the delena one i saw was so perfect

Can I just point out something

I mean we know that Damon is perfect for Elena for all the reasons that no one else sees. We know this because Damon hides his true nature from everyone,he doesn’t want people to see him as good. For that reason alone so many people were against Delena happening. But can I point out that when everyone died, and they were there to see the Damon that we saw. When Damon thought he was alone they were actually watching him. Actually learning who Damon was. 

To quote Alaric “Get the girl buddy”- We all know that Alaric was very against Delena. Even when him and Damon became best friends he was still against it. When Alaric was alive he only saw Damon as a threat, not Damon himself, but the life he lived. But then Alaric died and he watched over everyone. He watch Damon risk his life to save Elena, showing that he was actually the opposite of what Alaric. Showing that Damon was actually the safest person for Elena. 

To quote Bonnie"I saw you happy"- Bonnie had plenty of reasons to be against Damon. Even when they were friends she still had her doubts about him. But then she died and she too stayed to watch over her friends. She saw that Damon wasn’t just the cold-hearted monster she thought he was. But he actually had feelings, and they were real, and they were for Elena. She saw how much he loved her and that,he would do anything for her. He made Elena happy and she approved of that.

The fact that both these people who love Elena unconditionally and whole-heartedly, came back on Damon side is just amazing. That alone should show everyone how perfect Delena actually is, you just have to see them as whole. Not just the image they put out there.