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Colorado teen arrested for the murder of two young children

Malik Vincent Murphy, 19, was arrested after a girl, 5, and a boy, 7, were found stabbed to death in a Colorado Springs home on October 17th, 2017. Police responded after a 911 call was placed about violence in the home. When police arrived they found the two children dead, and an adult who was injured. The injured adult is expected to survive. Police are not looking for any other suspects. They are still piecing this case together and they ask that if anyone has any information on what may have happened that they call the Colorado Springs Police Dept at (719) 444-7000

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So, we've talked alot about how Bendy feels about Buddy(and i loved it), can we go a little more in dept about how Bendy and the other toons feel about Henry?

Henry Pre- or Post-Toonification? Ahh, what the hell, I’ll go with both:

When they were first brought into the world, the toons weren’t sure what to make of Henry. He was a rather quiet man, kept mostly to himself and his work. Hardly even left his desk, even during the lunch hour. Joey kept him working long shifts, and only let him go home during crunch time (which was ALL THE TIME) if fatigue made his work suffer.

As a result, Henry would often be the last one in the studio. Wally had to get him a spare key to lock up once he got tired of waiting for him. Restless, curious, and without much else to do in the otherwise empty studio, this led the Toons to do some investigating on this reclusive, caffeine-addicted animator.

They learned Bendy was originally Henry’s creation, as were an endless number of things that made up their memories, their lives. Both good and bad. Henry tell told them stories about all the trouble he and Joey went to to get the studio building, what a pain it was getting Bendy’s final design approved by Joey, all the crazy ways Henry SOMEHOW met Deadline after Deadline.

Needless to say, the Toons got attached to him pretty quickly.

Alice thought of him as one would a university professor, impressed by his knowledge of all things Toony, but always questioning him why he became an animator if he butted heads with the higher ups so much. She greatly admired the endless well of patience Henry always seemed to have.

Boris thought of him as a good friend, trustworthy and hardworking. He was always the first one to suggest that Henry take a break when stress got too overwhelming, solving it with a quick game of Blackjack or Go Fish. Henry took to giving him pats on the head, something the other office workers were too skittish to attempt with a live wolf, toon or otherwise.

Bendy… saw Henry as a patsy. At first. Always left to do the babysitting when Mr. Drew was too busy with his head in the clouds to deal with the hard work. He loved to torment Henry with petty pranks and none stop joked, mostly because Henry always let him get away with it. Until one day, when one particular prank got out of hand and ruined quite a bit of Henry’s boards. Joey got furious with Bendy, only for Henry to step in his stead and take the blame. Bendy never pranked Henry again after that. And over time, the less respect and admiration that Bendy had for Joey, the more Henry garnered in Bendy’s eyes.

Cut forward 30+ years later…

You know that feeling you get as a kid, where you grow up thinking nothing bad could ever happen to adults? They know everything, they can do anything, they’re indomitable superheroes. And then you grow up, and you learn how flawed they are? How much weaker they look? How they don’t smile like they used to or how their hands shake over the simplest things?

That’s kinda the position the Toons are in. Henry used to be Their Rock. Something the Toons could always count on the Save The Day, whether it was with Joey or simply keeping them in high spirits after hours.

And now look at him. He’s barely even there half the time, and he’s been through so much trauma that it’s a role of the dice how he’s going to act when he IS around.

Alice now thinks of him as an old scholar with Alzheimer’s. She can’t help but feel sad at the Loss of what Henry used to be, even when he’s in the same room as her. She tries not to act that way around Buddy, but it’s hard to forget.

Boris tries not to act like much has changed, but he can’t help but feel useless when he can’t cheer Henry up. Buddy’s no problem, just a simple hug or a game of fetch and the little fella is as happy as a clam, but Henry is much slower to healing than Buddy is after the events of the studio. Sometimes, all Boris can do is let Henry pat his head and then leave him be.

Bendy missed Henry. He missed him so, so much after he ran away, that he’s just thankful any part of Henry is alive at all. He knows that Henry’s been hurt so badly by what happened, but he tries his hardest to make it up, mostly by just sitting with Henry and telling him stories about what happened to him while he lived life as a vagabond (not unlike how Henry used to tell the Toons stories). He’s also the first to step in and dissolve conflicts between Buddy and Henry. He can’t let the 2 souls fall apart… he can’t bare to lose either of them, Buddy or Henry. Not again.

someone in the math dept. dropped their thursday hours so now there’s no one available to tutor in higher level math on thursdays!!!!! just kidding bbbbitches u KNOW i picked up those hours (real calc hours)


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