the defenders before they were defenders

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But what about what Jasper did to Amethyst? I think that's also why people are saying she's can't be redeemed because of that.

(This ask continues from the original Jasper redemption ask, and the “save everyone” follow-up (now with additional meta))

I’ve said before that Jasper trying to shatter Amethyst’s gemstone in Crack the Whip was unacceptable. That wasn’t self-defense, and it wasn’t fighting a hostile foe. Amethyst was helpless. Jasper had no good reason to shatter her, but she wanted to anyway. I’m not going to defend that, obviously.

But I am going to defend Jasper. Because we’ve seen where she got that toxic world view. She’s not out there casually murdering people for fun. She has deeply held beliefs about the importance of serving the diamonds, of doing what you were made for, of not being defective. And we know why she thinks that.

As we know, quartz gems form immediate and strong bonds with one another (see: Amethyst in That Will Be All). Jasper had an entire kindergarten full of “defective” Quartz sisters to bond with. But then they all died, and Jasper was left to pick up the pieces.

And Jasper believes, deeply, that the world is a just and orderly place. That things happen for a reason. That we all get what we deserve. That means her sisters must have deserved to die, because the alternative is that the world is cruel and indifferent and slaughters the innocent to no purpose.

Jasper doesn’t want to believe that, and she can’t bring herself to blame the Diamonds, so she has to blame Rose, and her sisters, and all defective gems like them. It must be their fault that they weren’t made right. Killing them is the natural order of things, it’s what must be done.

(That’s not a surprising conclusion—plenty of people think that way in the real world.)

But that’s all the more reason to show Jasper rejecting that toxic mindset. If she was meant to be some irredeemable cartoon villain, she would just be evil for no reason. But she’s not. We know the how and why behind her thinking, and they wouldn’t show that to us if it wasn’t crucial to her narrative. A narrative that will, hopefully, show her adopting a healthy world view, one that embraces defects in others, and in herself.

Because children need to see that Jasper’s current mindset is wrong, and should be dispensed with. It’s no coincidence that Amethyst was her target. People, like Amethyst herself, are not actually defective. We don’t exist for a purpose, we’re not here to be a certain way or do certain things. Our lives are enough. And when bad things happen to us, that’s not our fault. We don’t deserve abuse. We don’t deserve to die.

And neither does Jasper. She is not a good person. She’s hurt others, and been hurt herself. Which is all the more reason to show children that even people who have suffered greatly and done terrible things can change, can grow, can learn to forgive and be forgiven.

No one “deserves” redemption. But everyone deserves the chance to earn it.

Even Jasper

We all klance fans know what happened in ep 6 right? 
Lance: Looks like the mice did more than you tho.

Keith: I punched Sendak!

Lance: yeh. Apparently, after I emerged from a coma and shot his arm off.

Keith: We had a bonding moment. I cradled you in my arms!

Lance: nop! don’t remember! didn’t happen!

But seriously… None of that actually happened in ep 5. Lance doesn’t shoot Sendak’s arm off!

After Lance shoot, the Galra dude still has his two arms. And Lance goes back to coma.

Pidge cuts his arm off tho

If you count that as cutting an arm off…

And Keith never punches him!!

That last kick was probably the closest thing to a punch

Seriously, guys? what the quiznack just happened?

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So it turns out Darren Wilson admitted that he grabbed Mike Brown without provocation, cursed and yelled at him and shot at him as he ran away. He's also admitted that Mike Brown never, ever went for his gun. I think we can expect an apology from the 'two sides to every story crowd', right? I mean, they were simply waiting for the evidence to come to light before rendering judgment, right? They weren't just racists defending a white police officer because his victim was a black teenager, right?

Yeah, weird how that racist murderer’s obvious lies needed “more investigation” and yet now the racists who defended him are mysteriously quiet.

Rescue Date - Lance x Reader

A/N: This fun lil’ story happens before the events of Voltron.

