the demon laughs

What I personally think is that  they are not in a relationship. I think that they are fucking with us. I think that they are purposefully putting those things out there - putting out those tweets and making all the fans kind of speculate. They probably think it’s funny, and because it’s interesting - i’d be lying if I said I haven’t, like, thought about them fucking. Because I have.
—  Shane Dawson speaking about the Phan conspiracy theory (x)

We all write about the angels who fell, but what about the demons who rose?

Devils who are too pure to be burning in dark pits, but not quite divine to be taken through pearly gates. Devils who love the sky and count the stars. Demons who take the sun and the moon as new lovers and the planets as new friends. Demons who laugh and dance in the rain the first time those watery drops touch their skin.

Demons who try to be good. Demons who rebel. Demons who still have a little malice in their hearts. They play practical jokes, lie, cheat, steal…sometimes they apologize. Most of the time, they just make it up with another grand gesture. Forgiveness comes because the sentiment is there, even if the words aren’t.

Demons who make friends with fallen angels. Demons who trace their scars where the wings used to be. Demons who remind them that they’re not evil because they fell to Earth, and angels who reassure them they’re not bad because they came from brimstone and fire.

Demons who read books and hate the movies that are made out of them. Demons who don’t read the books and love the movies. Demons who read poetry. Demons who think science is a lot like magic and just as complicated to master.

Demons who start to appreciate humans, and secretly root for them to be good. Demons who have nightmares about Hell, and call each other at 4 am. They don’t have to say anything, and they stay, phones on their ears, in silence, because they understand. No one wants to go back.

Demons who are thankful for Earth, happy for a middle ground. If they can’t go up to the Heavens, and they don’t want to go back down to Hell, then at least they have this. The one place they can be both good and bad, and no one will hold it against them.

The Signs at a Sleepover
  • (Requested by anon)
  • Aries: *brings a Wii* " KART?????"
  • Taurus: the one who always talks in their sleep and wakes everyone else up
  • Gemini: suggests a scary movie and acts like they aren't scared during it but on the inside their heart is
  • Cancer: is the first one asleep
  • Leo: draws on Cancer's face while they are asleep while laughing demonically
  • Virgo: the one who acts like they're not tired but they are actually VERY tired
  • Libra: suggests baking cookies bc cookies are gr8
  • Scorpio: the one who in truth or dare never, and I mean NEVER, chooses truth
  • Sagittarius: the one who wants to go t-peeing or whatever and is kinda hyped on sugar (or God knows what)
  • Capricorn: the one who is the last one asleep
  • Aquarius: the one with the deepest shit to talk about at 4 am
  • Pisces: wants to cuddle with everyone else but settles for cuddling with them-self in a blanket

Bare your teeth in the mirror and laugh, demon.
It’s okay to think this human body of yours is soft and silly.
Compared to what you were, it is.
But you get to live a life as one of these things, isn’t that amazing? Forget possessing people, you earned your own body! Go out an enjoy it.
Go outside, feel the rain on your skin or the sun beating down on it. Touch the snow with your fingers or let the sand fall from between them. And remember, this offer to live as a human is such a short one, so waste no time.

This life is yours, demon. Go on, live it.

Rewatching Supernatural

with my mom, but it’s her first time, and I can’t help but laugh every time she says, “Sam is an angel. I still think Sam is going to turn into an angel, right??” Or when Dean says he doesn’t believe in angels because he’s never seen one, and she goes, “but Dean, you live with one :(” ahaaaaaaa!!!! Oh, girl, if you only knew. But soon enough you will.

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Like every time latinx characters have sad backstories you white demons are out here laughing and making jokes out of it. Y'all laugh even though ur willing to go full Ina Garten “if your white fave doesn’t have a tragic backstory that excuses their shitty actions, completely made up in your own head is fine,” all the fucking time!!! Like!! Ok!!!

I see you laughing when Robbie Reyes had to lie and tell his baby brother that gunshots in their neighborhood were just fireworks!!! I see you laughing that Cassian was only six years old when he was forced to know war and loss!!! I see you making jokes about and/or sexualizing it when Poe was tortured and beaten by K*lo but god forbid it happen to a white girl right!!!!

I see you only giving a fuck about us when we’re naked for your pleasure!!! We all see you gringx!!!!

Humor Me

Request by Anon: Hi! Could you write me a dean x reader where they are already a couple but reader almost dies when she was kidnapped by demons, she survives and all but Dean is starting to be kind of overprotective with her because he is scared. Angst &fluff? Pleaser 👄 

Word Count: 1592

Warnings: None

A/N: After all the angsty Dean that came with A+ Secrets, writing a fluffy, happy, overprotective Dean was a blast!!

You were so far from pain. It was as if every cell in your body knew that this would be ending one way or another, and there was no point in sending shrieks of agony along your nerves to your brain any longer.

No, the time for pain was long gone.

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