the deadline shakes

Fanfic Recs

(update 31 january 2015)

I’m reading way to much fanfic and I need a place to save them all. So here we go. I will keep updating this post with new recs. It takes a while to find them all again.


Twelve/Clara AU



Dr Who/Firefly

I DID IT!!! (^O [ ]O)^ and with ZERO minutes to spare!! WOOO!! <3 <3 <3 thanks so much you guys for helping me push through and finish my STUPID, gawd damn, wedding invitations! HAHAHA! XD I can’t post the whole design, but here is the main graphic i did of myself and my fiance! Our wedding theme is very comic book~ish and the color scheme is hella graphic! HAHAH! and I just ordered 5000 wedding pom poms too!!! *rubs hands together deviously* imma stick those things on EVERYTHING!!! (¬   w ¬) heheheh~ <3

SO! (-O  w O-) i for sure wasn’t lying in that post before!!! i am now devoting myself to designing Kylo and Hux’s wedding stationary package. I’ve made tons of them in the past but THIS seems like the most fun i could ever ask for!!! ((O //w//O)) i should mesh my real life work and my fandom work more often! hahaha! XD so look forward to that some time this week (i hope!) LOL!

I’m heading out of town for a few days now ~ like, the car is literally being loaded as i type ~ so if i’m slow to respond to things please forgive me!!! I hope you all have an awesome rest of the week!!! don’t do anything to amazing while i’m not in range of wi-fi okay!? OKAY?!?!?! lol lol lol! (-^ O^-) love love!!! *HUGS* <3 <3 <3