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Contest entry for @living-in-tyria-rp‘s Black and Gold contest!

Dressed up my (usually white and purple) sylvari Éamonn. Details under the cut.

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Ultimate Power Couple

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader
Genre: Comedy, Slight-romance, & Drabble
Words: 589
POV: 2nd Person

Drabble #’s :

6 -  “I just like proving you wrong.”

Originally posted by mintaekook

Glancing over your gaming computer screen, you noticed your boyfriend completely in the focus. Every now and then, you two liked to have Overwatch competitions. It helped you guys decide who was the better player. As of right now, Jungkook is winning but only by one score. On the wall, there was whiteboard that contained the score of your little contest. Using that to fuel your drive, you were winning match after match, however, Jungkook was doing just as good.

           “Why don’t you let me win, huh Jungkook? I’ll do whatever you want.” You suggested, coaxing him with your sex appeal.

You didn’t see it, but Jungkook raised an eyebrow, his eyes never leaving the screen as he killed the enemy team one right after the other.

           “And where’s the fun in that baby girl? I usually do whatever I want to you in the bed department anyway.” He replied, smirking slightly to himself.

You scoffed in response, knowing that he was right. Jungkook could get pretty dominant during sex. It was only a matter if he wanted to be sweet or not. He usually goes for the latter.

           “Whatever.” You muttered, rolling your eyes as you put your whole focus back to the game.

Jungkook saw the victory sign pop up on his end as he victoriously threw off his headset and leaned back in his chair.

           “I say that’s another score on the board for me babe.” Jungkook announced smugly as he stood up to put another tally on his side.

You rolled your eyes yet again, ignoring his remark as you focused on finishing your current match as the winner.

Jungkook leaned on your chair, watching your every move. Even making side comments on what you’re doing wrong.

           “Can you shut the fuck up? I’m trying to play. I don’t coach you when you’re playing!” You demanded rudely as he continued to point out what you should be doing.

Jungkook held up his hands in surrender, “Fine. Fine. But if you lose, don’t come bitching to me about it when I tried to give my loving girlfriend some pointers.” He announced as you were close to dying.

You growled, hoping to win this match but as it went on, the idea of winning was becoming futile.

Near the end of the match, most of your teammates have given up; thus, resulting in your ultimate loss.

Not wanting to give up, you told your teammates about one last plan to which they were skeptical of course, but what did they have to lose?

Executing your plan perfectly, you and your teammates managed to win which meant another tally was going up on your side of the scoreboard.

Jungkook stared at your computer screen completely in awe as he wondered how the hell did you manage to win.

           “I don’t know.” You shrugged as you got up from your seat and then threw your arms around his neck, “I guess I just like proving you wrong.” You added before leaning forward to kiss him sweetly on his lips.

Jungkook signed into the kiss as his found new admiration for his woman.

           “I knew I fell in love with you for a reason. You are just like me. We are not quitters.” He confessed, walking back to his computer. “Why don’t you and I show the other players why they should never let us play together?” He added, suggesting that the two of you team up.

You smiled rather cockily as you rushed back to your computer.

           “Game on.”

Even though the drabble challenge is over, feel to request something else like reactions, scenarios (texts or written), or a mood board! :)

the Voltron beach au that no one really asked for
  • they land on a planet in one of the rare quadrants that haven’t been touched by zarkon and are actually friendly and at peace
    • the planet has an atmosphere suitable to both alteans and humans
    • it’s really pleasant and has these gorgeous beaches
  • when they get there everyone is thrilled to see it but lance is also a little saddened by it
    • the boy is a born and raised miamian so going to the beach every other weekend was a common thing for him
    • he can’t help remember how his family get together and have these huge barbecues on the beach all the time
    • even tho the “water” on this planet is an eerie blood red and the sand is kind of turquoise
    • he’s still reminded so much of home
    • the gang gives him time to himself and he eventually pulls himself out of it and joins them
  • let’s face it their swimsuits are probably color coded
  • galra tech and water don’t really mix, so shiro stays on the shore or at least in the shallows
    • he falls asleep so pidge and allura turn him into a sand mermaid
    • apparently mermaids are also an idea in altea or at least some version of them
    • he wakes up and surprisingly isn’t pissed
    • “it’s cool and all, just why are my boobs so small”
    • “um”
  • lance was on the swim team back home before the garrison which explains the Broad Shoulders™ 
  • keith cant swim the poor bby lived in the desert his entire life
    • lance finds this hilarious until he sees his bf in the cute lil floaties and is declared legally dead
  • allura shows up in i guess like an Altean version of a sundress and everyone stops to look
    • she whips it off and everyone is just Swept Away bc the girl is fucking ripped
    • shiro’s abs don’t even stand a chance next to hers sorry dad
    • girl’s got a freaking 8-pack and her thighs are so fucking thicc she could crush a man’s skull between them and probably has
    • no one can breathe for a solid thirty seconds
  • hunk my polyneisan son can surf and proceeds to do so using a board he fucking made with his own hands god bless this boy
    • he teaches keith how to surf and it’s generally just really cute and good
    • keith picks it up pretty easily because he’s got a low center of balance and is just naturally athletic
    • this pisses lance off bc he’s been trying to learn for years and only just started getting decent a little while ago
    • they get into a big competition over who can catch the most waves 
    • this results in both of them wiping out a thousand times and shiro makes them sit out for ten minutes to “calm down and reflect”
  • pidge decides that they’re not really up for swimming 
    • they instead just chill on shore w shiro and look for rare alien metals
    • with the metal detector that they also fucking built there are too many geniuses on this show
  • shiro and allura have an epic volleyball match in which rivalries are formed and friendships are broken
    • allura wins even tho she literally just learned the rules
    • shiro graciously accepts defeat but they both know that they’ve walked away different people
  • pidge and hunk get into this big contest as to who can build the better sand castle
    • hunk’s is huge and surprisingly detailed considering how big his hands are but the boy’s got talent
    • pidge’s is more simple but they run to the castle and grab some tools
    • it’s got a working elevator and lights
    • hunk tries to call foul play but pidge points out that it was never explicitly stated that they couldn’t
    • the two agree on a draw
  • coran finds a tidal pool and begins to collect a bunch of tiny little alien crustaceans in a pail it’s so cute bc one of them has the same exact mustache as him
  • lance and keith run off to some beach cave bc they’re teenagers and in love but then lance steps on something that’s basically a jellyfish and they both start panicking
    • “PEE ON IT!”
    • surprisingly, lance manages to convince keith to do it
    • unsurprisingly, it doesn’t work. it actually makes the sting worse
    • luckily coran has some kind of healing balm which soothes it
    • lance refuses to move from his spot on the towel for the rest of the day
  • they stay out past the sunsets (there are three) and have a campfire night
    • they sing songs in both english and altean
    • lance tries to tell a ghost story but just ends up spooking himself
    • pidge remembers the time that they went camping with matt and how the two of them spent the night stargazing under the open sky
    • they tell the crew about it and everyone is so touched that they all start making up their own constellations with pidge
    • klance try to be sneaky and hold hands while no one is looking
    • everyone notices
  • they all get sunburns the next morning except for coran and allura, who apparently are impervious to ultraviolet rays
    • everyone is peeling and sore for the rest of the week 
“Is alcohol speaking?“

