the delivery dudes

shinee hosts a delivery mukbang (eating broadcast)

the spread: yangnyeom (seasoned) chicken with fried dduk (korean rice cakes), fried chicken, jjajangmyun (black bean sauce noodles), extra spicy ddukboki (spicy rice cakes), fried rice, tangsuyuk (sweet and sour pork), soondae (korean blood sausage), jokbal (pig’s feet) 


  • O YA!!!!!!!!!!!!1!
  • totally his idea 
  • could not sleep the night before bc he was thinking about what they should order and from where and morning needs to come faster 
  • tbh he doesn’t really care that it’s a broadcast just that there’s piles of food in front of him and he’s so happy ^▽^
  • keeps blocking other members’ chopsticks with his own when they venture near the chicken (”pls hyung you are too old to be swordfighting like this” / key: “i s2g you only became like this after they named you the chicken maniac YOU HAVE NO ONE TO IMPRESS HERE”) 
  • it’s darwinism, if you want to eat chicken be faster than onew’s speeding chopsticks of doom 


  • lots of reactions while eating like gasping or humming 
  • teases the camera by saying things like “doesn’t this look good~ it’s really good too bad you guys can’t taste it” 
  • looks like a chipmunk bc his cheeks get really full as he just shovels food into his mouth 
  • takes forever to chew whatever’s in his mouth so when he talks it’s mostly incoherent 
  • stashed green tea ice cream in the freezer for dessert 


  • mcing the event
  • reading out comments while he’s eating so not eating at a superhuman pace like the others
  • actually chews his food????
  • stabbed minho’s hand with a chopstick bc he was trying to take the last soondae off his plate 
  • makes lettuce wraps with jokbal and feeds the other members 
  • almost had to do the heimlich on taemin bc he was literally inhaling his food 


  • completely focused on eating the entire time ㅍ_ㅍ 
  • is this a mukbang or a competitive eating contest?? lmk minho??
  • when there’s no more food he’s like ????? who ate it all and blames the other members 
  • well it’s a good thing in the middle of the mukbang he ORDERED MORE FOOD OH YEAH 
  • ddukboki isn’t spicy at all, he feels no pain 
  • it’s fire, he’s fire boi 
  • he does chug a very large glass of water after which does NOT help  


  • plucking and eating all the dduk from the yangnyeom chicken bc honestly it’s the best part (manages to bypass onew’s blockade somehow) 
  • finished two bowls of jjajangmyun like nbd and still calmly eating with no intention of stopping 
  • also pretty much ate all the tangsuyuk by himself (a lot more lowkey about food hoarding than onew is but he’s claimed certain foods as his bc they’re all “subtly” in his corner)
  • smiling v brightly at the camera like he’s not eating his body weight in food 
  • viewers’ comments: woah….. attractive….. terrifying … humanly?? possibly??


  • why do they all eat like they’ve never put food in their mouths before 
  • sm wtf

I love that at this point in the movie they’re supposed to be secret and unknown to humans, but there’s this one pizza delivery dude who regularly sees them and does not give a single shit. Kevin is a good guy.

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My Johnny Jim's had a customer who called and right off the bat started screaming at our manager, because she thought OUR delivery drivers shouldn't be allowed to park in OUR parking lot. She wanted us to have to parallel park in random parking spaces down the street from our store. Also the same day, someone called and didn't understand why we couldn't deliver 10m out of our zone, then called us idiots for not delivering to him and he said he'd "never order our delivery again" no shit dude.

