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Okay so may I request a scenario where Shiro and his s/o are waiting alone for Sendak to wake up-or do anything-and then she tries to calm him down and he accidentally hurts her or something and thinks he doesn't deserve her or anyone???

(This is when Shiro is ‘interrogating’ Sendak and smashes the glass.)
Shiro’s fists were still clenched, shoulders shaking, when you rushed through the entrance was to where he sat. You called his name twice, worrying knotting in the pit if your stomach. Shiro, however, couldn’t hear you. He glanced to where you stood, and instead of seeing your sweet, concerned face, he saw Sendak leering at him. The second Sendak moved towards Shiro and put a hand on the paladin’s shoulder, whispering terrible things into his ear. The Galra soldier whispered about what his soldiers did to people who looked like you, and Shiro’s blood boiled. No. He wouldn’t let that monster touch you. Shiro’s robotic arm shot out, grabbing Sendak’s throat, fingers against the larger man’s wind pipe. Sendak managed to choke out a feeble ‘Stop’, before the purple features soon melted away into your own. Shiro’s eyes widened and he immediately retracted his hand, wrapping you in his arms whispering apology, after apology. You tried to speak in a hoarse voice that it was okay, but the sous of your breathless voice felt like a punch in the gut to Shiro. He had hurt you. You. One of the only people who he’d ever loved more than life itself. He had wrapped his fingers around your throat in an attempt to kill you. End your life. Extinguish you. No, not you. Sendak. Shiro curses himself, but not before think 'I’m a monster,’. Those words echoed in his mind. Bouncing around his skull, picking up the memories of the times that he hugged you too fiercely, or kissed you too passionately, or watched you cry while doing nothing. Sendak was right, he was a monster.

100 reasons to ship HashiMada

1. Hashirama’s unconditional love for Madara.

2. Madara’s unconditional love for Hashirama.

3. Ardent beauty.

4. Strength and grace combined.

5. It’s sensual.

6. You’ll never get tired of them.

7. “I thought Madara was a enlightment from heaven.”

8. Madara awakened his sharingan because he was going to break his bond with Hashirama.

9. Madara thinks about Hashirama all the time.

10. Madara is everything for Hashirama.

11. Madara’s hand was trembling when he thought Hashirama was going to kill himself.

12. Sexual innuendos: “I’m coming, Madara!” “Come, Hashirama!”

13. Hashirama was willing to do anything for Madara.

14. “I won’t let you lay a finger on him…”

15. “I want to carve your face in this stone!”

16. “It’s enough… I’ve already seen your guts….”

17. Madara never stopped loving Hashirama.

18. And Hashirama never stopped loving Madara.

19. Their chemistry is breathtaking.

20. After Hashirama “killed” Madara, he built statues of them. And Madara implanted Hashirama’s cellson him but this has a deeper meaning… It’s like they can’t live without the other.

21. HashiMada is a masterpiece.

22. When Madara sensed Hashirama’s chakra, he forgot the shinobi alliance in an instant.



25. HashiMada is air.

26. HashiMada is extremely passionate.

27. HashiMada is extremely well written.

28. HashiMada is extremely poetic.

29. HashiMada is extremely unique.

30. HashiMada is more beautiful than gothic architeture.

31. Madara is always complaining about everyone who is not Hashirama.

32. You can actually see how Kishimoto writes HashiMada passionately.

33. It’s more beautiful than a symphonic metal conecert.

34. Kishimoto sexualizes HashiMada.

35. It makes you feel excited.

36. It makes you want more and more and more of it.

37. It’ll make you want to write fanfics about them.

38. You’ll listen to music and you’ll think about them.

39. It’s breathtaking.

40. It will be present in your life all the time.

41. You’ll wake thinking about them.

42. You’ll eat thinking about them.

43. You’ll sleep thinking about them.

44. And you’ll dream about them!

45. It’ll make you want to prepare a feast and drinks.

46. It’s extremely great.

47. It gives you extreme joy.

48. It gives you wisdom.

49. It’ll help you in anything.

50. It’ll give you anything you ever need.

51. It’ll fill you.

52. It’ll give you a motivation to do things.

53. It’ll make you feel glad you exist.

54. It has A LOT of tension.

55. It’ll make you a sharp defender.

56. It’s seductive.

57. It’s more beautiful than classic movies.

58. It’ll make you feel prideful.

59. It will give you a lot of satisfaction.

60. It’ll be one of the best things in your life.

61. It’s more than epic.

62. Hashirama let Madara name the village.

63. When Sasuke asked Hashirama the meaning of a shinobi and what is a village, Hashirama actually told about his bond with Madara which means that he sees himself defined by his bond with Madara!