Request: “drinking contest with josh“ & “getting matching tats with josh“

(A/N): I just thought these two would really compliment each other. Thank you for submitting x

Words: 623

Originally posted by tylerjosephappreciation

It‘s your birthday so your boyfriend decided to invite some of your closest friends over to your place and organise a little ‘get together‘ for you. Everyone has gone home by now, leaving you and Josh, alone in your apartment. Since you two haven‘t had that many drinks, you are still sober. Actually no one really got drunk except for Brendon, who used your birthday as an excuse to pump alcohol into his blood. But drunk Beebo is the best Beebo, so no one really stopped the man.

“Sorry again for failing at your birthday surprise, babe. I promise I‘ll get you something else as soon as possible“ Josh says apologetically, planting a kiss on the back of your hand.

“Don‘t be sorry Joshua, it wasn‘t your fault. No need to get me anything else, you‘ve already planned this whole thing“

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Shiratorizawa Halloween Costume Head Canons


  • Wakatoshi isn’t really into Halloween, so he didn’t have the  chance to buy a costume. 
  • Instead, he put together a costume from his everyday clothing.
  • He went as a lumber jack, he found a flannel in the back of his closet and borrowed one of Semi’s ridiculous fuzzy hats.
  • He was worried that his s/o wouldn’t like his costume since it wasn’t very well planned out. 
  • Turns out his s/o is a sucker for a man in flannel.


  • Pretends he’s not interested in Halloween but is low key excited about it.
  • Since Semi doesn’t want anyone to know that he looks forward to Halloween, he wears a costume that covers his entire body.
  • He went as a Gumby. 
  • Practices changing his voice to get into character.
  • Tells his s/o who he is for Halloween. They think it’s funny and slightly romantic since they’re the only one who know his true identity.


  • Looks like a bear so that’s what he’s going as. 
  • Originally got the idea for his costume from Goshiki. They were at lunch comparing hand sizes and little bang boy told Reon he had bear claws.
  • Doesn’t care much for Halloween but is only participating bc Ushijima is going. And wanted to see his s/o dress up in a cute costume.
  • Didn’t think about matching his costume with his s/o but after seeing how cute they looked, he decided that next year they’ll plan ahead.
  • Not much is said between the Ushijima and Reon, but they both understand how embarrassed they feel.


  • Wanted to match with his s/o so they went as little red robin hood and a werewolf.
  • Tendou is completely aware that this is cliche but it was his s/o’s idea and frankly, he thought it was cute.
  • Won a bobbing for apples contest because he wore plastic fangs. 
  • Attempted to scare Ushijima all night but sadly failed every time.
  • Suggested taking a group picture of the whole team so that he could remember this night forever. Printed the picture and hung it up on his wall.


  • His s/o wanted to go as a cheerleader so in an attempt to match, Goshiki went as a referee. 
  • Tendou thought the two of you looked really cool in your costumes. 
  • Was flustered the whole night from his s/o’s costume. 
  • Goshiki wore a whistle with his costume. He told his teammates how he wanted to be authentic as possible 
  • Shirabu teased him about how how his s/o looked cute in her costume and how if Goshiki wasn’t careful, she would get stolen away.


  • Thought Halloween was stupid until his s/o convinced him to dress up. 
  • Went as Robin Hood because that was the last costume they had at the store.
  • Felt embarrassed and was teased all night and for the rest of the year because he wore tights.
  • Spent most of the night explaining his costume choice.
  • Shirabu ended up having a lot of fun hanging out with everyone in their costumes. He decided to stay longer then he intended to. 


  • Has really been on a Disney kick recently so Tachi thought it would be cool to go as Tarzan and to show off his abs.
  • Only wore a leopard loincloth hope to cause his s/o to go into a blushing fit.
  • S/o went into a blushing fit.
  • Stood next Shirabu to look cooler.
  • After the party, he went back to his dorm and watched scary movies with his s/o. Mainly so she could latch onto him and touch his muscles when she jumped.


  • Super heroes. He wanted to go as super man and his s/o as wonder women.
  • Got really into picking out costumes and even helped his s/o with accessorizing.
  • Made sure he stayed by his s/o’s side the whole night because he didn’t want anyone playing any tricks on her.
  • Joked around all night with everyone saying how she could use her lasso of truth.
  • Went home and carved pumpkins with his s/o and made silly faces. The night ended with both of them throwing pumpkin guts at each other!

This took all morning to write but anyways, Happy Halloween!

Please, please stay safe tonight guys and have lots of fun!

Two wins, one day (Sehun Imagine)

Idol: Sehun x Reader (ft. Exo members)

Type: Fluffy af

Word count: 1569 (GOD THAT’S LONG LOL)

Originally posted by luderella

It was the final match of the regional volleyball championship and Y/N was really nervous about it. If they won they would get to the national competition, but if they didn’t, all their effort during months of hardcore training would’ve been for nothing.

