screening. Who trusts her enough to join the school paper at her request even though he’s obviously reluctant to get involved in, well, anything. Who senses that she needs support on multiple occasions and seeks her out to provide it - when he is going through some seriously dysfunctional shit of his own, mind you - not like “Oh I love girls and football and music all at the same time this is hard” dysfunction but “My home life is a nightmare and I live in the janitor’s closet” dysfunction. Who opens up to her, who gives her a safe place to open up, too. Who is passionate about her – wants to kiss her, to touch her, to tell her how good and smart and strong she is. Who sees her every time. 

Like there’s just no competition, even. It’s not a love triangle. It’s two people in a wonderfully healthy relationship and there’s Archie who derps on in at the 11th hour because he realized he missed out on something great. And I’ll be really, really frustrated if they actively pursue something that even resembles a triangle in S2 because there is nothing valuable in that story to tell, they’ll wind up sacrificing a really fantastic piece of character development for both Betty and Jughead for some ginger manpain and I’m not here for that. 

GOT7 Reaction: Best Friends to Boyfriends (request)

So this post is in reference to this other reaction: GOT7 as your best friends. And… I know that I went a bit crazy with this post, but it was fun to do this reaction.


·         How he asked you out: You were over at the dorm and you and Mark were in the middle of a BFF nap session while the rest of GOT7 spoke in the kitchen talking about whether you guys were dating or not. (You weren’t but they weren’t convinced that you guys were actually still “just friends”). That’s when the brave Bambam snuck into the room, taking a picture of you snuggled into Mark’s neck with his arm around you as a piece of evidence. 

When you both woke up and went to get something to eat, they all were there. Immediately, they all punched at you and interrogated you as they revealed the incriminating photo Bambam took two hours earlier. “And you guys say you are just friends. This doesn’t look like just friends to me!” Jackson stated. 

You both exchanged a look at each other, then Mark turned to everyone, “So what if we are dating?” The rest of the members stayed quiet, not really knowing how to answer the question. “That’s what I thought” he said as they all filed out of the room.

“I just thought you guys were cute together.” Jackson pouted as he walked past the two of you. 

It was only after you two ate in his room that the topic came up between the two of you. “So… I kind agree with Jackson… We do look cute together.” You brought up “casually”. 

When you said that, he knew now was the right time to finally ask you. “Yeah, like c’mon look at us! So why don’t we just go out? I mean like everyone already things we are, plus we practically act like we are already.” he said trying to hide his nervousness. 

·         Most dates between the two of you are casual, the main point is that you guys get some time together. 

Watching a movie at the dorm = date,

Staying the night at your place = date,

Getting lunch together when you both are free = date. 

Don’t worry though, every so often the both of you would make time to schedule a more serious date. Many times, he would even surprise you by taking you to a really expensive restaurant where you have a chance to get all glammed up.

·         Tons of inside jokes between that two of you, like more than before if that is possible. Especially a lot of double meaning jokes…

·         One of the biggest reasons he is so in love with you is just because he feels he can be his normal self with you. He constantly tells you that you always make him feel like he is home.

·         Time outside is always fun for the two of you. It consists of things like volleyball, basketball, skating, playing with coco or him teaching you how to do flips.

·         Couple outfits aren’t his style. He only goes along with it when you beg him. But he does compromise by getting you guys matching necklaces/bracelet/rings, which he promises to never take off.

·         He isn’t big on PDA either. For him the most he would do in public is hold your hand or have his arm around your waist.

·         Now that you are together, you don’t secretly steal his sweaters; now you declare them as your own, only returning them so that they can smell like him again. He is completely fine with it though, he loves that you love them and he thinks you look cute wearing his sweaters.

·         When it comes to attention, you still have to fight between Jackson and Coco, nothing would ever change on that. 

·         Now, when it comes to arguing, he is a whole new Mark. Even though he is a go-with-the-flow guy… when he is mad, he is MAD. He is like a volcano that just explodes. And after his outbursts he gets into a silent treatment. He can go days without talking to you when he is in that type of mood. However, even though he gives you the silent treatment, he won’t be a complete jerk. He would still do his part around the house or give you a glass of water if you ask or assist you with something… he would just be extremely silent and not even open his mouth. On top of it all, he will take the longest time to apologize to you or admit that he was wrong.

·         You steal his phone a lot and fill it with your selfies. Many of the selfies you took, you took with him as he slept or they are selfies of you and coco. As revenge he will use your derp face selfies as his lock screen.

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·         How he asked you out: You rushed over to your door at almost midnight to see who was frantically knocking in your door. You peeked out the peep hole and saw JB standing there.