Prompt: YESSSSS VOLTRON! If it’s okay with you could I request some light-hearted fluff with Lance and his s/o? If you don’t have a prompt in mind maybe it’s how they meet? I once read this cute prompt where the s/o was getting stood up and right as they were about to leave the character sat down at the table and pretended that they were just running late for the date even though the two had never met and just told the s/o to play along? If that makes sense? Anyway love you’re blog you’re amazing!

Is this what being stood up feels like? If it is, you can say for certain that this fucking blows. You feel so humiliated and undesirable. You were also pretty sure everyone in the restaurant knew of your rejection. If there was a way for you to get rid of this feeling you would gladly pay any price. Just as you were contemplating on giving up and leaving a kind looking stranger slid into booth across from you.

“Sorry I’m late babe. I got caught in traffic.” He said, greeting you like you had known each other for years. Let’s get one thing straight here, you didn’t know this admittedly very attractive dude from Adam so why was he here? Was he mistaken? Did he think you were someone else?

“What?” Out of all the questions running through your head this was the one that ended up leaving your lips.

“Just go along with it. My name’s Lance by the way.” He leaned in and whispered to you. You could help but to smile thankfully at him.

“Well it took you long enough. I was beginning to think you had stood me up.” You responded trying to sound comfortable talking to this handsome, but complete and utter stranger.

“I would never stand you up babe.” He replied smoothly with a broad charming smile.

And that’s how you met your soulmate, in a restaurant where he saved you from your own humiliation. He kept his promise too. Not once while you were together did he stand up one of your dates. Well there was that one time but that, my friends, is another story for another day.

What Dylann Roof’s co workers said about him

(Dylann’s defense team wanted to use them as witnesses. This is from a motion)

Brock Pack would testify that he was a crew leader at Clark’s and supervised the crew on which the defendant worked both times he worked at Clark’s. Mr. Pack observed that the defendant often spaced or zoned out while working. One day, while working on a house by the lake, the defendant was edging around the rocks by the lake. There was no fence and Mr. Pack noticed that the defendant was edging three houses down from the house they were working on. Mr. Pack had trouble getting the defendant’s attention and had to get in front of the defendant to get him back on the right property. Mr. Pack would testify that the work crew went to lunch together most every day. If the crew sat down for lunch before the defendant, the defendant would go sit somewhere else by himself, even though the rest of the crew was sitting together. The only time the defendant would sit with the crew was when he sat down first and the crew sat next to him. Mr. Pack had a hard time knowing when the defendant was joking because he said everything in a monotone voice and would not crack a smile when joking. Mr. Pack would testify that the defendant often wore two shirts and had his pants rolled up at the bottom with his socks pulled high. The defendant seemed to have no interests outside of work.

John Patton would testify that he was a co-worker of Dylann Roof’s at Clark’s. Mr. Patton tried to get to know the defendant, but it was hard to do so because it was difficult to get answers from the defendant that were more than a word or two. The defendant told Mr. Patton that he was only working because his dad made him. Mr. Patton also observed the defendant when he was working on the yard three houses down from the yard they were supposed to be working on. Mr. Patton observed that the defendant fell asleep virtually any time he was stationary, even when he was in the truck for only 2 or 3 minutes on the way to the next job. Mr. Patton also observed the defendant sitting on his own at lunch. Mr. Patton once asked the defendant about hobbies and the defendant said he did not do anything; he just went home and sat in his room. Mr. Patton asked if the defendant played video games and the defendant responded, “No, I literally look at the walls.”

Brian Fanning would testify that he is a manager of the landscaping division at Clark’s and interacted with the defendant in the morning and afternoon each day when the defendant worked at Clark’s. The defendant worked at Clark’s for approximately two months in 2014 (from late March to early June) and for less than two months in 2015 (from mid-April to late May). Mr. Fanning would testify that the defendant was extremely quiet; it was like pulling teeth to get him to give more than a one-word answer. Even when he did give a longer answer, it would take the defendant a long time to provide an answer of any kind.

The following’s from a news article. I couldn’t find the documents.