As she stepped on the volleyball court she could see all EXO members who were friends with her thanks to Junmyeon, who was her childhood best friend, sitting in the front row to support her. They even had posters with her name on it.

Before the game started Y/N got a text message on her phone. It was from Sehun, it said “Good luck!” She couldn’t hold back the smile that escaped from her lips, turned the phone off, and got ready for the game which was about to start.

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BTS reacts: Weird faces

Summery: BTS’ significant other making weird faces to win a staring contest


Initially, it was his idea, and neither of you had any objections to this little staring match. Without hesitation, as soon as you started, your face contorted into a humorous expression, catching Taehyung off guard. He mimicked this almost instantly.

V: “Alright, have it your way, PREPARE TO FACE THE POWER OF TAEHYUNG!”

You two continue to make faces and eventually just burst out laughing at each other.

V: “I’m glad I found someone just as insane as me.” He said, before giving you a short peck on the cheek.

Y/N: “I’ll assume that was a compliment. Thanks Tae!”

Originally posted by vthesecretoilet


You two were sitting at home, when you decided to start a staring contest out of sheer boredom. Upon noticing this, he laughed lightly.

Jin: “Please don’t do this to me (Y/N), you know I can’t handle your faces…”

Many thoughts bounced around his head, one of which was ‘I’m too beautiful to lose!’ Unfortunately for him, he could take it any longer; he laughed, causing him to blink.

Jin: “Well done, at least you’re worth losing to! Let’s get something to eat, I’m hungry!” 

He walked over to the fridge.

Jin: “See? Now everyone wins!”

Y/N: “Is this just because you lost?”

Jin: “… Maybe.”

Originally posted by thisisjustforfunval


BTS has been doing a lot of them recently, and it just so happened that you were visiting them after their practice. When you entered, you were greeted warmly, and asked to try a staring contest with them. Unsurprisingly, Jimin wanted to go again you, if anyone would be stating at you, it would be him. And just like that, you started the match, and initiated your tactic. 

Jimin: “Ohh… I see what you’re doing. Two can play at this game… I can be just as distracting… Don’t make me get my abs out, then I guarantee you won’t be able to keep eye contact.”

Y/N: *Fake gasp* “You wouldn’t dare…”

Jimin: “They’re a powerful weapon, able to reduce anyone to their knees…”

I don’t even know

Originally posted by v-takemy-v


You were featuring as the love interest for their song ‘Boy in Luv’, meaning you got to spend a lot of time with your beloved Hobie. It also gave you a lot of time to play and mess around, leading to small games that were just as random as Hoseok’s personality. One game lead to another, and eventually, you got to a starting contest. As soon as he saw your face, he was immediately in fit of laughter.

J-Hope: “Yah! What are you doing!” 

He began to mess with your face.

Y/N: “J-hope, as much as I love you, I prefer if my face stayed intact!”

J-hope: “Well that’s your fault for being so cute! I just love you so much!”

Originally posted by holdmettightbts


Since he couldn’t spend a lot of time with you at home, he had invited you to had out at his studio while he worked on songs for his group. Safe to say, you were getting a little bored, so, you tried what you could to stay entertained. Eventually, this lead to a brief staring contest between you two; as much as Suga would like to play with you, he did have to work. Regardless, he did what he could. Excitedly, you started. When you realised he was unfazed, you tried to make him laugh to the best of your ability. That included making weird faces.

Suga: “Uh, are you okay? You’re face is… umm… have you been hanging out with V too much? What are you even trying to do? Make me blink?”

Y/N: “… Is it working yet?”

A small smile edged their way onto his lips.

Suga: “… A little. I love you but I’m still not letting you win without a fight.”

Originally posted by just-for-fun-and-kpop

Rap Monster

Namjoon: “Try to throw me off all you want, but nothing is going to stop me from appreciating you. I’ll stare at you for as long as it takes just to prove that… Was that too cheesy?”

Y/N: “Possibly. Maybe you’d like some nachos with that cheese.”

Rap Monster: “… I know I’m known as the ‘God of destruction’ and I can break everything I touch, but I guess you could say I won’t… BREAK eye contact with you.

Coving your face in embarrassment, you look away, a huge grin spread across your face.

Y/N: “Damn it Namjoon.”

Rap Monseter: “I guess I won. Ready for round two?”

Originally posted by imaginesbts


“Oooohh… You’re good at this. But I, the GOLDEN MAKNAE, shall not fail! No matter how hard the challenge may be!”

Y/N: *Cue bizarre face*

Jungkook: “Umm…” He tries his best to refrain from laughing. “Do you know how hard it is to take you seriously like that?” 

He eventually just laughs it off.

Jungkook: “I guess you win, this is why I love you, you’re always full of surprises!“

Originally posted by coffeewithbts

Quick note: My ask box is open. Also, @funnyransom, in a request I made about the girlfriend falling over, you told me to tag you if I ever made anything, well I hope you liked this! ^w^

@imaginesofkpopandthings I’d thought I’d show you this, hopefully I’m not being annoying! ^w^

Candy Corn Pt. 1

Written by: spencerreidsmiles

I’m starting early with the Halloween fics! 

This story is about a reader who is disliked by Reid and is set at Penelope Garcia’s Halloween party. The other either be posted this weekend or next week, depending on the demand.

Please send feedback, suggestions, and asks!



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2017 MSPA Madness Finals

And the field has been whittled down to just two characters: Rose Lalonde and Jade Harley. One of them will be crowned the champion of this year’s contest, one will finish so close to this title. Your vote will help decide which character will finish in each spot.

However, the voting doesn’t end there. After the first page, there’s loads more you can participate in, for placement of the rest of the top eight, toindividual awards for matches, and much more.

So what are you waiting for? Vote today in the finals!

Perc’ahlia AU: Archery Contest

AU where the Briarwoods never happened, la la la, whatever. 