“Jb, what are you doing here?” you asked as you opened the door. Immediately you were concerned when you saw him breathing heavily. “Did you run over here? Is everything okay? What happened?”

“Y/n! Hi, So um- ok- wait- I need to catch my breathe.” He took a moment, then he looked at you., “Ok….uh.” that’s when his face blushed more. “So for the last few days you have been complaining about that guy you have been seeing and I am tired of hearing it. I don’t think you should be with him.”


“I know that I said you should wait things out, but he isn’t worth it! You deserve a better guy! A guy like me… Y/n, I’ve liked you for a long time and I hate the way you let guys treat you, you deserve so much and I hate it when you give thse assholes a chance because I am be so much better for you- and I… just… I do-don’t know what I’m trying to s-say anymore.” he faded off

You could feel your face heat up. “So you like me?”


“Are you asking me out?”

“I think so.”

·         There is no way around it, at one point or another, you guys are going to adopt at least one cat together

·         Now that he and you are “practically one”, you were promoted from second in command, to “JB #2” when he isn’t around. Jinyoung may be a bit salty about it, but he will get over it. (low key you still have to look over JB too, nothing changed in that aspect)

·         Before, when you were just friends, you would always catch him making stupid face at you… but now that you guys are together you get a whole new set of looks from him 😉

·         He is a cuddle monster. He loves to use you as his personal pillow when you guys are laying down together. Most nights he can’t even fall asleep unless he is on top of you. He especially loves it when he rests on your chest and you run your fingers through his hair, Those moments are his paradise.

·         Now that you two are together, he might let himself go just a small bit. You are always making him food or you guys are always going out to try new places to eat or he uses his work out time to be with you instead. On top of it all you love his tummy, so he doesn’t feel the need to try as hard to work out like he used to.

·         He genuinely loves calling you by pet names… like embarrassing ones like: honey bunny, cupcake, cutie patootie, baby doll, honey bun, honey bunch, princess, Shnookums, etc. and you love how cheesy he is. However, he would die if the rest of GOT7 ever heard him calling you any of this. In front of them he only calls you babe or jagi. Sometimes he will try to whisper the cuter (cringier) names in your ear or whisper it through the phone, cuz he just won’t feel right if he doesn’t tell you something cute at least once. The second anyone even thinks they hear him say those cute things, he gets defensive with them and gets after them as a way to change the subject.

·         When it comes to PDA, he on the same level as the pet names. He is all for the cute stuff with you like eskimo kisses and a face full of pecks, but in public he tries to play things cool. He has to be “chic and sexy” as Jackson always says.

·         Because he has so much on his plate on, being in charge of six other guys and all, he is prone to forgetting dates like you birthday or anniversary, or his birthday, his mom’s birthday… just everyone’s important dates. Part of your job as his “wonderful, loving other half” is to constantly remind him of things not Got7 related that are coming up in his life. Of course you don’t mind, anything to get less stress of him.

·         When he does forget your anniversary or birthday, he feels so guilty. To make up for it, he will schedule time that is meant just for the two of you to go out on a nice date, anywhere you want to go and anything you want to do.

·         Going back to the whole stress thing… when he gets stressed, he gets frustrated… and when he get frustrated he gets snappy at anyone and everyone. When you were only besties, his little outbursts were kinda funny, but now they aren’t because they are sometimes directed at you. It wasn’t something you liked, so it was something he constantly tried to work on. Sometimes he catches himself and other times he doesn’t.

·         He holds grudges. “OH SO I CAN’T SNAP AT YOU WHEN I AM FRUSTRATED, BUT YOU CAN LASH OUT ON ME JUST CUZ YOU HAD A BAD DAY!” This guy keeps score of everything and knows what to throw back in your face. He will be like Mark in that, after an argument he will go into silent mode and go days without talking. Unlike Mark though, he might not even acknowledge you when he is giving you a silent treatment, depending on the severity of the fight.

·         At the end of the day, he is just a passionate guy and he puts so much of himself in whatever mood he is in. No matter how much he gets mad, that won’t take away from the fact that he loves you too much to ever risk losing you.  

·         When it comes to couples outfits… All I have to say is that you have to come up with looks that work with bucket hats

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·         How he asked you out: It was in the middle of your famous Harry Potter marathons that he decided to ask you out. He liked you for a long time and he always wanted to ask you, but he was always scared of ruining things with you. But it was on that day where things just felt so perfect. It was just you and him at your place and you were just watching the movie all comfortable and cute, resting your feet on his, every so often throwing popcorn at him to playfully annoy him and give him that beautiful smile of yours. That was when, he was willing to risk asking you out if it meant there was a possibility of having more moments like this. That was when he said “Y/n, you know you are a lot like Ron and I am a lot like Hermione.” 

