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I love Villain Deku PLEASE share some headcanons and more art!!! (sorry if that sounds pushy - i'm just really excited to see more from you!! )

No worries, you’re not being pushy at all! I’ve been on Discord with @catsplosionxd a lot over the past…week or so? It must’ve been longer, but we’ve been coming up with many, many headcanons. Without further ado:

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Never Got Over It (SpideyPool)

I decided to post my spideypool one shot. If you don’t like it, don’t read it please. I just got back into writing again, and I hope people like it :) 

It’s based on the tumblr post where they talked about Peter having claustrophobia due to being crushed by the building.


Peter Parker can hardly breathe.

He thought he was over it. He thought the dark thoughts swarming in and out of his mind had gone away, but they haven’t.

The musky scent of dust and rubble overwhelms him, though he knows he is in his very clean room. He can’t seem to focus on any object near him. Nausea swirls around in his stomach like a tornado, causing him to dry heave absolutely nothing due to not eating anything in the past ten hours.

He forms tight fists with his hands to try to feel something, anything. He doesn’t feel like a living being right now. The sharp smell of blood whisks in the air, and he looks down and becomes more nauseous by the sight of blood on his palms from his fingernails.

‘If you’re nothing without this suit, then you shouldn’t have it.’

“I’m Spider-Man! I’m spider-man… I’m spider-man…” Peter hiccups, grabbing at his chest for the ability to breathe again. He clutches onto his new suit with shaky fingers. He can’t choose whether he wants to rip it to pieces or never let it go.

Flashes of rubble and cement in his mind causes him to cough madly, desperate for another breath. The chalky cement was crushing him, and he gasps for air. He flinches when suddenly he feels something wet drip onto his forearms, and he knows he is crying. His legs wobble underneath him, and he desperately tries to keep standing.

It’s dark around him, and he hears the unmistakable noise of rocks clashing. He can no longer see, and the tears flooding his eyelids don’t help. At the back of his mind, he knows he’s in his room. The slight comforting thought does nothing to clear up his nightmare of being stuck and unable to help himself.

He peers up at the ceiling with his imagination running wild. He sees smoke surrounding him, and he chokes on it. He reaches up and pulls at the collar of his suit, frantically pulling hard.

He collapses to the floor with “I’m spider-man” rolling off his tongue. He claws at his carpet as he brings his body into a ball. He cries harder into his shoulder as he feels himself being pushed into the floor. He tries to at least get to his hands and feet, but his body fails him.

From a far distance, he can hear his phone ringing. He recognizes it to be the ringtone he set for Mr. Stark. He wails into the carpet, knowing he can’t help Mr. Stark. He was going to be kicked out. They’re going to tell him that he isn’t strong enough to be an avenger. What would they think of him right now? Crying like a little kid? And for what? Simply for fighting off a bad guy and getting stuck under the ruins of a building? Who cries over that?

His eyesight clears up long enough for him to notice his red mask merely a foot away from him. As soon as the flashback hit him, he had yanked the mask off and thrown it on the ground.

He doesn’t deserve the suit. Mr. Stark made it for a hero. He was no hero. He was weak.

He is thankful to know that Aunt May was at the grocery store right now, because he would be beyond embarrassed and devastated for her to watch him like this. Ever since she found out, she’s been so worried about him every time he leaves for patrol. He’s continuously told her that he can do this. He can help keep the city safe. He’s spider-man!

But now?

‘Can’t you just be a friendly, neighborhood Spider-Man?’

Reality kicks in, and he knows he was dumb to try. What was he going to do for the city? Catch a few robbers? He was only a kid. He’ll only make it worse somehow. He let a building fall on top of him, and he had been too weak to pick himself up. He had been under it for several minutes, while a real avenger could’ve easily slid it right off.

Mr. Stark knew from the beginning that he was no avenger. He would be no leverage to the team. He was not powerful enough. He was just some teenage boy who was in the wrong place at the wrong time with some measly spider.

His mind toys with him, forcing him to imagine Aunt May, Ned, or MJ stuck under the building. He tries with all his might to save them, but he can’t. He watches as hope floods out of their bodies, and he watches as they take their last breath. He failed them. He let them die.

His body shakes, his face and arms are soaked with his tears, his ears are ringing, and he fights for air. The haunting sounds of crumbling rocks and debris floods his ears, and he covers them with shaky hands.

“I’m spider-man…I’m spider-man…” Peter chants under his breath.

