the dear hunter


Hello new favorite song, lemme just drop you off here *v*


Dear Apparition

“But…what if the silence is broken by the ones you’ve loved? Incredibly present, with heavenly breath to wake you up? With nothing left to poison a portrait of who I’ve become, only elation remains; protecting us from this never ending night. Dear apparition, while my senses last: is absolution far too much to ask? Will you forgive a truly troubled mask?”

Inspired by my friends/favorite band The Dear Hunter’s new album ‘Act V: Hymns With The Devil in Confessional’. Fantastic, beautiful record. Go check it out! It’s on Spotify and stuff. 

For anyone looking for reading soundtracks:

- The Dear Hunter // Act I, Act II and Act III(and Act IV when it comes out in September)

- Keaton Henson // Romantic Works and Dear

- Bon Iver // For Emma, Forever Ago

- City and Colour // Sometimes 

- Casey Crescenzo // Amour & Attrition 

- Ludovico Einaudi // Una Mattina and Islands 

- Gregory Porter // Liquid Spirit and Be Good

- Manchester Orchestra // I’m Like A Virgin Losing A Child

-  Radiohead // Ok Computer, The Bends and Pablo Honey

- Lucy Rose // LIke I Used To

- Amplifiers // Everything Obsolete

-Mitski // Bury Me At Makeout Creek

-Mac Demarco // Salad Days and 2

-Alvvays // Alvvays

-HOMESHAKE // Fresh Air

-Mild High Club // Skiptracing

Enjoy 😊

Ok, I’m a babby-n00b fan (it’s been what, two weeks, three?), but I really frickin’ love the band The Dear Hunter and I want to gush about their music and I enjoy ranking things so…yeah, here’s me talking about my favorite songs from the Acts. (no major story spoilers)

Please feel free to completely ignore if you aren’t interested in my semi-coherent and less-than-sophisticated ramblings. X’D

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So today was my last day of The Dear Hunter Summer Camp and now I’m sitting here at home and I don’t think it’s hit me yet that it’s all over. I genuinely believe that this was one of the greatest experiences of my life and I’ll never forget the love and inspiration that all of the incredible people that I spent the week with have gifted to me. To every last one of you: thank you. Thank you so much. <3

I think most of you have noticed by now, but a lot of the work i’ve been doing has been classwork. Mostly, this is because it’s senior year for me and so I’m essentially swamped! (Next semester I’m hoping to post more personal stuff, also I have a ton of sketches that I haven’t had the change to put up here either)

And so here’s…..another class assignment. But also a tribute to one of my favorite bands, the Dear Hunter, in faux-poster form. This was really fun, and i’ve been listening to their latest album essentially non-stop this semester.