the dere types

anonymous asked:

if the boys are deres (like tsundere, kuudere) what dere will each of them be?

Hello anon. We tried searching about the deres but we only found two that is closest to the two of the guys. Which is Rod = Tsundere. Rumpel = Deredere.
The rest don’t match any of the dere types 😅

What kind of Yandere do you like?

I feel like the world needs to know what’s the best type of yandere. Reblog and put your favs in the tags or add additional types to the list~ ♡

1. Sadistic Yanderes who hurt purely for pleasure whether you’ve been faithful or not, more than likely to beat and chop you up

2. Possessive Yanderes who tie you up in their basements so you can never leave them and make you entirely and completely their’s

3. Silent Stalker Yanderes you catch out of the corner of your eye while walking home late at night, who have an entire box of photos of you they took without you ever even knowing

4. Aggressive Stalker Yanderes who know your routine by heart and leave you love letters and dead cats in your mailbox

5. Silent Killer Yanderes who dump the bodies of your potential lovers into lakes without anyone even noticing

6. Aggressive Killer Yanderes who chop off your girlfriend’s head and put it in your shoe locker as a warning

7. Deranged Yanderes who’ve imagined you as their long-time lover and don’t understand why you suddenly stopped speaking to them and are hanging out with other girls…

8. Paranoid Yanderes who start out as great dates, but become more and more worried that whenever you’re out of their sight, you must be with another girl

9. Cutesy Yanderes who are super upbeat and always act sweet and innocent, even while killing you

Not so usual drawing prompts

Send me a symbol to draw my muse as

🐱= Animal that represents them the best
💎=In luxurious outfit
😰=As a silent hill monster
💀=As a robot or animatronic
🌹=As fairy tale character
👗= In a historic period of either muns or sender choice
💎= As a gem(Steven universe kind)
🐭= As a fanmade pokemon(basicly make new pokemon that looks like your muse)
🐧=As a dere type(Tsundere ,Yandere etc..)
🐉=As a dark souls characters
🐸=As a meme

Ask Me Cute Questions ✎

So I decided to make this a thing on my blog, since last time it was so popular!

Theme: Cute/Aesthetic (Type theme and number in ask box.)

1. Do you sing when alone?

2. Favorite pastel color?

3. Hearts, or stars?

4. Cute thing you do?

5. Favorite thing cats do?

6. Favorite cute word?

7. Butterflies, or dragonflies?

8. Stargazing, or watching the sun rise?

9. Do you make wishes?

10. What songs did you like when you were young?

11. Write 10 words to describe your personality.

12. Can you dance? Do you dance?

13.  Favorite animal?

14. Polka dots, or stripes?

15. Do you wear make-up? When?

16. Do you watch cartoons?

17. Thing you still do that only kids are supposed to?

18. 3 qualities you like about yourself.

19. Do you smile a lot?

20. What dere type are you? (Yandere, Tsundere, Kamidere, Dandere, etc.)

21. Favorite model?

22. Layers or nah?

23. Favorite nail polish color/name?

24. Come up with a name for a crayon!

25. Describe your year so far with a gif.

26. Favorite kind of candy bar?

27. Gummies, or chocolate?

28. Do you blush?

29. Favorite flower?

30. Mermaids or fairies?

31 Which planet do you like the most?

32. Favorite Disney Princess?

33. What would your magical girl name and power be?

34. Favorite cereal?

35. Are you good at hide and seek?

36. Are you quiet?

37. Do you post cute aesthetic stuff? If not, do you want to?

38. Best kit-kat flavor?

39. Dream job when younger?

40. Do you doodle?

41. Favorite childhood store?

42. Favorite childhood book, show, or videogame?

43. Do you dream a lot? Do you remember your dreams?

44. Have you ever lucid dreamed?

45. Do you keep a journal?

46. Do you have deep, dark secrets, or are you an open book?

47. One color to describe your personality?

48. Do you swear? When did you start swearing?

49. Do you paint your nails? When?

50. Do you wish you were a kid again?

bipp-bopp  asked:

What type of dere would each person be?

