the deau

pitzi  asked:

how does the dahl family feel about the chan'deau family? (roz's fam)

“I think they’re a lovely bunch! Quite unique, certainly, but that only makes them all the more fun to have around! I wouldn’t exchange our friendship for anything!”

“Though… I’m yet to wrap my head around Rozuel’s relation to that Iago fellow. I just can’t understand how they could possibly have any past relations…”

“Lumi’s family? They’re an absolute blast! Auntie Roz is probably the one mum’s friend who I get along without issue, and I would literally kill and die for Lumi, khihihii~!”

“Lumi’s brother isn’t bad, either — finally someone who understands the charm of bugs and insects!”

[I’m starting to feel really bad about not having pictures for Kallem sob, so I’m going to write something more than just lines for him to make up for it lmao]

Kallem scratched his cheek and pondered for a while — the Chan’Deau family surely was one close to theirs, but it had always been his sister and mother more actively interacting with the women of the other family; Kallem had always felt… a little overwhelmed by the energy and uniqueness of his godmother Rozuel, intimidated by her children, and like an extra wheel with his sister socializing with all of them with no issue. 

“Hmm.. it’s… not that I don’t enjoy their company,“ Kallem begun, trying to find words to describe how he viewed the family in question, “But I’ve always had the least time to interact with any of them. I feel like they don’t… really know me too well, as I don’t want to interfere with my mother and sister’s time with aunt Rozuel and the kids…”

Kallem let out a long exhale and hummed: “I do think they’re wonderful people, but… I don’t know. I feel like I don’t belong when they’re around? I feel… feel like extra baggage, I suppose. I just can’t live up to their energy…”