You had confused his comment as an insult and threw a pillow at him, “Are you calling me dumb?”. 

He just laughed and said, “No! What I was trying to say is that we are meant to be!”

·         He is more of a romantic compared to many other guys. He is really cute in the sense that he would write you little love poems and leave around little notes for you to find. Not to forget he would quote romantic lines from some books the two of you love.

·         He loves days where the both of you get to sleep in. They are rare so the both of you take advantage and make an event of it with a big breakfast where both of you cook together.

·         For sure he is the type to take part in couple outfits. But more so the sophisticated looks, the whole coffee shop aesthetic. Don’t get me wrong, he would still be big on matching pajamas to wear around the house.

·         Just because you guys are a couple now doesn’t mean he will completely stop being savage with you. Any time you make a dorky comment or get too annoying with the others, he would just stare at you and shake his head. He would probably also mumble “Why am I dating you?” under his breath, but on the inside, he finds everything you do to be cute and added to what he loved about you.

·         In the relationship, he is the one that would for sure remember your anniversary and your birthday and another other important dates or events that revolve around you (and he would love to brag about it and guilt trip you the few times you would forget).

·         He is the type to not want to talk about work at home. Just thinking about his schedule is tiring, so he hates talking about it when you ask. It is part of his policy to “not bring work home”, so when he is with you he just wants to relish in the normalcy.

·         You both still stick to coffee dates and going out and having fun and all, but when it is just the two of you at home, those are his favorite moments. He loves it when you two are sprawled on the couch watching movies or reading and you are just playing with his hair.

·         When around the other members or out in public, he isn’t one for PDA. Holding hand would be the biggest sign of affection when out and about.

·         He is the type of boyfriend that always denied being the jealous type, but it was obvious he was. You would notice it when you hugged a guy friend “too long” or something and he would have a mini silent treatment or he would be a bit sassier than normal… maybe even say a passive aggressive comment here or there.

·         When it comes to arguments, he would be the more leveled headed one, but when he was too fumed, his words can hurt. He knows exactly what to say to press your buttons. But, when he knew he was in the wrong or that he took things too far, he would be quick to apologize to you and try to make up for it.

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·         How he asked you out: For weeks you had been bugging him to tell you about his girl he had a crush on. He was the type to tell you everything, but he refused to tell you about this, mysterious girl. “Jackson, I am your best friend, and as your best friend, I have to know who you like. I have to approve of them.” to be honest, you were just jealous that he never seems to stop talking about that girl, you just wanted to finally know what the hype was about. You really liked Jackson, but as his friend you wanted him happy.

“Ok fine… I’ll show you who she is.” He smirked. “But that means you have to come with me to the gym. She is there every so often and I know she is going to be there today. In the evening is the time I always see here there.”

“Really? I’ve gone with you at those times, have I seen her before?”

He didn’t answer, he just forced you to your gym clothes and dragged you to the gym you had been to only a few times before. Immediately you looked out for every girl there, but each one you pointed out, he only said no. 

“Jackson, you made me do a whole workout with you, but you never even told me who this girl is! I thought you said shewas going to be here. I want to know.’ you whined. 

That’s when he guided you over to the mirrors where the light weights are. This is where many of the girls hung out, so she had to be there! “She is right here! “ he said even thought there was no one else there. 

“Where? Why are are you making me look at myself?” You  asked as he place you in front of the mirror.

“Cuz, the girl I like is you.” 

·         Jackson encourages a healthy lifestyle together. “We have to eat organic!” “Monday can be our cheat day.” “A couple that works out together stays together.”

·         You always ask him if he loves you as much/more than his mom and every time he avoids giving an answer. “Oh hey it’s time for practice I have to go!” 

“Jackson you just got back” 

“Love you bye!”

·         Since he doesn’t always have a lot of free time in his schedule, he does the best he can to be with you or at least talk to you. He always texts/calls you when he is free, and when he is away on tour he makes it a point to video chat you.

·         He always fantasizes about your future together. He was the first to bring up marriage and how many kids you would have.

·         He was also the one to say “I love you first”. He said it within a week of you two dating

·         Gets jealous over the smallest things “Why did you hug Jinyoung before me?!?” 

“Babe, I saw him first cuz he opened the door and let me in.” 

“I knew it, you love him more than me!”

·         This guy would never ever not touch you. No matter what, he has to be touching you in one way or another. Holding you, holding your hand, playing with your hair. Even when just standing next to each other, his elbow has to at least touch yours. Therefore, when it comes to PDA, he does not shy away from it.

