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“How can I say your name without
Also breathing the words
My god, I found you’"

So basically, I’ve been reading CrushingOnSans’s oneshots on AO3, and now ufxut Sans is my otp

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So due to a long series of events I ended up listening to Dear Theodosia and One Last Time together and heard the phrase "Mr. President you outshine the morning sun" and laughed so hard I cried (also bad idea they sound horrific together)

well washington is my personal sunshine sooo
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Okay, this is an ugly one my dears. I appreciate everyone that has waited patiently. You’re too kind.


@crunchie-morris I’m sorry these are THREE whole days late! Hope you enjoy my dear~

On saving one person or saving many, Jack would go for many. He would love to save as many people as he could, he’s the protector. For Crutchie, it would definitely depend on the person. If it was Jack or several random people, he would save Jack in a heartbeat.

Davey is super superstitious, despite being very smart and also very secretive about it. He always makes a conscientious effort to not to walk under any ladders or open an umbrella inside. The time the boys found out was when Les put his new (*cough* Race’s old *cough*) shoes on the table and Davey quickly threw them off.

Crutchie’s favourite time of year is summer. His leg hurts less, the day is longer and more poor are on the streets for him to sell papes too.

One of Davey’s favourite books is ‘The Tales of Huckleberry Finn’.

Jack’s favourite way to waste time is obviously art and painting and drawing but when he’s out selling papes and he’s in a spot where he can’t, he tends to hum to himself. Little tunes he’s heard Medda sing repeat through his head over and over.

Crutchie has a birthmark on his left hip and although he’s never mentioned it, Jack can’t help but look at it in summer when Crutchie is sleeping outside with his shirt off in summer.

I’m a firm believer that Les has bitten his nails ever since his dad first came home injured but he has never let Davey know, always making sure he doesn’t around him.

Jack’s spirit animal is definitely a mother bear.

Spec’s is an owl.

If Crutchie found a genie in a bottle, he would spend his first wish on making Jack feel happy. That’s all he’d say. For his second, he would give all the newsboys the ability to sell more papers than ever before. Lastly, he would bring his mother back from the dead. He wouldn’t change his leg. He thinks there’s more important things to be taken care of first.

Marriage is important to Jack. He doesn’t need it to be a big wedding or anything, just need to symbolise the day. It’ll make him feel really wanted and it’ll help him to accept the fact that whoever he marries truly loves him.

Crutchie doesn’t think he’ll ever get married, just because he doesn’t think anyone will ever want to marry him. He would want a traditional wedding, like the one he saw going into a church when he was selling papes on the street one day.

If Crutchie found out he only would have one more day to live, he wouldn’t tell anyone. He’d tell Jack his leg was feeling a bit sore and Jack would stay behind (as he always does when Crutchie feels bad unless they literally can’t afford it that night). They stay on the roof all day and Crutchie just asks Jack to tell him stories cause that’s all he wants. At the end of the day, Jack says 'Love ya, ya crazy Crip’ and Crutchie smiles, snuggling into his blanket.

Davey picks at his hat if he gets nervous.

Les has only ever tried chocolate twice in his life but he loves it.

Jack, when drained, goes for a jog around to Medda’s and paints drowsily for a while.


Stanuary week two: Protect
He might not always be able to be there to protect his brother from bullies, but at least he can keep him from taking their words to heart.

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I.. I don’t even know if i should could translate this :D

He just kinda swears in Russian (meaning something like “Well that’s just great”, “What am i going to do with you now?”)


more Yuri!!! on Ice
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Jefferson: So what I believe you are trying to say, is “thank you”.

Hamilton: “Thank you”?!

Jefferson: You’re welcome!

Hamilton: N-no that’s not what– i mean, why would I ever say–

Jefferson: I know it’s a lot. The hair, the bod..

Hamilton: oh my god


sansaregina’s 14 days of christmas

@cosimocontessina: “You’re right, I’m 100% in the wrong.The truth is I’m the one that’s not tough enough to be in here. I mean, watching the woman I love unarmed, locked up with all these murderers… it’s just too much for me.”

No matter how long it’s been or how many times I’ve watched it, Will saying the words ‘Did you just smell me?’ in that sort of teasing disbelief that Doctor Lecter just-fucking-sniffed-him plus Hannibal’s genuine awkwardness as he tries in vain to excuse himself, will always make the clouds part, the sun come out, flowers bloom, and put a big goofy grin on my face.