the dean one was definitely harder


Sam Winchester x Reader

1250 Words

Story Summary: After getting hurt on a hunt, Sam reminds you how beautiful you are.

Author’s Note: This story is for @sammyisapuppy and her Sam’s Birthday/Fluff Appreciation Challenge!! My prompt was:  Why are you crying? All I said was you look beautiful.

Warnings: Just a tiny little bit of angst, just to get to the fluff!

Sam Winchester was the type of man you had always hoped you would end up with. Caring, to the point he would gladly give up his own concerns, his own life if it meant that you would be safe and happy. Loving, even if he wasn’t exactly sure how to show it, the man was very loving. Then there was the empathy, always being able to connect with those hurting, to give them comfort when they needed it the most.

All of these things made Sam seem like a marshmallow. Sweet with no bite. Which made you laugh. Sure, he was sweet and kind. Funny and smart. But he was also a complete badass, who could handle a knife or a gun better than those trained in military. He faced Death on a daily basis, with nerves of steel.

Put all of these things together, and Sam was a man unlike any other. Add the fact that he was drop dead gorgeous, and he was definitely one of a kind. With his shiny mahogany  locks, and his ever changing hazel eyes, along with that slightly crooked smile of his, and he had women drooling over him all across the country. But he was yours, and yours alone. Which was a fact you still had a hard time accepting.

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Sister Winchester

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Characters: Y/n, Derek, Dean, Sam, Cas, OC Matt

Pairing: Derek x Y/n (FEMALE READER)

Warnings: Basically just fluff, cute fluffy mate stuff, cute brotherly Dean, bits of fighting but nothing too visual or violent. 

Word Count: 1946

Summary: Y/n heads to Beacon Hills, meeting someone she never would’ve thought existed for her. 

A/N: Requested fic by @sallyp-53 - So the female reader is a hunter who is the sister of the winchesters she goes to beacon hills because of all the supernatural events happening. She finds Derek in his wolf form thinking he’s just a hurt animal she takes him. Not wanting to scare her he stays in that form as he heals only to find out she knows about the supernatural. He decides to show her his true form, they end up liking each other and dating but she doesn’t know how to tell her brothers she’s dating a werewolf. Sorry if it’s too long! Also if you want to change it up fine by me, I loved the last time you wrote my request so I just hope you like this one ❤️. So i kinda stuck to it, but not really. I don’t know if this is what you wanted, but i hope you like it. 

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Y/n settled into the little motel room, glad the tiny town actually had one.

It wasn’t that nice. 

She’d been in much prettier, larger ones.

But at least this one was clean. 

It looked as though the town probably didn’t have many visitors, the room looking as though no one had touched it in a while, yet, completely free of dust.

She settled on the bed, tired from her day of running through the woods, chasing down a damn werewolf.

Y/n wished her brothers were here right now, but they were on a mission to find a way to stop Abaddon, sending y/n away.

They loved her too much to risk the Knight of Hell hurting her in any way. 

So they mostly kept her in the bunker, letting her go on a few hunts. 

Nothing too major, but things they knew she could handle on her own.

So she went to Beacon Hills, hearing of large animal attacks, knowing it was most likely something supernatural.

She had no clue what it was until she came face to face with a werewolf.

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Picture Perfect - Part 1

This is my entry for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing’s SPN Movie Night Challenge! I picked the romantic comedy, Picture Perfect

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Count: 2,089

Summary: The reader tries to convince Dean to be her fake fiance, so she can impress her boss and get a promotion. 

“Ok, everybody! Anyone have any questions? Comments? Concerns?” Your boss yells loudly at the end of your office meeting. “If you do, keep them to yourselves! It’s Friday so I don’t care!”

Your boss Tim jumps up and loosens his tie as he starts singing Can’t Stop The Feeling by Justin Timberlake around the conference room.

Your boss has always been a bit on the eccentric side. Almost like a version of Michael Scott, except dealing with it in real life is not that entertaining.

“Tim. Do you have a minute?” You ask trying to get his attention.

“I want to talk about my promotion.”

“What promotion, Y/N?” Tim says looking confused.


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Another month, more fics. It’s been a rollercoaster ride for sure, and there’s *GASP* no smutty recs this month! I’ve been on a bit of a smut cleanse, just to cleanse the palate.. especially since I have things of my own in the works.

As always, you can catch up on previous LMR’s here and check out my standard reblog recs here. Also be sure to leave a writer some love, as feedback is what keeps writers motivated to keep putting stuff out!

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Say You Won’t Let Go

Request- Can you do an imagine kinda like the song ‘Say you won’t let go’ by James Arthur?

AN- Let’s do this, and I’ve been writing so much, ever so sorry, also ask if you’d like to be tagged in my crappy writing

Send in requests

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I met you in the dark
You lit me up
You made me feel as though
I was enough.

“Get the fuck off me!”

Peter could hear the shouts the second he stepped outside for some fresh air, after the party got a bit too stuffy and claustrophobic for him. It took him a while to finally find the back door, but when he did, he was happy to see the garden was practically empty, apart from the occasional person. And the couple that very making out on a smallish bench in the far corner, hidden in the shadows.

He must of been the only one to hear the noises, probably due to his now heightened senses, which often became too much for him to handle.

Walking towards the corner of the house, where some bins and stiff were being kept, and just beyond the metal containers, he could see a girl pinned against the fence and a much larger guy holding her there, despite her trying to push him off.

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Imagine having to explain to Gadreel the thing about sex, while being in love with him

Originally posted by mittthrawnuruodo

A/N: So, this is my first imagine so feedback is greatly appreciated. Enjoy!

Word count: 610

Ever since you had met Cas (which had been a long time ago) you had always known that most angels weren’t the best at emotions and their meanings. Neither sex for that part, either.
And Gadreel wasn’t an exception.

