the demon king of my heart

Before Joker Game:

Me: *tries to go to sleep*


After Joker Game:

Me: *tries to go to sleep*

Brain: “As the embers of world war smoldered in autumn of 1937, the Imperial Army established a clandestine spy training agency. The histories, names and even ages of the elite men who pass its rigorous application process are all treated as top-secret information. They easily complete training exercises that push them to their physical and mental limits. Under the command of founder Lieutenant Colonel Yuuki, they operate worldwide within the shadows. And so a brand-new intelligence agency was created. It’s name is D-Agency.”
*hums intro to Reason Triangle*


I crawl out of bed a dead man,
having been murdered the night before,
Drawn out to sea on a small boat
taken to China, there sirens implore,

Was it by Greece that I paused
in witness to Eros and a demonic mass?
Imagining all of Africa a garden,
my love a witch, marked in stained glass,

And a war party I joined
for the rescue of a queen,
Who was grabbed by a prince
my heart broke for her king.

I Can’t Decide

Pairing: Crowley x Reader
Word count: 1,147
Warnings: Smut. Unprotected sex. Cussing. Small mention of blood. Open ending with no plans for a sequel.
Challenge:  This was written for @roxy-davenport​‘s SPN Halloween Writing Challenge. My song was “I Can’t Decide” by the Scissor Sisters.

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cosmicpowerr  asked:

Question! In Matthew's bad ending in Demon War, does he still stay mind-controlled after (I assume) he kills Mika? Or does the Demon King release the mind-spell that was placed on him? My heart is wrenching at the thought of Matthew coming to his senses after all that and realizing what he's done ;~;

Of course!

Why let your pawn have the chance to be disobedient?

. Cross My Heart .

Author’s Note: Well!  FT Angst Week is starting on the first, and today is the first bonus day, so guess who decided to write for all of it? 

This is a Nalu one-shot for the prompt “Cross my heart".

Cross my heart…

They meet among the crisp white roses that make up her garden.

She sees him in the shadows of the apple tree, her soft pink lips parting in surprise when she sees the quiet teen with hair as rose-colored as the sky as the sun that sets behind him. She asks of who he is; he answers that he is the King of Demons, dubbed such by the brother that loves him enough to bring him back from the dead. He tells her that he doesn’t really have a name anymore, that many call him by the hair-raising title his brother has given him, one that she knows well.

When he returns the question, she replies with simple words: “I am Lucy. I’m the woman who lives in this place, alone, because my father is away with my mother, working on their company to try and get us more money so that we may live in a nicer home. One that isn’t falling apart.”

He replies, “Why wouldn’t you leave?”

“Because it’s my home and I must wait for Mother and Father,” she replies calmly. She tucks a lock of blonde hair behind her ear, her actions thoughtful. “Mother told me to beware the man who goes by E.N.D. But I don’t believe that you’re someone to fear…you look tired. Why?”

He bares his teeth almost playfully, showing their sharpness, and Lucy notices the black markings that creep up his face as he does so before fading away again. “I’m tired of having to kill. I don’t like it. But I have to.”

She questions why he has to; E.N.D. holds no answer.

So she asks him another question, a secretive smile on her gentle face. “Well?” she urges. “Tell me your name. Not your title, but your name.”

He is honestly startled by this. “You want to know the name I had before?”

“The one you were given by your parents, yes,” she confirms.

“…Natsu,” he says hoarsely, unable to believe what this kind girl is saying. Her blonde hair glows like that of a fairy’s as she smiles, her dark eyes delighted. “Natsu. My name is Natsu.”

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kite is a young wandering mage who is quiet, friendly, and pretty good-hearted

he’s out on a mission to protect those who need protecting, and he uses the power of the demon king Ragnarok to aid him in this

An Irritating Headcanon

I’m so mad because I can’t write/out into words this drabble from a headcanon I was thinking of!

Okay, Sasuke is the King of Darkness, right? Everything around him is dark, death-ish and just creepy. He has demons and cursed souls as his servants and shit. Everyone is terrified of him BUT one.

His wife. Hinata is the literal heart of the kingdom and she wears a blue pendant that is the source of all Sasuke’s powers. Instead of dressing in black, her robe is the purest form of white. Only when they come to the outside world her hair turns its navy hue and eyes turn lilac-ish but aside from that her eyes and hair are both white.

They bow before Sasuke but they put their faces upon the ground for the Queen. Because she wanted to, she could destroy everything.

Just One Word Book Photo Challenge!

August 21: Weakness

I’ve realized recently that I have a mega weakness for trailer trash boys/ street rats. Boys who have nothing and just want to be something so bad. GAH my heart goes out to them. 