Lord and Lady de Rolo are trying so hard to make matches for all their children. Julius and Vesper have made suitable matches and even have some kids on the way and are settling in at Whitestone, deciding to co-rule as part of a childhood pact that they’ve held to ever since. Oliver and Whitney were recently married and have been sent off on diplomatic marriages to other noble houses. Ludwig’s been betrothed as part of a trade negotiation. Cassandra is young still but there’s been talk of a wealthy merchant family in Ank’Harel that’s looking to expand their dealings in Exandria, and that should satisfy the adventurous spirit that seems to be growing in their youngest child. 

Percival, who much prefers to shut himself in a library for days on end and is often in a forge stripped to the elbows and burning off his eyebrows in some new experiment, has skipped past many of the social gatherings and marriage machinations. Nobles often forget about the middle de Rolo boy. Rumors have started to spread that he’ll remain unmarried. 

After numerous attempts, balls, and rejections, Lord and Lady de Rolo are desperate. So they decide to try an old tradition: they hold an archery contest, for the hand of their son. 

And who should show up, a few years after fleeing Syngorn with her brother, but Vex’ahlia. A half-elf ranger with a hint of rogue tendencies about her, shadowed by her nigh-invisible brother and accompanied by a semi-armored bear, she’s determined to make her fortune. And nothing says “fortune” like a rich family like the de Rolos. 

Percival Fredrickstein Von Musel Klossowski de Rolo III won’t know what hit him. 

High school best friends Charlie, Sam, and Cas doing a webshow as an assignment for their computer apps class. And between Charlie’s queen of the nerds thing and Cas’s confusion at all thing pop culture and Sam’s bitch faces, they actually become pretty popular, so they keep doing the videos even after the assignment ends.

And in the question vids, the question that probably gets asked the most is “Why do Cas and Dean hate each other?” Because everyone can see that they totally do. Whenever Dean does something on the show, Cas glares at him, and he glares right back. They’re constantly making snarky comments to and about each other. And Cas always insists that he doesn’t hate Sam’s older brother, but then Charlie and Sam give him matching bitch faces.

After a couple years of the videos, they’re coming up on the big 200, so they decide to do a live show with live tweeting and tumblr interaction with their 5000+ followers. And midway through the show, they decide to play spin the burrito (a game of their own invention).

“I’ll go get the burritos!” Sam volunteers while Charlie yells, “I’ve got the sombrero!”

“Here, have a staring contest with Cas while we’re gone,” Charlie instructs the viewers as she and Sam stand to leave.

As they run out of the room, Dean can be heard in the hallway, “what’s up guys?”



And Cas is busy staring directly into the camera, so he doesn’t see Dean peek his head into the room to check that the coast is clear. He doesn’t anticipate it when Dean’s arms wrap around him from behind as the older boy says, “Hey, Sexy.”

He barely has time to process before Dean is turning his head to the side to smash their mouths together. Cas tries to pull back, “Dean!”

“Don’t worry; I hid the burritos in the way back of the freezer this time. It’ll take him at least four minutes,” Dean promises. “And the sombrero is in the back of the hall closet, so that’ll take her five.”

“The camera!” Cas protests. Dean leans in for another kiss, murmuring, “Just edit it out later like you always do…” He presses another hungry kiss against Cas’s mouth, and Cas allows himself to be pulled under for a moment before he remembers that he can’t just edit it out later because…

“It’s a live show!” Cas squeaks, and Dean freezes. His eyes flick over toward the camera.

“Live?” He asks, and Cas nods his head.

Dean stays frozen there against Cas’s mouth for a solid ten second before he mutters, “Aw, fuck it!” And then resumes kissing his boyfriend.

When Charlie and Sam run back in a couple minutes later holding their spoils, she actually squeals. She holds out her hand toward Sam. “Pay up, bitch!”

The contestants were all being treated to ice cream at a local ice cream parlor after most of the first round matches were set and done. Silver found himself enjoying an orange sherbet flavored ice cream  next to his next opponent for round two. He was taller, darker and buffer than him but could he battle better than him? That was the golden question. Seeing the man was enjoying cookies and cream ice cream, Silver decided to risk chatting with him and what his next opponent was like.

So you have a Feraligatr as well and you work that Guzma guy, right? Is his leadership why you have such a formidable team with you?


Another Marinette Headcanon

The class had a free period, and the guys in the class decide to have an arm wrestling contest. After a quick bout. Adrien beat Kim in an arm wrestling match, and everyone was impressed.
Ivan even tries to beat Adrien, but Adrien beats the big guy.
The whole class is impressed, Adrien tries to play it off.

Alya then says He should arm wrestle Marinette. Marinette is totally against it, muttering something about not being able to last a minute.
But Alya convinces her so she can ‘hold Adrien’s hand’

That convinces her to try.
Adrien decides to go light at first. The match starts and she isn’t moving an inch. 'She is in cloud nine’ Adrien’s light effort couldn’t budge her. So he begins going serious. Marinette then wakes up from her fantasy and she pushes back.
After 10 minutes of being in a stalemate, Adrien caves (from exhaustion from prior matches. If it was fresh, he would have lasted a bit longer, but still lose) everyone was surprised!
Marinette gets the title of strongest in the class. Adrien congratulates her. And asks to feel her muscle. Marinette manages to hide her glee, but allows it.

Suffice to say, everyone was impressed with the designers muscles.



1, Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Kazuchika Okada (Jan 4th, *****)

2, Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Kota Ibushi (Jan 4th, *****)

3, Tomoaki Honma vs. Tomohiro Ishii (Feb 14th, ****¾+)

4, Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Shinsuke Nakamura (Aug 16th, ****¾)

5, Hiroshi Tanahashi vs AJ Styles (Aug 14th, ****¾)

6, KUSHIDA vs. Kyle O'Reilly (Jun 7th, ****¾) 

7, Kazuchika Okada vs. Shinsuke Nakamura (Aug 15th, ****¾)

8, Tomohiro Ishii vs. Tomoaki Honma (Nov 7th, ****¾)

9, AJ Styles vs. Kazuchika Okada (Jul 5th, ****¾)

10, Katsuyori Shibata vs. Kota Ibushi (Jul 29th, ****¾)

Honourable mentions: Goto vs. Ishii (Aug 9th), Tanahashi vs. Ibushi (Jul 20th), Ishii vs. Elgin (Aug 15th), Okada vs. AJ (Oct 12th), AJ vs. Ibushi (Apr 6th)

There has been some seriously good quality wrestling bouts in New Japan this year. Whilst audience figures seem to decrease and the over-all quality of the shows seems to have diminished since the peaks of, say, 2013, the individual outstanding match count is as high as it has ever been in the promotion.