·     He likes to spoil you. Part of it is an attempt to make up for the fact he is gone a lot, but it is mostly because he feels you deserve so much and he wants to be the one to provide for you.

·         He is a bit more needy than when you two were just friends. He goes to you when he is stressed with everything or when the online hate is too much.

·         He takes you to Hong Kong so that you could meet his parents. No matter how much he loves you, he wants to make sure his parents approve of you

·         There are many times where the two of you get into arguments over his schedule. You feel he is working too hard and he feels he isn’t working hard enough.

·         Arguments in general are never fun, and it doesn’t help that he is pretty stubborn. However after a while is he willing to budge and see things from your point of view then you both are able to sort things out

·         Actively plans out couple outfits with you. He even suggests you take turns being “in charge” of the outfits. “Babe, last week you chose out look, this week I get to choose!”

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·         How he asked you out: The two of you were walking in the park to take Coco out for a walk. It was a nice day out. There was a cool breeze in the air and there was almost no one else in the park, allowing you and Youngjae act as yourselves. 

“Thanks for letting me use your sweater Youngaje.” You felt your face geting warmer as you tugged played the sleeves.

“You’re welcome.” he smiled.

“Coco looks really cute in that little sweater you bought her…”

“And you look really cute in my sweater.” he said ever so softly



“No I heard you say something!”

“I didn’t say anything!”

“You did! I heard you!”

You saw his face turning red. “Nuh-uh!”

“Stop lying! You said something! I know you Youngjae. You might as well tell me now, before I go through desperate means to find out!” you threatened.

“Fine… but if I tell you… You have to go on a date with me.”

·         He has you under “Coco’s step mom <3” in his contacts. Aside from that, he only ever calls you love, honey, babe, darling, baby, jagi… any cute pet name in the book, he will call you that. On top of that, he almost always has a sunshine smile on his face when he calls out to you.

·         It melts his heart when you call him by pet names also.

·         Don’t get me wrong though, he may be a cute boyfriend, but he is not as innocent as he seems so 😉

·         He loves playing video games with you, even taking the time to teach you how to play a game with him if you don’t know how.

·         His phone is filled with pictures of you. A lot of them he took without you knowing. You are even his phone lock screen and home screen.

·         He isn’t big on PDA, but he doesn’t hate it. So there is a lot of hand holding and holding you by your waist, and a bit of back hugs or small pecks on the cheek.

·         He loves it when you are the big spoon when you both are cuddling.

·         He hates to admit it, but he is low-key excited whenever you bring up the idea of couple outfits. He is subtle in how he suggests that you guys go as far as wearing certain hats or shoes.

·         Sometimes he gets you little gifts for no reason. He will just be out doing his thing and he will see something that reminds him of you and he just has to buy it so that he can give it to you. Many times these types of gifts are little plushies. “They are so cute just like you baby!”

·         He serenades you with loves songs. He just wants to make you feel special and in what better way than through song!  

·         You are his muse to his solo songs… well you were his muse when you both were just friends but now it isn’t a secret that the songs are about you.

·         Compared to the other members, he is not the type to get that mad. Sure he is will get upset, but he rarely raises his voice. He isn’t one to stay mad for long either. Unless it is something serious, his emotions will die down throughout the day and by night time the both of you go to bed as if you never fought in the first place.

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·         How he asked you out: You let him in as you finished getting ready to g out with him to the movies for your secret  late night hang outs. “Hey Bestie!” he said as he walked in.

Bestie. That was what he kept referring to you as ever since Yugyeom accused the two of you of dating when he found the two of you cuddling on the couch. You hated it because you hated to be reminded that he only saw you as a friend.

“Hi to you too bestie” you forced yourself to say.

“You’re looking hot tonight.” he smirked

“Well, I gotta match my style to yours.” you winked playfully.

“You don’t have to try that hard to do that… But then again some times you do have to try hard. Liked the other day when you were a complete zombie.”

“Hey! I was sick! You’re so mean. I thought you were my bestie.”

“Well. I am… But I don;t want to anymore.” he said more seriously.

Your face fell. “What?”

“He smiled at you. “Yeah, can’t we change that whole “bestie” title to “best boyfriend” or something? That just rolls off the tongue better.”

·         It doesn’t matter that you guy have been dating for a month, six months, or a year, no matter how long you guys have been together he is still going to flirt with you.

·         Dirty jokes back and forth between the two of you that end up annoying everyone else.

·         And just because you guys are dating, it doesn’t make Yugyeom any less of his “best-er friend”. That is right, you will still have to fight for your boyfriend’s attention when Yugyeom is around.