Mikasa: Kuudere
Reiner: Yandere
Bertholdt: Yandere
Annie: Dandere
Eren: Tsundere
Jean: Tsundere
Marco: Deredere
Sasha: Deredere
Connie: Deredere
Historia: Kuudere (not really but meh)
Armin: Yandere
Ymir: Tsundere
Levi: Dandere
Hanji: Deredere
Erwin: Dandere
Nanaba: Deredere
Mike: Dandere
Moblit: Tsundere

Dere types (and a few others)
  • Tsundere: H-hey! Don't get the wrong idea, you got it? I-it's not like I'm doing this for you or anything! It just can't be helped!
  • Yandere Type A: Hey, you're not looking at anyone else, are you? I'll have to get rid of them if you are~
  • Yandere Type B: I saw you with that other girl. You really won't love me? Fine, if I can't have you... *pulls out knife* no-one will~
  • Kuudere: Hey. I'll go out with you if you want. I don't really care though.
  • Dandere: (after months of silence) I was just wondering... maybe we could... hang out... or something...
  • Deredere: Aw, you're so sweet! I had a great time today! See you tomorrow! I love you!
  • Himedere: Hm! You'll have to do much better than that if you want me to go out with you! *noblewoman's laugh*
  • Hajidere: Oh! *blushes* I'm so sorry! Um... uh... D-do... Do you... Do you... N-never mind! *runs away*
  • Shundere: Look, you're really sweet but I don't want to bring my problems into your life. Please just leave me alone. Besides, I don't feel like going out.
  • Ojoudere: Hm, you have proven quite impressive. I'll happily date you if you wish.
  • Yangire: Oh, hi! Tell me, do you want to FUCKING DIE?! :)
  • Tsunshun: Idiot! *starts crying* D-don't look at me! Just go away! I SAID GO AWAY!

A special ask just for Mod Ouma! S/O dealing with different Ouma dere types? (Tsundere Ouma, Himedere Ouma, Yandere Ouma, Kamidere Ouma??) Thank you so much! Love your work!

Anon, you know me WAY too well. Let this ask be my PRIDE AND JOY with AS MANY DERE TYPES AS I COULD POSSIBLY INCLUDE. Below the cut for long post!

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know your weeaboo™

kuudere: unemotional outside, sweet inside
deredere: sweet outside, sweet inside
yandere: sweet outside, brutal inside
tsundere: hostile outside, sweet inside

I put all of my effort into the last panel.





a. Byron Wagner x MC

Are You Ready For a King? (Smut)

Roll the Credits

Sshh! (NSFW)

Tickle Me Not

Just Got Married

Friend of Mine

I Love You, Goodbye


b. Nico Meier x MC


Kinder (Child!Nico x Child!MC)

Under the Mistletoe



Midnight (Smut)

Seven Minutes in Heaven: Braiding

Shower (NSFW)

You Make Me Want to Eat You Up

Tease Me (Yandere-ish Nico)

I Hate Valentines

Seven Minutes in Heaven (NSFW)

Itadakimasu! (Smut)

Of Pocky Sticks and Other Sticks (Smut)

Birthday Smut

c. Leo Crawford x MC

I Want You (NSFW)

Notice Me

The Love Which I Cannot Hide

Spank Me (NSFW)

Closing Time

Too Good to be True

Library Tryst (slight smut)

Book of the Stranger (Smut)

But Not For Me (Hanahaki AU)

d. Albert Burckhardt x MC

Shy?! (NSFW)

Leave Me Not

Cheer Up

e. Louis Howard x MC


Watch Me Whip

Good Morning (Smut)

No Touching (NSFW)

Blindfold (Smut)

Stop Stripping! (NSFW)

Hot (NSFW)