They hit the ground running in January with Wrestle Kingdom 9, which was one of the greatest wrestling cards ever and gave us the two best matches of the year straight off the bat. I’ve been tied up in knots ever since, trying to decide which of the top two matches I thought was better, with both being ***** classics. It didn’t matter how many times I watched them, I just couldn't decide, with both being very different, but both equally outstanding contests. In the end, I’ve gone with the Tanahashi/Okada main event, based purely on the emotion and meaning behind it. These guys made that match seem like the most important in a generation, and Okada breaking down in tears at having failed at his quest to become company ace was incredible to see and the whole thing is just something you don’t see anywhere these days. They also have a gift of going out there and having a 30 minute plus wrestling match, but making it feel half that long, which is quite the talent.

The superb Ishii/Honma war from February 14th is another match I’ve long toyed with giving the full ***** Whilst as brilliant as it was, there were a couple reasons I just couldn’t give it full marks. Firstly, it ultimately went on too long for my liking, to the point it felt like overkill at times (their epic and almost as good rematch on November 7th was as lean as this could have been) and secondly, had Honma gone over, it would have been truly perfect. Tanahashi and Shinsuke’s fantastic G1 final was without doubt the greatest match they’ve ever had against each other and Tanahashi’s G1 clash with AJ on August 14th was quite possibly the best performance of AJ’s career. Both were drama filled and exceptional pieces of professional wrestling.

KUSHIDA’S BOSJ final victory over Kyle O’reilly was outstanding and probably the best junior heavyweight match in NJPW since Koji Kanemoto and El Samurai’s classic BOSJ final in 1997. AJ Styles proved himself a top draw and true top tier talent in 2015. His tremendous title defence against Okada from a sold out Osaka-Jo Hall was particularly exceptional, and the Rainmaker himself proved his worth too, with both men being strong wrestler of the year candidates. Okada’s battle in the G1 with Shinsuke (a rematch of my favourite bout from 2014) was almost as good as last years final, and is such a well protected match-up, that it feels really fresh and vital. Which brings us to Ibushi vs. Shibata, again in the G1, which was a legitimate first time offering and it more than delivered on its potential.

2015 was a tremendous year, from an in-ring standpoint, for New Japan Pro-Wrestling. Here’s hoping this quality continues into 2016. With WK10 shaping up the way it is, theres no reason to think otherwise.


So I had a dream last night…

In the dream, my mom found me in my bedroom sobbing. When she asked me what was wrong, I explained to her (while weeping uncontrollably) that they wouldn’t be animating my owls next season because, for some reason, they’d decided to add in a two on one rematch of Hinata and Kageyama vs. Ushijima following the Shiratorizawa match–which would evidently take another twelve episodes, and thus pushing Fukurodani vs. Nekoma and subsequent matches into the next season.

Now that I’m awake and thinking about it, all I can do is laugh at how ridiculous this would be. Imagine Ushijima lying in wait somewhere (as he often is, apparently) and appearing before Hinata and Kageyama. They will decide once and for all who is the strongest. Logistically, this is already hilarious. Will Ushijima receive, set, and spike all the balls himself? HE DOESN’T EVEN DO RECEIVES! Ushijima, what on earth are you thinking? Is this just some sort of spiking contest? Do you believe Kageyama will toss to you? What is your game plan here? It seems you don’t have one, sir.

It’s at this point that Tendou would find him and be like, “Um, are you sure you don’t want any of us to join you, Wakatoshi-kun? Even if we make it a two on two match, it still wouldn’t make sense, but it’s better than you going at this solo.” To which Ushijima replies, “This is a battle I must fight alone.” And Tendou would weep, because his captain is so stoic and cool (and also ridiculous).

This isn’t even anything, I was just thinking on my drive home from school how absurd this would be. I hope you’re all having a lovely day!

Team Stumble Fuck quotes of the night

Druid; “I hiss at the wall.”


Barbarian; “I neighed at the neigh and it ran away!  That’s fucked up!”


Druid; “I hiss at the wall again.”


Barbarian; “I smell a little bitch!”
Druid; “Yeah, we’re surrounded by dwarfs.”


Druid OOC; I CAN’T HIT ANYTHING FOR SHIT! *Druid could only successfully cast Fog Cloud, and failed to hit everything else after that.*


Barbarian OOC; I rolled a 14
DM; *rolls a 10*
Barbarian OOC; What happens with Big E?
Druid OOC; He falls down a hole.
DM; No, he don’t.

*10 minuets later, the Barbarian fell down a hole*

DM OOC; I think I like spicy foods because I want my dragon born to breath fire.
Druid OOC; Regardless WHICH one ends up breathing fire, we’re going to get a gay guy who would suddenly pop up and scream ‘FABULOUS!’


Druid; *Rolls a nat 1*  "NO!“  *Proceeds to piss her pants*


DM as their Fighter; “Well, we could be dealing with one of three things.  An ancient burial ground, a rise of a powerful, chaotic god, or a necromancer.
Druid; "I’m going with option 3.  The Necromancer.”
DM; “How certain are you?”
Druid; “About 93% certain.”


So, the group decides to camp out side of this ‘haunted mine’ for the night, with the Druid’s suggestion on setting up guard watch for the entire night.  The last watch fell on the Barbarian who decided to get drunk in stead.  This is what had happened.

DM; So the Captain Dwarf of this Mine’s guardsmen had challenged you to a Drinking Contest.  *DM rolls a 7, Barb rolls an 8*  Both the Barbarian and Captain fell over after one drink, making all the other dwarfs wonder what the fuck they are drinking and if they can weaponize it against the rest of the adventurers.
Druid OOC; They better keep away from the Ginasi with that shit.  She will change into a croc and death roll the closest guard who’s stupid drunk enough to attempt it.


