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the-green-anon  asked:

Personally I think that Briery looks better while tall & thin... But hey, I say whatever the shapeshifter wants to look like is always good.

Aw, that’s cool!! I like Briery in all kinds of bodytypes honestly!! I enjoy drawing a lot of body types and i like how they look!! tall/leathe & chubbier are my two favorites to draw though haha! 

okay here’s the tea: dan and phil are soulmates and the thing about soulmates is that they’re defined either platonically or romantically. regardless of the extent of their relationship, they’ve journeyed through life side by side in a way that only two people who were meant to meet and stay together can. think about it…they met on twitter, texted each other, skyped, and then bam they met and “created this entire world”. fast forward eight years and they’ve gone on tour, created a book, gone to several events, and released a board game (on the anniversary of their meeting, no less). you can tell that they’re extremely close and don’t plan on parting from each other any time soon, so it’s safe to say that their lives are intertwined in a way that only soulmates achieve.

thing i just realized

wraithia made cursed wine for her best warriors because of titan

tuls doesnt know who titan is, but its clear he drunk the wine since hes a ghost as well

wraithia gets especially angry & snapped at ava earlier when ava sarcastically asked if her warrior friends would be happy to see her 

wraithia either roped tuls or roped all her friends into her plan to literally kill god by giving them cursed brewskis, without their knowledge.