I’m currently reading The Demon King and Han has won my heart. He reminds me of Kaz Brekker sometimes, my other trash son. (But my #1 trailer trash boy will always be Adam Parrish, I love that boy so much). 

I’m also including Kaden from The Remnant Chronicles, even though i have mixed feelings about him and i am totally #TeamRafe, but i do really feel for him.

also special mention to my trash son Jonathan Byers from Stranger Things :)

  1. “You’ll Be In My Heart” from Tarzan
  2. Lullabye for a Stormy Night - Vienna Tang
  3. “They Live in You” from The Lion King Broadway cast
  4. In My Arms - Plumb
  5. Demons - Sam Tsui and Max Schneider
  6. Father & Son - Rod Stewart
  7. King - Lauren Aquilina
  8. “Through Heaven’s Eyes” from Prince of Egypt
  9. “This Land” from The Lion King


Baby’s first time making a playlist! I’ve been meaning to make one of these for the AU, so I started off with basically the “AU Essentials” playlist. I plan on making one for AU Nabsgan and Midlink as well in the future! Sorry if it’s not that great OH MY GOS H

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anonymous asked:

I'm a born again Yoongi stan. I remembered why I love him with all my heart, and why he's important to me. His voice, and how much emotion he puts into his raps. The way he smiles. His serious but soft eyes. His cute little nose. The way he walks like he has a stick up his butt. I love it all. Why did I play myself like that. I can't believe I let demons take me from my mans. Like I just listen to first love and sobbed. I love this man sis. I'm so fuckin soft rn.

…im so glad to hear this si bc our king deserves every stan there is on earth. all 7 billion of them but like..was it jk or jimin that made u forget u loved him?? bc u kno, yoongi stans always get snatched by jk or jimin.. 

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I was tagged by my beautiful Riario 💜 @scorpion-flower Thanks bae 💜

Rules: put your music on shuffle, list the first 9 songs and your favorite lyrics from each. Then tag 9 other people to participate! 

I. Lonely Is The Night by Billy Squier
Lonely is the night // When you find yourself alone // Your demons come to life // And your mind is not your own

II. Rise Of A Hero by Twilight Force

Guided by fate and his burning heart //  He will be the king of hope and might //  He will be the heir of the dragon king

III. War by Poets Of The Fall

When I thought that I fought this war alone // We were one with our destinies entwined

IV. Unghii de Drac by Luna Amara

Nu-ti pasa oricum nu te face mai bun (which roughly translates to « I do not care about you anyway, do better» )

V. Wonderful Life by Hurts

So she throws him at the water // And kisses were like fire

VI. The Last Battle by Sabaton

From the foot of the alps // To the shores of the sea // From the home of the brave // From the land of the free

VII. I Can’t Wait Anymore by Saxon

I was a fool to fall for your lies // It took so long for me to open my eyes

VIII. Hologram by Crown The Empire

Close your eyes from the darker side of things //  A shade of grey hidden under sheets 

IX. Miserable Me by Phantasma

But I won’t drag you down //  You’ve got my word on this //  Dance the black waves now //  Let my voice yours hearts caress 

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Supernatural au - Meg Turney

Meg Turney: Hell’s second most feared demon. Her past is a mystery, all that is known is that her human name was LeeAnn but she changed it as soon as she arrived in Hell. Torture was her favourite pass time; the Mad King often allowing her to run free in the dungeons and play with whomever she pleased. Love was never a thing she imagined herself feeling, that was until she left Hell and became intrigued. Gavin was like no one she’d ever met. He had such a pure heart; it was not long before she became infatuated. He has yet to tell her that she was the one that first made him feel any emotion.

Songs that remind me of each type pt. 2

ISFJ: Carry Your Throne (by Jon Bellion)

ESFJ: The Wreck Of Our Hearts (by Sleeping Wolf)

ISFP: Just My Soul Responding (by Amber Run)

ESFP: Little Bandit (by The Heydaze)

ISTP: Hold Me Down (by Halsey)

ESTP: Greek Tragedy (by The Wombats)

ISTJ: Human (by Gabrielle Aplin)

ESTJ: Enemy Fire (by Bea Miller)

INTJ: Up In Flames (by Ruelle) I’m currently obsessed with her and with this song

ENTJ: I Dare You (by Bea Miller)

INFJ: King (by Lauren Aquilina)

ENFJ: Fear On Fire (by Ruelle)

INTP: Cool Kids (by The Downtown Fiction)

ENTP: Born Free (by Stalking Gia)

INFP: Flares (by The Script)

ENFP: Demons At The Door (by Sleeping Wolf)