the deadline is july


Merry July Rumbelle Christmas to alsywalsy​!!! I’m tardy as usual, but I hope I did your prompt somewhat justice, dearie ♥ ♥

Prompt: FTL - Rare - Ingredients - Lake - Pink

“When his former maid would stare wistfully out through the window, the Dark One knew it was time to send her on another quest. But sometimes, you just need a little extra help fetching the magical groceries……”
(With bonus panel of mermaid bathtub reading time)


Link to the Sign-Up page! It is important that you submit the interview!

All information is contained in the page, so please read them. The deadline for the sign-ups are set for July 28th, and submissions will open shortly after! 

Contact my twitter or send me a message here (no anons!) in case you have questions! I frequent twitter more often so you might expect a faster response there.

I can’t wait to work with you all! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

INVENTING MY END [twine game]

Inventing my End is a BL game/interactive story being developed for @yaoijam. It’ll be developed in Twine 2/Sugarcube, being mostly text-based with (hopefully) some images along the way.

Estimated deadline for release: 31st of July (god help me soul)


Coming from a family of reapers, Lorenzo knows exactly what his place in the world is - until he doesn’t. When fear and doubt start shaking his convictions, he’ll have to do the most important decision: run away, or let himself be manipulated by his own family until guilt consumes him.

His only problem is, no one wants to help a reaper. No one approaches someone who brings nothing but death and misery.

Until someone does.

July 2nd is my birthday. What could be a better way to celebrate, than to organize a giveaway :D??

Standing next to me is a box containing one PALE TAN PERSEPHONE, ready to be shipped of to the lucky winner. All it needs is a shipping address.

But first, the rules:

To enter, reblog this post (only followers will be able to participate). You’re able to reblog as much as you like, but only once a day. 

The deadline is my birthday, JULY 2ND, at 12.00 CEST. I will post the username of the winner later that evening. (name will be picked randomly)



We had this awesome awesome #wegotthehiccups project.
And since everyone was having fun with it, I came up with the idea of making up your own dragon!
Dragons the gang would still have to discover!
So how about we all make up our own dragon! Along with the picture of your dragon, you should state These facts about it:
•Dragon classification
•Natural habitat
•Shot limit
•Approximate size (you can compare it to humans or known animals or actually name a size)

and when you’re done, post it under the tag

I’m looking forward to see all your creative and awesome looking dragons!!
Do we have a deadline?
Yes! The 10th July!
I’m looking forward to see all your pictures!!

when a brief of a project is unclear and they can’t tell you nothing more because they don’t have other info, and you need to figure out what you should do with it, how can you make a video-infographic of a medical product without a storyboard or a pdf with what the client want in this fucking video? and when the deadline is on 28th of July…?!?

Sometimes I hate this life. Sometimes I want to do another job -.-

Here. Take a frustrated Jon. (He is my spirit animal ahahah)

Seeking Writers!

I am looking for people who love to write it doesn’t matter whether you write fanfiction or poetry, writing is writing. I have started a new little project for myself, a literary magazine, though at the moment I’m only thinking of one issue, future issues depend on how well things go this time round. I need your help, I am searching for submissions of: Book reviews, Personal Essays, Poetry and Short Stories. You can submit several pieces of work, all the same type or you might want to send in one short story and a couple of poems, that is perfectly fine. The magazine will be published online and each person who contributes will receive a copy, likely a PDF, of the magazine in its entirety for personal use. Previously I didn’t have a closing date for submissions in mind but I would love to have this all finished and ready to go for the start of July, so the deadline for submissions is June 17th.

Please e-mail submissions or any questions to

VOTE HERE for the 2015 AP Music Awards Tumblr. Fandom Of The Year! Voting deadline is tonight at midnight PT/3am ET!

