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Weather Report Suite
Grateful Dead
Weather Report Suite

Weather Report Suite

Grateful Dead

11/11/1973 | Winterland Arena | San Francisco, CA

Winter rain, now tell me why, Summers fade, and roses die.
The answer came; the wind and rain.
Golden hills, now veiled in grey, Summer leaves have blown away
Now what remains? The wind and rain.

And like a desert spring, my lover comes and spreads her wings, Knowing,
Like a song that’s born to soar the sky, Flowing,
Flowing ‘til the waters all are dry, Growing, the loving in her eyes.

Circle songs and sands of time, and seasons will end in tumbled rhyme,
and little change, the wind and rain.

And like a desert spring, my lover comes and spreads her wings,
Knowing, Like a song that’s born to soar the sky,
Flowing, Flowing 'til the rivers all are dry, Growing, the loving in her eyes.

Winter grey and falling rain, we’ll see summer come again,
Darkness falls and seasons change (gonna happen every time)
Same old friends the wind and rain, Summers fade and roses die,
You’ll see summer come again, Like a song that’s born to soar the sky.

Stefan Salvatore Imagine: “I’m Sorry..”

(I’m sorry for not posting in a while, but I had a bit of writer’s block. This is something that came to me the other day. Know this is more of a daughter father imagine, and not a Stefan imagine. But I there is some Stefan fluff. This is also an alternate universe imagine. Now one to the imagine.)

What You Are Wearing

You get out of the car and stare at the building/house you never thought you would ever see again. The house that holds so many dark and bereaved memories. The same one you promised yourself and a special loved one that you would never return unless you thought it would be necessary to return back to. You never thought you had to keep that promise until now.

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Panic! At the Disco's Brendon Urie Joins 'Kinky Boots' Cast

Panic! At the Disco’s Brendon Urie will take on the lead role in the Broadway production of Cyndi Lauper’s musical, Kinky Boots, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Urie will play Charlie Price, the protagonist who inherits his father’s failing shoe factory and partners with a drag queen named Lola (played by J. Harrison Ghee) to produce a line of high-heeled boots that help save the company. The musician will make his debut at the Al Hirschfeld Theatre May 26th and will perform through August 6th.

The gig marks Urie’s first major acting role, though Panic! At the Disco’s music and live show have always been imbued with plenty of theatricality. In a video posted to Twitter, Urie said, “This has been on my bucket list for the longest time and it really is a dream come true. I’m just so incredibly excited to be joining Kinky Boots on Broadway – that’s wild. Plus you guys get to see me in those heels now.”

Kinky Boots is based on the 2005 British movie of the same name and debuted on Broadway in 2013. Lauper penned the music and the lyrics, while Broadway vet Harvey Fierstein wrote the book. The production won six Tony Awards, including Best Musical and Best Original Score for Lauper.

Panic! At the Disco released their most recent record, Death of a Bachelor, in 2016. The group has a handful of live dates left on their current tour, which wraps April 15th at the BB&T Center in Sunrise, Florida.

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Worthy (Bellamy x Reader)

Summary: With Bellamy being in Mount Weather and you being alone in camp, you think he’ll never come back to you. Until one day, he does, and you realise how much you need him - even if he thinks he’s not worth your love.

(Warning\s: some suicidal thoughts i guess)

Please, you plead silently as you look up into the shining stars that scatter the dark night sky, let him come home tonight. You don’t know who you’re trying to talk to but it just feels right to look heavenward and just… Talk. You didn’t do it often, there has only been three times you ever done this. Once on the Ark next to the window facing Saturn, to beg for your best friend not to be floated. The second time in the drop ship next to Jasper, to make sure he lives the spear that tore through his heart. And now, so Bellamy comes back to you alive. He’s been in Mount Weather while you’ve been here with the delinquents, barely living day to day. There was a constant ache in your chest without your lover and you stopped counting the nights you lay awake wishing his strong, arms were around you once again like they used to be. To say you miss him was an understatement. You’re entire psychical and spiritual being ached for his presence and everyone noticed you had changed, worry had overcome you. You wouldn’t have to worry if he didn’t just leave you one morning without saying goodbye. The plan involved the both of you, but he lied. He went off by himself. And you didn’t get to say goodbye. You never got to tell him you love him and always will. I know you love me, Y/N. You hear his voice in your head again. It’s been happening since he left and you haven’t told anyone about it. It’s your little secret. You feel your eyes brim with tears as you realise you can’t remember the last time you genuinely heard this deep, soothing voice; the voice that you fell asleep to when he would tell you stories about his life on the Ark.

 "Y/N!“ You look down, wiping your eyes. Raven probably needs help with something again, she usually goes to you for whatever she needs. In Bellamys absence you and her became good friends. You feel as though you can barely breathe properly as you stand up and she looks at your with wide eyes. 

 "It’s okay, I’m fine.” You tell her, placing a gentle hand on her arm. As you look at her, you see something spark in her eyes as a smile grows on her dark lips.   She opens her mouth, trying to find the right words and your eyebrows furrow with confusion before your face drops. You feel your stomach drop and an uneasy feeling fills you. A good, uneasy feeling. You give her a questioning look and all she does is nod and you know what she means. You feel yourself tear up again as you squeeze her arm quickly before running past her, your quick feet leading you to the front gates. You’re tired and your chest is now filled with the pain of exhaustion but you don’t care one bit. A cold breeze passes you as you make his face out in the crowd and it’s almost as if you can finally breathe now. The air fills your lungs and hits your face but you don’t feel cold and you don’t shiver. You just stand there in awe as you take in his features from afar. 

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this is the way the world ends;

a zombie apocalypse mix for the survivors who won’t surrender; for the wanderers without a home; for the living among the undead.

01. dim the lights - wild ones (our youth is gone so we revel in the new age)
02. pools - glass animals (settle up into a world of noise; I’m a man of many tricks and tools and toys with a battery of guilt on which to poise)
03. hunger of the pine - alt-j (I’ll hum the song the soldiers sing as they march outside our window)
04. atlantic city (cover) - kyle morton & danielle sullivan (everything dies, baby, that’s a fact – but maybe everything that dies will someday come back)
05. these days - nico (these days I seem to think a lot about the things that I forgot to do, and all the times I had the chance to)
06. caves - jack’s mannequin (the walls are caving in… there’s no one here but me)
07. take care - tom rosenthal (the lights fell down upon the world)
08. in our bedroom after the war - stars (all the living are dead and the dead are all living)
09. beat & weathered / one hundred years - typhoon (I survived my own life)
10. a thousand years - tom rosenthal (a thousand years: I am alive, I’ve come a long way)

{cover art credit}