I will fight a bitch I swear. I am a huge addict of this establishment because I love sandwiches and I am too fucking lazy to go to the way of subs. I adore the fuck out of them(especially the delivery ppl) and I will hunt her ass down and push her car out of the parking lot into traffic if I have to. As for the 10m person no sandwich for you. -Abby

PS Seriously you guys are fucking awesome and I love you and your sandwiches. I’m hungry now but the store is closed here. LOL May justice rain upon your bad customers in the form of an exploding port a potty within five feet of them. -Sincerely an addict

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A suggestion: Zoro as a high school work out freak (kendo jock, always wearing work out tanks, sweaty 24/7) and Sanji as a pizza delivery dude who hates his job (Zoro tryin to flirt with the super sexy pizza delivery guy, but Sanji doesn't notice he's flirting)

I’m all about awkward first meetings tbh

Bye Zoro it was nice to know you

After this the weekly pizza consuming drastically increases in the household. Zoro might have a new speed-dial on his phone

76% of people in this town have seen at least A Titty this school year n i only know that bc that titty belongs to me 

currently living for the idea that given the space and chance and the emotional freedom to do so, credence barebone—due to his poor socialization and immense unwieldy homicidal ragepower—is sometimes, inadvertently, kind of a mouthy little brat

TalesFromThePizzaGuy: QUESTION: How rude is it to ask the pizza guy if he can connect you with some weed?

I’m pretty new to my area, I know no one here, and it’s the east bumblefucks of suburbia to boot. I have no idea where to get pot, and I’ve been out for ages now.

So, I thought about the pizza guy. Don’t know why, I just did. I’ve ordered from the local place a few times. The delivery dudes seem pretty chill. Thought maybe during a delivery I’d double my usual tip and just sort of ask, “Say, do you know where I can connect with some weed?”

But I feel like that might be rude. At the very least it’s inappropriate. I don’t want to put a dude on the spot or make him feel uncomfortable or anything.

How out of line would this be?

By: blackphiIibuster

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Lol was that delivery guy a Vetements delivery dude fkgkdkskckw

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:Some people call eleanor nancy idkw but i love it


Anonymous said to shadyshit91:If I’m SO tired of they using him this way, I can’t imagine what him feels like.

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:Louis and Eleanor just casually hanging out in track suits like they are in a 90’s mafia movie. What. Even. Please free him and end this.

I know, me too. Free my baby 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:I can’t find the pap pics :(

Just posted a link 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:If he didn’t receive a pat test in those photos then what’s the point


Anonymous said to shadyshit91:Okay but was Louis papped in London or LA. Bc I don’t want to see the pap pics


Anonymous said to shadyshit91:louis ficou dias em MIA pra ser papped no dia do single do harry PARABÉNS RUSTY SEU DESGRAÇADO EU TE ODEIO

@rusty vai que é tua lixo humano 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:ela colocou a pap pic no blog lá?

Não, saiu pap pics só 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:Lol jokes on Eleanor for thinking she looks good with those fake hair extensions when really her face looks like she’s hungover all the time. Fashion blogger goals .

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:She looks so white/pale. Sorry but she looks like a zombie without blood.

I’m literally crying 😂

darus (jesus x daryl) thoughts/masterpost.

Paul “Jesus” Monroe (in the comic) is openly gay, and has an off-and-on relationship with a man named Alex who is a doctor, I believe. Now, it hasn’t been revealed yet in the show that Jesus is gay yet. But I have a feeling it will be revealed pretty soon here. Jesus is super confident in the comic, and in the show (so far). He’s also smart as hell, and I firmly believe that Jesus was testing Rick and Daryl just to feel them out. To see if they’re actually human beings, y’know? So, he probably figured, well, they didn’t kill me, I gotta find out where the hell their home is. Did he intentionally get caught in the chase after he falls off the roof? I absolutely think so, it’s as if he was totally playing with them.

Okay, on to Daryl, it is a fact that Daryl’s sexuality has never been confirmed or actually revealed on the show. Now, of course people ship Carol and Daryl, rightfully so. Carol is the first woman out of all of the seasons he connected with first. It seems like in the second season they were going for Caryl. But what people tend to forget is that in season two their was a different main writer for the show (Frank Darabont, whom was fired like out of nowhere). Then it has been revealed to the public that Carol was actually supposed to die in Season 3 at the prison. But that got replaced with T-Dog (Sad face for T-dog). Carol and Daryl have a special place in their hearts for each other no doubt about that. But if anyone has been living underneath a rock, nothing sexual has ever happened between Carol and Daryl. Yes, they had an amazing heartwarming big reunited hug, and a kiss on the forehead by Carol. But that is all that has come out of it so far. Now, will Caryl ever happen? I have no clue, for the longest time I shipped Caryl, but now I’m not so sure what direction they’re going with their relationship.