Roof’s former coworkers described the gunman as largely “keeping to himself,”. One of Roof’s former coworkers recalled Roof offering to show him the pistol he had recently purchased with money given to him by his father. The man said he told Roof not to bring the pistol to work.

Another former coworker recalled a time when a fellow employee “made some racist joke,” after which Roof stated that he was a racist. Roof also told the man that he would like to one day get a job as a clerk or someone in the retail field, but no one would hire him due to the way he looks.

What They Do When You Defend Yourself from a Sleazy Guy Before They Can Defend You

Sam Winchester:

He had known you for years. Seen you on a hunt. You were strong and capable of taking care of yourself, but it didn’t stop Sam from worrying. And once he developed feelings for you, his worry turned to anger anytime he believed someone crossed the line with you. And the man tonight, he took the cake. 

Sam was ready to knock this asshole out. You just arrived at Harville’s roadhouse to grab some drinks and get some info from Ash when one of the heavily inebriated hunters took an interest in you. At first, Sam was just annoyed, but after half an hour of this man slurring his words and resting his head on your shoulder while calling you “pretty lady” was too much. His blood was boiling. Sam was about to reach over and pull the guy off you by the shoulder when you stood up suddenly. The man followed you, trying to rest his arm around you. Instead, you grabbed the mans wrist, twisted it around, kick his knees out from under him, and pinned him to the ground, his arm pinned to his back. 

“You listen to me you son of a bitch. Touch me again and your arm won’t be the only thing I break. In fact, you touch a single lady in here and I catch wind of it, I will turn you from a rooster to a hen so fast you won’t pee right ever again.” 

The man whimpered for a moment and you released him. Sam watched as he scampered out the door and you made your way towards him. You took his beer from in front of him and chugged the last of the bottle. 

“Y/N, I could have gotten him off you sooner if you would have just given me the signal.”

You ran your mouth across your arm. “Aww, were you worried about me Sam?”

He cleared his throat and shook his head. “No way.”

You winked at him. “Aww, look at you. Turning red as a beet. Don’t worry Sammy. I can handle assholes like that. Come on, let’s go get what we came for and get out of here.” 

Dean Winchester:

Dean knew you could handle yourself. He’d seen you take on your fair share of monsters. But monsters were one thing. Humans were what he was afraid of. After a few beers you tended to let loose and he didn’t want you to end up in some back alley because you were a trusting drunk. And something about the way this man eyed you from his dark corner of bar. Like a predator watching his prey. You didn’t seem to notice it, but Dean did. He decided once you got up to go to the ladies room, he was going to go have a chat with this man and introduce him to his fists if he needed to. 

“I will be right back Dean. Don’t touch my gin or I will kill you.”

“Whatever you say sweetheart.” 

Dean waited till you disappeared behind the ladies room door before strutting over. The man locked eyes with him for a brief moment and Dean made sure to give him the strongest death glare he could. As he reached the table, Dean took the mans drink in one hand. 

“So I saw you eyeing my friend.”

“So? Free country. I can look at whomever I want.” 

Dean growled. “Not her.”

The man starting standing up when a tiny hand grasped onto the back of his kneck and slammed his face into the table, breaking it straight through the middle. 

Dean looked to see you, a cold and ruthless expression on your face. “Hey asshole. You gonna watch me all night and then talk back to my boyfriend like that?” 

The man cried. “I didn’t know he was your boyfriend.”

You grabbed the man by the collar and slapped him across the face. “And who else would I be at a bar with dumbass?” 

“Hey! You can’t go breaking stuff. All three of you get out of here.” The bartender shouted. 

You looked over at Dean and winked. “Come on sweetie. Let’s get out of here.” 

Dean stood there for a second, impressed further with the woman who was weaseling her way into his heart. ‘Damn that was so hot.’  


Before he was a human, Castiel never worried much about you. Mostly because he knew he could easily protect you from anyone or anything. Now, however, he was mortal and after being on the streets for a short stint he learned just how quickly the sweetness of humanity could devolve into sludge. You never did. You remained as tenderhearted as ever, with just enough edge to make you a skilled hunter. 

