the dead moon circus

Listen I don’t give a FLYING FUCK if they have updated character designs, precure style, season 1 style, DO NOT CARE.

As long as the Manga is adapted, characters are animated and I can see the story for how it’s supposed to be, I AM THE HAPPIEST SAILOR MOON FAN EVER.


I’m going through the Dream arc of the manga, thinking about the upcoming Crystal season, and noticing things I didn’t before. I’ve always kind of glossed over Act 42: Jupiter Dream. I guess it’s just never really stuck out for me, not the way that Jupiter-centered chapters in earlier arcs do (one of my favorite parts of the entire Nemesis arc is Makoto’s chapter, so it’s a tough act to follow).

But reading over it again, I love this.

Makoto meets a member of the Dead Moon Circus who has just opened their own herb shop. Although suspicious at first, seeing this person pursuing a dream that she herself shares makes Makoto open up to a complete stranger. She wants so badly to connect to this classy older drag queen. She wants a mentor so badly that she’s willing to ignore a bunch of red flags (a circus member who sells herbs from the amazon?) because it’s so rare that she finds a kindred spirit.

She wants to believe that there’s someone like her. Someone who doesn’t quite fit in anywhere, who loves pretty things, who takes pleasure in food and tea, who wanted to own a shop and actually went for it. She sees someone like Hawkeye, ridiculously tall with weird bird hair, rocking a black lacy dress like it’s no big deal, unashamed of who they are and finding success in the life that Makoto wants.

Of all the senshi in this arc, Makoto is the only one who actually connects with the enemy on a human level. Fisheye sneaks into Ami’s home as an actual fish, Tigerseye mostly runs around as an actual tiger. But though Hawkeye’s trap has already been laid in the form of a cursed ring, Makoto actually returns to talk about the issue again.

How do you get to an orphan with aspirations? With a mentor.

And this is how the enemy gets her. Not by brute force, but by connecting with her on an emotional level. By showing her a future that she wishes she could have for herself.

haruhisuzzumiya  asked:

Sis so I was scrolling through your blog(like always) and saw this post about fish eye being a guy? Total shocker tbh because I already saw the dead moon circus arc and I was fooled by the gayness , looks like you really do learn something new everyday

I’m guessing that you watched the dubbed american version? Because just like Zoisite, Fish Eye was voiced by a woman when he’s actually a guy.

A fabulous guy in drag actually.

BTW this is the post that our beautiful sis @haruhisuzzumiya is referring to if you wanna learn more about our beloved Fish Eye.

Sailor Moon Crystal to Adapt Dream Arc as Two Films!

During the “25th Anniversary Usagi’s Birthday Event” screening of the Sailor Moon R movie last night, it was revealed that Sailor Moon Crystal will not return for a fourth season. Instead, the fourth arc of the manga, known as the “Dream” arc, “Dead Moon Circus” arc, or SuperS, will be adapted into two films to be released theatrically. The films will be directed by Chiaki Kon, who directed Season III of Crystal. More details will be released in the coming months.

This has mess written all over it. NHFT.


Long time no post! I’ve been kind of occupied with my full time job and my sketchbook doodles recently, so I’ve really only updated my instagram. But I missed updating my tumbles. Here’s a tiny collection of inktober stuff I did. Been deep in that Sailor Moon love recently. 

…Also wow, what a horrible week. This is a dark time for the citizens of the united states. Sending all my love out to others who are grieving. I will stand with all of you.