DM OOC; The next morning, all the guardsmen and the Barbarian are passed out stupid.  Everyone else, except for the Druid are awake.
Palidan; “Oh GOSH!  It’s horrid!”
Druid; “Big E left his post to drink with the dwarfs.  Don’t worry, this will be worth it.”
Druid; “I’m…. a druid…?”
Palidan; “No, I know that, I mean how can you stand this smell!?”
Druid; “Mainly for this.”  She proceeds to scream 'FIRE’ to alert EVERYONE who was still out into painful hang overs and the realization that no one was at their posts.


Barbarian; “I neigh!”
DM; A random horse comes up to you, looks at you, and goes 'WHAT THE FUCK!’ as a neigh in return.


Signed, Your Number One Fan.

The way my heart was beating you would think I was about to embark on some life changing journey and if you asked some football fans, I was. I was literally minutes away from meeting one of my favorite players. I had spent countless hours looking at pictures of Erik Durm, watching Dortmund matches just to try and catch a glimpse of him, spending time on Tumblr to keep up with his latest pictures and happenings and now by some stroke of random luck I had won a contest to meet him after a training session.

I wore a bright yellow BVB shirt with a pair of ripped denim jeans. I had contemplated wearing his jersey specifically but decided against it, not wanting it to look like I was too in love with him though I honestly was.

Now that I was meeting him, I was freaking out on the inside. I had been led inside of the training grounds and instructed to sit on a nearby bench. There weren’t many people around aside from a few random people who I assumed to be staff wandering the grounds. I almost wanted to pull out my phone and busy myself with a call to my best friend to try and work off my nerves but I was worried he may show up right at that moment.

Instead I just let my eyes wander and so I did for a few moments until I finally spotted a familiar figure making their way to me slowly. His eyes nearly remained solely on the turf under his feet but to be honest, I was glad he wasn’t staring my way because it would have only sent me more over the edge than I already was. Inside I was screaming with glee but on the outside I was trying my best to keep it normal.

Once he got close enough, I stood up to greet him. “Hello,” I stated sweetly while I smiled and held out my hand for him to shake. Part of me was hoping he would take me into a hug instead and disregard my handshake.

He didn’t.

He took my hand into his and politely shook it. “Hello. I’m Erik. Your name?”


“Ah, cool.” And that was literally all he said as we awkwardly stood there looking at each other. I didn’t know what else to say. I knew Erik was a bit on the quieter side compared to some of his teammates but I wasn’t expecting him to be this quiet. I guess I wasn’t sure what to expect.

I nervously returned to my seat and he followed my direction, sitting next to me. Part of me wanted to scoot closer to him so our legs would be touching and bumping, a childish reenactment of so many romantic movies and novels, but I didn’t. Instead, I just folded my hands nervously in my lap and looked out to the scene in front of me.

“So you’re a Dortmund fan?” he questioned which made me chuckle some. Of course I was a fan. Why else would I be wearing this shirt? I withheld my sarcastic comment inside of my mind though. “Yes, I am.”

Maybe Erik was a bit nervous just as I was. His timid behavior was a bit amusing but nerve-wracking at the same time. “Cool.”

I looked towards him as he drove his eyes around the fields aimlessly. I wondered if he was thinking the exact same thing as I was.

“Is this as awkward for you as it is for me?” I finally questioned. Surprised by my question, Erik whipped his head in my direction and began to laugh. It was the first sign of ‘life’ he had shown since I had met him. “This is super awkward. I’m glad we’re feeling the same way. I don’t know. I guess I wasn’t expecting…you to be the person I was meeting.”

I was a bit taken aback by his statement and also nervous as to what sort of response I would get but I had to ask. “Me?”

He chuckled again, now realizing how his original statement had come off. “I mean, I meet a lot of fans but they’re usually young or guys. It’s not usually someone around my age and someone who is…” He took a moment to find the appropriate word to use. “…attractive like you are.”

And that was it. I was blushing like a mad woman at this point. Did Erik Durm just call me attractive?!

“T-thank you,” I stuttered as I felt my cheeks heating up.

“You’re welcome,” he smiled in response.

“So you wanna walk around? You can tell me all about yourself as we do.” Erik stood up and looked down towards me, waiting for me to get up as well. I nodded and stood up by his side as well. “Definitely. Let’s go.”

And so we began to move around the grounds, finding a new topic of conversation every few minutes as we delved past the surface of each other and the generic questions to truly capture each other’s attention.

gif credit to marckoreus .


Yoooo!! You guys have been asking me to do a list of preparations fro SDCC after doing one for Wondercon. So here it is! Everything you should take care of and get ready for the next four days!

Tonight remember to…:

  • Take a shower 
  • Exfoliate!
  • TAKE AN AIRBORNE – Do not risk getting CON FLU! 
  • CHARGE everything!!! Camera/phone/ipad/mp3s…
  • Do some last minute laundry
  • IRON YOUR CLOTHES/COSPLAY (I always forget to iron my cosplays and regret it when the pictures come back and I’m a wrinkled mess. Do it now so you don’t have to later)
  • Check your cosplay contacts - change the solution and make sure they are full.
  • Eat a good meal and drink some water. Please. For me.
  • Do you need petty cash for the weekend? Make sure to write a little note on your hand to stop by for an ATM (lets not get those fees for having to use a random one at the con – plus LINES)
  • Need Gas? Note on hand. 