You and Gadreel were sitting in a motel room while Sam and Dean were out to gather information about the monster you were hunting.
And you had liked Gadreel for a long time, so of course the case had to be about people being murdered because of love or sex.
Almost reminding you of the Famine thing back in the Apocalypse days.
”Y/N, what is this whole thing with intercourse? I know what it is and why people do it, but I don’t understand”, he told and flipped a page in a lore book.
You immediately froze in your movement and looked up stunned. Had Gadreel just asked you about sex? Yes, he had.
You took a deep breath, knowing you had to answer the question. Which was awkward, since you would have to explain to an older-than-Earth-angel— why people had sex.
Just… wow.
”Um… People have sex, because… uh, of different reasons. Some, like Dean, has sex with people because they feel for it, nothing else, just… physical attraction to each other. Others, like couples, have sex because they love each other deeply, perhaps to get a child, or just to express their love for each other”, you explained, while trying to keep the redness from reaching a tomato-red shade.
Could this conversation get more uncomfortable? Yes. It could.
”I still don’t understand. What is love? How do you feel when being in love?” he continued, rising from the chair and sat down beside you on the bed, his posture straight and stiff, just like a soldier.
Because that was what he was, a soldier. With his gentle voice and (sometimes) awkward questions, you could almost forget that he really was a warrior who could kill you with the blink of an eye.
But even then, you didn’t feel afraid while being near him. He radiated some kind of protectiveness you couldn’t put my finger on.
”Love is a word that can mean a lot”, you began carefully.
”It can mean the love for your family. Like, I love Sam and Dean. But not in the romantic way, like couples do. You understand what I mean?”
”Yes, I do”, Gadreel stated.
”But how do you feel while being romantically in love with someone?”
How to describe romantic love to the one you are in love with?
Your heart pounded harder in the chest, pumping out the adrenaline you definitely needed for this conversation.
”When you are in love with someone, it’s like a thousands of emotions at once. The person you’re in love with, hearing them say your name… There’s no words to describe that feeling. Thinking about that person, it can make you feel wonderful, but sometimes it freaks you out. You’re perhaps afraid, afraid of being denied, but still, you feel special. Sometimes, I can ask myself ’how did this happen?’” you said, smiling slightly, until you remembered the fact that you’d said ’I’ and not ’you’.
Crap. Why couldn’t you control what you said sometimes?
Luckily, Gadreel never picked that up, hopefully. Instead, he looked like he was trying process everything you just had said.
”So that’s what I have been feeling”, he said, his beautiful green eyes piercing your soul with ease.
”Then I do believe I’m in love with you, Y/N.”

Exist Without Fear

today is the birthday of my dear, wonderful friend Maggie. known to many as dreamedofwings, I know her best as a constant source of kindness, support and fun in my life. Magson, you are one of a kind. happy birthday!! <3

read it here on AO3!

Dean was standing in front of the mirror, rubbing at his jaw with an expression of dissatisfaction. He peered closer, touching the crow’s feet at the corners of his eyes and the rough, scarred skin under his right ear where some monster or other – Dean forgot which, there had been so many – had got a little too friendly. He looked like his oldest pair of jeans: a little wrinkled, patched up and worn thin in too many places. Slightly sad-looking, even on the brightest of days, and with some dirt ground in so deep that no amount of washing would ever get it out.

He sighed and shrugged at his reflection before turning away, heading for the door – where Cas was standing, awkwardly upright with his hands hanging by his sides. He must’ve seen the whole thing.

Dean cleared his throat and made to push past him, but Cas didn’t move.

“Why do you look so disappointed in yourself?” he asked, frowning. His head was tilted on one side, at the angle that Dean thought of as acute confusion.

“What?” he said, bluff and slightly aggressive. “I’m tired, Cas, I gotta hit the hay.”

Cas didn’t move, nor did his expression change.

“I saw you looking at yourself,” he said stubbornly. “Your expression was… displeased. Are you upset?”

“Cas,” Dean said, smiling a little coldly and clapping him on the shoulder. “Come back to me when you’ve got a psychology degree, OK, buddy? I’m tired.”

This time, Cas allowed Dean to pass, although his frown didn’t lift. Dean sighed again, and kept walking. Cas only wanted to help, but there were some things that you just couldn’t solve with a few kind words and an intensely solemn expression… some dirt that was ground in too deep, Dean found himself thinking again. It was as though he had dirt in the marrow of his bones.

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Something Lost, Something Gained

Originally posted by the-captain-destiel

Request: I was wondering if I could request a smutty oneshot with demon!dean and a virgin reader? Like she hunts with them but she’s still very naive and sweet and he loves it because she’s so pure. Basically Sam leaves them alone for a few hours to go do something and Dean decides he needs to try and seduce her and be the one to take her virginity. Maybe she blushes a lot and he loves it and decides he’s gonna do everything he can to make her come undone. 

Pairing: Demon!Dean x virgin!reader

Word Count: 3,962

Warnings: Smut (fingering, oral, dom!Dean/sub!reader, unprotected sex), language

A/N: First time doing smut!

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request for: @grandmasnewdog

pairing: Sister!Reader x Winchesters

word count: 403


“So, Sweetheart,” The demon spat. “Where are your brothers?”

“Do us all a favor and go back to hell.” You gave the demon a half-hearted smirk and flicked him off, using whatever energy you had.

The demon dragged the knife from your collarbone to your shoulder. You held a scream in as you felt the warm blood trickle down your body, only to be absorbed by your tattered shirt. It was a shame really; this was your favorite shirt.

“I’ll give you one more chance to tell me where they are.” The demon flashed it’s black eyes at you and you knew this would be it. You let out a long sigh and said your last prayers, hoping that one of the angels could hear you.

“I’m right here you son of a bitch.” Dean kicked the door down. Anger radiated off of him in waves as he stabbed the demon countless times. Sam rushed over to your side and began untying the ropes as fast as he could while patching up your wounds. He was definitely more caring then Dean.

After Dean had taken care of the demon that was holding you hostage, he rushed over to your side and helped Sammy untie the ropes. Dean pulled you into his arms, giving you the classic Winchester hug that you loved so much.

“I was so worried you.” Dean murmured.

“Hey,” You laughed quietly, wiping the tears from your eyes. “No chick flick moments.”

Dean let out a breathless laugh and let you go, giving Sam the opportunity to hug you.

“Don’t ever get captured by demons again.” Sam tried to scold you as tears streamed down his face.

“Yeah I’ll be sure to let the demons know.” You rolled your eyes and hugged him back harder.

When Sam was done hugging you, Dean wiped the last tear from his eyes and stood up. He extended his hand down and helped you up. “It’s good to have you back, Y/N.”

“Definitely.” Sam agreed. “We thought we lost you.”

“Lost me?” You dismissed the thought with the wave of your hand and hooked your arms around your brother’s necks. “I’m a Winchester. It’s going to take more than one measly, little demon to get rid of me.”

Dean shook his head and gave you a piggy back ride out. “Let’s go get some pie.”