Aku no Meshitsukai: The Servant of Evil (Major Character Death)

dUKE Howard

Someday, Maybe (incest)

Under the Blanket (Smut)

Please Don’t Tease

That Bouquet’s Mine

f. Robert Branche x MC

You’re Beautiful

It’s Not Easy to be Me (Superman/Smallville AU)

Only for Him (Smut)

Paint My Body (NSFW)

First Kiss Stolen

g. Alyn Crawford x MC

You Taste Sweeter (NSFW)


Not Silly


The Queen and I (Queen of Stein AU)

Outdoors (Smut)

Prince Alyn

Ever After: Canon Divergence

h. Sid (Lloyd Grandier) x MC

In Vino Nobis Veritas (Smut)

The Switch

Spank Me (Smut)

Thank You, Sid (Smut)

Why Care Now?

Mr. Butler, I Need A…

i. Giles Christophe x MC

Modern Family

Giles, I Tease You!

Naughty (Smut)

Spank Me (NSFW)

Carriage (Smut)

Exhibition (Smut)

Tease (NSFW)

What the Hell Can You Protect?


Baby, It’s Cold Outside (Suitors x MC)

Blank Space (Suitors x MC)

Blank Space: Captive Bride (Sid x MC)

Young and Beautiful (Suitors x MC)

Sugar Rush (Nico x MC)

Safe and Sound (Suitors x MC)

This is Gospel (Suitors x MC)

Our Song (Suitors x MC)

Anna Sun (Suitors x MC)

One Call Away (Nico x MC)


I Prefer My Guys… (Byron x Louis)

King (Byron x Louis)

See What You Like? (Giles x Robert)

Sidney and Louise (Sid x Louis, gender swap)

Oh (Byron x Louis, Smut)

Let Your Voice Out (Alyn x Leo, Smut)

Mixer (Byron x Louis)

Drunk Into You (Alyn x Leo, NSFW)

Lucky (Giles x Leo)

Pizza! (Sid x Albert)

Crossdressing (Leo x Louis)

Took You Long Enough (Leo x Louis)

Mistletoe (Alyn x Leo)

Say ‘Aahh!’ (Alyn x Louis)

Body Painting (Robert x Byron, Smut)

Teasing Contest (Giles x Nico, NSFW)

Massage (Albert x Byron, Smut)

Turned On (Alyn x Leo, Smut)

Caught (Alyn x Leo, Smut)

Don’t Leave (Robert x Byron, Smut)

King Byron (Louis x Byron, Smut)

Not Gay (Louis x Nico, Smut)

My Favourite Sandwich (Robert x Byron x Nico, Smut)

You Meanie (Albert x Nico, Smut)

Fuck Indeed (Giles x Leo, Smut)

Damn It, Leo (Leo x Alyn, Smut)

Egoist (Leo x Louis)

Doing the King (Giles x Byron, Smut)

The Windows Are Dirty and So Are You (Byron x Nico, Smut)

Are You Done Yet? (Robert x Louis)

Spin That Bottle! (Byron x Albert)

Blindfolded, Gagged, And… (Male!MC x Louis, NSFW)

The Dare (Sid x Louis)

Moan For Me, Giles (Dom!Prince Elect x Giles, Smut)

Admiring Your Beauty (Giles x Louis, Smut)

Save the Last Dance For Me (Byron x Albert)

Anything For You, Daddy (Leo x Nico, Smut PART 1)

Daddy (Leo x Nico, Smut PART 2)

I Hope You’re Ready For Me, Too (Giles x Leo x Alyn, Smut)

Oblivious (Albert x Alyn)

Hostage (Albert x Alyn, Smut)

I Missed You (Albert x Nico, Smut)

Huh (Shy!Robert x Dom!Suitor)

Pleasure to Meet You (Byron x Louis)

Surprise? (Albert x Giles, Smut)

Ménage à trois (w/ MC)