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i made a promise ok ;w;

thank you for 3000+ folls, i dont deserve this aaa ;w;

soo here comes the rules:

- you must be following me or my askblog. i know its lame.i just dont like giving art to people who dont rlly care (dont unfollow after too)

- only reblog count’s as an entry! yes, you can reblog as many times as you like (but not too much tho)

- i will draw anything except NSFW (but gore is ok)

- the three winners will be chosen with a random number generator

- if the winner does not respond for 48 hours, then i will choose another one

- your Private Massage or Ask box must be open

and heres the prize’s:


thank you! ;w;

July 31st 1492: Spanish expulsion

On this day in 1492, the Alhambra Decree went into effect, thus expelling Jews from Spain. Issued in March by Ferdinand and Isabella, the joint Catholic monarchs of Spain, the decree ordered the expulsion of all Jews who refused to convert to Christianity by July 31st. This measure was pushed for by the monarchs’ adviser Tomas de Torquemada, who spearheaded the Spanish Inquisition aimed at rooting out heresy. Ferdinand and Isabella agreed to the expulsion after successfully completing the reconquista - the unification of Spain under Christian rule - with the conquest of Granada. By the July deadline, the majority of the nearly 200,000 Spanish Jews chose to leave the country rather than renounce their religion and culture. Many of these Sephardic Jews moved to Turkey, Africa, and elsewhere in Europe, though they often encountered violence as they tried to leave the country. Those who fled to neighboring Portugal were expelled from that country only four years later when King Manuel married the daughter of the Spanish monarchs. The Jews who remained became conversos, suffering mistrust and harassment; indeed, some such converts did continue practicing Judaism in secret. The policy of religious conformity continued in 1502, when Spanish Muslims were also ordered to convert to Christianity. The importance of the expulsion is often overshadowed by the arrival of Christopher Columbus in the Americas, on a voyage funded by the Spanish monarchs, also in 1492. The Alhambra Decree was formally revoked by the Second Vatican Council in 1968, as part of a general attempt by the Spanish government to make amends for the painful legacy of the expulsion.

VOTE HERE for your favorite to win the 2015 AP Music Awards Fandom Of The Year! Deadline is July 6th.

Thanks to Tumblr Fandometrics , we were able to narrow it down to these 6 nominees!

But first, do your research and check out the creative artwork from each nominated fandom:
All Time Low
Fall Out Boy
5 Seconds Of Summer
Panic! At The Disco
twenty one pilots
The 1975

Photo Credits:
All Time Low // Fall Out Boy // 5 Seconds of Summer // Panic! At The Disco // twenty one pilots // The 1975


Third Stretch Goal for VOCAMERICA Reached! 

With just one week to go for the VOCAMERICA Kickstarter campaign, the project has reached its third Stretch Goal of $10,000USD! This means that we can expect Vocaloids Oliver and AVANNA to perform in future VOCAMERICA concerts! Oliver and AVANNA will have at least two songs to sing and there may be some duets! 

The next Stretch Goal is $12,000USD and will introduce Vocaloid YOHIOloid to the project along with giving him at least two songs to perform. 

For more info, visit VOCAMERICA’s Kickstarter page! And be sure to Pledge your support before the deadline on July 28th. 

Official start of the Fates Orchestra AU !

We’re finally counting 67 artists so we’re ready to go!

Here are some more important informations:

- If you pick a character from the 2nd generation, it’s up to you what hair colour you want to give them.

- Draw your instrument-playing character in orchestral attire, like this:

- The deadline to upload your art is the 3rd July! (You can, of course, post it earlier.)

- Tag your post as fates orchestra au

- Have fun!