You smiled. “I couldn’t have said it better myself.”

Okay, I really, really want Jack Kline to be good. I mean without Castiel and Crowley, things are definitely going to be a lot harder for Sam and Dean, and I think it would be good for them to have someone with Jack’s powers.

The Best of Destiel Fanfiction

For @mylovelyasylum, in no particular order, here are my very favorite Destiel Fanfics, compiled after doing basically nothing but read Destiel fic for two solid years. Enjoy.

Named by RC McLachlan

Jesus Christ is dead. Somehow, that isn’t the worst part of Dean’s week.

This is, in my not so humble opinion, the best canon fic that was ever written in this fandom.

Ad Astra by Nhixxie

One day Cas says, “Stars died for you, Dean Winchester”, against ruffled hair perched atop sun kissed skin and sleepy eyes.

Dean stirs, moving to spread his palms against the contour of Cas’ back, tips of fingers languidly strumming the indentations of his spine. One, two, three, four, he counts, the closest he could get to scientifically studying the anatomy of the human body.

“Is this some physics crap again?” He frowns with eyes closed.

Cas smiles softly. “Far from it.”

Dean’s fingers play at the base of his back, ninth thoracic vertebrae, Cas notes.

“Then tell me all about it.”

If I had to pick a single absolute favorite Destiel fic, this would be it. It is absolute poetry. Everything Nhixxie writes is perfect. 

March Stalkers Mighty by Whit Merule

When Dean was a kid, before he figured out that you didn’t talk to things that didn’t look human, he used to escape during the summers down to this old orchard down by the great Wall, where nobody else went. And there was another boy he’d meet there, a boy with wings who never said a word. 

Absolutely amazing, epic-length story based on Beowulf and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.

Theodicy by manic_intent

As before, as now, as it will be again, the first significant Act of Creation by God shall be to forge l'hosif-or, his best-beloved, the Morning’s Star, the one who shall bring the seeds of light into dark places and fan them to flame.

This will fuck you up.

Vena Amoris and Other Old-Fashioned Bullshit by pyrebi

In which angelic marriage bonds are apparently stupidly easy to trigger, Cas wages multidimensional war in Heaven, Dean can’t catch a break like ever, Sam rather enjoys being a dick, love saves the day, and nobody consummates anything.

If you want something short and hilarious, this is it.

The (Mostly Accidental) Courtship of Dean Winchester by tuesday

Angelic marriage rites were never intended to go quite like this.

Hilarious and beautiful, from the s4-6 era of fic writing, which were particularly excellent in my opinion. Grouped with the previous, as they’re similar concepts. 

A Beginner’s Guide to Communing With The Dead by suspiciousflashlight

Dean is pretty sure he’s going completely, certifiably insane. Sure, he hasn’t started wearing all his clothes inside out, and he still showers on a regular basis (anyways, that’s not crazy, just a little eccentric); but there’s no getting around the fact that he just threw away his life, his career, and his reputation by dragging out his mom’s old necromancy book and summoning a Class AForbidden Entity to his attic. A cranky one, too. With horrendous bed-head.

Absolutely fantastic urban fantasy.

An Exercise in ‘Worthless’ by beastofthesky

Wherein Dean makes a hefty living as a tattoo artist who owns the space next to Gabriel’s cafe. Sam attends the local university. When Gabe’s cousin comes to live with him while starting grad school at Sam’s university, Dean thinks for sure that all his negative karma’s coming to bite him in the ass because Cas clearly has a thing for Sam. No one would ever choose him over Sam. That’s just logic.

Punk!Dean is my lifeblood okay.

All The Way by Cadignan

Castiel spends the first two weeks of college in much the same way he spent the previous years: alone with his books. He’s fine with it—he enrolled in college to learn, after all. Then in his first chemistry lab, he has the bad luck of being paired with snide, good-for-nothing Ruby, and the further misfortune of sitting behind Dean Winchester, the world’s most beautiful distraction. Ruby catches Castiel staring at Dean and makes him an offer.

I have reread this so many times. Excellent college au, and it’s really made by Cas’ friendship with Ruby and the other side characters. 

Equinox by Luchia

In which Castiel is the weird time-traveling freak who just might be the love of Dean Winchester’s life.

This is another one I have reread so many times. 

Okay, Cupid by orange_crushed

“The dating thing?” Dean frowns. “Online dating is for weirdos. Robots. Dudes hanging out in their basements.”

“You hang out in your basement.”

“I have an air hockey table down there,” Dean says, icily.

Honestly I have reread this more than any other. And that is saying a lot. The best friends-to-lovers oneshot basically ever.

Gran Fury by orange_crushed

They sit in silence and Castiel passes him the bottle. There’s not much left to say. Sam takes a gulp and it burns going down, like the cheap shit it is. He holds the bottle up against the light. He can see the Fury through it, distorted like a funhouse mirror. She’s a tomb but Sam loves her. Loves everything that’s left.

"To the end of the world,” he says.

“To the end of the world,” says Castiel.

If you ever feel like reading 5k and bawling your eyes out, this fic is for you. It’s a Pacific Rim AU, and it is the saddest and most beautiful oneshot I’ve ever read. Note the tags and warnings. 

Shut Up (Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is) by kototyph

Dean’s done some pretty stupid things, but getting drunk-hitched in Vegas to a colleague he barely knows might just take the cake. His surprise husband, Castiel, is a little weird but likable despite that, and Dean figures they’ll go back to Boston, get a quiet annulment, and go their separate ways. Six weeks later, he’s still married to one of the strangest, most genuine and definitely most dangerously lov– likable guys he’s ever known. Dean doesn’t know why or really even how it’s happening, but it’s getting harder and harder to remember that he has divorce papers to file.

The plot is literally strangers wake up married…and just kinda stay married. It is adorable as all hell and I’ve reread it loads of times. 

Rvr Ro11435 by Ferritin4

In which Castiel is a operations analyst, Dean is a grease monkey, and even though it’s set at NASA no one goes to space.

This is possibly my favorite AU characterization of Castiel, and it’s my favorite style of borderline dark humor.

Broadway Musical by Griftings

This is the day that marked the Holy and Blessed Union of Dean Winchester and Jo Harvelle.

The merging of prominent bloodlines is always a grand occurrence, but breeding pedigree hunter families like Winchester and Harvelle is something to be rejoiced. It is also something to be meticulously planned, which thankfully the Host is very good at. 