Princess vs Leo (Leo x Alyn x MC)

Oopps! (Stein Trio x MC, okay not a threesome lol)

Not My Fault (Louis x MC x Sid, Smut)

Breakfast? (Sid x MC x Byron, Smut)

Sexy (Byron x MC x Louis, Smut)

What to Do with Two Hot Flirts? (Leo x MC x Sid, Smut)

It All Started and Ended with Byron! (Byron x MC x Giles, Smut)

Untitled (Louis x MC x Nico, Smut)


Strip Poker

Too Hot

Strip Poker: Sequel

Kiss, Kill, Fuck

Gakuen Handsome? (lolol no, i just… it was funny, okay?)


(note: there are a few prompts i haven’t done yet. sorry!)

…But Marry Me? (Alyn x MC)

Lady Louis (Louis x MC)

Thunder (Leo x MC)

Cold As You (Louis x MC)

Nerf War (Nico x MC)

Waking Up in Vegas (Byron x MC)

GENERAL FICS (platonic and stuff like that)

Monsters Here For You (Albert & Alyn)

Picnic (Byron & Sid)

Loathe (Alyn & Leo)

The Prince and the Pauper (Byron & Sid)

Professors (Giles & Leo)

The Last Airbender (Robert & Byron)

Science and Magic (Louis & Alyn)

Ha! (Albert & Nico)

Spa Day (Robert & Leo)

Stick ‘Em with the Pointy End (Alyn & Nico)

Fanservice (Host!Suitors)

Five Nights at Freddy’s (Leo & Alyn)

Honey, Why You Calling Me? (Sid & Leo)

Debate (Byron & Leo)

A Day At the Aquarium (Leo & Nico)

On Choosing Halloween Costumes (Stein Trio)

Snowball Fight… to the Death (Stein Trio)

Do You Hear the People Sing? (Leo, Louis & MC)

You Are My Sunshine (Crawford Twins, Major Character Deaths)

To the One I Loved the Most (Stein Trio, Major Character Death)

Pokemon Go! (Suitors & MC)

April Fools! Stein Version

Eat You Up (Byron & Nico)

Prank War (Leo & Nico, and a lil bit of Giles x MC, kinda NSFW)

April Fools! Wysteria Version

Just a Dream (Student!Byron)

My Heart Will Go On… Sort Of

We’re Lost, Aren’t We? Part 1: Albert & Nico

Glasses (Albert & Nico)

We’re Lost, Aren’t We? Part 2: Alyn & Leo

Curious (Albert & Nico)

The Things I Do For Love: Byron Wagner (Stein Trio)

Eyepatch and Care Bears (Dad!Byron)

Famiglia (Suitors & MC, slight Byron x MC, Mafia AU)

WTF, Alyn? (Leo & Alyn)

There is Hope After All (Robert & Byron)

Starry, Starry Night (Nico, Alyn, Leo & MC, with slight Leo x MC)

Finding the Little Prince (Leo & Alyn)

Go To Sleep Chapter 1: Sid (Major Character Death, Hannibal AU)

Go To Sleep Chapter 2: Alyn (Major Character Death, Hannibal AU)

Power Grows Out of a Barrel of a Gun (Suitors & MC)

Emotional (Byron & Albert, Nico x MC)

FICS FROM MY MAIN BLOG: @koichiidesu

Frozen (Byron x MC)

My Girl (Alyn x MC)

Control (Byron x MC)

One More Chance (Byron x MC)

Good Morning (Byron x MC)

In Spite of all the Danger (Byron x MC)

Of Jealousy and Kisses (Leo x MC)

Happily Ever After (Louis x MC)

Of Teachers and Students (Giles x MC)

Sensei (Giles x MC)

Subtle Not (Nico x MC)

Pinky Swear (Sid x MC)

Cuddles (Alyn x MC)

Yours (Alyn x MC)

Fall (Alyn x MC)