He is too busy trying to keep the sounds out to hear his bedroom window slide open.

He screams when a hand is suddenly on his back. Unfortunately, once he let out that first scream, he can’t stop and the dam breaks.

He is no longer in his room. He is being crushed by the building. Chalky smoke swarms his senses, and he claws harshly at the ground. He wills himself to push the heavy mass off him, but he falters and falls back down. His eyes sting and his throat hurts from screaming, but he can’t stop. Pain surges up his arm, and he can’t do it anymore.

“I’m spider-man…I’m spider-man…”

He yelps in surprise when his arm is snatched up. He tries to pull his arm back, but the force is unrelenting.

“Shh…shh… You…cutting…clean…alright?”

Peter shakes his head to show that he has no idea what the mysterious voice is saying. It does hold familiarity, but he can’t put a name to it. Through his squinted eyes, he can see black and red in front of him. He has stopped pulling to have his arm back. The hold on his arm was not hurtful, so he chooses to lay there crying.

He’s not strong enough. How could he fight off somebody now?

He jumps when he feels fingers running through his hair. It was such a delicate touch, that it has him crying harder. It nearly distracts him from the crushing sensation he feels on his whole body.

The voice is talking some more, but he can hardly hear. The voice sounds so soothing, and he wants to hear what it’s saying. With one last hiccup, he stills himself to focus his hearing.

“You’re okay…shh…you’re okay. I promise. Can you hear me, baby boy?”

Baby boy.

There is only one person who calls him that, and the knowledge makes him shutter.

Deadpool, though he knows his real name is Wade Wilson. What the hell is Deadpool doing here? How does he know where he lives? Was he really that bad as an avenger, that he can’t even keep his identity a secret?

Wade must realize that he is beginning to freak out more, and the tender fingers tug lightly at his hair. “Shh…don’t worry about that right now. You cut your arm pretty bad, so I’m going to get a wash cloth. I’ll only be gone for two seconds, okay?”

Peter wants to snort at the reassurance, considering it stupid for him not being able to make it alone. Though, when his arm is released, his chest tightens up once he sees his very bloody arm. He whimpers at the pain, noticing now that his other arm has blood and skin under his fingernails.

He can’t breathe again, and he is clawing at the air. He was so wrong. He needs Wade right now. Where is he? Where did he go-

“You’re so strong for me, baby boy,” Wade says as he sits back down. He gingerly takes Peter’s arm back, and he dabs it with the wash cloth. Peter cries out and tries to tug his arm back, but Wade keeps a strong enough grip on him. “Of course, though, you are the amazing spider-man. You’re stronger than anyone I know.”

Peter flinches at the name, unable to believe it. He has a little of his eyesight back, and he looks up at Deadpool. Deadpool was one of his friends, even though he disliked the merc’s job. He had made it known that he did not approve of Wade’s job from the very beginning. Wade had simply shrugged, as if he didn’t care in the slightest.

Their friendship only grew from there, since the older male always joined him on his patrol nights. Peter’s disapproval must have meant something to him because Wade never killed anyone around him. He only helped trap and tie them up for the policemen to come get them.

From time and again, they’ll have their moments. Their relationship wasn’t considered to be a normal one. Wade will continuously flirt with him, and Peter will wave them off. Wade was so much older than him, and it was hard to look over. Aunt May would have Wade’s head. Maybe in a few years he’ll reciprocate.

He stops struggling with the other man. After all he’s seen Wade do to criminals, he never thought he’d see Wade be so careful. He watches as Wade presses the wet cloth against the wounds, barely flinching now. He never imagined seeing Wade be so soft.

Having his friend here didn’t make everything go away. He still struggles to breathe, and he knows his eyes are red from crying. He’s sure he looks like a total mess, and he must appear so weak right now.

He curls back into himself, and he hiccups as he tries to ignore the nausea and shakiness within him. Peter feels Wade wrap the cloth around his now clean wound, and his heart skips a beat when he sees Wade stand up. “Wait-“

“One second…”

In a flash, the lights are switched on and Wade is back beside him. Peter gazes around at the light, and he can feel himself relax a little bit more.

Wade lays down on his side beside Peter, who goes to lay on his back. Peter can’t meet Wade’s eyes. His face is red with embarrassment.

A finger starts to trace his cheek, and Peter looks up at Wade. Wade must have taken off his mask too, and Peter looks at the scarred tissue. It doesn’t bother him. He wishes Wade hadn’t gone through so much pain to be who he is now.