Cas isn’t a terribly good matchmaker. And this is fucking hilarious.

What Fun It All Would Be by 8sword

Nothing dies in Purgatory, but they are forever finding corpses.

-Dean and Castiel find Emma in Purgatory

Heed the warnings. This is not a happy fic. But it is amazing, and it will destroy you. And this author does what no other writer has ever really done, which is fix the canon bullshit that was the Emma plot. Check out their other stories, which also feature a lot of Emma (and Claire, before Claire was even reintroduced into the show).

ETA: I missed one! For some reason I had it tagged wrong on ao3.

This Thing Called Free Will by tracy_loo_who

Time is fluid, and Castiel can see how it will go because he can bend it on occasion.

‘In the year 2009 Anno Dean, Castiel will have existed for 63 billion, 241 million, 430 thousand, and 400 seconds on Earth without Dean. He will be cold and alone, and he will ache for his Dean.

It will not end.’

This is one of the fics that fucked me up the most. It is absolutely devastating and beautiful. And the author is one of the greatest early Destiel writers.

kissyoursanitygoodbye  asked:

Your top ten favorite destiel fics?

Ahahhaa my top 10 destiel fics? That’s going to be a hard one because I read so many! And at the risks of repeating myself to because goddamnit, Wave is awesome! Here goes:

Wrong Place, Right Time by  palominopup

Summary: Dean goes into a bar for a drink after a bad week…Cas is there and mistakes Dean for a “hooker”, he offers Dean money and Dean - who hasn’t been laid in awhile and well, look at Cas - would you turn him down? - anyway… Cas wakes up and the cash is still on the dresser of the hotel room. Move ahead a week - Cas is in a car accident and takes his precious Vette to Winchester Motor Company where the CEO is no other than the hooker.

Note: Cas has a kid and ohgod it’s so sweet and domestic at times i almost puke!!

The Way to a Man’s Heart is Through Chlamydia by violue

Summary: Dean doesn’t expect to see his one night stand again, but then again he also doesn’t expect to find out he has an STD. Sometimes life is hilarious like that.

Note: Don’t even. This is too cute.

Pride And Prejudice And Knotting by Angrysouffle

Summary: It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single alpha in possession of a good fortune must be in want of an omega. Castiel is the most arrogant and irresistible alpha Dean has ever met, and virginal to boot. Dean is the most rebellious and flirtatious omega Castiel has ever come across. Also the most beautiful and difficult to propose to. Will Dean and Cas ever get their act together? Will Sam and Gabriel or Hannah and Charlie beat them to it?

Note: I have never read P&P but I will after reading this and the fact that the author blends the ABO universe so well into the hierarchy thingy in such setting is on point!! Can I say Cas is awesome?

Exonerated by thecouchcarrot

Summary: AU Dean/Cas. Years ago, Dean Winchester was the detective who put serial killer Castiel Goodwin behind bars. Last spring, Cas was proven innocent and his conviction overturned. Neither could’ve predicted the way their lives would intertwine… Now Complete.

Note: This is fluff and then it became angsty and then you’re like no Cas! Unfortunately the author has pull the fic out to publish it :( but good for her!

Santorum Will Pry My Porn From My Cold Dead Hands by AlreadyPainfullyGone

Summary: AU President Santorum bans all pornography, and Dean decides to start his very own prohibition racket. Unfortunately, the only person he can find to ‘perform’ is Castiel.

Note: If you haven’t read this. GO. GO NOW and read this. This is pure fluff and it will make you crack up, you’ll snort juice out of your nose. Like fucking hell!!!

Shut Up (Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is) by kototyph

Summary: Dean’s done some pretty stupid things, but getting drunk-hitched in Vegas to a colleague he barely knows might just take the cake. His surprise husband, Castiel, is a little weird but likable despite that, and Dean figures they’ll go back to Boston, get a quiet annulment, and go their separate ways. Six weeks later, he’s still married to one of the strangest, most genuine and definitely most dangerously lov– likable guys he’s ever known. Dean doesn’t know why or really even how it’s happening, but it’s getting harder and harder to remember that he has divorce papers to file.

Note: If you’re into fake!marriage trope and domestic sweetness this is your fic!!

Together, They Fight Crime by stoatsandwich

Summary: Dean is an ex-Green Beret who hunts monsters for the FBI. Castiel is a teenage psychic on his last chance.

Note: One word. Pain. Ugh.

The Prank That Filled the Spank Bank by Bookkbaby

Summary: It starts with a prank war and a chance meeting at the auto shop Dean works at. (Based off of Almaasi’s prompt: Castiel records audio pornography. Not professionally, or anything - he writes it and then reads it out, and uploads it free to the world. It’s not Dean’s usual type of porn - at all - but there’s something about Castiel’s gravelly, yet somehow smooth and beautiful voice that keeps him hooked.)

Note: Hilarious!!! Ohmygod.

And I Will Walk On Water by tracy_loo_who

Summary: This fic is set after season 4 and totals ~122,600 words. It’s a story about friendship and love, recovery and trust, free will, and Dean and Castiel’s journey through it all. It’s also about chocolate and hugs. If you read it, I really hope you enjoy it. ♥

Note: One of the first long fic I’ve read that is canon verse and to watch the fall of Castiel and his discovery of life as a human is beautiful. Sweet and ugh!

I Wanna Get Outside (Of Me) by emwebb17

Summary: Dean is a novice in the dom/sub world asked by his employer as a desperate last resort to be a sub for his recluse of a brother, Castiel. Castiel is a diagnosed OCD suffering from PTSD and agoraphobia, mysophobia, and dystychiphobia. Needless to say—he’s a mess who hasn’t stepped out of his home in literally seven years. The only times Gabriel can see traces of the way his brother used to be is when he feels in control—specifically when he has control over a sub. However, due to his idiosyncrasies and paranoia, keeping a sub around has been impossible. Enter Dean, who’s not a very traditional submissive, to try his hand at subbing for the hermit.

Note: This is just dom/sub relationship on point. I love the contract.

So here they are @emoprincxss . Of course, I have way more favs but I’m not going to list godlike Destiel fics like Carry On, Breathe of All Thing etc because well I’m sure you all are not new to destiel fics! Hahaha i see a pattern with my fav, I love fluff and domesticated fic but on and off I love some angst too :D 

And if you all are interested, I have my own fics too :) Which is just angst LOL. It’s A Terrible Life and it’s sequel It’s A Past Life.


