the december lp


Album: I Got a Boy

The fourth album by SNSD was released in January 1, 2013, with its lead single Dancing Queen being released 10 days prior in December 21, 2012 . The LP containing 10 tracks is the first album by the Nation’s Girl Group to not get a reissue. The album’s thematic is similar to their second album, full of color and a vivid visual experience while also bringing some of their boldest looks.

Fact: It’s their album with the most writting credits by the members, with Jessica and Tiffany adapting the korean lyrics for track 2, Sooyoung, Yuri and Seohyun in the adaptation of the korean lyrics for track 3, and Yuri and Seohyun writting the original track 9.


  1. I Got a Boy
  2. Dancing Queen
  3. Baby Maybe
  4. Talk Talk (말해봐)
  5. Promise
  6. Express 999
  7. Lost In Love (유리아이) [Taeyeon and Tiffany]
  8. Look at Me
  9. XYZ
  10. Romantic St. (낭만길)

To this date the album has sell around 361,063 copies, only in Korea & Japan.


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