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How is Milo a white supremWhat is your favorite stand ability? A stand so dumb that it never fails to make you laugh

the demon that possessed this anon left them halfway through writing this and they were able to make an astounding heel turn at the last moment

What I personally think is that  they are not in a relationship. I think that they are fucking with us. I think that they are purposefully putting those things out there - putting out those tweets and making all the fans kind of speculate. They probably think it’s funny, and because it’s interesting - i’d be lying if I said I haven’t, like, thought about them fucking. Because I have.
—  Shane Dawson speaking about the Phan conspiracy theory (x)

How would a solar eclipse effect mythical creatures. Do werewolves transform or is it the only day they can reverse the curse. Do they feel the urge to howl. When real people gather, we cheer for the sun’s return. Do werewolves fit in for that moment, happy and singing and between wolf and human.

Vampires who can finally go outside in the day. They walk among families and cities and parties for those two minutes of totality and hunger not for blood - well, a little, maybe - but mostly for the life they’re missing, with children scrambling and people laughing.

Demons who take the second to ask God a question. A favor while the Earth is blind and we all look like angels.

The Jersey devil and mothman are partying at the boogie man’s house. The night in the day. I wonder what they’re doing. I hope they’re okay.

i do this drawing in my home.. without internet!! OO I HATE MY LIFE WITHOUT INTERNET!!! fuck!

ok this drawing it’s my other blog! @laugh-drew-films

Bendy and Chrystal cooperson <3 in the last day of the terrible accidently. =C

inspirated with music!! beautiful! 

I honestly cannot wait for the day when this generation is eligible to run for a political position because people are going to go digging into everybody’s pasts and at least like half of them are going to have to explain some of the shit they posted online like imagine watching a political debate and the front runner of a party has to attempt to explain away a snap they took of themselves where a big dick is drawn next to their head and it’s captioned “I love me some demon dick” literally how tf is anyone going to explain that, huh?

I need to take a moment to talk about how much I love Bendy’s mischievous-ass personality though?? like him moving the cutouts around n’ peaking at you from the corner:

Does that serve any purpose other than scaring the everloving shit out of you?? no, of course it doesn’t, he just clearly enjoys fucking with you. and then when he appears in the basement, he still has the giant shit-eating grin on his face as he very casually moves towards you (leaning against the chair to boot):

you’re fucked and he knows and loves it. at least someone’s having a good time tonight because it sure as heck ain’t henry

@doodledrawsthings the idea of the whole colored ink drunk!bendy side affects are so cool, i wanted to draw his original design with these

Headcanon: How Sebastian Made Undertaker Laugh

… during the Jack the Ripper arc….

We know that Sebastian asked everyone else to step outside and demanded that no one peek in. After a while, the whole funeral home shakes with Undertaker’s mirth. When Sebastian finally lets them come back inside, we see Undertaker still in a fit of laughter. He even says “I’ve seen paradise.” But, when asked about it by the earl, Sebastian says he didn’t really do much. The demon isn’t lying. So, what actually happened?

No… I don’t think he told the limerick about the woman from Kew….

What I do think: Sebastian stood there, telling lame jokes, but Undertaker started to laugh anyway and then just laughed more and more. Think of it from Undertaker’s POV for a moment. He’s a very strong reaper and already knows what Sebastian is. He sees that Sebastian must be under contract and is filling the role of a butler, a servant, to a child. Later, during the Campania arc, Undertaker says he always wanted to know why a demon had become a butler; that’s when he takes a nice long look at Sebastian’s cinematic records. So, back then, during the Jack the Ripper arc, Undertaker is becoming increasingly amused simply by the sight of a demon standing there, dressed as a butler, serving a child, and (desperately) telling lame jokes….

Anyone else have a good story for how Sebastian made Undertaker laugh that day?