(Trying to write in between lessosn and studying is hard but just because Fall Out Boy is love, Fall Out Boy is life ♥)

Read Part 1 here!

Your stomach felt tight and heavy as a rock as you thought of how you were nearing your destination. But you could not help the smile either. You could see almost in the distance the set of Supernatural. Although this certainly was not a first for you and you had by now gotten used to this morning routine, this time was completely different. Because this time he would be there. Or well they, but he mattered the most if you were completely honest with yourself.

“Hey (Y/n)!” Jared greeted you with a bright grin as you approached him and Jensen “Early as usual or- no, wait is i maybe because he is here?” he looked at you with a big smirk and you only glared at him.

“Padalecki I swear if you say a word about it or do anything to emvbarass me in front of Patrick I am going to make you ay for it!” you hissed at him.

“Sheesh hey relax! I won’t do anything! I know you’ll be able to make a fool of yourself on your own without my help!” he raised his hands in fake surrender and you only looked at him narrowed eyes.

You were at the set of Supernatural, yes, but you were going to meet with the guys here instead of immediately at the studio the next day. First reason was that the boys wanted to know a little more and get to talk with you about the album, in case they featured on more than one songs (and didn’t want to make it look all proffesional with your managers there) and second and most impostant reason as their manager had oh-so-dramatically explained (blame it on Pete) was because they were big fans of the show and wanted to see the set. So what better way than to combine those two?

“Are they here?” you asked, biting your lip slightly nervous.

“Uh I think I saw one or two of them. They were probably split up going around and such, or maybe they are not all here” Jared said with a small shrug.

“Is… is he here?” you asked a little tentativly, both wanting and not to hear the answer.

Jared snickered and you glared at him, you turned to look at Jensen for an answer  only now noticing the dead serious expression on his face. You frowned ready to open your mouth and speak but were cut off by another voice first.

“Oh my god it’s the Winchesters!” a voice was heard rather cear and you didn’t have to guess who it was, considering the tone of his voice.

You chuckled and turned to look at Joe with his hands in the air and a wide grin “Oh and (Y/n)!” he waved at you as they all slowly approached you. All of them.

You looked from Joe to Pete that was next to him, to Andy and last but far from least Patrick. He had an awkward smile on his lips and you felt your own getting bigger as you saw his eyes fixated on you, looking at you rather sheepishly for that matter.

“Goodmorning Vietnam!” Joe exclaimed with a big grin and you could hardly keep yourself from laughing.

“I’m guessing Lucifer was your fvorite character?” you asked with a giggle, missing how Patrick’s smile got a little bigger.

“What? Pfff no! It’s actually Cas!” he said nodding his head at his own words.

“Yeah, finally someone he can relate to!” Pete added with a chuckle and you laughed as well.

“(Y/n), by the way. But I’m guessing you already know it” you said a little nervously.

Great you thought already running out of things to say! Way to make it awkward (Y/n)!

Pete chuckled “Of course we know! And as you might not know I am Pete, this blind man is Andy-” you chuckled looking at Andy’s black glasses, it seemed as if it was Pete’s favorite joke “- crazy pants here is Joe and finally fedora-boy is Patrick” he said poitnign to each one when he said the name “Don’t mind him if he doesn’t talk much ok? Or if he stutters and blushes. He kinda llikes you but doesn’t know how to act on i- ow!” he ended up exclaiming rather loudly.

Patrick only looked at his friend with wide eyes and at the same time a death glare that could only mean they should start searching for a new guitarist because Pete Wentz was not going to live to see tomorrow “Pete!” he hissed.

“Oh your welcome. Saved you all the embarassment” Pete only brushed him off.

“Thanks” he hissed at him and then turned to look at you “Sorry about he- he’s just joking you know. Because I am a really big fan of your work and was really excited that we are going to work together, that’s all.” he said, rubbing the back of his neck nervously.

“By really excited does he mean not being able to stop talking about her and keeping us up all night?” Joes asked Andy.

“No, no that’s what he always does when there is an episode of Supernatural on or when she brings out a new song. I think he means-” Andy starting replying only to be cut off by Patrick himself.

“Ok yeah, no. Not interested in that. Thanks. No.” his voice rising an octave as you could clearly see a blush rise up on his cheeks.

“Ok so uhm uh (Y/n) maybe uh we could uh- I don’t know, like go a little around or if you guys have a scene if we could watch a-and then maybe we could talk some about your album and the song or yeah…” he breathed out a little shakily and you had to keep yourself from letting out an ‘aw’ a how cute he looked at the moment. Blushing and stuttering and being all around cute.

“Well, I don’t have a scene now or for at least two hours so maybe I could show you guys around if you’d like? And we could talk about the song as well- but for the rest of the day I have a lot of shooting so uh we maybe could meet up after that and maybe talk some more or just hang out in general…?” you said with a small shrug and smile. You couldn’t help but mostly lok at Patrick as you spoke, his eyes were on you as well a big smile spread on his lips and he certainly could not hide it.

“Sure” he answered before anyone else could, moving his fedora a little nervously.

“Great then” you smiled even more widely, unable to hide your excitment.

“Yeah” Pete mumbled looking between you and Patrick none of you making a single move. He rolled his eyes “Ok lovebirds let’s get going before I regret speaking in the first place” Pete groaned and turned to walk towards the settings and the rest of you following, as you started talking more with Patrick.

Jensen staid a little behind, his jaw clenched as he watched with an almost sad but definitely jealous look on his face you and Patrick interact so closely. Jared gave him a sympathetic smile and small pat on the shoulder and followed you, Jensen eventually doing the same.

Thinking how now that he knew that Patrick felt the same way, this was going to be even harder.

Dance With Me - CasxReader

Summary: After seemingly endless hunt all you want to do is just relax and dance to your favorite song. What makes everything even better is when your angelic boyfriend decides to join you. Requested by @nnoxygen

Words: 939

Warnings: Whiskey, kisses, touching, tbt to previous smut.


Other characters: Dean and Sam.

A/N: Lyrics used are from WALK THE MOON - Shut up and Dance. This is my favorite song <333 And oh, I was actually shocked that it came to 900+ words. This is my first time writing a fan fiction in english, for SPN fandom, so I didn’t expect it to get so lengthy. I hope you like it! Let me know what you think <3

“God, I hate vampires”

“You and me both Y/N” Said Dean as you, he and Sam finally entered the bunker after seemingly endless “milk run”.