The two of you found yourselves in a convenience store picking up some supplies for the road when a man a rather large, lumbering man approached you while you were searched the beer case. Castiel felt a pit growing in his stomach as he watched the man approaching you. 

“What’cha drinking lady?”

You looked up at the man and scoffed. “Nothing you are offering.” 

Castiel moved towards you and grabbed the mans wrist. “Hey assbutt. Leave her alone.”

“And what are you gonna do about it?” 

Castiel puffed his chest up, his blue eyes seething with rage and prepared himself to hit the man, when out of the corner of his eye he saw shake your head at him and point towards the front, clearly indicating you did not wish his for his help. Castiel obeyed, unsure of your request, but moving anyways. As he reached the front counter he heard a blood curdling scream. He turned to see you slap the man across the face. 

“Don’t you touch me asshole!” Castiel turned just in time to watch the man collapse to the ground. Your fist remained in the air with some blood on it. 

The cashier and Castiel stood with jaws dropped down as you casually picked up your beer. 

“Your girlfriend has a nice right hook. I wouldn’t mess with her if I were you.” The clerk said as you made you casually strolled towards them.

“She certainly is something else.”  

You set the case down, wrapped your arm around Castiel’s arm, and smiled sweetly at the clerk. “Sorry for the mess.” 

Castiel was more certain in that moment than ever before that you were definitely his favorite human and one he hoped would choose him to be your favorite as well. 

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a short klance thing i wrote that probably wont make it into a longer fic

Lance kisses like he’s never kissed anyone before, and Keith thinks maybe he hasn’t. If that were months ago, he would preen slightly with pride, knowing that that wasn’t something Lance could dangle over his head, the way Keith knows he would if he were given the chance. But it’s not months ago, and Keith is just glad that he isn’t the only one floundering here.

Lance tilts his head in the wrong direction and almost smashes their noses together. Their teeth clank together painfully and he smells like sweat and Keith can’t quite tell what to do with his hands, hovering in the air awkwardly, and he’s thinking about that and not about kissing. They pull away, and Lance is laughing before they’re even fully apart.

“That was so bad,” he says, still smiling, his cheeks pink. Keith is nervous for a second, scared that Lance is going to say that they should never try that again or that it was Keith’s fault for being inexperienced, but Lance only shakes his head, still grinning, and says, “Second time?”

Keith nods quickly. Their teeth clash again, but there’s less spit this time.

Military mondays: Battle of Belleau wood

reccomended by: @swigglett

The year is 1918 and the Germans play a dangerous game on the western front. More than 50 divisions, around 500,000 germans march towards the western front but even with this huge boost in numbers, many more americans were sailing across the atlantic to support the allies, the german plan was simple. Beat the Allies before the americans arrive, success during the offensive would mean the end of the war, failure, and the counterattack would be fatal. 

The German army had come dangerously close to breaking the french lines defending paris. However they had overextended their supply lines and the assualt had stalled. The germans had constructed heavily defended positions that threatened the major railway near amiens, they had to be retaken. One of these positions was belleau wood. 

2 US divisions  were assigned to the task of taking this fortified position defended by 5 divisions of germans. But these were no ordinary soldiers these were men of the marine corps. 

The marines began their attack on the 1st of June. Wide open fields surrounding the woods made them prone to artillery and machine gun fire. Once they got into the woods, the tightly packed trees made it impossible for the marines to gain momentum. The task seemed impossible, French officers advised the americans to fall back

US Marine Captain Lloyd Williams said in response to this, “Retreat? Hell, we just got here.”

Snipers picked out machine gun positions and cleaned them out with what a german battle report described as “Superb marksmanship”. In response the Germans used mustard gas, even with their brothers in arms spewing up their own guts, choking on their own vomit, dying in agony. The Marines never stopped their advance.