“Can I ask what brought this on?” Wade whispers carefully. There isn’t judgement in his eyes, and Peter is taken back by the amount of seriousness looking right at him.

Peter looks away from Wade’s eyes, choosing to look at the other man’s upper suit. He doesn’t know why, but he reaches up to toy with one of the straps on Wade’s suit.

“I-I…I was fighting a bad guy,” Peter begins with a shaky voice. He clears his throat. “He had some dangerous weapons, and nobody believed me. I had to take him on by myself, but I didn’t mind. I wanted to prove myself to Mr. Stark. He took away my new suit, so I was stuck with my old one.

“He…I had gone to interrogated him, and he flew his own suit around and tore down the poles holding up the building,” Peter continues. He can feel his fingers start to shake again, and his eyes become watery, but he keeps talking. “I got stuck under the rubble, and I could-couldn’t get out. I pushed and pushed and pushed, but I couldn’t push the building off of me!”

Peter is pulled into Wade’s chest, who shushes him. Wade caresses the younger male’s face, running a scarred thumb along his cheek.

“I just want to be strong…” Peter whimpers in Wade’s chest.

“Nonsense,” Wade speaks up. His lips are inches away from Peter’s forehead as he talks. “You are so strong, Peter. You’re one of the strongest superheroes I know. You go to high school, you are part of that super smart nerdy club, you take care of your Aunt May, and you fight crime. Who else can say they do that much?”

Peter can only sniffle, while half his brain says don’t believe him and the other begs for him to listen.

Wade runs his fingers through Peter’s hair. “You’re a better man than I ever will be.”

Peter snorts and shakes his head. He lays his head against Wade’s chest. He moves to get closer to the man, wrapping his lower leg around Wade’s. “You’re a better man than you think you are.”

Wade leans back far enough to where Peter has to look at him. Wade caresses Peter’s jaw, running a finger along Peter’s eyelids. He wipes some of Peter’s tears away. “You’re so strong. You got out of that rubble because you are Spider-Man! You could fight a dozen bad guys blind-folded.”

Peter blushes at the praise, and he wraps his hand around Wade’s wrist. He could stay in this position forever. He feels incredibly safe right here, where his dark thoughts are long gone.

He doesn’t know he had closed his eyes until he feels lips press against his forehead.

He doesn’t even move when his phone goes off again. Wade grabs it and answers, “Leave Spidey alone. He needs a break.”

Peter chuckles in Wade’s chest. When Wade throws the phone across the room, Peter peeks up at him. “You do know, they are probably going to come check on me.”

“Yeah, and I’ll give them the finger until they leave.”

Peter laughs, losing his will to care. He leans into Wade’s body as if the man was his lifeline. Right now, he possibly could be. He falls asleep with a smile on his lips.

Who is Domino?

Domino, aka Neena Thurman, is a mutant associated with X-Force. X-Force these days is like, a side group of the X-Men, but more militaristic and willing to kill to get the job done, with members like Wolverine or Cable. Domino has been around since the early 90′s.
As a result of Domino’s mutation, her skin is chalk white and she has a black spot around her left eye. Her mutant powers basically give her really good luck. She subconsciously affects events around her to work out in her favor. A 1 in a thousand chance? No problem.

Here’s one of my fave displays of her power.
Her power is usually subconscious, though one time during Marvel’s Civil War she was able to manipulate the probability fields of storm clouds to cause a lightning strike.

Domino has a very “devil may care” attitude, possibly because her powers are always working for her. She stresses out her more cautious teammates sometimes. 

Domino hasn’t appeared in any of the X-Movies (though it’d be nice to see her in the upcoming 2016 Deadpool movie), but she showed up a tiny bit in the 90′s X-Men cartoon, and a bit more in the 2009 Wolverine and the X-Men show. The below gif is from this post, and here are 2 gif sets of her in WATXM (1, 2). 

Fun fact: Domino is terrified of chickens (that’s alektorophobia btw). It’s one of her biggest secrets, though Wolverine & Deadpool know. Deadpool even used it once to keep her and Wolverine from stopping him. Understandably, Logan didn’t admit to any of the other X-Men that this happened.

Domino is one of my top 5 fave mutants, she’s really cool. You can check out my Domino tag if you’re interested in seeing more of her. Or my Who Is That Character tag for more write-ups on Marvel superheroines.