You got quite used to rough hunts. This was not your first rodeo, but it was definitely one of the toughest. Not having Cas around also added to the frustration. Not only was it harder to find out who was your target, but having your boyfriend away from you for a week was devastating. You are used to him being away, he was an angel after all, but not for an entire week.

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How Can the Theater Go Wrong?

Professor Dean Masterlist

Word count: 3370

Reader gender: Female

Summary: Dean takes the reader on a date to the theatre to watch a film, what happens when some other students show up?

Warnings: Smut (fingering, handjobs, a bit of dry humping) and some general fluffs. Smut is kind of public (occurs in a public bathroom although nobody can hear and nobody interrupts.) Implied future smut.

A/N: Want me to continue?

Tagging: @abaddonwithyall (Hope ya having a good time at ChiCon girl!) @but-deans-back-tho (Same with you in Dallas!) @myfand0msandm0re @mrswhozeewhatsis (Also you! Enjoy ChiCon and know that although I’m happy for you, I remain jealous c;) @thinkwritexpress @yoursupernaturalsammygirl

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anonymous asked:

What are your favorite Destiel fics written by other authors? Are there any that impacted your own writing style?

What a good question! The answer is yes, and I’d like to share them.

» For Love For Glory [LJAO3] - bellanovaskies

83,400 words, NC-17, AU

Summary: It’s the 1940’s, the war is tearing Europe in half, and the Nazis have a plan to uncover an ancient weapon belonging to the Egyptian gods that can tip the scale in their favor. With the help of a librarian named Castiel, it’s up to Sam and Dean Winchester, respectively a professor of archaeology and treasure hunter, to get to the Lost City of Amun-Ra and stop the Third Reich from achieving world domination. But with a missing father, secret societies, and an unexpected romance, things get more than a little complicated in this race against time. Loosely based on the Indiana Jones franchise.

This story taught me how to write a fanfic so it reads like a movie in the reader’s mind. Sometimes I wish I’d written this - but thankfully it was written by jaegersaurus, who happens to be one of my best friends in the whole wide world, so I get the honour of being proud of her. (She’s not bribing me to say this, I promise.) She blew my mind with her writing skills here. The scene with Dean walking under the Nile River was the single most incredible scene I’ve read in a fanfic story. This is a cinematic masterpiece, and it deserves to become fandom famous. Hell, in another life, I think it could’ve made the New York Times best-seller’s list. I will rec this as the greatest piece of Destiel fanfic, probably until my dying day. (If I’ve oversold this, I’m sorry. I just really love it, okay?) P.S. The ending will make you cry. And that only adds to how great it is. (It’s not major character death, before you ask.)

» All Things Shining [AO3] - Askance, standbyme

142,000 words, NC-17

Summary: Something in the world is waking up. It isn’t long before it’s brought to the attention of the Winchesters and Castiel: miracles are spreading across the country, the paranormal seems to be shrinking back on itself—and it all has something to do with the missing prayer book of a traveling preacher who died over a century ago. Dean is convinced it’s all the lead-up to another Apocalypse; Sam and Castiel aren’t so sure. Regardless, it sends them out on a less-than-typical road-trip, following the Mississippi and remnants of a very old story that seems increasingly to call to them. And along the way the trio learn much more about themselves—and the consequences and origins of love—than they’d ever have anticipated.

I started reading this nearly two years ago and I haven’t finished it yet, so it never made it to my rec list. But that’s the fault of my reading difficulties, not the story. This story taught me how to write original characters. It taught me how to weave extra characters into a fanfic narrative, and it taught me a better way to make ambience out of words. It also taught me it’s okay for a narrative to meander, because whatever you do, you’re still paving the road for the rest of the story. The settings of this fanfic are places of peace for me; all I have to do is remember it and I’m filled with a sense of calm. This is a story that seems raw in all senses of the word. Honestly, I’m getting emotional just thinking about it. I’ve never read a fanfic like it, and I doubt I will again.

» Shut Up (Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is) [LJ | AO3] - kototyph

23,900 words, NC-17, AU

Summary: Dean’s done some pretty stupid things, but getting drunk-hitched in Vegas to a colleague he barely knows might just take the cake. His surprise husband, Castiel, is a little weird but likable despite that, and Dean figures they’ll go back to Boston, get a quiet annulment, and go their separate ways. Six weeks later, he’s still married to one of the strangest, most genuine and definitely most dangerously lov— likable guys he’s ever known. Dean doesn’t know why or really even how it’s happening, but it’s getting harder and harder to remember that he has divorce papers to file.

This taught me how to write fluffy stories in concise little packages. kototyph is another one of those talented people who I’m proud to call a friend (who is also not bribing me!). This story (and all the Dean/Cas stories by kototyph, particularly Domesticated) taught me it’s okay to be completely self-indulgent when writing. Sometimes you can just let your heart lie back on a cushion of happiness and beautiful words, and, on occasion, it becomes escapism you’ll never forget.

There are a few other stories which I recced here back in 2013, and that list is still relevant today (mostly because I haven’t read a lot since 2013). Feel free to skip to the fic rec part and ignore all my waffling. In addition, there are plenty of swoon-worthy gems that I’ve recced on my Destiel AU list and my canon-verse list. Go forth and consume! Don’t forget to leave comments and kudos, because the writers worked hard on their writing and they deserve to know it’s appreciated. ♥

In fact... - Dean Winchester x Reader

Waking up early in the morning wasn’t really your thing.

It wasn’t that you would sleep til 12 o'clock every day (and in fact being a hunter didn’t allow you that) but you would sometimes sleep til that time only under certain circumstances.

One of which being the fact that you slept really late at night due to searching and the other one being the fact that it was one of those days that you didn’t want to leave the bed no matter what…

But now you had to get up.

First; it was 11:35 and second; you really wanted to take a shower, even a long-night’s sleep hadn’t helped you relax completely from the previous hunt. It was quite a rough one.

So although you were still a little bit sleepy you got up from bed kicking the sheets off and walked towards the bathroom, eyes half open half closed.

‘Yep definitely need a cold shower…’ you thought rubbing your eyes to get the sleep out of them, your head down as you reached the bathroom’s door.

You reached out for the door’s handle but you felt something else… skin?

