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Chapter 5


The guitar part in Bed Peace keeps strumming along, but it seems so distant. All I can seem to focus on is how cute she looks as she bobs her head to the beat, a smile playing on her lips.

We’re chillin alone in her studio downtown. I couldn’t help but let a grin slip onto my face as I recalled how she hit me up earlier today.

1:27 p.m. My phone rings and disrupts my still slightly drunken slumber. It took me a few tries of random grabbing to find it amongst my sheets.

Hello?” again that stupid breathlessness. Seeing her contact icon pop up on my screen never fails to catch me off guard. 

“Afternoon, sleepy head,” she responded teasingly, “I hope you realize you missed the first half of school.”

“C’mon, mom, five more minutes?” I pleaded, wistfully thinking the desperate rubbing of my face would make me any more coherent. I could almost hear her roll her eyes and the smile in her voice.

“Well I just wanted to say thank you,” her voice trailed off as though she was waiting on my response, “for this morning, I mean,” she continued.
It took me a second, but suddenly I remembered waking up several hours ago and I wasn’t in my bed, but she was. We all may have gotten a little too turnt after the shoot last night. She had ended up passing out in my bed.

“Did you enjoy the breakfast I made for you?”

“Yeah, were the pancakes and bacon supposed to make a hearty eyes emoji?” She asked, chuckling.

“I’m glad you appreciate my artistic talent.”

“Oh anytime, but my main point in calling was about another talent of yours…”

“Uh, yeah?” I pressed, my eyebrows raising. I mean, come on. Of course my mind went there.

“The song, Donald,” she replied curtly. Ah, my dreams.

Damn was I glad we’re not on facetime. “Duh, that’s what I was talking about. I’ve yet to get the beat and your vocals, Miss.”

“I sent it as soon as I left…your shower jets are really nice by the way,” she must’ve caught on to the fact that I’d started blushing, because she was only making things worse.

I’m always open to a new roommate to replace one of the coons that camp out in here if you’d like to use my shower and chef skills all the time. Rent’s pretty cheap.”

“Okay, I’ll bite,” she chuckled, finally giving in, “how can I repay you for your excellent hospitality?”

“Well, here at the Glover Estates,” I continued, putting on my best stuffy, old white man voice, “we take many forms of payment. For example, cash, card, check, your body-“

A burst of absolutely child-like laughter interrupted me.

“Just let me know what you think of the song, and I’ll think about your proposal,” she stated gently, but still managing to shut me down again.

“Alright, baby doll, I got you.”

I could hear her smile before the beeping of my iPhone told me she had hung up.

It’s not love, but it’s pretty close
Hot fudge and a little smoke

While I waited for her to listen to my verse for the umpteenth time, I took the opportunity to pull out my favorite vape and take a few pulls. The way it hits your chest just right…there’s no better feeling. I leaned back in my chair, trying to resist the urge to continue swiveling left and right anxiously.

After awhile I realized that the song had stopped playing. Did I just doze off? I opened my eyes and found hers waiting for me.

“Wanna hit?” I asked, offering my vape up sheepishly. The way she could look at me like my soul was made of glass was both off putting and comforting.

She smirked in response and began digging through her purse. “I think I have something you might enjoy a bit more.”

Why are girls’ purses always so big? What do they need to carry in those things? They could probably live for weeks if a zombie apocalypse hit all of a sudden. Just from eating lipstick ‘n shit.

She pulled out a collapsible bong and a baggie full of…

“Aw, just for me?” I watched as she crushed it up and started filling the bowl.

It will be like this to the kiss of death of my soul
Bowl of the blue dream, no..

“Oh anything for you, especially after a verse like that,” she winked at me before taking a hit. Her eye makeup looked dope today. All swirls and shadows and enchanting like a fairy or something.

She passed the bong to me so I could take a hit before she continued.
“So was that about anyone in particular?”

I let out a cloud of smoke in response, trying to give myself a moment to think of the best way to respond.

Buried in the drugs, but the feels keep coming…

“I guess it’s not really one person, for the most part…it’s more a combination of my general feelings from a couple of relationships. The type of dude I try to be. But one person in particular inspired most of it.”

She nodded slowly, tucking her feet in her seat. “My goal was to have a Yoko, John sorta vibe.”