Catch Me If You Can (Alyn x MC)

Your Heart (Alyn x MC)


New Haircut

Lid Wedding Proposal: FB Parody

Jealous Suitors

Freaky Friday: MidC Suitors

Suitors as official Prince Consort

Suitors apologizing to MC after fight

Suitors’ DTL counterparts

Second Language

Marriage Proposal

Suitors and the music they would listen to

Byron Wagner and the Gregorian Chant

Albert listening to Taylor Swift

MC’s skirt flying up

MC fatally injured

Discovering MC is pregnant

The Godfather

MC with hangover

The Suitors’ kids

Suitors’ ‘dere’ type

Video Games: Suitors vs Princess

What would hurt the Suitors’ feelings and how would MC make it up to them?

Princess is smol

Soothing a crying baby

Finding MC’s lingerie

Suitors and Puberty Part 1

School AU and roles

Self-defense and MC

Pokemon type the Suitors’ team is made of

“Notice Me, Senpai!”

How old are the suitors?

How would the suitors meet MC in the modern world?

MC killed in front of the Suitors

MC mysteriously disappearing

Suitors caught jacking off

The morning after the first time

MC as suitor and vice versa

MC wearing the suitors’ clothes

Crawford twins on their birthday

The Things I Do For Love: Alyn Crawford

MC as princess of Stein

Suitors and MC on a date

Describe the Suitors using a song

Happy Birthday, MC!

Suitors and MC caught doing the dirty

Suitors’ reaction to MC being pregnant

Leo’s feelings about Alyn fulfilling their childhood dream

Musical instruments that the suitors might play

MC caught pleasuring herself

MC is 6ft tol

MC with a bad temper

MC slapping the suitors

Suitors and Puberty Part 2


Threesome with a guy the suitors chose

National Shower Day

Yandere suitors

Sarcastic and sassy MC

Tickle points

Of cheating and misunderstanding

Sexually teasing MC

The Cinderella Murders: What If MC Was a Killer?

Suitors turning into girls and MC into a guy

When West Meets East

MC in bikini

My Queen of Stein

Suitors’ last words

MC on her period

Suitors being executed

Suitors picking another guy for MC

Types of Pokemon the teams would consist of

What I love about the Suitors?

Punishing the naughty princess

MC got thrown into the pool, top falls off

Dealing with pregnant MC

Suitors’ allergies/phobia

Suitors who look angry af when serious

Suitors’ type of lady

Byron turning into a child

Robert and a love confession from a male suitor

Suitors’ favourite subject/s

Suitors as drivers

Georgette Lee Howard

Byron proposing to Louis

Most experienced suitor/s in the sensual way

Her Bitch

Vampire’s Embrace

Suitors when they’re mad at MC

Hogwarts Houses

(there are still other headcanons i haven’t found cos i forgot to tag them. will update soon.)

anonymous asked:

How do you feel about the different Archetypes in Anime? Example: Tsundere, Dandere, Kuudere and Yandere. Which is your favorite and why?

As long as the archetype is done well I love em.

Tsunderes are my fave dere type

because I love the gap between their tsun and dere side

also they’re badass/strong most of the time

MBTI as "-Deres"
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><b></b> Tsundere:</b> ESTP, ESTJ, INTJ.<p/>Acts harsh but likes you on the inside<p/><b> Yandere:</b> ESFJ, ESFP.<p/> Acts cute but is creeply jealous<p/> </b> Kuudere:</b> ISFJ, ISTJ, INFJ.<p/>Acts calm and serious will show feelings soon<p/></b> Dandere:</b> ISFP, INFP, INTP.<p/> Acts shy, gets confused about love<p/><b>Himedere:</b> ISTP, ENTP, ENTJ.<p/>Acts confident, takes love for granted<p/> <p/><b>Deredere:</b> </b> ENFP, ENFJ.<p/> Acts cute, are the loveydovey.<p/></p><p/></p>