You slowly looked up and you were met by the one and only Dean Winchester…

… with a towel around his waist…

… and nothing else…

You stood there looking at him almost wide-eyed, blushing furiously, trying to keep our eyes on his and not his half naked body…

… hard…

And he… well he was making it even harder with that flirty smirk that had appeared on his face… making you flush even more…

He had clearly figured out what effect he was having at your right now…

And he leaned down…

“Like what you see?” he whispered in a really seductive and husky voice.

'When did he all of a sudden become so hot?’ you thought.

Yes you have had a crush on the older Winchester for quite a long time. Basically since he and Sam had appeared on your dimension because Balthazar had sent them and when they returned they took you along with them, as you asked for it.

But you would never admit how you felt to anyone, not to mention Dean himself.

And sure as hell were not going to let him figure it out now…

“Well, in fact…” you smiled seductively at him too and got closer, as he looked in the eyes now.

One of your hands on his torso while the other playing with his tattoo, something that made him bite his lips.

You looked up from his bare chest into his eyes, the smirk apparent on both your faces “I would…” you backed away.

“If you were Chris Evans, or Chris Hemsworth, or Tom Hiddleston oh or even Robert Downey Jr.” you said in a matter-of-fact tone raising your eyebrows and smiling 'innocently’, as prepared to get into the bathroom.

But he stopped you…

“Yeah right… You want me to believe you? Tell me someone I know, that can compare to me…” he still had the smirk on his face “I count…” he finished in a lower voice tone.

“Yeah? Well how about…” you paused and the smirk appeared on your face again “Jared Padalecki aka…” you paused but Dean had already realised who you were talking about “SAM WINCHESTER!” you said in a singing-happy voice, loud enough so that Sam could hear.

And he did as he appeared after just a second “You called me?” he asked.

You turned to look at him “Oh yeah, just to let you know that I’m gonna take a shower and…” you paused and looked from the corner of your eyes at Dean whose eyes were almost wide, a shocked expression plastered on his face “ That the bathtub is big enough for two…” you finished winking at Sam, who blushed slightly, and you gave the stunned Dean a last smile before going into the bathroom.

While you easily depict the scene behind the door…

Dean shoting warning glares at Sam, not to dare take a step nearer the bathroom’s door…

You giggled at the mere idea…

Yep waking up later did you really good…

Puppy - Winchester Imagine

Request: are you still taking imagines? if so, can you do one where you’re on a solo hunt and you found a puppy and you brought it back to the bunker and dean was complaining but both you and sam just love dogs so much you decided to keep it? idk it’s like late and i love puppies and winchesters and fluff <3 (love your writing btw you’re awesome ❤️)

Why thank you, you’re awesome too! I’m so sorry it took me for freaking ever to finally finish your request! So here’s this.


You sit in your car excitedly driving back to the bunker. The ball of fluff in your passenger seat barks. You reach over and pet her fuzzy head.

“I know, baby, I’m excited too!” You say. The German Shepard puppy crawls over the console and sits in your lap. You’d seen her sitting on the side of the road on your way back from dealing with a shapeshifter, and your heart melted. You knew you couldn’t just leave her there.

You pull into the bunker’s garage and turn off the engine. You pick up the puppy and tuck her under your jacket after getting out of the car. Your steps to the library are silent. Sam sits alone at a table with a dozen books sprawled out in front of him.

“Sam!” You whisper.

He looks up. “Oh, hey, y/n. How did the shifter case go?”

You ignore his question and continue to whisper. “Where’s Dean?”

Sam squints. “He’s in the kitchen. Why are you whispering?”

“Because he’s going to hate me when he finds out,” you reply, moving your jacket to expose the puppy in your hand.

Sam immediately gets up and walks over to you. You set the puppy down on the floor, and Sam squats down to her. The puppy’s tail vigorously wags as she licks Sam’s face.

“You’re right, he’s going to hate you,” he says, scratching the puppy.

You kneel down to be on the same level as your hunting partner and best friend. The two of you continue to play with the puppy and laugh at things she does. Suddenly, a bark escapes her mouth.

“Shhh! You have to be quiet, puppy!” You say.

“I know I did not just hear a dog,” Dean’s voice says in the distance.

You and Sam exchange a pale glance. “Yeah, you’re right, you didn’t,” you say. Neither you nor Sam can help giggling at your response.

Then Dean storms into the room. He rolls his eyes at the sight of the small dog. “Damn it, y/n.”


“No!” He cuts you off. “We’re not keeping the dog!”

Sam chimes in. “Come on, man, you won’t even know she’s here!”

“Like hell I won’t,” Dean argues.

His refusal to negotiate starts to irritate you. “Why do you care anyway?” You hear the sassiest in your tone, and you immediately realize that that won’t help your case at all. You go back to pleading. “Me and Sam will take care of her! You won’t have to worry about a thing.”

“I said no, end of story,” Dean says.

You pick up the ball of fur from under her front legs and walk towards Dean with her. “But just look how cute she is!” You stop with the puppy right in front of his face. He closes his eyes annoyedly as she ruthlessly licks his face. You can’t stop the giggle from escaping your lips.

“See, she likes you!” Sam says from the floor.

“Shut up, Sammy!” Dean says. Talking while a dog is licking your face is never a good idea. Before Dean can finish the word ‘Sammy’, the puppy licks the inside of his mouth, causing Sam and you to laugh. Dean instantly rejects the slimy foreign object, backing away and wiping his hands across his mouth. You set the puppy down as you bend over in hysterical laughter.

“Now you can’t say no,” Sam says between laughter. “You never reject a girl you go to first base with five minutes after meeting her.” His words only make you laugh harder.

“And you don’t even know her name,” you add. “Bonus points, right?”

Dean glares at the two of you keeling over in laughter as he continues to wipe his mouth. “Now I’m definitely not letting you keep it,” he growls. This calms you and Sam down.

You decide to try one last time. “Come on, Dean, please? When have we ever asked you for anything?”

Dean looks down at his brother, still sitting on the floor, playing with the small dog. Sam has always loved dogs. And dogs have always taken a great likeness to him too. It must be a tall person thing.

Finally, Dean looks back up at you. “Fine, but she’s not riding in my car!” He says. “She’ll just stink it up.”

You almost don’t even hear his condition. You jump in excitement and wrap your arms around Dean’s neck. “Thank you, thank you, thank you! You won’t regret it, I swear!” You say before returning to the floor by Sam.

Dean groans. “I’m already starting to.”