“So how am I doing so far as your Lennon?”

She smiled at me mischievously like she was thinking of something completely different than my question. “You’re perfect…so far anyways.”

I eyed her carefully, not sure of how to react. It was silent for awhile. We just passed the bong to each other, chillin.

I kept getting distracted by the way her shirt was clinging to her torso. What’s that shit called? Sheer? It was all see through and whatever. So I could see a mixture of bare skin and another fabric underneath.

“You okay over there?” Her soft voice interrupted my thoughts again. Usually that shit drives me crazy. I like to think. But when she does it…

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just thinking.”

“Can I ask you something?”

“You just did,” I teased, grinning at her.

She rolled her eyes before continuing, “I know last time I told you to search..but what are you really searching for?”

“What? In a relationship?”

“Just life in general…”

I scratched my head a little to buy me some time. Damn my fro’s getting out of control. I need to go get at least a line up or something.

“For a long time I’ve just been searching for myself,” I finally admitted, leaning forward on the production board and resting my head on an elbow.

“Have you been found yet?” she pushed softly, leaning closer as though to better sense my answer.

I met her gaze carefully, searching in her eyes, hoping I might find an answer there. “I thought I had…but now I’m not so sure.”

She nodded slowly, propping her head up on her hand.

“But I think someone else may have beat me to it.”

Not a good team, once soul, two halves..

She didn’t say anything back, but her eyes flashed up to mine. I just know she knows…We stared at each other silently for a long time. I hadn’t noticed how she had put her free hand on my upper arm, she had done it so gently.

“What’s that design you have on your nails,” I asked, breaking the silence.

I finally looked back up and saw that she was even closer than she had been before. “It’s one of the symbols in my family’s name in Japanese. I have a matching tattoo,” she replied, smiling.

“Where’s your tattoo?”

“I have a lot…maybe I’ll give you a chance to find the rest one day,” she said slyly with a grin to match.

I chuckled softly. We went back to gazing at each other. I wonder if she’s feeling as hot as me…


The room hadn’t seemed so silent until the abrupt pounding on the studio door.

“Donald! Aye, nigga! Open up!” I could hear Fam’s muffled voice yelling from outside

I let out an exasperated sigh and let my head fall on my arm.

“How did this nigga even know where I am?” I looked at Jhene desperately in lou of an apology.

She smiled understandingly and leaned back in her chair. “I guess the baby duckies found where you were hiding, mama duck.”

I got up and walked backwards towards the door, as slowly as I could of course. I was soaking her in, trying to get the most out of our remaining moments of solitude together.

“Hurry up, it sounds important,” Jhene scolded.

I finally turned and opened the door. Fam practically fell on his face he was so urgent to get inside.

His eyes were unnaturally wild and desperate as he grabbed me by my shoulders. “Bro, I’m in trouble.”

Fam and I were flying down I-5 in my Audi. I was griping my steering wheel so tightly that you could practically see my knuckles through my skin.

Fam was sitting in the passenger seat, bent over with his head in his hands.

“I told you this shit was gonna catch up to you one day,” I spat at him shortly, my words forced from clenched teeth.

“Donald, man, I’m so sorry. It was s’posed to go down like this-“

“Nah, Fam,” I cut him off, “I don’t want to hear any more excuses or apologies. You just need to explain exactly what the fuck happened and how you plan on getting out of this mess.”

“Aight, aight,” he sighed and leaned back in his seat, “you might wanna get off at this exit though. Those niggas might be at the crib,” he finished quickly.

I shot him a look from the corner of my eye before peeling through 5 lanes of traffic. As SOON as we get out of this mother fucking car…

I continued down the exit ramp and into the next town. The friendly suburbs outside our windows disappeared just as quickly as they’d come. Dilapidated buildings replaced them instead.

“Who are we headed to see?” I asked Fam, trying to lighten my tone.

“You may not like this, but we need some heat for what I have in mind…”

I sighed, gripping the steering wheel again. Great. Just what I need to end the day.

A text made my lockscreen light up. I saw a glimpse of Jhene and I before it faded back to black.

I’d rather be with you right now…

We should stay right here
We should lay right here
Cause everything is okay right here