Josh Hutcherson and Kiersey Clemons on the set of DJ Snake’s latest music video in L.A. (25th of February 2016)

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Just ran into your blog and its AMAZING (like Spidey ;D). If you are taking ideias for stories, or fics, i would like to read about the first time Peter said i love you to Wade, and how he reacted. Oh God, im so in love with your writing and the blog's art. Congrats!!

Oh my gosh! Thank you so much! That really means a lot hun, seriously. Thank you. Of course I can write that for you! It’s one of my favourite concepts so here is when Peter first tells Wade he loves him!!

Peter’s sides hurt from laughing. The muscles in his face ached. There were tears streaming down his cheeks.

“No but the best part,” he gasped, trying to catch his breath, “was when you said hey you can’t park that there.”

Wade broke out in another bought of laughter. It was such a good, pure sound and had Peter clutching his sides again, trying to knead the stitch out as laughter shook him.

“He was so put out,” Wade choked, wiping at his own tears with a gloved hand.

Peter hiccuped a few times as he struggled to control himself. He leaned back against the chimney and ran a hand through his hair.

“Uh man. What an evening,” he chuckled.

Wade hummed in agreement, crooked smile wavering as laughter threatened to escape him again.

This is what Peter loved most. After a long patrol, just hanging out with Deadpool. No one could make him laugh like Wade did and, even though the avengers disapproved, he had found a firm friend in the Merc.

Peter watched Wade as his breathing started to even out. The man had become quiet, glancing out across the city to watch the sun sink behind the Empire State Building. It was a good silence. A comfortable silence. And Peter enjoyed these moments too.

He let his gaze wander over the scars lacing the skin of Wade’s face, how they looked almost beautiful in the golden light of the setting sun.

It had taken a long time but Wade was comfortable enough around Peter to take his mask off. Peter remembered the fear and the insecurity Wade had struggled to hide when he had first asked to see his face. He was proud of how far Wade had come.

During one of Wade’s self-loathing rants, Peter had told him that the scars were important. That they told a story. Wade’s story. Each one a tale of pain and suffering that the Merc had endured and survived. Survived and shown great strength to overcome. Wade had babbled about how Peter was talking nonsense but since then, he seemed to regard himself slightly differently. Peter was proud of that too.

He forced himself to look away from Wade, his heart pulsing intensely in his chest.

He became aware that Wade was watching him. The same expression lighting up his face the way it always did when he thought Peter wasn’t looking. Those big dark brown eyes soft and bright. That small smile warm and comforting.

Peter met Wade’s gaze and when hazel eyes met brown, Peter realised that his expression matched Wade’s perfectly.

His heart fluttered as warmth seeped through him, tingling down his arms, heating his cheeks, lighting a fire in his blood.

A lump formed in his throat as he began to understand what that warm feeling was. Nerves suddenly twisted his gut and he could hear the blood pounding in his ears. The sudden need to say it, to tell him, was overwhelming.

“Baby Boy? You okay?” Wade’s concern danced in his eyes.

The use of his pet name had Peter’s insides squirming. He blinked at Wade, trying to find the words, trying to find the courage to say the words.

“I’m fine. I’m better than fine. Wade,” Peter licked his lips nervously, “I… There’s something I need to tell you. Something important.”

Wade became still, hairless brow knitted in confusion.

“Wade. You…. You are… You are more than just my friend. I’m closer to you than I have been with anyone. I’ve opened up to you in ways I never imagined I would open up to anyone. You, uh, spending time with you is usually the best part of my day.”

As Peter spoke, Wade’s expression grew more somber. Oh god he was saying the wrong things. He was freaking the man out. What if Wade didn’t feel the same way? What if he had read too much into the looks and lewd comments and innuendos? Panic tightened Peter’s chest and he forced himself to keep talking.

“Wade. I have to tell you. You have to know. I l-”

“No,” Wade shook his head. He looked as if he were trying to curl in on himself, “don’t say it. Please don’t say it.”

A tear rolled down Wade’s scarred cheek and Peter’s heart broke for him.

“Why?” Peter dared to ask.

“Because… I’m scared,” Wade choked back a sob as more tears streamed down his face.

Peter reached out and cupped Wade’s cheek, pulling him closer so their foreheads almost touched.

“I’m scared too,” Peter admitted quietly. He brushed away Wade’s tears with the pad of his thumb, trying to keep his own from escaping, “but I love you, Wade Wilson. I love you.”

A smile pulled at Wade’s lips. He sighed deeply, eyes never wandering from Peter’s and said “I love you too.”