Now as for Darus as a couple?

Let’s see, so if you haven’t noticed I would like to point out a couple of things..

Daryl and Aaron have a few moments in Season Five, the spaghetti dinner with Aaron & his boyfriend Eric (Yayyy<3). Also, when Aaron runs into Daryl in the woods, and if you pay a little more attention Aaron lets Daryl know that their is a bit of prejudice for him and his boyfriend back at Alexandria. (That they’re somewhat considered outsiders because of it). Daryl doesn’t really say anything about it, but obviously listens to what he’s saying. Aaron also proceeds to say something among the lines of, “I know you’re an outsider too.” Then of course a bit later he invites him to dinner with the funny as hell sloppy spaghetti Daryl thing. He’s basically so accepted with the gays of the show, and they all adore him.

Before Daryl and Rick go on their run there is a Denise and Daryl scene where Denise has a special request for her girlfriend Tara. Daryl is somewhat hilariously confused by the word pop, and then there is a particular line where Denise says, “I’m not very good at this kind of thing.” Meaning, romantic mushy gushy gift giving. You know who isn’t good at stuff like that? Daryl. Even Norman says himself, that Daryl isn’t a guy who would push someone up against a tree and just have his way with them. This happens right before Jesus runs into them.

Also, if you look up an interview of Norman, he reveals to the interviewer that for a while one of the writers in season two or three I think wanted to explore what Daryl’s sexuality was. He also mentions that he’d be completely down with it.

DARUS (Daryl and Jesus/Paul): When they first meet it’s intense as hell. Daryl is still distrusting of people because of Dwight stealing his stuff, and aiming a gun at his head. He doesn’t trust Jesus at all. Jesus is smart, fast, and seemingly confident (Just like in the comics). Whereas Daryl can be awkward, silent, somewhat grumpy type. In 2015 Robert kirkman also said something about doing with Daryl’s sexual/romantic orientation and I honestly don’t think he would’ve said something like that if he meant he was possibly considering the heterosexual route. Right when they meet, and Daryl lowers his gun, Jesus says, “But still, Best not to try anything,”. Daryl responds with, “Best not to make threats that you can’t keep either,”. Jesus eyes him, and replies, “Exactly,” agreeing. The rest of the episode is full of looney tunes like funny banter between the two. Daryl chasing Jesus practically playing together. Jesus saves Daryl from a walker behind him, Daryl still thanks him even before punching his face. If this was anyone else, I think they would’ve just punched Jesus. He appreciates what Jesus did, but he has his gun. I don’t think Daryl appreciates people taking his stuff again (*cough cough* Dwight) ..:D When Rick and Daryl are bringing Jesus home Rick swerves the car so Jesus rests on his shoulder adorably. I’ve read a lot of people’s opinions on this scene, and I read one genius opinion. Okay so, Rick is the main character, the main one that the writer’s control, you can take this in a way that the writers want Jesus and Daryl to like each other? Think about it. Daryl is obviously flustered by this, and pushes Jesus back away from him. This just seemed like Jesus will try and get closer to him or maybe show a bit of affection later on in the show and Daryl will just push him away and deny his feelings, like he did in the car by pushing Jesus back. (In an interview, Norman spoke about how Daryl was possibly going to be portrayed as a closeted gay male who would deny it out of his own modesty.)   And Rick then reminded Daryl that he knew that Daryl wouldn’t have left Jesus there. And Daryl, being Daryl, denied it and acted all tough. I’m pretty damn sure that Jesus wasn’t 100% knocked out during the whole car ride. So, he must have heard some of the conversation between Rick and Daryl. I can’t help but think this is some form of foreshadowing of Jesus jokingly and/or seriously flirting with Daryl at some point in time. Also, it’s not totally unheard of if at some point Daryl is under some distress, and Jesus just directs Daryl’s head on his shoulder for some support. The last scene with Paul and Daryl, he leaves water at his bedside, just like with the pop except he doesn’t shake it up. If you notice in that scene when Daryl does shake it up, and says, “In case, you get thirsty.” You can visibly see Jesus being humored by this, and chuckles watching Daryl as he walks away. Jesus appears very confident in nature, and could totally win over Daryl. Norman Reedus has stressed time and time again that Daryl literally has no game, and he would never make the first move with anyone. Robert Kirkman also gives no fucks when it comes to what people think, if you’ve ever read any of his comics, he has badass gay characters. He even says, “There needs to be more badass gay characters, I don’t know why there isn’t many, but with me there is in my comics,”. It would be such a perfect opportunity for the show and writers to show that there can be a badass gay couple that completely smashes the stereotypes. The Walking Dead is very diverse in nature. Glenn and Maggie, Maggie is a white farmer girl, and Glenn is a Pizza delivery Korean dude with nine lives. Aaron and Eric are an openly gay couple that has ran into homophobic people in Alexandria before Rick and the gang arrived. Tara and Denise, Tara a brunette selfless lesbian, Denise a blonde doctor. Rick and Michonne, Rick the handsome white leader sometimes a reckless Officer Friendly nonetheless badass, Michonne a black goddess Katana Queen badass. Come on, Jesus and Daryl, Jesus a fast confident openly gay fighting master with really great eyes and beard, Daryl a cross-bow and RPG wielding redneck who’s adorably awkward and tough with a heart of gold and to-die-for muscly af arms. Throughout the whole episode, Daryl is chasing Jesus. Later on, I can guarantee that Jesus will be chasing after (not literally, but metaphorically) Daryl. There is just so much symbolism, and foreshadowing in the episode, more than I thought after I was done over-analyzing. I’m looking forward for more Daryl and Paul scenes, it’s ridiculous.