— You can now reserve your character, reserved characters will be scored out. I’ll try my best to keep the list updated: —


Corrin -> Conductor

Azura -> Female Choir (1)

Gunter -> Male Choir (4)

Jakob -> Piano

Felicia -> Music Box

Kaze -> Accordion

Silas -> Harmonica

Shura -> Bagpipes

Izana -> Castanets

Mozu -> Lute

Shigure -> Male Choir (1)

Dwyer -> Pipe Organ

Kana -> Violine

Midori -> Ocarina

Sophie ->Wood block

Fuga -> Shekere


Ryoma -> Shakuhachi

Hinoka -> Shamisen

Takumi -> Koto

Sakura -> Triangle

Saizo -> Tanpura

Rinkah -> Congas

Hana -> Pipa

Subaki -> Erhu

Orochi -> Kokyu

Azama -> Sitar

Setsuna -> Lyre

Hayato -> Double Bass

Oboro -> Taiko drum

Hinata -> Gong

Kagero -> Guzheng

Reina -> Female Choir (4)

Kaden -> Maraca

Scarlet -> French Horn

Yukimura -> Male Choir (2)

Shiro -> Drums

Kiragi -> Hunting Horn

Asugi -> Flute

Hisame -> Snare Drum

Mitama -> Didgeridoo

Caeldori -> Rainmaker

Rhajat -> Female Choir (3)*

Selkie -> Ukulele


Xander -> Acoustic Guitar

Camilla -> Clarinet

Leo -> Zither

Elise -> Tambourine

Arthur -> Cymbals

Effie -> Alphorn

Niles -> Tenor Saxophone

Odin -> Soprano Saxophone

Laslow ->Cello

Selena -> Electric Guitar

Nyx -> Xylophone

Beruka -> Viola

Peri -> Cajón

Benny -> Tuba

Charlotte -> Banjo

Keaton -> Male Choir (3)

Flora -> Bells

Siegbert -> Harpsichord

Forrest -> Harp

Ignatius -> Bassoon

Velouria -> Recorder

Percy -> Trumpet

Ophelia -> Female Choir (2)

Soleil -> Steel Drum

Nina -> Marimba

VOTE NOW for the first AP Music Awards, Tumblr. Fandom Of The Year award!

Deadline is July 6th.

Weekly Art Challenge #196 (July 17th-July 24th)

I think it is safe to say that we all love color palette challenges! And I also think that you all know the drill by now! This time we will be using a more pastel color palette which tend to have their difficulties.

Using only the specified colors, create a submission of any subject matter as long as incorporate only these colors.

Things to note:

-In case you do not already know, you are to use only these five colors.

-No adding any other colors such as white or black. You may use blending modes and blend within the given colors.

-For those using any medium other than digital, try to match the colors as close as you can:)

-All mediums welcomed and submission limit of two, as always!

[The deadline for this challenge will be July 24th at 6PM PDT/9PM EST]

For more information about the group and it’s submissions, please read the FAQ! If you have a question you do not see mentioned there, please don’t hesitate to ask me.

Make sure to submit your piece using the submission page, and tag it for the appropriate challenge! If you don’t complete in time for the deadline, still post it to your Tumblr and tag it as ‘WAC’ & ‘wac challenges’! Have a wonferful week!


Hello, beautiful people of Tumblr. Since I reached 1k followers I decided to celebrate this by doing a studyblr award. 

FYI: This is not a serious competition. You can be a small studyblr and still enter. I will probably follow a lot of you so do not get disheartened if you do not win. 

Rules to entering: 

- Must be a studyblr 
- Must be following me
- Check out my Instagram??
- Reblog this (Likes will only count as a bookmark) 
- If this is your side blog, let me know in the tags when reblogged or send me an ask. 
- If you post original content, let me know in the tags when reblogged or send me an ask. 
- Post much reach at least 100 reblogs in order for it to happen. 
- Deadline: August 13th 2016 

Categories: (Please note that this does not mean your blog isn’t good enough, this is just personal opinion) {There will be 3 people per category, maybe more if I can’t decide} 

- Overall Favourites 
- Favourite themes
- Favourite Icons 
- Favourite original content (Tag me in your posts or message meso I can find them) 
- Favourite URLs 
- Favourite masterposts (Tag me in your posts or message me so I can find them) 


- A follow from me 
- A lot of spam 
- My friendship 
- A promo whenever you want 

Again, thank you for making me feel like I have achieved something! <3