Peter’s heart flipped in his chest. He closed his eyes and pressed his damp lips to Wade’s. It was like electricity and clam all at once. It was his mind going numb and his heart performing a marching band and his stomach tightening and his blood thrumming under his skin.

Wade’s breath hitched in surprise but he quickly melted into Peter’s mouth as Peter hummed in his chest.

He broke the kiss and pressed his forehead to Wade’s. Both were panting slightly. He could feel slight trembles, passing through Wade’s body and he pulled the man into a tight embrace.

They had given each other friendly hugs before but this was different. It felt so good, and right, and warm, and safe.

“What happens now?” Wade mumbled into Peter’s shoulder.

“I…I don’t know,” Peter gave Wade a reassuring squeeze, “but whatever happens, we can do it together.”


He knew this would happen. It’s always like this. (Stop with the depression thing and get your ass up) [ something] “You are right guys. Let’s get our Babe back” he loaded his guns and took a deep breath “Time to blow brains like a hoe” (that was weird) [I think he tries to be cool again. Even though no one is here] (Yeah..)
Deadpool was walking down the dark warehouse. It’s always a warehouse, and it’s always his girl. But this wasn’t about any girlfriend. She was important. For fucks sake he even imagined this whole wedding crap like a little girl. She was there. She only knew him with this face. And still… greatest sex ever. [Our priorities..] (let him be he said wedding stuff.) [I want a dress] (we can’t have a dress) His hands were resting on his guns. He still can’t believe he got her. Of all these guys she could choose. It was him. He closed his eyes for a second. Remembering her soft skin, how she looked like she would break away every time he touched her. She said she likes his rough hands. How she kissed and nibbled at the scars on his neck. Gentle but god this was a way to wake up. The way her y/hc hair always tangled up in her hair elastics and he had to help her out.
“You are here” he heard a dark voice.
“Ahh the douche that took my girl. Wait a second I must prepare myself for the boring villain introducing. Can we just like.. skip it?” Deadpool said and looked at the man standing in front of him.
“You betrayed me.” He said and walked a few steps back in the dark. Seconds lately the high pitched noise from metal scratching the hard cement ground filled the hall. She was tied on a chair. Her head was handing down, her arms looked bruised, her hair a mess, the clothes looked dirty. “Get ready for your payback” the man grinned, grabbed her hair and pulled her head violently back. In the other hand he had a knife. He started to let the blade slide over her throat. “Actually a shame. She’s a pretty girl”
“You know what the most common mistake of villains like you is? You always spend so much time in telling why you are doing this and everything is so fucking dramatic and bla bla. It gives the hero, me,” he pointed at himself “really much time to do stuff like that because you are so into your boring and meaningless speech.” Deadpool said.
“Time to do what?” the guy asked irritated and a second later his brain was spread in the whole warehouse. “That and to get back to your point. Yeah she is fucking pretty and also mine” Deadpool said and put his gun back in the holster. He kneeled down and started to cut the cable tie that kept you on the chair. “Everything will be alright Babydoll”
He was already home and freed you from your dirty clothes as you woke up. “Wade?” you asked and opened your eyes a bit. The familiar scarred face looked full of love at you. “It’s alright Babe. I’m here”
“You saved me?” you asked and reached out for his hand. He took your hand in his and kissed it. “Always”
You smiled a bit. “I don’t think I want to do bondage for some weeks” you hissed in pain as you tried to get up.
“You don’t have to do anything” Wade said as you laid your head down on his chest.
“Just stay with me” he said and kissed your forehead, while he held you.

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i almost sent this to drewmun but then i realized you'd appreciate it more: alexandrew as spideypool. BOOYAH. DO I GET A PRIZE????!

(( FUCK YEAH, I LOVE SUPERHEROES, NONNIE!! You know me so well~ xD  ))

(( Okay, *rubs hands together* For those of you that are not Supey buffs, I’ll just tell you a little about Deadpool and Spiderman and their ship. I won’t make it long; there’s not too much to tell especially about Spiderman. ))


Warning there’s ONE NSFW picture under the cut. It doesn’t show anything per say tho. It just implies.

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27.02.16// So I haven’t posted for a while, sorry, because my phone hasn’t been working! Not much of my work has been particularly pretty though anyway, thinking about it! Here is a picture of my new teddy bear highlighters and black folder that I get when out with my sister after seeing Deadpool! I don’t like that the green one is sad though… Hope everyone is well xx