GENERAL PACKING the night before

  • Grab your business cards, badge (or printed barcode), wallet, ID, tickets, cash, printed schedule, prints or thing you want SIGNED and but them in a pile  by the door. PUT YOUR CAR KEYS ON THIS PILE. You can’t forget it this way (alternatively, put your phone on it.)
  • Grab Airborne, asprin, ibuprofen, any prescriptions or emergency medication you may need. You NEVER know when a headache will ruin your day. Bring it. 
  • I usually pack a bag of food. Cookies, granola bars, some instant ramen and instant mac and cheese (if you have a coffee maker in your room, you can have instant free hot water for quick lunches like this). AND water water water. Food around the con center is usually EXPENSIVE. This will save you time and money. (they charge like 4 bucks for water.)
  • Bring clothes of course. But specifically do not forget socks, bedtime clothes, stockings, belts, or swimming clothes.
  • HAIR TIES. Yeah I know, I forgot about those too. 
  • Make sure you have all the shoes you need. The sexy heels, and the good ol’ flats when you get tired of the heels. Also sneakers. 
  • Contact case & solution

COSPLAY PACKING the night before

  • I usually start stacking my Cosplays in folded piles by the door in order of the day I will be wearing them.
  • Put costume jewelry,belts,hair accessories, gloves, trinkets, small props, and extra pieces in SANDWICH BAGS and put them on top of the folded costumes they are for. 
  • WIGS. Pack your wigs in sandwich bags. By the door. Stuff a WIG CAP into EACH BAG so you are guaranteed to have one for each day.
  • Pack an extra sandwich bag for Bobby pins, safety pins, a needle and thread, extra thread, FASHION tape, super glue, fabri-tac, hot glue/gun, HAIR TIES (yes again), and anything you may need as back up. Extra sequins, some metallic paint for that prop you are worried about, or etc. This is your REPAIR BAG.
  • Rubbing alcohol is great to bring. It removes makeup stains and paint stains from most anything.
  • Wig Brush, Wig Detangler, Hairspray, Styling Gel. 
  • Remember how we packed the costumes by the day you will be wearing them? Now decide what civi-clothes you want to wear on each day afterward. This helps me remember what else I have planned those days. (Like after parties or contests. So now you can have contest entries, party shoes, and etc remembered and taken care of.) 
  • LIGHTENING COSPLAY MAKEUP CHECKLIST:  Foundation, face paint, sponge brushes, powder, makeup sealer, concealer, eyebrow glue, eyebrow colors to match your wig, regular eyebrow pencil, pencil sharpener, eye liner, that other back up eyeliner I know you have, white eyeliner,  eye shadow (for each character), WHITE eye shadow, BRUSHES, MASCARA, fake lashes, fake lash glue, lipstick (for each character), chapstick, lip gloss, blush, bronzer, contouring shadow, that weird thing you need for that weird cosplay (a marker or jewel for your forehead or something), CONTACTS and solution, wig glue, wig caps, hair ties, bobby pins. (I said these twice and thats because its important.) Oh and if you are making a fake beard, don’t forget the stuff you use to make it.
  • Are you wearing earrings this con? Fake nails? Need Nail glue?
  • MAKEUP WIPES. (if you dont have any, get some, they are magic. Also, q-tips)
  • COSPLAY SHOES. Each day. Piles by  the door. You got it. 
  • All props/weapons – by the door. 
  • To the left to the left – everything you need for the con in suitcases to the left by the door. 

THE DAY OF (the con or going there)

Don’t forget to..

  • Good Morning! EAT SOMETHING NOW.
  • Brush your teeth and then pack your toothbrush and tooth paste.
  • While your in the bathroom grab your Razor, Shampoo/conditioner/bodywash
  • Hair Dryer/Straightener. 
  • Do your makeup for the day then pack it all up – put it with your cosplay makeup. 
  • Take everything off the charge and PACK THE CHARGERS
  • Camera/Camera battery/SD card
  • Everything else should be pre packed from the lists above. Now get it all together! BUT DONT FORGET
  • Call your hotel if needed/hotel buddy
  • GAS/ATM remember?
  • GPS the directions if needed.
  • Boarding tickets/pass?
  • Badge pickup info?
  • Shuttle Info/shecule?
  • Now as your leaving, grab that important pile by the door with your keys and ask yourself: “Food? Cosplays? Camera? Phone & Charger? Props? Toothbrush?”


  • Where are you parking? Parking sucks and is expensive. PLEASE research where the heck you are gonna park. Some garages arent open 24 hrs. Think about thisssssss.
  • Check the programming schedule. CHECK THE PROGRAMMING SCHEDULE. Check the schedule. SCHEDULE CHECK. 
  • Write down the rooms/times of the panels/events you want to go to. MAKE your own schedule. Seriously. 
  • WHEN IS THAT PANEL YOU MUUSSSTTT GO TO? SDCC is HUGE and overcrowded every year. ALWAYS assume your must-see panel is widely popular and get there 2-3 hours beforehand. That seems extreme – but panel rooms DO NOT CLEAR OUT before the next panel begins. So if you wanna see the Hobbit panel and before it is the Big Bang Theory— Those Big Bang jerks might sit there and fill the Hobbit room and let no one else in. GET THERE EARLY. Plan on sitting in the panel before yours if you are worried. And if the panel you wanna see is in HALL H: Plan on going the night/day before buddy. And pack a board game, your psp/gameboy and a sleeping bag/blankets. 
  • PANELS ARE NOT AUTOGRAPH SESSIONS.  Panels do not host the autograph session. If you want to meet the guest/celebrity you need to get a ticket or go to a different place than the actual panel. The panel is to watch and listen. Signing and meeting is a different event. Check the schedule to understand where you need to go for what you want to do. Or google it. Companies/studios usually make their own rules. For Legend of Korra – you needed a ticket to get a poster and signing REGARDLESS of whether or not you were at the panel. And in some cases – you need to choose ONLY ONE because you gotta line up for both. 
  • It’s okay to make a lot of plans and see a lot of things – buts crazy out there so make sure to PICK ONE THING each day that you want to do more than others. Focus on doing that unless it falls through. This will save you from running around wanting to do everything and ending up not doing anything because you missed your chance. 
  • SHOP EARLY EACH DAY. Exclusives are usually sold with a limited number each day and they always sell out by noon. Get that thing you want ASAP and then be a happy camper all weekend. Check the SDCC website to see what exlusives they have.
  • Remember to pick something up before or during the con that you can have signed if you are going to a signing! They don’t always have freebies to give you! 

Keep a granola bar and safety pins on you at all times. You never know when you are gonna faint or your cosplay rips or both! 

Please eat. Please. Eat. Eat food. No – not  just the granola bar I told you about. Food. Twice a day at least. Please. I’m guilty of fainting at a con for doing this and it is stupid and dumb and I worry about you. 