64. It’s more beautiful than a flute’s melody.

65. It’s more beautiful than historical castles.

66. It’s plausible.

67. It’s more fascinating than the mystery of the world.

68. It’s more beautiful than troubadours compositions.

69. It’s more fascinating than mermaids tales.

70. It’s more beautiful than the sea.

71. It’s intriguing.

72. It’s profound.

73. It gives you energy.

74. It’s vitality.

75. It’s more beautiful than a candlelit dinner.

76. It’s more fascinating than medieval history.

77. Hashirama is extremely important to Madara.

78. And Madara is extremely important to Hashirama.

79. Their last talk in chapter 691 will always make you cry.

80. It’s unforgettable.

81. It’ll be part of your sense.

82. It’s glorious.

83. It’ll give you intense sentimentality.

84. It’ll benefit you.

85. It’s fabulous.

86. It’ll make you feel like you are in paradise.

87. HashiMada is one of the greatest pairings of all times.

88. It’ll give you euphoria.

89. It’s sacred.

90. It’s excellent.

91. It’s extraordinary.

92. It’ll make you feel inspired all the time.

93. You’ll never leave HashiMada.

94. You’ll use poetic words to describe it.

95. You’ll want to honor it.

96. It’ll give you great ideas to veruthing.

97. It’ll give you more appetite in life.

98. It’ll make you see things clearly.

99. They shared powerful emotions together.

100. Because it’s undeniable.


Hey guys, since so many of you ask for me masterlist, I decided to make a rebloggable version so that you can save it to your likes :D… as I post more things I will update it  :) Hope this makes things easier for all of us :) xx ~ Lucy 

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Can you put up your master list pleaseee&thankss

#1 - You’re Afraid

#2 - You Get Hurt Playing a Sport

#3 - He Hates How…

#4 - He Loves How…

#5 - It’s Cold Outside…

#6 - You won’t open up…

#7 - “I Love You…”

#8 - “I Hate You…”

#9 - Things aren’t working out…

                 Part One       Part Two       Part Three

#10 - When You’re Asleep

#11 - Broken Promises

#12 - Midnight Dancing

#13 - Packing

#14 - BSM: You don’t like his girlfriend

                 Part One       Part Two       Part Three

#15 - BSM: You Have a Nightmare

#16 - You Call Him While He’s On Tour, Crying

#17 - You’re Shorter Than Him

#18 - Your Eyes

#19 - ‘That Time Of The Month’

#20 - BSM: You’re Adopted

#21 - You Won’t Admit That You Need Him

#22 - BSM: He Goes To Your Dance Recital

#23 - “I’m Pregnant…”

#24 - You Find Out You’re Adopted and He Comforts You

                 Part One       Part Two

#25 - You Know He’s Mad When…

#26 - He Knows You’re Mad When…

#27 - He Knows He Has Feelings For You When…

#28 - It’s Your Birthday

#29 - He Leaves For Tour

#30 - BSM: You Get In Trouble At School

 #31 - BSM: Christmas Time

                 Harry       Liam       Zayn       Louis       Niall

#32 - He Tweets a Picture of You Crying Because of Hate

#33 - Dancing With The Stars

#34 - You’re Taller Than Him

#35 - BSM: You’re Jealous Of Another Sibling

                 Part One       Part Two       Part Three

#36 - You’re Younger Than Him

#37 - Cuddling

#38 - Letters

#39 - Your Parents Don’t Approve of Him

#40 - You’re Drifting Apart

#41 - A Fan Hurts You

#42 - The Way He Sees It

#43 - He Makes You Cry During A Fight

#44 - You Have A Panic Attack

#45 - He’s Being Stubborn

#46 - He’s Sad

#47 - BSM: You Fall In The Shower and One Of The Other Boys Help You

                 Part One       Part Two

#48 - First Kiss

#49 - He Cheats on You

#50 - He Protects You

#51 - You Faint / Pass Out

                 Part One       Part Two

#52 - You’re Not Eating

#53 - He Cuts / Dyes Your Hair

#54 - He Catches You Twerking


#55 - When He Hears Your Name

#56 - A Rude Guy Hurts Your Feelings and He Defends You

#57 - You’re Kids and You Know Each Other


#58 - Flying