All in all, I have no doubt that Paul and Daryl will get close somehow. Whether it be, friendship, flirtation (mostly from Jesus, probably), relationship. There has to be a reason why they had Daryl and Jesus having the most contact with each other throughout the whole episode of first introducing him. Although it would be great to see them in a relationship together as we have not seen Daryl in one throughout the seasons so far, just these characters getting closer would be completely rad. And The Walking Dead love to have characters seemingly dislike each other at first, then later on they’re super close (Daryl and Rick, Rick and Michonne) It’s just pretty much predictable that they will be close. Like I love that one gif-set parallel where Michonne says to Rick, “don’t ever touch me again!” Oh, how times have changed. (’:. Daryl was calling Jesus (excuse my language, it’s Mr. Dixon’s choice of words not mine) prick, asshole, and my personal favorite, “come here, you little shit!” I think it’s because he added little to it that it’s my favorite. ;) So, later on can we expect Daryl calling him sweeter names? We shall see. Tell me what you guys think, I can’t be the only one that would love to see these two badass characters having some sweet times together. :)

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An attempt to show off the majority of my Ryuusei no Rockman/Megaman Star Force merchandise and memorabilia in one photo just isn’t really possible, but I tried. For 10th Anniversary celebration!

From official figures to model kits, buying each version of the game (even when there were 3 editions), to artbooks, cards, doujins, and actual anime production art, I’ve got a pretty decent collection.

Riding the wave after EXE ended, like most, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect with this new series at the time, and I remember thinking many of the character designs just looked like uglier ripoffs of EXE characters, such as the Gonta/Dekao comparisons when the first art pieces were trickling out.

However, many us of were still just happy that there was going to be a continuation of the anime series, even though the 15 minute time slot just sucked.