Kiss Me

Fandom: Supernatural

Characters:  Dean, Reader, Sam, Jess (mentioned)

Pairing: Dean x Reader, Sam x Jess (mentioned)

Summary: Growing up together Dean and the reader became the closest best friends ever. Always there for each other when needed. But as time went on ad they grew up, then so did the love.The question is, will they ever act on it?

Warning: Mentions of sex, nakedness

Notes: I thought of this when i was listening to Ed Sheeran, so i hope its as cute as i wanted it to be.

Attachment from: Google Images

Settle down with me

Cover me up

Cuddle me in

Lie down with me

And hold me in your arms

Dean’s arms were wrapped around your waist tightly like a blanket in the cold. Only a thin bed sheet was covering the both of you as your naked bodies were pressed against each other.  You legs straddled his pelvis with one hand settled on his shoulder but the other running through his blonde hair slowly. The action relaxed him and set him in a bliss state.

He sighed in content and closed his eyes slowly. In a sleepy haze, he almost didn’t notice your hand stopping its actions. Dean opened his eyes and looked at you in confusion. Your hand was hovering a few inches above his head, just to see his reaction. He looked at your hand and pouted lightly, leaning his head toward your hand. Once you started again, he hummed in delight causing you to giggle.

And your heart’s against my chest, your lips pressed to my neck

I’m falling for your eyes, but they don’t know me yet

And with a feeling I’ll forget, I’m in love now

You continued the action of your hand while leaning down slowly pressing your lips against Dean’s neck. Then his shoulders, his jaw, and back to his neck. You closed your eyes while doing so and laid your head next to his, not noticing the looks he’s giving you. Your heart was pressed against his chest, going in a rhythmic beat with his. And it was at this point he noticed what he was feeling deep in his heart. Love.

Kiss me like you wanna be loved

You wanna be loved

You wanna be loved

This feels like falling in love

Falling in love

We’re falling in love

He shifted underneath you a little bit, trying to get you more comfortable than you already were. You leaned your head up to level with his and bit your lip softly. This was like a scene from a romance movie; he looked at your lips then back to your eyes before leaning in. Your lips pressed against each others moving passionately. This kiss wasn’t like the ones you had earlier. It wasn’t in the heat of the moment, this one took time, took patience, took love.

You both put everything you had into that kiss, love radiating into the air. Your hands tangled in his hair, urging more. It wasn’t just about having sex anymore, not a drunken mistake. Even though the strong alcohol you both drank earlier still intoxicated your bodies, you knew what was happening. He knew it too.

Settle down with me

And I’ll be your safety

You’ll be my lady

I was made to keep your body warm

But I’m cold as the wind blows so hold me in your arms

No matter how great this moment was that you both shared, it wasn’t enough. He needed more. Not more of the lust, more of you. More of your love. He needed you to be his and he didn’t want to wait any longer. But he couldn’t. He couldn’t ruin you like that. The fear of you getting hurt because of him set a rush of fear through his body. He would never forgive himself if something happened to you.

The fear in his body had him tighten his strong arms around you, keeping you against him more than you thought you could be. The thin sheet that was on you slid down making you both shiver in cold. Like what he did with you, you wrapped your arms around him, trying to keep his and your body heats leveled.

Yeah I’ve been feeling everything

From hate to love

From love to lust

From lust to truth

I guess that’s how I know you

So I hold you close to help you give it up

Dean hated everything in that moment. He hated himself. He hated how you made him feel this way. He hated his life, his job, and he absolutely hated that he couldn’t man up and tell you how he felt. He’s only felt this way once, with Lisa. And you were there to witness the ending of the whole thing. He didn’t want you to get hurt.

But deep down in his heart, he knew he actually loved the way you made him feel. Dean’s had a gap in heart in his heart for so long, and you filled it completely when you were around. He needed you in his life no matter how much he had to push you away. Even though he knew you were in danger every second you were with him, he didn’t have the courage to make you leave and be alone again. The pain of that would surpass everything else he’s ever experienced.

Kiss me like you wanna be loved

You wanna be loved

You wanna be loved

This feels like falling in love

Falling in love

We’re falling in love

Dean wasn’t the only one who felt this way. You did too. You’ve both grew up together, spent years fighting evil together. You both went to hell and back, literally. Had hundreds and hundreds of nights holding each other after waking up from a nightmare. You were bound to feel something eventually, that eventually being this moment.

Like him, you didn’t want to ruin anything. You didn’t want to push him away or mess up what you had. These random moments of pure lust and sex surprisingly didn’t. You both had urges, and you both were there, agreeing that this wouldn’t make anything weird between the both of you.

But it did, in a way. You fell in love. And the pain it caused you was worse than anything else. You knew he didn’t love you back. Dean was a man of one night stands, not love. And your friendship only made it harder on you. You were best friends. He definitely thinks of me as a sister, You always thought. Thoughts like these always roamed your head it made it hurt.


It was a few hours of sleep later when you woke up. You were wrapped in his arms, him spooning you to warmth. Your eyes opened slightly to see Sam standing over with a smile on his face.  He knew your feelings for him, but you didn’t know he knew Dean’s feelings for you as well.

“Nothing. Just…” He hesitated a bit before continuing “he loves you too, you know that right?”

You shook your head slightly in denial. “No. No he doesn’t. As a sister maybe, but no. Not the way you think.”

“Yes it is the way I think. Don’t you see the way he looks at you? It’s pure love Y/N. I haven’t seen him this way in so long.”

You sighed about to say something but Sam interrupted you, “Y/N, he loves you. And you love him. Its clear as day.”

“But how do you know? He sees me as family, Sam. Nothing more, nothing less.”

He looked down for a second before looking back up to you. “I know because it’s the way I used to look at Jess.” Tears clouded his eyes at the thought of his first love. You were going to hug him until you remembered that you were naked in his brother’s bed.

He laughed lightly and wiped his eyes while walking to the bedroom door. “Just please Y/n, do something. He really does love you.”

He closed the door quietly as he walked out the room. Dean shifted his arms to pull you closer to him and buried his face in your hair.

You thought about what Sam said. Maybe Dean did love you, maybe he didn’t. At time, you didn’t know so the thought kept your head whirling with possibilities. But little did you know, his too. He heard every word you and Sam said.

Smiling lightly without you noticing, he was happy with what he just heard. You love him. And that’s all he needed to know that you wouldn’t leave him.