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architecture-my-life  asked:

Do you know a good setup guide on how to make the best model-photos, with stuff you have in the Studio ?!

All of these model related questions are making me ridiculously happy right now so keep them coming.

Things you will need/what I used:

Desk lamp: V-Light Full Spectrum from Staples

Camera (Obviously): Nikon D-90 with an 18-105mm

Trace Paper: White, not canary…although now I’m thinking canary might have a cool effect

A Desk: You’ll find it under all of the process work and study models you’ve been creating

Black Bed Sheet or Table Cloth: You might need 2 depending on the size of your desk

1) Drape the black sheet over your desk so that it hits the floor on all 4 sides

Side note: You’ll be placing the model and lamp under your desk where your feet normally go.

2) Now that there is total darkness under your desk, place the model and lamp accordingly (professors appreciate when you place the lamp as if it was actually following the path of sun according to the orientation of your design on the site)

3) Being under a tiny desk, the lamp tends to be rather close to the model. By wrapping the trace paper around the light, it’s diffused so that it’s not too bright. Simple.

4) Take pictures.

5) Show off.

6) Receive praise.

Below: A facade study myself and 3 other students built of the new addition of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. Our professor asked us to photograph it in natural light…I didn’t care for it. Wish I had photographed it again before we scrapped it for parts. Oh well.

Below: Photographed using the method I shared above. An addition to the already beautiful museum that sits atop a hill at deCordova Sculpture Park in Lincoln, Ma. 

Anyways, to each thier own I suppose. Feel free to share any of your tips and tricks!

- Aaron