Myself, being a huge fan of space and astronomy, I thought it was an awesome pairing for a Rockman series. The whole constellation-based boss theme seemed so cool, and I guess in many ways, I kinda related to mopey, detached loner Subaru, even though so many in the community just blew him off as an emo weakling for a while. But the great thing about the series was the added depth in the storytelling, which while at times, yes, was just your standard kiddy Capcom dialogue. But I think over the course of the series, the character growth and development really did shine, especially compared to other attempts within the franchise.

While I wish they would have stuck with more constellation bosses, I did like the mythology in 2, despite many panning it as the worst game in the series.

It was fun screencapping the anime on a weekly basis, and helping out with Crimson Seiko’s RnR forum/fansite On-Air, despite it never gaining a ton of traction with fans.

So yeah, forever a fan. But we need a new game. And cool Wood Ninja stuff. And an Akane model kit. I’m willing to buy. Hurry up delivery dude, where are you?

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Crap, I’m never getting that box of goodies delivered…

today’s events:

- “something died in the basement! go investigate!” I couldn’t smell anything, though they followed me down and wailed the whole time. no dead things in the cooler, either. ???
- had ‘Smile’ by Mikky Ekko in my head on repeat the ENTIRE DAY
- chatted with the herb delivery dude. he seems cool, though his life has been very unlucky! :(
- helped rake/trim the display gardens near the parking lot. A & B did most of it tbh. there was a stick in the one garden. B tossed a pinecone and I batted it allllll the way to the arbor. they were both like “woah” and I went “… I will never be able to do that again.”
- came home, took a bath, sat there wondering wtf all those crashing noises in the basement were. it sounded like a woodchuck was panicking or smth. really weird. but gdi the tub was full of hot water and you don’t just waste that!! anyway it turns out it was just the neighbor playing drums in his basement. sounds carries.

if you didn’t already know, i love lydia camille grace martin and allison argent so much they deserved a happy ending as best friends that made through it all. all i wanted from jeff was a happy ending for sciles and allydia BUT HE DIDNT DELIVER DID HE JUST LIKE THE DOMINOS PIZZA DELIVERY DUDE LAST NIGHT


*I’ve not been active for a few days asjfjsj sorry about that*

  • that one guy that stares out into the window, looks like he’s thinking about the meaning of life
  • he’s just thinking about what he’s going to have for lunch
  • he’s got a mysterious vibe to him
  • really admires how you are when you’re really into doing something, you looked so focused
  • ends up staring at you for a while like 15 mins straight
  • made his emo heart go boom boom
  • volunteered to be your guide around the school he thought you were really pretty and wanted to get to know you better
  • showed you around school told you his favorite hideouts
  • ‘‘ ok so here’s the place I like to just spend some time in peace and quite away from the noise, so yea if there’s anything you need just call and I’ll be there’‘
  • ran away with a red face someone save the awkward bean
  • over heard you grumbling about how hungry you were but didn’t have the time to go eat
  • after coming back from your break, you saw a carton of milk
  • you looked that the carton to see if there was any notes on it or if it belonged to anyone
  • you were pretty hungry so you downed the milk in a heartbeat
  • after coming back from excusing yourself to go to the loo, you saw a packet of bread on the table
  • at this point you were pretty confused ???
  • the other guys in class were grinning like mad when they looked up at you, nudging each other at the sides
  • that made you even more confused
  • this time you excused yourself again
  • you hid your self behind the wall that was in front of your class hoping that your delivery dude would appear so you could catch him right handed
  • not that this was a crime but you were really REallY curious who it was
  • it was really sweet of them
  • you finally saw someone standing up
  • wonwoo took out a cup of caramel pudding from his desk
  • woah he actually remembered that was you favorite snack
  • he tried to look all casual as he slid the cup onto you desk only to run back to his desk once he set it down [ pfft wonwoo pls]
  • you caught him
  • you found him in his usual spot
  • ‘‘ hey wonwoo, why’d you give me all these snacks , don’t worry if I’m hungry I’d go get some for myself plus I wouldn’t want you to waste your money like this ‘‘
  • ‘‘ ohh but I just get your attention Y/N so I thought of starting out small ?? haha guess it didn’t work ‘’
  • just gave you a shy smile that melted your heart [ how could you not love this beannnnnn ]
  • ‘‘ Y/N want to hangout after school at the library to study together ?’‘
  • ‘‘ sure’‘

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tenaflyviper  asked:

If you're taking very small girls to an adult comedy film looking for heroes for them, there's something very wrong with you. If you're a grown woman still needing fictional characters to validate your existence--or if you need a fictional character to do something before you believe that you're capable of doing the same--there's also something very wrong with you.

