the deepest sun

Deepest Fears
  • - Virgo Sun with Cancer Moon: Being told that you are not giving enough when you're giving your all. Working in vain. Trusting someone and having that person turn out to be untrustworthy. Fighting for nothing.
  • - Aquarius Sun with Gemini Moon: Losing credibility. Not being able to express yourself. Being trapped in a monotonous life where you can't explore. Having your theories be disproved, or your ideas stolen/vulgarized.
  • - Pisces Sun with Taurus Moon: Losing the things that give you comfort, security and support. Being used and thrown away just like that. Having no other choice than to lie/hurt/leave someone you truly love.
The Moon, the Sun, & the Child

The moon sign is considered to be one of the three most integral components of the identity, along with the sun and rising sign. It is often equated to the soul, and some individuals remark that the moon is the true self. Traditionally, the moon is associated with femininity and motherhood. It is an emotional body that orbits the earth and changes signs every two days. The moon rules the stomach, the uterus, and the home, among other cavernous places. In fact, this ruling can be directly compared to the Cancerian mascot, the humble crab, who scuttles on the shoreline in a protective shell. The moon exists within us all, it elicits our natural reactions, provides our emotional satiety, and designates our deepest comfort. 

The sun sign is how we openly identify ourselves. It is so well-known and well-accepted as the persona that many people, who know little to nothing about astrology, are aware of their sun sign. It is the ego; it is what “I am.” 

But what beyond the self is ego? Both Jungian and Freudian psychology view the ego as a conscious self. This differentiates from the brief statement of “I am” in that it encompasses what we directly control and understand to be true about ourselves. And, in fact, it is generally agreed that the ego is developed- be it by circumstance, influence, personal experience, etcetera. One can conclude, then, that the ego is shaped and molded freely and consciously.The sun sign, as our ego, is our developed/learned reactions. 

It is in the development of our ego that we discover a dissonance among individuals regarding the sun-moon dichotomy. Where soul meets ego is where child meets adult. The innate self only exists within the womb, as that is a cavern of ultimate nurturing. And the mother, whose lunar fertility conceived and nurtured the sproutling of human life, freely nourishes her child and provides the main source of influence. Within early years, the mother/ mother-figure will keep this role as the caregiver. She will shape the moon sign of her child, and therefor the child’s sense of emotional well-being.

The ego is developed constantly by exposure, and by the environment to which a person is exposed. This persona, as a conscious development, will follow no formulaic guideline in chronology. Especially in the period between toddler-hood and young-adulthood, identification with the sun and moon sign will be ambiguous by person. Someone who developed the ego early on or whose ego has long been molded to the self will spend more time learning and understanding their emotional needs and responses, as well as recognizing those attributes of their psyche to be part of them.

Therein lays a danger in the development of the ego; a defensive ego actualizes in the more negative qualities of the sun sign. In the case of an underdeveloped ego, there may be a loss of sense of identity as the child ages. 

It is by pattern that the moon is connected with the child and the sun is connected with the adult. And while their is an inarguable parallel between the mother and the moon, early home-life and comfort as a baby is most indicative of the moon sign. More often than not, the mother continues to be a dominant force in this period of life. The father, then, is a figure-head of the world a child is born into- he is new experiences and externalized influencing factors of the psyche. But, in fact, the father is not all that comprises the sun sign. 

The balancing of the conscious sun and the internalized moon is vital to achieving peace with the self.

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writing prompt: jungkook is a merman who curses like a sailor and taehyung is a marine biologist who scuba dives in his free time

taehyung/jeongguk, 2519 words, fluffy as hell
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taehyung knew the ocean could be as dangerous as it could be warm- he had heard the tales over and over again, ships smashed in stormy waves, bodies floating in a sea as dark as midnight, the deepest ocean where the sun didn’t shine and the pressure could crush him alive, but he never let that stop him from appreciating the sheer majesty of it all.

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