Finally – HAVE FUN. 


anonymous asked:

HI! So I read your sour skittles halloween fic, and I was wondering if you could do one where they try to find matching halloween outfits for some kind of costume contest? Sorry if this is supper explicit, and I undterstand if ya cant. But thanks anyway :)

“Dude, costume contest!” Stiles exclaims, holding up the flyer and waving it in Scott’s face. 

Derek looks over the edge of his Biology textbook, rolls his eyes, and continues reading. 

Scott tolerates the flyer waving, eyeing the details and then sighing. “C’mon, Stiles, it’s midterms week. Let’s get back to studying,” he says.

“I don’t have anything to study for, I just have papers to write,” Stiles grumbles.

“So write your papers, or get out of our dorm,” Derek says. “I’m trying to concentrate.”

“Fine,” Stiles says, opening his laptop and plopping onto Derek’s bed next to him, startlingly close. Derek hopes the flush isn’t visible on his face, and he looks at Scott, but apparently he doesn’t seem to mind. 

The quiet of Scott highlighting things and making notes and Stiles typing doesn’t last long. Stiles drops his bare feet into Scott’s lap, squirming until Scott absently starts giving him a footrub. It’s ridiculously cute and Derek isn’t sure who he’s more jealous of. 

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So I finally have a list of available Pokemon, and I am hoping I matched up the Event names accordingly. (list below the cut, as well as a photo of the Assorted Shinies)

So I’ve decided it’s a give away for any and every body. You do not have to be following me to take part, but following does increase your chances of being noticed and chosen.

Contest Officially Starts Today, May 15th 2016 6:00AM (USA EASTERN TIME)

Contest Officially Ends June 1st, 2016 6:00AM (USA EASTERN TIME)

This is a huge give away people. You will see why below.


To Enter This Give Away, you must do the following

1. Like or Reblog this post. You may do one, the other, or both. Doing both increases chances. You get 1 entry per IP Address. I have a stat counter and tracker. Anyone using multiple blogs for more entries will be disqualified. This is supposed to be for fun, not for hoarding.

2. You may reblog this post once per day.

3. The Gender and Hidden Abilities of Choice Pokemon [Pokemon you choose] are negotiable but not guaranteed. I will try to have multiples available by the contest end.

4. The Nature of the Pokemon is non-negotiable. I am not an EV/IV breeder. You get what you get with the Nature.Besides, Super Training has rendered the need for a specific nature near-obsolete. If I happen to have one available with the desired Nature, It is first-come first-serve. I will NOT be stockpiling specific natures.

5. There is no age limit.

6. You do not have to be following me [VenserSojourner], but following me will increase your chances of being picked for a place.

7. If this all goes well, I may do more in the future.

8. Once Winners are chosen, you will be messaged via PM for Friend Code to trade.



One “Champion” Place Winner: They will receive the Shiny Pokemon Gale of Darkness Lugia [With Psychoboost Attack], The Japanese XYZ Volcanion [I have received this via an excellent foreign friend; Volcanions name is in english, as I was given the code directly], and their choice of up to 5 more Event/Shiny/Legendary Pokemon available. + 1 Shiny Starter from each region (so 6 starters total.)

One 2nd Place Winner: Will receive the foreign Harry Hoopa event, the Japanese PayDay Inkay, 1 Shiny Starter of choice from each region, and 4 Shiny/Event/Legendary Pokemon of their choice.

5 Top Placing Winners: Will Each receive a Shiny Starter from each region of their choice and 3 Event/Shiny/Legendary Pokemon of their choice.

10 Runner-Ups: Will receive 3 Shiny/Event/Legendary Pokemon of their choice.

LEFTOVERS: An Unspecified amount of people will be randomly chosen AFTER the initial Winners have claimed their prizes to  receive their pick of 2 Pokemon from the remaining ‘mons.

Below is the list and photos of assorted Pokemon that are up for choice grabs (all Pokemon specifically mentioned in above Rankings are guaranteed at all costs. These below are what you get as Choice Pokemon).

-        Mythical Pokemon Diancie

-        XY Torchic

-        WINTER2013 Garchomp

-        WINTER2013 Scizor

-        Boo! A Pumpkaboo! (Halloween Giant Pumpkaboo)

-        Gasp! It’s a Shiny Gengar! (Gen6 Shiny Gengar)

-        Shiny Beldum (ORAS Shiny Beldum)

-        Harry Hoopa (OUT OF REGION HOOPA EVENT)

-        Xerneas (XY&Z Pokemon) (SHINY EVENT, STILL ONGOING)

-        Zygarde (XY&Z Pokemon)

-        Mighty Hoopa (OUT OF REGION HOOPA)

-        20th Anniversary Mew

-        20th Anniversary Jirachi

-        20th Anniversary Celebi

-        POKEMIN NEWSLETTER HA BIRD TRIO (Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres)


-        SHINY Gen 4 Japanese SUICUNE



-        SPRING2013 MELOETTA

-        POKEBALL Vivillion

-        SUMMER 2014 PINSIR

-        SUMMER 2014 HERACROSS

-        TRU ARCEUS (GEN 4)

-        Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness Lugia (with Psychoboost)

-        SHINY Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness Lugia (With Psychoboost)

-        FireRed SHINY MewTwo

-        HeartGold/Soul Silver SHINY Event Eevee

-        FALL2010 Event MEW

-        Emerald Original Groudon

-        Emerald Original Kyogre

-        Emerald Original SHINY Groudon

-        Emerald Original SHINY Kyogre

-        SHINY Rayquaza (non-event)

-        SHINY Reshiram & Zekrom

-        SHINY Fennekin (lvl 1)

-        SHINY Noibat (lvl 1)

-        SHINY Zorua (lvl 1)

-        SHINY Zoroark (lvl 60)

-        SHINIES of ALL Region Starters (Gen 1-6)

-        Shinies of ALL GAME NATIVE Legendaries that are NOT Shinylocked (Gen1-6 pokemon)

- Various Assorted Shiny Pokemon of Varying Levels