In the German counter-attack, Gunnery Sergeant Ernest A. Janson, repelled an advance of 12 German soldiers, killing two with his bayonet before the others fled; for this action he became the first Marine to receive the Medal of Honor in World War I.

as the marines advanced through the woods, being cut down by machine gun fire. sergeant Dan Daly called out to his men.

“Come on, you sons of bitches, do you want to live forever?

On the morning of the 8th of June, the americans smashed through the german lines, slicing them down with bayonets and leaving some german companies with 70% casualty rates. Their exstensive use of hand to hand combat earned the marines the nickname “Devil dogs” among the german army. 

The battle cost the lives of 1800 marines with 7966 wounded. The french renamed the wood theBois de la Brigade de Marineor the  "Wood of the Marine Brigade”.

The marines would forever be known as the very best.

If you have any ideas for what I should post for next military monday, it can be anything, a battle, a leader, an idea, a concept or tactic, a military unit or formation. Do not hesitate to send in your suggestions, either by message or comment.

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'Anyone who doesn't think Mycroft is a good man can fight me' - this is literally me. People actually have tried to fight me on this before. They lost. And I'm not normally good at talking and making my point but I Had To Defend Him.

It never ceases to amaze me how himans cab find power and courage in order to defend anything that they are passionate about.
I am in awe of your defense of Mycroft Holmes and appluad your track record.
Mycroft is indeed a good man and I would hope that every last one of us that enjoys this blog would do the same if some persons were trying to slander his good nature.




Feyre | High Lady of The Night Court 

   “The street before me was clear, the lone safe passage through hell. A female screamed inside the artists’ quarter. And I knew my path. I flipped my Illyrian blade in my hand and winnowed into the burning and bloody rainbow.
This was my home. These were my people.
And if i died defending them, defending that small place in the world where art thrived…
Then so be it.
   And I became darkness, and shadow, and wind. “


Pidge: If you’re wondering where everybody else is, they’re busy doing chores or something around the castle. Keith and I were already done with whatever we had to clean up, so we’re just doing whatever we want. I figured I may as well make this blog before Lance started complaining about his boredom again.

((… I only spent a few days watching Voltron: Legendary Defender and I went ahead and made an ask blog.

Oh, well. Enjoy these dorky paladins.

—the mod @lumen-ciela))


“Blood Hand Bedelia” 
2015; 25.4x40.6cm  |10x16″

Bedelia Du Maurier || ‘You were defending yourself?’ ‘I was reckless.’ ‘This wasn’t reckless violence, this was a controlled use of force.’ ‘I know what happened.’ ‘Do you?’ ‘He was your patient before he was mine.’ ‘He died under your care. You were not defending yourself.’
Hannibal, SE3E01

–>water colour paper; water colour pencil crayons
Coherence - commodorecliche  - Sheith, Voltron: Legendary Defender
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
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Title: Coherence
Pairing: Shiro/Keih
Rating: Explicit
Summary:  It’s been a while now, and they haven’t really talked, at least not about anything important. They haven’t talked about Shiro’s disappearance, or what happened to him during captivity, and they certainly haven’t talked about what they were before the Kerberos mission and how things have changed. But nothing can stay bottled up forever. During a late night combat training session, Shiro and Keith find themselves in a position to talk, to reconcile, to come to terms with all the things they endured and all the things they lost.

Come check it out! And always appreciate any comments or thoughts y’all have. 


“Before we stood on that Hill the Chapter simply told us: ‘That is what you have to do.’ Whose war was it? What were we defending there? The land? The borders? The people and their cottages? The interests of kings? The wizards’ influence and income? Order against Chaos? I don’t know! But we defended it because that’s what had to be done. And if the need arises, I’ll stand on the Hill again. Because if I don’t, it will make the sacrifices made the first time futile and unnecessary.”

​​Andrzej Sapkowski

A few hundred years ago, Hyrule was in the height of technological prowess. There were ancient machines called Guardians that could defend Hyrule and four Divine Beasts to defend the land. Everyday citizens had access to laser weapons -  swords, arrows, axes, and so forth. There were even trains to travel across the land quickly, and cars were an idea soon to become realized.

