the deadline quickly approaches ack


Today I went out and bought some new fabric to start building kroganbro’s neck. I originally tried felt, but it didn’t make the right kinds of shapes and it was flippin’ hot… even with a little bit of it just under my face.

These pictures are testing the behavior of the new spandexy fabric (looks pretty legit, I think!) before I start trying to bring it closer to the color of the mask’s “skin” and making attaching points. Also shows off the improvements I made to the neck hole of the armor - made it look thicker, added detail. You can see the empty bit where I think I’m going to bring up the front a little more - haven’t quite decided how I'mma do that yet.

I also have shoulder pads sitting around, but I need to make the beefy upper arms they’ll be sitting on before I can work out (and show off) how they attach.

I also recorded a short video testing the neck in motion.