the death of gwen stacy

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MARVEL. 'cause i hate you like you hate me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i don’t hate you i love you

  • favorite male character: STEVEN GRANT ROGERS
  • favorite female character: PEGGY CARTER
  • least favorite character: i don’t have one
  • favorite ship: STEVE AND PEGGY
  • favorite friendship: STEVE AND BUCKY
  • favorite quote: “before we get started, does anyone want to get out?”
  • worst character death (if any): fucking Gwen Stacy
  • this made me so happy you have no idea moment: Steve and the flag scene
  • saddest moment: Gwen’s death and Peter holding her body in TASM2
  • favorite location: everywhere where steve is


Just watched the Amazing Spider-Man 2. I didn’t hate it, but the villains were cheesy and the dialogue left a lot to be desired but overall I think I liked it. Death of Gwen Stacy, Spider-Man swinging around was cool, story wasn’t bad. #nerdtalk #NerdtalkWithMelissaAndSky
Melissa Rauch

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Marvel fandom :D

i hate you sylwia this is too hard for me. 

  • favorite male character(s): tony stark & peter quill
  • favorite female character: natasha romanoff
  • least favorite character: help i fucking love them all
  • favorite ship: clint & natasha &bruce im a trash
  • favorite friendship(s): steve & bucky, tony & bruce, rocket & groot, erik & charles and basically everyone with everyone
  • favorite quote: HYDRA. S.H.I.E.L.D. Two sides of a coin that’s no longer currency.”. i don’t even know why
  • worst character death(s) (if any): yinsen and gwen stacy
  • this made me so happy you have no idea moment: there are too many
  • saddest moment(s): gwen’s death, ‘im with you ‘till the end of the line’ scene, ‘mom?’ scene in guardians of the galaxy, etc
  • favorite location: stark tower

I’m still sweating, thanks satan (♥)

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Spider-Man survived the death of his Uncle Ben and the guilt of feeling responsible for the death of Gwen Stacy. He battled the Hobgoblin, the Green Goblin, Alistair Smythe and his Spider-Slayers. He defeated Venom, the Rhino, King Pin and the Lizard. He even survived Doc Octopus subsuming his body and consciousness. But he couldn’t survive 24 hours in a house with a two-year-old. You shall be missed #SpiderMan.

Amazing Spider-Man 123, 1973
by Gerry Conway and Gil Kane w/John Romita
“…just a man called Cage!”

I’m going to start my reviews of Amazing Spider-Man here. For two reasons, first is that the Stan Lee/John Romita era is my favourite era of #Spidey…so I’ll get to that later when I’m a bit more accomplished. Second is that arguably the first BIG change for Peter in his early years is the Death of Gwen Stacy. Stan had been gone for a good few issues now and the next wave of writers were just getting into their flow around the bullpen. Gwen’s death is the sign of the newer kids coming in and messing with their dad’s stuff a bit. So it’s an interesting phase. Also, it’s been done to death. So rather than start with 121-122 which deals with the event proper I’ll skip one more to take a look at how Pete deals with the fallout.

The ulterior motive here is that when I originally read this run I was surprised at how quickly Peter forgave himself and got over Gwen’s death. Because the comics I grew up with had the spectre of that tragedy in most issues, with it being something that defined Peter almost as much as the death of Uncle Ben. So I was thrown when, having finally managed to get my hands on some classic issues, Peter up and lets himself off at the first available opportunity. And this is me coming to double-check I wasn’t making it all up.

Main review to follow next post.
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Yo stop hating on Peter Parker.

Most of you guys who bash the character only have knowledge from the the movies not the comics or cartoons.

Yea miles is a cool character but Peter Parker has some of the most relatable , most compelling stories ever told. I blame the asm series for making people think Peter Parker is now just some mediocre white boy. None of his arcs were ever told a justice. Not one. Death of Gwen Stacy was half ass and symbiote? Lmao