·         Still keep strong to the tradition of late night video chats, but now that you guys are dating, they usually end up 19+…

·         On that note, he still spams you with selfies… and “selfies”.

·         You are his second hype man for everything he does. 

Him: *flips water bottle* *shrugs as if he didn’t put 110% of his effort into it* 

You: *dabs behind him*

·         For sure he is going to bring you along to Thailand whenever he gets to go. He was you around his family and he want to take you around where he grew up. He wants you to love it as much as he does.

·         This boi got to be at the top of the trending game, so know that you guys are dating you have to be as cool as him. He still makes you learn new memes or dances with him, but this time he makes sure you get them as perfect as he does.

·         He is so into the idea of couple outfits.  But you guys aren’t basic, far from that. When it comes to outfits you guys gotta be fab, nothing less that model level looks.

·         When it comes to you, “Nothing but the best for my queen” (yes, that means you have to refer to him as your king).

·         This boy loves to spoil you. He will get you the best of everything. Top brand clothes, shoes, make up, skin care, almost everything no matter how much you insist that he doesn’t have to. But just because he is so generous with you, doesn’t mean he gets anything for his members. He still “forgets” his wallet every so often when they are all out eating.

·         He is not afraid of PDA, especially around GOT7 because he loves to show everyone that you are his.

·         When it comes to arguments, he doesn’t really get too upset. He isn’t one to take a lot of things seriously so if anything, you are the one that gets more upset between the two of you… and sometimes his lack of seriousness is what makes you upset. But sometimes it takes a bit of “conversation” to get things straightened out between the two of you and things so back together smoothly.

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·        How he asked you out: You awkwardly woke up after a sleep over with Yugyeom to find a sheet of paper taped over your whole face. 

“ What the-” you grumbled as you took it off. On the paper it as the last thing you ever expected to read. It was a note from Yugyeom saying “Hey Y/n, I know this is weird… I didn’t really know how to say this in person, but it is something that I’ve wanted you to know for a while. I really like you… like more than a friend. I don’t know if you feel the same way, but if you do, please meet me by our favorite spot by the river at 10 pm tonight, the spot where we first met. If you don’t go I’ll take it as sign you don’t feel the same for me, which is completely fine by me. I just wanted to let you know how I really felt.” 

Instantly you broke out into a smile. You were so happy that he liked you back You had liked him for months now and you felt like you were on top of the world, but part of you was wondering if this was actually real. You tried to call and text him, but he never replied. That whole day you were in a daze as you mentally prepared yourself to meet up at the river. 

When the time actually came by, you were running late. At 10:15 you ran off the bus and sprinted to the exact spot he was talking about. Within a few feet from the spot, you caught Yugyeom slouching form with six frowning boys around him. He barely held on to a boquet of flowers as Jackson ans Youngjae walked away with what looked like a basket and blanket for a picnic. Immediately, you screamed out for him as you ran to him. He turned around, his frown quickly turned into a smile as you threw yourself on him.

·         Him teasing you is never going to end, even with you guys dating. If anything it is only going to happen way more since you guy can see each other way more.  All this teasing just evolves into a prank war between the two of you, which late has to get settled out by Jinyoung because you guys took things way too far and trashed the dorm.

·         This won’t stop the teasing though. He just loves to do it, that is one of the ways he shows you affections “If I don’t annoy you then I don’t love you” he would say as he continued to poke your cheek like he was been for the past ten minutes.

·         For sure, he is still going to drag you to the dance studio with him, this time he will get you to dance with him *cough* dirty dancing *cough*

·         He is super shy about the idea of pda. He would avoid it as much as possible. Since everyone in got7 still sees him as a baby even though he is taller than everyone, they will always coo “Aww look at little Yugyeom with his little girlfriend!” Avoiding pda means avoiding all those comments.

·         Yugyeom would be the sweetest in how he would celebrate your anniversary. He would go all out with the scavenger hunt ideas. He would have so many clues for you to follow and lead you all over the city only to end up in the spot where you both has your first date.

·         He is different when it comes to arguments, at least for the first few months or so. Most of the time he is quick to assume that he is at fault and immediately apologizes and tries to fix everything. After a while and once both of you become more comfortable with each other, then that’s when he’d takes a stand for his thoughts. Thanks fully, he wouldn’t be the type to shut you out and he would listen to your side of everything and you both go from·

·         Unlike before, he wouldn’t ditch you for Bambam. Now that you both were dating, he rarely ever wanted to leave your side. He is just a giant cuddle bug.

·         His phone is filled with pictures of the two of you (mostly of derp faces).

·         He is cool with couples outfits. He just lets you choose what you both get to wear he doesn’t care what the clothes are all that matters is that is it something you both do together.

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