But, one day, rumors spread between kingdoms in the continent of Hylia. In the center, there was Hyrule; to the northwest, Termina; southwest, Holodrum; northeast Lorule; south, Ordon; and southeast, Labrynna. No one knew who started these rumors. All they knew was that it lead to war. Many lost their lives, even before the most powerful bombs ever were unleashed. The continent of Hylia was thought to be utterly annihilated.

However, blessed by the golden goddesses, the area around Kakariko Village and Hateno Village survived. The rest was polluted to unlivable standards. But courage has swelled in the land once again, leading the survivors’ descendants to explore a world thought dead. They’re discovering there is more life than previously thought.

The Legend of Zelda: Era of Rebirth is a friendly roleplay group based off of the Legend of Zelda series, but placed in a somewhat post-apocalyptic setting. You can pick a reincarnated version of a character from any Zelda game. No OCs. No previous roleplaying experience is required!

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So I was re-watching Voltron again, and I decided to do a thing. In episode 2, when the team is sitting in a circle trying to do the mind-meld form Voltron simulation, the room shows us a quick flash of whatever they were each thinking about before they focused their minds on their lions. Shiro appears to be thinking about what looks to be an Earth ship. I don’t think it’s a stretch to assume that’s the ship he flew for the Kerberos mission. Hunk is thinking about delicious looking food - it’s not long before lunch, so he’s probably a little hungry? Perhaps he’s wishing for some food in particular that has some special meaning to him? Whether he’s just generally a fan of sushi and pineapple-tempura shrimp skewers, or whether that’s food from a favorite restaurant or made by a person he cares about is open for speculation. Pidge, of course, is thinking about Matt, and about keeping their cover identity as “Pidge Gunderson, boy” a secret from her teammates while telepathically bonding with them.

What I find most interesting are Keith and Lance. Keith is thinking about a small house, out in an open area. It’s the same place he took Shiro (and the team) after breaking him out of the Garrison. The first time I watched the show, I didn’t think much of it - I assumed it was a temporary safe house he set up for that purpose, or something like that. Under closer inspection, that idea doesn’t hold up, though - for one thing, Keith didn’t have much warning that Shiro was going to return. Plus, that it’s still at the forefront of his mind means that the location probably has some emotional resonance. Is it home? Is that where he grew up? Or just where he lived for a while?

Meanwhile, Lance is thinking about what could only be his family. His huge, awesome family! Who are all these people? What do they do? Who lives with who? What are they like? Most importantly, which one is Mom who gives awesome hugs? (My guess - giving awesome hugs is a family trait. They ALL give awesome hugs!)

Ok let’s talk about Georgia “George” Martin, Hot Suburban No Nonsense Team Mom/Falconer Team Backbone/Lady Who Kicks Your Ass At Beer Pong Because “Come Ooooon Georgie You Never Celebrate With Us” Then Forces You To Go On A 4:30 AM Run With Her As Punishment For Overindulgence

Like for one the lady is HILARIOUS (want to run into him and pretend it was an accident?) and she is also HILARIOUSLY ON TO JACK RE: BITTLE because they were talking about him BEFORE then Jack probably continued talking about him AFTER and she’s just, internally, “ooh boy, this boys got it bad” but she’s chill about it, she doesn’t press. Also I think she really LIKES Jack as a person, not just as another addition to her team, so when she defends him to the press when people are like “lol you’re really gonna take HIM” she’s not only defending the honor of her team but HIS HONOR!!! SHE THINKS HES A GREAT KID!!!!

Also she’s a lesbian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And when Jack moves to providence she takes him out to dinner with her gf as a celebratory Welcome!!!!! dinner and she’s like “hey why didn’t you bring bittle?” And Jack, not thinking, is just like, “oh he’s got practice and then a test in the morning I didn’t wa– wait– wha– why – why would I bring bittle….what are you talking about haha why would I bring my old teammate you’re FUNNY george ha. Ha ha ha”

And George is just like 👀😏