1. I totally expected to get some haters for the love that I’ve been giving to the new Ghostbusters film. One look onto the asker’s blog and a quick perusal onto their likes and it’s pretty obvious that, whoever this is, they’re all aboard on the “Hate the new Ghostbusters” train. That’s cool. Clearly, it didn’t float your boat. Contrariwise, there are many a folk who enjoyed this film.

2. Note how the asker only made mention of “very small girls.” First and foremost, I leave it to the discretion of parents when taking their kids to films and for the parents to decide if a film is age-appropriate for their children. Second, I find it amusing that the asker didn’t make mention of boys. It reminds me a great deal of the vocal naysayers who went to town on the reboot Ghostbusters by saying that it was (and I quote) “ruining their childhoods.” Hm, by not making mention of taking little boys to this film, the asker infers that they are of the male persuasion and in the subset of dudes who get upset because girls and women of all ages get a movie with great female role models.

3. Girls and women of all ages need to see themselves represented in mainstream media. If you, asker, are a white male, then you will always be able to see yourself represented in mainstream media in a positive, non-sexualized light. 

Also, I find it funny that the asker was perfectly happy to mock me by suggesting that an adult woman has something inherently wrong with her, if she has one or more fictional characters as a role model or if she relates to fictional characters. Yet, if the roles had been reversed and this had been a film with an all-male cast, the asker would not be mocked for projecting themselves onto one or more of the characters. Why is it so wrong for adult women respond well to female fictional characters, particularly ones who are treated with respect by their creators? Would the asker have said that there was something wrong with me for relating to a fictional character if I was a man?

4. In general, REPRESENTATION MATTERS! Women are grossly underrepresented in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) fields and three of the four female protagonists are in the STEM field. POC need to see themselves portrayed in all manners of roles, not just the ones based on racial stereotypes. In Ghostbusters, two characters (a main female character (an MTA worker/historian with a working knowledge of the full history of New York who provides excellent context as to why things are happening where they are) and a supporting male character (a Homeland Security agent)) are African-American and a minor though hilarious supporting character (delivery dude) is Asian-American. Another of the main female characters is played by an openly-gay actresses (who plays her role with heavy implications that her character is queer). 5.  Anecdote time - the second time that I saw this movie, there were at least two dads who were taking their sons (neither of whom could not have been more than eight or ten) and, at the end of the film, both sons looked at their dads and proclaimed how much they liked the film and that they thought it was hilarious. In one case, the dad spent the entire time quietly explaining to his son things that the kid might not have understood. In the other case, the son told his dad that he thought that this movie was the best thing he’d ever seen. At no point did I head either of these young men complain about the movie. I’m not sure if either one had seen the 1980s Ghostbuster films prior to this, but it still speaks volumes that this will be the first Ghostbusters movie they will have seen in theater. Given their positive reactions to it, it can be inferred that they took away the notion that, yes, women of all ages can be funny and smart and heroes. 

Above you will see little girls at the Ghostbusters premier, both dressed in costume. Take a look at their faces and at Kristen Wiig’s face. Tell me that this film is truly awful. Tell me that it shouldn’t have been made. Tell me that the looks on their faces don’t make it worth it. 


Dope ass @danaifromtheway came through to the new art space to get painted. Lil ma funny as fuck mane. We was crackin’ on the pizza delivery guy because ol’ dude had on a Domino’s hat delivering Pizza Hut haaa. Only in NYC.. I had fun chillin’ with you shawty. Gotta do it again someday.